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From the tours that they have so kindly provided, it seems to be a wonderful school. Their campus is an oasis in the desert, offering nutrition to make a student grow into a full functional adult.
Hello, my name is David and currently enrolled at Texas Tech University as a sophomore. I’ve met so many people and built many relationships with professors, students, and advisors and not once have I ever felt alone. Lubbock may not be the prettiest place but the campus is extremely beautiful and so many activities are offered by it or by organizations from there. Broadway Street is always fun time if you’re wanting to get away from the studying and stress for a little and dance with friends.
The campus is great. I took a tour there and the town is beautiful. The students are wonderful and faculty members smile. I think the dorms are nice and the food tastes great.
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I will be attending Texas Tech in the Fall of 2017, and I cannot be more excited! My brother attended back in 2011-2014, so that is how I already have gotten my information about Texas Tech. I also did my own personal in-depth tour of the school back in the summer. I think Texas Tech is amazing. The student life is so inviting and everyone feels like family. The campus is breathtaking, and the professors are professional, very nice, and helpful if you have any questions. I think Texas Tech is perfect and I cannot wait to call it home for the next four years.
You get a great education and there is some diversity but it could be more diverse. It is still in a West Texas town so there are a lot of very conservative minded individuals, which is fine, it just need to be more balanced out with liberal minded individuals as well. However, if you are looking to get into any type of group, there are so many available to join which puts you with like-minded individuals.
On my visits to Texas tech university, i learned that the campus is absolutely stunning and that lubbock is a gorgeous college town and I cannot wait till I am enrolled and oficially a red raider
Texas Tech University has a beautiful campus. The historical monuments that stand are incredibly fascinating.
The university is large enough to give you the “real college experience” but personal enough to give you a really beautiful sense of community. All the professors I’ve had have really cared about their students, and are all willing to help you in any way they can. The student life is wonderful with a huge variety of student organizations. I’m so glad I picked Tech, I just wish we had a bit nicer dorms
I love the atmosphere on campus. It's one of the largest campuses in Texas and perhaps the whole United States. The dry weather is perfect for me, coming from Houston where its always humid. It hardly rains and is almost always nice and sunny outside. Lots of things to do in town despite what people may think with Texas Tech being in Lubbock.
Texas Tech has been a wonderful University! There are so many resources that are offered to help students excel in any subject. In addition to helpful resources, Texas Tech has some of the most talented and respectful staff I've ever encountered. This doesn't even begin to include aesthetic features of the campus.
I love the community that surrounds the university and the campus itself is welcoming and open. The second I stepped on campus I felt at home.
Texas Tech University is a beautiful campus with an amazing overall atmosphere. The people here are all friendly and willing to help with anything you may have questions or concerns with. The locals are welcoming and pleasurable as well. The "small-town" feel of Texas Tech University and Lubbock, Texas is great for anyone coming from a major city or area looking for something a little more personal.
This is a Great School Academic and Athletic Wise its offer great Grad programs as well!! highly Recommend it
Texas Tech University is a great school. It has a diverse student population and a great teaching staff.
Texas Tech is a great school in many ways, but also has a few things that might not be for some people. First, Texas Tech is a very large campus, this means lots of auditorium style classes, less one on one teaching. Your professor may have 100s of students in just one class. On another hand, if you love having lots of options for student groups or events this is a great thing. Second, this is a university so there's a wide variety of degree options, and they require you to meet with an academic advisor before making your schedule. This is a good thing, because you'll always know what track your on, whether it's a good track or a bad one!
I am currently a senior Civil Engineering major at Texas Tech. I have thoroughly enjoyed the last three years on this beautiful campus. The only thing that has been somewhat difficult is finding good roommates. Otherwise, it has been a very memorable experience, both academically and socially.
The campus is so open and beautiful and it has the feel of a smaller family and its the only university with the biggest leisure pool in the united states. The school itself has a wonderful reputation in Texas with its many multitude of majors. The students and Faculty and professors are always there to help and are very nice doing so and there are tutors for every subject. The location for the university is a college town and the football games are always great people are very high in spirits when it comes to the football team the Red Raiders WRECK EM'!!!
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I got accepted into Texas Tech this upcoming year and everyone I have met has been really nice and accepting. They help me with any questions I have for the upcoming year.
Texas Tech is a great, secure, and friendly place to attend college. The teachers have a passion to witnessing their students succeed. Also, the resources are excellent around the campus. For example, if i need help writing a paper, the University Writing Center is there to assist me and the faculty dedicate their time to assist me in writing a great paper for class. I do not want to see nothing change, I have taken advantage of my resources, my professors are excellent teachers and I am so excited to be a part of their class this semester!
I love it here at Texas Tech! When you go to college you are supposed to go someplace that feels like a second home, and Tech definitely did for me! As a current student here class sizes are perfect and the workload is what you expect as long as you stay on top of all of it you are fine. The resources that Tech has to offer are easy to get to and free of cost! This includes the tutoring center in Holden Hall!
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