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I enjoyed the student atmosphere very much. It surprised me the level of one on one work that students are able to accomplish at this very large but hom-y university. The surrounding area and scenery adds to the environment and makes you appreciate the beauty of campus.
One of the main things I like about Texas State is that there is diversity. I don't believe there is anything that needed to be change about the university.
I Honestly I love it here, Texas State has a very good college of education. Also the weather is great and the people here are very nice.
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I love the campus, it is absolutely beautiful. Texas State is covered by beautiful trees and a river that runs through it. The only downside is that the amount of stairs and hills do not make it super handicap accessible.
Texas state university is a great place for students who love campus life and want to meet new people.
Texas State is amazing, but I would like to see teachers change a little on their lectures because they pill a lot of information in one day. Most of us can't even remember what the teacher is teaching us. Especially the core classes because we need those to graduate.
What I enjoy the most at Texas State is the friendships I've made. People are friendly and make you feel like family. The professor have been very helpful and encouraging. You can tell they want you to succeed. The food needs some work. Wish it could be a little healthier and more variety. The social clubs are cool. The University wants you to be involved so you can feel a sense of pride. The team spirit is awesome. You want to root for your team and represent them any way you can.
I went into college afriad and nervous of not going to make it. I’ve met people who’s inspired me to do better, Texas state has many resources around the campus. It helped me and my GPA. I wish their were more African American professors and more about my culture. But other than that I like Texas state.
Texas State is a college where you are going to be academically challenged, and will some of your best years in you school career.
Walking the hills on this campus is not very easy, but it can be avoided with some map-reading skills. The campus has beautiful statues, outdoor amphitheater study spaces, thick, beautiful trees, and decorative fountains. More memorials than I've ever seen on a campus. Go to Copper Beech or the Vistas for party scene. You don't HAVE to be in a fraternity or a sorority to party. Athletic teams are young but the fans are passionate and I could argue we have the best tailgating team in the region. I would add more freshman scholarhips; it's hard to enjoy school when it's so expensive.
I really like the majority of my teachers, who put so much dedication into making sure I'm learning at an efficient pace. I also love the freshman programs that Texas State provides for first year college students.
I really liked the diverse crowd and the campus academics that are provided here. The local area is great along with many great places to stop and get some food.
I really enjoy the vibes and friendliness of everyone here. San Marcos is a really great place with tons of stuff to do around campus that even college students can afford. The only downside to TXST are the endless hills and stairs!
Texas State is a gorgeous campus and has wonderful views of the city and of everything around it since it is on top of a hill. I recommend visiting this school to find out if it fits you. As much as people say it's a party school, it's only a party school if you make it one. I know multiple seniors who haven't been to a single party while on campus. Everyone here is really nice as well. Everywhere in town has discounts for students and they are very welcoming to students. There are people on campus that will walk with you or pick you up in a golf cart if you feel unsafe walking home at night.
I have had an amazing experience at Texas State University! This is my second year here and I have enjoyed it so much. From the first moment I stepped foot on campus as a freshman I was welcomed and felt comfortable with the adjustments from high school. Everyone you meet is very friendly and willing to help you out, the professors genuinely care about our success and the atmosphere is fun!
Although I've only been a Bobcat for approximately 6 weeks, I love the campus. I have attended several different club meetings to find the right fit for me. My professors are detailed and have informed us they are here to help us be successful. My experience to-date has been very positive.
Overall the experience in the university of Texas State has been remarkable in the fields of education and the preparation for a real job in the real world. Texas State has made a remarkable experience in my life and my life in the future.
Review Texas State University
Texas State is such a fun and beautiful campus with something for everyone! If you are bored here it is by choice! Everyone is also super friendly and willing to help you! Professors are nice and passionate but make you work for your grades. I prefer to study outside with sounds of nature and this campus is perfect for it with its beautiful landscape. #TXSTforever
Texas State University has to be one of the best colleges in the state of Texas. It has a fantastic marching band and an even greater School of Music program. The river is a great place to relax after classes, and there is such a welcoming and home-like feeling throughout the campus. I do not regret attending this university.
It is one of the best schools in the state. Hands down Texas State has the feeling of making you feel at home right away. The environment is all about being friendly and happiness, of course never forgetting hard working. Texas State is the most recommended school in Texas if you want to have a good time and have the best experience of your life. The Diversity is for all around the world, anyone is welcome to Texas State. The professors help you at any time with all the experience and knowledge they share. Student life is an indescribable experience.
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