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Great school, Teachers with a lot of experience in their industry. A lot of hands on work and one on one attention.
I haven't started school yet. Even though I haven't start I would automatically chose this school 100 times over again. The legacy grant they have abailable is one of a kind. Im in the Collision Repair program and it just blew me away. They recently invested in a new paint booth and are learning to spray water borne paints along with the original solvent based. They leave you with 26 ICar credits upon graduation. They also are apart of Skills USA which competes in competitions across the states and nation. I fell in love with this school the moment I heard about it and I would always pick it again.
Cannot find a part time job because of class schedule
Review Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology
She wasn't considerate to me. Ignored my emails and blew off our meeting that was set
It's 96% job acceptance rate
Limited to what classes you want to take.
Would be better if I had access to more in the graphics lab
There could be more that the school offers
The career center is great! Everyone really cares.
The teachers really care about the students.
theres like 2% that dont get jobs out of my school! Crazy Right?
im going for free!!!! i'm not complaining
The resources are very good the library is open almost all day and even on weekends this school has many great resources.
There are computers everywhere they are very easy to access. The internet connection is good, but the wireless is very limited.
A lot of alumni come back and thank the school for all the opportunities that were given to them. They have a lot of jobs available through this school.
This school is the best I'm going absolutely free. I get everything food, housing, education without having to pay anyone or anything.
The staff that works here really wants to see students succeed there is nothing better than that. We have small classrooms, which allows my professors to know me personally. I love my school.
Review Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology
I love the school, but I would like there to be more diversity.There aren't as many Latinos as I hoped there would be.
I love that this school has a program that lets people who didn't pass a test to come for another year and practice on the skills needed to succeed.
My teacher makes us participate in class and is always giving assignment it has really helped me be more comfortable publicly speaking.
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