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Support for students wonderful but if trying to get Finan Aid & payments made, receive NO assistance. Told by Financial Aid they work in phone calls tween students coming in - live 5 hrs away, so cant drop in. Left msg last Thurs & this afternoon & no response. Called Financial Aid this a.m & told to contact Cashier's office. Left msg, emailed, & no response. Recvd call last Tues night were having system issues & could pay this week-they are having issues, won't return calls/msgs & today receive deregistration notification! Beyond Frustrated!!!!!
The teachers are wonderful! The students are also great, but the financial aid sucks. It is terrible having to panic and come up with money you don’t have every semester. The tuition went up twice in the past two years. They pay almost everything for athletes that can fail classes, countlessly. It’s ridiculous for students who actually make A’s who have to take out loans on top of loans just so their classes don’t get dropped.
It has been a fun experience at Texas Wesleyan University. I have got the opportunity to meet some of the best people in the world here. what the school can improve on is making is having a better greek life for students
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If you are looking for a "family" type University, this is it. The student events, campus events, and just orientation itself will help you make friends fairly quickly.
I have only been at Wesleyan for a year so far but I love it. It’s a small school and the teachers are really nice and work with you for any problem you may have. It’s a small school so everything gets done right away. If I need to send an email to a professor they will write back immediately. Overall I’ve had a great experience there so far and I am happy with my decision to attend this school.
The school over all for academics is great, however the food sucks. There is no favor and somtines bugs. However its dorm life.
I enjoy the smaller smarter idea at Texas Wesleyan. It has definitely helped further my education and made me focus more on my education.
I love this school! When I was young I got diagnosed the an auditory processing disability and thanks to the small classes it’s easy to focus on my school work. The professors are always there to help and give advice.
My experience at Texas Wesleyan University has been great the last two years as a transfer student-athlete. The education I am receiving is exceptional and playing baseball has been a plus to my experience here. I love the smaller class sizes, being a hands-on learner the class size has helped me retain the material a lot better than huge lectures. I would like to see the tuition and fees decrease because I am planning to graduate this (fall 18), and prices have jumped up.
I moved schools from Oklahoma Wesleyan, I thought I wanted to quit soccer forever because I lost the passion for it, but when I transferred to TXWES everything changed for me! This is only my second semester, but the people make me feel at ease, and we get along so well!! The athletes on campus make it warming for me since I suffer from anxiety and hard depression, I couldn't be more thankful for such understanding professors and coaches to work with me in anything I do. Texas Wesleyan truly showed me what it was like to love something I once longed for, these are my people and I can talk to any faculty about my problem and they would listen and try to help me out! I could not be more grateful. The school has a disadvantage and it is the area around the school, it is not very safe but there are security guards and police always around or nearby just in case!
Love how small the classes are and how engaged the teachers really are. You have just an abundance of resources around you, not only the faculty but other students and it is just a great place to learn.
I like that the classes are smaller than a conventional college class size making it easier to get one on one time with the professor when you are struggling with a problem.
I love Texas Wesleyan because it's not too big and it's not too small. This university is just the right size. I am able to get to a one on one level with my professors. Even the best schools have issues and no one is perfect but when there is an issue the faculty and staff do their best to ensure we as students can get the best they can provide. I love this school. I'm only a sophomore and I'm already getting hands on experience in the AT program. Talking and working with so many new people not only in my profession but in others that I would potentially be working with. Everything about this school has been perfect and I am glad I did not go anywhere else.
The school is very welcoming to student and the teachers there are amazing. The try to make sure their students are well prepared for the real world.
Great people, good faculty and staff. For the amount of tuition one pays you would think they would renovate the facilities instead of spending it on things that we don't really need.
Texas Wesleyan is an outstanding private University! Smaller. Smarter. The classes are small which I believe hold up to no more than 40 students per class. That which is an advantage, and not only because you get to communicate with your Professor consistently but also because Wesleyan is awesome! They have a variety of clubs and organizations that help and assist students involve themselves in activities and internships! Our staff members involve themselves as much as possible in order for students to find their right major. We are a big family , regardless of how small we are. Also, I will never get tired of saying this... Everyone is nice. Texas Wesleyan is a diverse, fun and successful University. We have late night activities, for example, bonfires, cookouts, "Naked but Real", (students come out to share there art pieces including poems, songs etc.) sand volleyball, free shirts, free meals on occasions and tea! I can go on and on but my words are limited!
The living environment and the school spirit that everyone has is really great. Also the teachers a really good at what they do and they care about their students.
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The buildings are outdated and the neighborhood is not the nicest, but the staff is very helpful and the professors are wonderful.
I love the campus although it's not gigantic it's wide and open and clean. The student body is small but like family. A family where everyone is friendly to one another and you never feel out of place. Parking is free which great for me as a commuter. The only thing I would change is on campus food options maybe a wider range of food choices.
I enjoy attending Texas Wesleyan University because it has a small community environment. I have made many friends and encourage others to attend smaller universities.
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