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Absolutely love Texas State. It is a beautiful campus with so much to do around the area. There are organizations for everyone! Parking permits and meal plans can be pricey though. Overall, the atmosphere is wonderful!
I would highly recommend Texas State. It is not all about the partying the way people make it out to be. If you avoid the party scene like I do, the school is just as great education wise.
I've been to maybe a dozen college campuses, and Texas State is by far the most beautiful I've seen. The birds are always singing, the sunsets and sunrises are breathtaking, and the vegetation on campus provides shade and natural beauty. Beyond that, the campus facilities are fantastic. The recreation center is gigantic, gorgeous, and always totally clean. The classes are pretty typical for a university, some teachers are awful, some are amazing people. Overall you'll get what out what you put into your classes. If you show up, do what the teacher tells you, and pay attention you'll have great grades. Perhaps most important of all, the people here are amazing. The students are all excited to be there, which makes the whole atmosphere uplifting, the total opposite of high school. I've yet to met a faculty member who has been anything but kind, helpful, and pleasant to work with, with the exception of a few teachers.
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Texas State is a great university. It might be a large university but it has a small town feel. I love the location of the campus, which is right next to the river. I have loved going to Texas State and I am a proud bobcat for life!
Texas State is the best decision I have ever made. This school has given me everything that I need to succeed In my future endeavors. I am studying interior design and I can honestly say that Texas State has prepared me for real-life opportunities. Texas State has professors that are willing to do whatever they can to make sure that their students learn and are successful in life. I owe everything to Texas State and my professors for making me the person I am today.
Texas State University is a beautiful 4 year university. The campus is beautiful, what other university do you know that had a river going through it? You get a good workout going up the hills and Alkek library stairs. It's one on one teaching and ability to get involved on campus is amazing. I love it!
I absolutely love Texas State University. The school has great spirit and pride. There are so many organizations and clubs to join. The staff and students are so friendly and the campus is diverse.
This school is growing fast and is absolutely beautiful. It's a great location with a ton of activities and great academic opportunities. It's on a river and has a wonderful atmosphere.
I absolutely love Texas State. It's been a wonderful experience so far with the activities, academics, sports games, and parties. We are a very diverse, safe campus that allows us to speak out on any issue. You would love Texas State.
It is an amazing college. The place is beautiful. I have visited and really plan to go there this fall.
Great atmosphere, location, city, locals, education and people. Love the university and the diversity it brings.
What I liked about my campus, Texas State University was the diversity among people. I never witnessed any discrimination or racism. Another thing I liked about Texas State are the professors, they're all very professional, and made my first year of college memorable by showing their involvement with each student and their enthusiasm to teach. if there was one thing I could change about the campus is more opportunities for commuters like myself. For instance, more parking places, and more flexibility for tutoring sessions. Overall, I grew a huge attachment for my campus Texas State and I can't wait to return in the Fall 2017.
Texas State is a beautiful campus with amazing students that make you feel welcome. I have made many long life friends here and have made many connections to helps me with a career one day.
I have loved my experience attending Texas State. I have grown immensely as a student and as a young adult during my time at Texas State.
Love life at Texas State!! First full semester under my belt and am loving my program, teachers, and beautiful campus.
Loved my school and all it had to offer. My professors were motivated and inspiring to all students.
I would like to see a change in the prices for classes, fees, book prices and this is a change I would like to see not only in Texas State but in all universities. In my opinion college is overly priced in the United States.
Review Texas State University
Texas State offers many degrees. There are many housing options as well. Many students are here to transfer to UT. Most students leave on the weekends.
I love Texas State University. The people are great and the small town vibe is nice.There are lots of things to do on campus and the teaching is great.
First off I would like to start this review by stating I have been to three colleges and universities in the past and Texas State is definitely the best.
being apart of such a great community is such a great asset to have when going to school. The education I received from the school is unmatched and the experience I had at the university is unlike any other. Five stars was definitely earned by the school and I would recommend it to anyone looking to go to school.
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