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My experience in Tech so far has been awesome and very helpful. The resources they provide are easy to find and if you need help there is always someone available that can help you.
I received my Bachelor's of Science from Texas Tech. It was a wonderful experience. I lived on campus for two years. My freshman year I lived in a traditional style dorm with community bath. The bathroom was always clean and well maintained. The room while a little small was functional and well maintained and maintenance was always there in a timely manner for any problems. I also lived in the apartment style dorms my sophomore year. They were a nice transition from being in the traditional style before moving off campus. Food offerings on campus were great and there were always options and with the meal plans you received a discount which was really great. Every professor I encountered was welcoming and willing to help. The campus is beautiful but it can be a bit of a walk to get from class to class and the bus system is slightly intimidating for a while but once you figure it out it is a nice option.
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I had some anxiety about leaving home and going off to college. Texas Tech offered many opportunities at the beginning of the Semester to attend social events to meet new people and become even more familiar with the campus.

The dorms also had floor meeting that enabled me to meet people living on the same floor as me.

I've met a group of good friends that I love to spend my free time with and to study with.

My professors have all been great.
I am currently in my 4th semester at Texas Tech and it has been the best decision I have made in my life. Texas Tech has a beautiful campus, a good engineering college, and has many opportunities for students to succeed. There are many on and off campus organizations to join, and Tech has large Greek Life. Overall, Texas Tech is a very good and fun college experience.
I love Texas Tech University and I couldn't be happier with my choice of higher education. My professors in the Graphic Design Program are, in my opinion, as good as it gets. They go above and beyond as instructors and push beyond what we think we're capable of. Their passion is undeniable. For such a large university, within my degree, I really do get the chance to develop a personal relationship with my professors and classmates and I think that's made all the difference. One thing I'd like to change would be the parking services. More student parking that isn't located miles away from our classes would be wonderful.
The education part is not too bad, especially if you are doing something in business or engineering but the is nothing to do in Lubbock , TX.
My experience at Texas tech has been great so far. As a freshman, I got a warm welcome into the university the first week of my arrival. I also observed how caring and professional the teachers are. They give individual attention to each student in the classes. they have very nice and comfortable dorms too.
I enjoyed that it's in an average sized city with a very good history and good facility. Even though i'm not in college yet i already felt like i was part of the university that i could possibly enroll into. They have great extra circular activities that are available to keep you busy and have fun during your time there so you can enjoy college.
I really enjoyed being here for my first year at Texas Tech. I loved the atmosphere of all the football and basketball games and just being able to be a part of this. It is really easy to make friends all over because people are from all anywhere and you will find someone who has the same interests as you. Overall, this is a great school with great people. If you don't mind the bipolar weather of West Texas then this definitely going to be a great fit for you and not very expensive either.
I absolutely loved going to Texas Tech, it was the best four years of my life. I met my best friends and learned a lot about myself. Lubbock is definitely getting better as a city and building new apartments and restaurants so it is worth taking a look at.
Tech is a great school, I would just like to see the local area and night life improve. I transferred here from a community college in Houston after a year and a half there. The dorm I lived in when I first got here was very dated and me being a 6'1" male the bed was very small. I really enjoyed the sporting events because the fan base here is very strong.
I am proud of my school and have been receiving an amazing and challenging education. It took me a while to figure out exactly what I wanted to major in but found my way with the various organizations and help from advisors. I also made many new friends that are almost like family now. However, the location of the school is not ideal and honestly the biggest drawback. Lubbock is very isolated and small. Other than that, Texas Tech is a great school and makes me proud to be a red raider.
I love the campus and living here. I have made some really good friends and enjoy my classes. But the meal plan is ridiculous, I only ever see half of the money I give. And the food gets boring after a semester.
Texas Tech is a school that one can be proud of; one who is a citizen of Lubbock, Texas home to Texas Tech, one who is a current student, and undoubtedly one of the many Alumni. As an individual accepted to Stanford University, I can say that Texas Tech is far more well-rounded with a great character, that one does not feel intimidated by due to the overwhelming smug nature of everyone who is part of Texas Tech’s past and present. In fact, Texas Tech University is not only much more affordable, and offers a quality education in many areas of study (which is as good or better than Ivy League). The success rate of those possessing an undergraduate degree averages 97%. Which is a solid A+. The quality of education from this University is both highly valuable, and presents abundant opportunities. Tech has many programs, 89 undergraduate degrees, 77 undergraduate majors, and 11 pre-professional distinctions; not including the graduate, professional, or certificate programs.
Tech is a really nice place to go to school. The atmosphere around campus is great, especially on game days. The teachers are great and so it the campus. It has spanish style architecture that make is really stand our to it's surroundings.
Lousy location,but good campus and good school. Lubbock is a hard place to live, but I feel like the professors really care about their students
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Texas Tech is located in one of the nicest cities in the world. The education is affordable (well, more so than other schools) and it is such a great experience.
Texas tech is a great place to be. Lots of opportunity and resources. The only drawback I find is that there are more grad students teaching classes than I'd like.
I've thoroughly enjoyed my time here a TTU. I've had great instructors and great experiences. There isn't anything I would change regarding the educational experience provided. The campus is beautiful and the organized student life is pretty active, as there is always something going on.
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