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The Art Institute of California - Hollywood, a campus of Argosy University Reviews

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The teachers and curriculum is great for the most part. I’m apart of the fashion design program and I’m graduating in June. However, I was Supposed to be done back in September. Due to lack of teachers and them not being able to offer certain classes, my graduation date was pushed back further. The new ownership is definitely putting the school back on track.
If you are looking into a college of your degree and you have a lot of money, then by all means go to this for-profit school. A lot of the other branches were closing down within the country and recently, the Santa Clara branch closed down. This college itself won't help you at all with the money you are paying. The return you are getting is half-made and all they care about is your money. This school needs to change its ways otherwise it will not survive. Plus this isn't an accredited school, so none of your GE credits will transfer.
I think that Ai Hollywood is a really good school. Though small, fits my class preferences, very much on a social side unlike most universities, friendly environment, good area with lots of places to dine at, housing is really nice, and the school is more affordable than other colleges I'd previously checked. Only change I would make is to improve on-campus food, and to upgrade a few of the old computers. Other than that, I've been here for 2 quarters now and I'm having an amazing time.
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They are very ambitious student hard worker and go getters willing to go the extra way to get it done
Its the best this far . Im passing all my clsses with the teachers and student help. They push you and support you . Tutor 24/7
Overall it's really up to the student. However I have teachers that make certain classes redundant to the topic of the class that isn't part of it
Overall Going into the art institute I've learned they over charge for classes and aren't flexible when it comes to getting credit outside of school. I love the environment but when you pay for a arm and a leg it really puts you down
It's been challenging, but I'm doing much better now than before. I haven't had to transfer any credits because I went there straight from high school. They can be very flexible with your schedule, you decide it for yourself but some classes might not be available at a certain time that you may want.
I know that they do help you find jobs when you graduate, but I haven't talked to anybody about it yet. I do know a couple people who have gone there and to other campuses that have careers and are very successful.
My major is Fashion Marketing and Management. The things I have learned are very interesting. You learn more than you think you need to know. There are fashion shows and fashion clubs that you may attend and they also help you get jobs and internships so you can build your resume.
My overall experience is pretty great. Some classes may be challenging, but it's worth it. You learn everything that you will need to know and most of the teachers are very helpful. The classes are small so you can definitely get one-on-one help if you need it. There is free tutoring and lots of resources are available. That's what makes it unique. I would choose my school again if i could do it all over because of those reasons. I do better in a smaller environment rather than being in a class with 100 students and I can't get my professor's attention if I need it.
I haven't started school yet since I applied, but I am excited to start soon, I will start school in about 3 weeks, the few times I've been to the school it has been great.
I think my school is okay. Some teachers can be very stupid or mean but not all of them. The education is great but I think the school is too expensive.
I give the school four stars simply because the staff and peers have a lot to offer. The school it self can be improved but for the most part it really is what each individual does with the resources that are given to them.
I can't transfer my credits to other schools because this one is private. The classes were perfect in the beginning because they had more options, but now I have to go by their schedule.
Love my teachers! I wouldn't go to this school again, though, because I could learn everything on my own. I would just want to be friends with my teachers and learn from them outside of school.
Classes range from 5 people to 35. It changes all the time. Professors are 5 stars! They are fun, connect with you like family, and teach you everything they possibly can.
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I don't feel that students leave ready for the real world. They're too naive, thinking that what they learned is all they need to get a job. But a successful career requires lots of research and hard work to improve oneself. Life isn't about turning in every homework on time.
What I learned was AMAZING! The professors are fun and helpful. There needs to be videos, though. Too much reading. I'd rather read books. Peers were cool, but they were horrible at writing and didn't seem to care about the assignments. Workload was reasonable.
Everyone comes here from all over the world and is really friendly. There are no cliques or excluding groups.
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