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I like the online classes provided. The teachers still work with you on what needs improvement and what you are doing well. Although I am currently not a full time student, I will be attending here full time starting in January.
Not everyone qualifies for different aids but they do their best to help you get the right qualifications.
We are beginning hands on so throughout the year, we develop a great habit of learning from practicing this way and become more prepared by the time we are graduates.
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They have full time which you attend full-time hours (35) hrs a week. They also give a part time option opportunity that takes 2 years as oppose to just 1.
Even though, I heard from another touring future professional. She stated that in order to succeed you need to say " Yes" event tho saying yes, wasn't always cheap because their were times where there was opportunities for her to volunteer (non-paid) and because of her ambition she succeeded and now she tours different states as a Learning Leader Specialist.
The teachers are great and very funny, if your having a bad day they will make you forget about what you were worried about.
I wish the study rooms were more vivid, the scene is boring nobody ever speaks unless your st the pub. I don't note much school spirit. Staff is very helpful though.
Its great,the school has many resources but you have to dig and find your best options. I think that might be there secret, finding many beneficial resources as possible to help improve and persue your career.
I wish I was aware of more social, groups and school events so I can pertain to one of them and avoid feeling alone.
Students tend to be shy,I'm not sure if this is normal at all schools.
I'm starting The Academy of Paul Mitchell this year I have not experienced any of it yet ofcourse. So the answers I state are towards Waukesha County Technical College.
They helped me find the resources perfect for me.
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