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I love that there is a lot of acceptance of the different backgrounds but ironically, there isn’t a lot of diversity. The buildings are nice but they do look old. I wish there were more restaurants and variety.
The Online programs at TWU are wonderful I love the transition to Canvas away from using Blackboard. Professors are easy to reach and the office staff are friendly to distance education students.
It’s a really great school but I feel as if the school is over priced and it is a bit organized. There’s really great stuff to do and the classes are amazing. I actually learn pretty good and all the professors I had were amazing. With the money we’re paying it could go to better things such as in the classroom.
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I would say that going to Texas Woman's University is one of the best things that I have ever done. The campus is small, so the classes aren't as big, which means that you get to be more personally connected with professors which is awesome. The campus is also so beautiful. It is green, filled with trees and flowers and squirrels running around all over the place. The school has a very relaxing vibe to it. It is also super cheap. It feels like a private university, with the cost of a community college. It is great.
My experience so far at Texas Woman's University has been decent. I had to switch rooms about a month into my first semester because my roommate was a nightmare, which isn't the university's fault. The dorm rooms are very nice but I would like to see Stark Hall be renovated much like Guinn. The library is a beautiful place for the campus and is great for studying at if you need a quiet place. The campus is quite small so it isn't too terrible of a walk from one side to the other. Although during the hot months I was struggling.
TWU is a great smaller school. Everyone on the staff is very invested and aims to help you succeed. I love the campus and love how smaller the campus is. The dorms are old but a good size. They are making a lot of changes to the campus like adding a new dining hall and a new student union. I have enjoyed having certain professors. Making friends and getting involved is very easy with the number of activities and clubs that are offered.
Texas women’s university is the best university in Denton area. Please don’t hesitate to be a pioneer!
The environment is plain and needs to be updated. Parking can be frustrating considering the amount of students they accept every year, so they need to build more parking areas. The food served for student on campus is mediocre compared to other schools. Professors are great! They care about individuals, small classrooms, workload is little, and very competitive programs.
This is my first year at Texas Woman's University but I love it here. This is my first time being independent from my parents and I think that the staff does a good job at making us feel at home. This school has been in my heart since I was younger, I used to come to the gymnastic meets and I feel in love with the campus. With the construction has brought new dining options for students and the modern looks is beautiful. This campus is beautiful and I am lucky to be student at TWU.
The high school I came from was a predominantly white institution. However, I was pleased when I became a college student here and saw how diverse this university is. This was something that I hoped for for my high school. The morale is very welcoming and the staff wants to help you succeed. Although I wish that there were more options to provide aid for students because I am struggling with financial complications myself. I want to continue to attend this university, but I do not have the financial means to keep doing so. I hope that in the future this doesn't become a reason students choose not to come to this campus.
Texas Woman's University is a College for the people. It is full of opportunities. The Campus is amazing & full of life. There is always activities going on for Students to enjoy. It is very diverse.
Excellent professors, great academics, and a very beautiful campus. The University lacks in student life, not having very many recreational organizations within the community. However, the pros of the academics far outweigh the cons of student life.
Everyone at TWU will welcome you like family. I've never met such loving and caring people in my past 18 years. They offer you financial support, counseling, academic tutors, and campus activities to grow as a community. Their food is spectacularly served with smiling faces making every experience even better than the last. I'm so honored and excited to be apart of TWU for many years to come.
There are endless things to do and see in and around Texas Woman's University: from the beauty of the campus to the endless exciting activities you can find both on campus and around town. The daily life here is wonderful. Whether you live on-campus or commute you will find your experience to be streamlined and overall quite positive. The campus itself is quite small, however, the potential for enjoyable activities is huge. There are plenty of great spots to visit on and off-campus. These spots range from popular and delicious food joints such as ‘J&J’s Pizza’ to interesting and fun-to-visit oddities, such as the ‘Minifigs, Bricks, & More’ lego store! There aren’t many guarantees in life, but I can assure you that your time at Texas Woman’s University will be accompanied by countless positive experiences and will leave you with many wonderful memories.
I Loved it! There are alot of available resources to help you out if you need it. The campus is small so its easy to get from class to class. The faculty and staff are very attentive and willing to help.
It was a fun experience and I hate to had to let it end but I think it absolutely fun. Although I had a hard time with the teachers it was a really good school to experience so much more in work life.
I had an overall great experience at Texas Woman’s University. When I first started, the staff was very helpful and I was never confused about how to apply or how to apply for financial aid. The classes are small which makes it easy to ask the professors for help. I used to be a nursing a major and some of the professors could have been clearer on what they wanted on their assignments, that’s why I give them a 4 star instead of 5. When I switched to education, the professors were wonderful and wanted you to succeed. They always encouraged me to try my best even when I made mistakes. I am currently student teaching and plan on going back to school when I graduate in December 2019.
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I feel like home at Texas Woman's University because everyone is welcoming and accepting. What I liked the most is that the campus is small and it kind off reminded me of my high school. The classes are actually small and it gives you more opportunity to get to know your professor. The professors actually care about the students learning and are always helping.
This school does not have a football team however there is so much school spirit. As far as academic help, the tutoring is excellent!
Love the availability of the professors! Everyone is so helpful , the entire staff on campus is always willing to help out for any student needs
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