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I recently went to a summer program in texas tech and all the people there are so welcoming. i liked how you can make friends so easily and the population is very diverse. The campus is very beautiful and it made me feel like i belong there
The Texas Tech Health Sciences Center was an amazing school to attend. I graduated there from nursing school in 2015 and loved it. The professors are all very personal and treat you as a person, not just another name. Being a part of TTU HSC, you also got all the perks of going to Texas Tech! Still got to attend sports games for free, discounts on cafeteria food, the whole kit and caboodle
Fantastic University! I did the RN-BSN program online and the online expierence was easy. The user interface did not create problems with coursework. The instructors interacted with the students in a timely manner. I would highly recomment Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center to anyone.
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The facilities at the HSCSON are outstanding and conveniently located in one building. The staff wants the students to succeed and are always available outside of the classroom should students need assistance. Upon graduation I felt I possessed the tools and knowledge base required to be successful in my new career. TTUHSCSON is an excellent program and I strongly recommend students apply.
Currently a sophomore here at Texas Tech University, overall I love the campus and have been lucky to have some amazing professors! The only thing that is difficult is finding those advisors who actually care about your course plan.
This school offers the best education. We are only required by the board of pharmacy to complete 1700 rotation hours before graduation. However, TTUHSC offers us around 2200. The faculty are amazing and are very interested in helping you succeed.
alumni will really help out with job opportunities and more.
We have call lights all over the place where a police can get to you in only a minute or less
It is amazing to live on campus. Everything is in walking distance, all your friends live in the same facility. The food is actually pretty good too!
I am in a sorority and I love it, but I do have many friends that are not and I have talked to them about it and they do not feel "left out" in any way.
The fan based system is always up to par and screaming "RAIDER POWER" is always acceptable
Nursing school is such an amazing opportunity. It takes a lot of time and effort but in the end it will be worth it!
The professors really care of their students. However, given the types of people who are admitted into the program and the homogeneous nature in terms of ethnicity and religion of the city, it truly lags behind other schools in the state. The people here are not very accepting of people who are different from them.

The professors are friendly and approachable, but often times do not seem to have things all ready and together.
I don't value the degree based on the school, I just need the degree in order to begin my career. I honestly would have chosen to go to another school if I could rewind time.
There have been major changes to the program that I applied for. There is a major major lack of diversity at the school and the fact that it's in west Texas makes it that much more evident and worse. This is not the school to be at if you're looking for an exciting, fulfilling, and unique experience.
Athletic facilities could use some major revamping and upgrades.
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Security is always patrolling as well as easy access to emergency phones.
I really liked that Texas Tech Gayle Greve Hunt School of Nursing admits students on experience and after getting to know each of us individually, not just based solely on GPA.
There are many events in which students are encouraged to participate in game nights. Such as baseball.
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