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The people are amazing, I love the city and everything I have experienced. If you’re looking for an Austin feel but don’t like the city, San Marcos is the best place to be. Everyone is so nice and I don’t mind the hills.
I enjoy attending Texas State University because of the diversity of people and the kind of connections you can make with the professors. Every professor i've had has wanted me to succeed in the class and has been really helpful in doing so!
The president of the university is actually embarrassing. The liberal bias that runs extremely deep throughout the university is sad.
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I love Texas State because everyone here, professors, staff, and students, are always incredibly nice and helpful. The campus is also gorgeous!
It was a beautiful campus with so many nice people. I liked the feel of it and how much activities it offers. Its academics are outstanding!
I personally love Texas State University in San Marcos, TX. The campus is gorgeous with beautiful scenery everywhere you go. Although every college may have their ups and downs, this college is full of pros! Diversity, academics and athletics are taking seriously at my school. All professors are awesome! If I had to change one thing about my university, it would be the food; same food every week? Not in my favor, but other than that, TXST is the place to be!
Texas State University is in a very fast-growing town and the South Central part of Texas. The university is beautiful. 98% of the professors that I have had work with her students and help them to achieve goals that we have set for ourselves. Overall I would recommend this University to anyone that wants to further their education.
The facility want you to work for companies that sponsor the programs not for companies that fit your personality and what's best for you. The curriculum is also made to focus on those companies.
The campus is beautiful but takes a bit of getting used to. There are so many stairs compared to any other college that it seems unnecessary. Other than that, the people are great and there are many different organizations to join.
First off, the campus is beautiful. I love how the river runs through it, and even thought it is very hilly and there are a lot of stairs, its quite lovely. I am a theatre major, and I love the program I'm in. The classes are wonderful. I feel like I am really learning a lot about different areas of theatre, which I really like. I do think that the P&P majors should have more opportunities, and maybe more preparation for when we graduate so we will be ready for the real world.
Extremely liberal. Shunned if you are white. Academics are extremely easy and a blow off. Greek life causes surplus problems.
Beautiful campus on the San Marcos River. Be prepared to wear comfortable shoes and carry a light weight backpack because there's A LOT of walking up hills and long distances. Very large classes in the pre-requisite courses. For ex, 1330 Biology had 300 students.
Take undergrad courses at a local community college bcz it's too expensive and too cramped at Texas State University. Professors are pretty harsh when it comes to attendance. A lot of professors locked the classroom doors 15 mins after class start time. In my opinion, this was very discouraging because if a student were to be a few minutes late, then they wouldn't attend class at all knowing the doors will be locked.
This school really doesn't offer online courses or evening courses. Not the best school for working adults.
Texas State is a great university to attend. Even though it has a reputation of partying, every college is going to have parties. It depends on the student if the party scene will affect them. Harris dinning hall is by far the worst food on campus, commons dining hall is the better of the two. I have had pretty great experiences with all my professors, they have been able to bump my grade a couple times based on my attendance and work ethic. Most of the nicer dorms are going to be further away from campus. I wish I would have chosen a closer dorm that is older. There is a ton of things to do around San Marcos like going shopping, festivals, great restaurants, and environmental activities.
What I liked in general about Texas State was the affordability of classes, the abundant places to study, and the ability as you moved up in rank (i.e. junior to senior) to have priority in picking classes. I attended Texas State for the Athletic Training Education Program and was blessed to have some great mentors and professors that really loved what they did across every subject. I also liked that the campus provided consistent and timely transportation both on campus and to your apart off campus. This made attending classes easier and more stress free. Some things I would like to see changed is the ability to get good general advising from staff on classes and what is required to graduate. The advisors I had for my specific program were spot on, but when it came to my minor in English it was very difficult to get an appointment and in my case I was given the wrong information. This kept me from being able to obtain my teaching certificate by the time I graduated.
Texas State is an excellent establishment that is devoted to helping young adults prepare for their future carriers and help them succeed in life. They have a multitude of opportunities available to help student's experiences more enjoyable and cost-effective. Overall, Texas State is a great school and I would recommend it to anyone.
I love Texas State's atmosphere, it's only been my first year and I've fallen in love with it. Everyone that attends Texas State has the most school spirit and are so proud to say they attend this school. The professors actually care about your success and are willing to help you. The school is maintained well and looks beautiful! I can't say anything other than I feel I've made the best decision coming here!
I love TXST. The academics are outstanding and the professors are even better. The University location is beautiful! If you're considering going to school in Central Texas, TXST is the BEST choice!
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I loved attending Texas State. The campus is spread out among the hills of San Marcos with two rivers running through. Its a gorgeous landscape with a mixture of both small and large class sizes. The major I chose was competitive and challenging. Its right between Austin and San Antonio TX which gives you a chance to escape and partake in big city attractions such a Sea World, the River Walk, ACL, South by Southwest and Schiltterbahn
Texas State University appears to work hard to cultivate a culture of inclusion. It pulls students into the social realm and offers many opportunities for students to enhance there learning by encouraging peer to peer connections
I love this school and the opportunities it has brought me and hopefully will continue to bring to me upon graduation. I have met many people from different backgrounds and have also grown as a student and an adult being here more ways than I could've not going to school away from home.
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