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The thing I most enjoy at Texas State University is the amazing scenery that the college is surrounded by. It really makes the whole experience feel more like home. Additionally, the campus is really generous with giving away free tshirts, which is honestly a blessing when one is living on a full-time student allowance.
Right off the bat I am going to complain about only one thing: the buses. They are not the best and are often times unreliable but that is the case with any and all traffic when there is extensive construction going on. The campus is beautiful and everyone is so welcoming. There has never been a time on campus that I have felt un-welcomed or unsafe. I have loved all of my teachers and the dining options during the week are stellar. The ample amount of clubs available and the level of student involvement is so great and a nice way of making friends outside of the classroom.
Texas State provides an excellent education and phenomenal college experience. The city and surrounding hill country are relaxing, wonderful and filled with excellent people. There is a southern charm to the city, but a drive to excel and grow. The university and city are incredible!! The educational opportunities rival the UT's, A&M's out there, hands down.
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Love what the campus has to offer in terms of food and recreation. The library and REC are hotspots that are always booming with students. Sewell Park that conveniently sits on campus and on the San Marcos River provides lots of opportunities for water-filled fun!
The campus is beautiful and all of the students and faculty are very helpful. It is a diverse school that always makes everyone feel welcomed. I have only gone there for one year but i would recommend it to any student.
I love Texas state university because of the beautiful campus, the amazing professors that want the best for each and every student and the friendly feeling you get from everyone on campus! If I had to change one thing about Texas State, it would be the parking situation. There is not even close to enough parking for all the students attending and it makes it hard to get to class.
Texas State University in San-Marcos Texas is a beautiful campus with a friendly atmosphere. The classrooms aren't too big or crowded and the professors are willing to help. There are plenty places to go for fun around campus and some places give discounts for students when you show your university I.D. The only thing I would change is to make the size of the table to write on bigger in some classrooms, other than that it is the perfect campus for any student.
I love Texas State! such a beautiful campus, and a lot of the professors really want you to learn and be successful.
I have only been here a year, but in that year I have experienced so much. To start off the location is boring, but it does have fun activities such as the river. The professors I have had have been good, I can't say great, but i cant say bad either. School spirit is good, but since our sports teams are not good, the school spirit is not as big as it could be. The food here is alright, nothing spectacular. It has the normal stuff like chick fil a, chipotle, etc. Overall i do love this school, and i would recommend going here, it has a great respiratory therapist program.
I really like where Texas State is located which is small town and compared to big city which is where I come from it feels relaxing. Everyone is soo nice and you can feel the sense of community around you and as well everything is local. However, if you like big cities there is no problem San Marcos is located between two of them which are San Antonio and Austin.
the people are friendly and the classes are large.
the people per teacher ratio is going up. there are more large section classes going on due to the increasing amount of people each year.
I love it here at Texas State. I"m working hard to continue my education, and help with activism here on and off campus. I have taken on the mantle of being a face and voice as an officer for Lambda of Texas State and Transcend at Texas State. I have acquired skills in networking, fundraising, and looking at the world with an open mind. I can't wait to see what my future at Texas State has for me.
This place is so inviting and welcome. Sure, it is a part school. But there are numerous opportunities for everyone to get ahead and get good grades.
My first year at Texas State was pretty good. The worst part about it was when Trump became president a lot of students started acting out.
It is a very diverse student body, with lots of room for a young person to be creative, and take initiative to start new clubs groups ect. However I sincerely hate the biology department!! If you're not majoring in wildlife biology there is almost no point in becoming a biology major
I really enjoyed my semester at Texas State University. I had wonderful professors and made great friends. I had to take night classes since I am a full-time worker and don't leave my office until about 6 p.m. every night, so everyone in class was also a working adult. We all worked together and I ended up making a 4.0 for the semester. There are many resources available for students at Texas State. I definitely recommend the school.
Texas State has a beautiful campus with very active student life. The administration at Texas State is very friendly and helpful. Students are also very friendly and make you feel right at home on campus.
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Overall Texas State is a welcoming campus that holds unique people and beautiful views and buildings.
All of my professors have been professional and helpful. The faculty at the school is very welcoming. There is only one negative to report. That is the huge hills that destroy my legs every day I walk up them.
Texas State University is my home away from home! I love the campus, the atmosphere, the faculty, and the city of San Marcos! Every fear I had upon entering college was alleviated once I came to Texas State. I love being a bobcat!
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