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I absolutely love this university. I've had mostly positive experiences with professors, the campus is pretty, and our research programs are amazing. I wish, however, that some of the facilities would be updated to reflect our modern take on education and to help utilize all the educational tools now available.
Texas State is beautiful. The area surrounding it is full of awesome rivers to go tubing on. Spending the weekend being lazy on the river is one of the many perks of going to Texas State. The staff are friendly and helpful from what I have experienced so far. Everyone is willing to help you out with directions if you need it. The one down side is parking on campus. There is hardly any and it becomes very crowded quickly. The shuttle system is a nice idea but be sure to leave early just in case of traffic.
I am a 2nd year student at Texas State University and I like it. There’s a lot of diversity on campus and a lot of organizations and activities that you can get involved in to meet new people. The professors here are very good and care about you to make the class engaging for you to pass. The campus is beautiful to look at, but there is a lot of hills and stairs to walk on. Overall, I recommend people to come to Texas State University.
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It is m y first year at Texas State and I am just in love with it!!! The community is nice the campus is to die for and just the environment is a very nice environment. I couldn't picture me at any other school then Texas State
the food is amazing the academics are good rated. The time that i've been there the students are very opening and love to join in all activities. sports is a big event when it comes to Texas sate University.
The school is beautiful and the people are awesome. You get to meet and make new friends at every event. The campus is between San Antonio and Austin so the weekends are pretty fun. We even have the square if people arnt able to go to Austin or San antonio and you can have just as much fun.
Loved the entire college experience here. Encouraged my daughter to attend school and she is now an enrolled Freshman and loving the college too
I am a transfer student from San Jacinto Community College. I choose Texas State because of the people there and also the academic level was at a high standard. I loved the campus and there is just so much to do.
I enjoyed the atmosphere of being there and I enjoyed the variety of places that were near and far from the actual campus. The only thing I did not enjoy was how much you have to walk to get to class or anywhere on the case from point A to point B. It was a very tiring act at the end of an already long day.
My overall experience wasn't that best. Being a commuter made it hard when it came to parking. More parking should be provided.
Texas State is one of those universities you feel at home when as soon as you step foot on the campus. The only downside is that the university is built on a hill so stairs are unavoidable. Other than that, the diversity keeps the area full of endless possibilities.
My experience with Texas State University has been very great. The atmosphere is very pleasant and welcoming. I like the academics and the challenge I receive here because it gives me the full college experience. Things that I would change would be the diversity and some of the professors. I feel that it could be better for incoming freshman to fall in love with this school just like I did.
This is the 3rd university I have attended, and I LOVE IT! The professors have been amazing, I even look forward to class discussions and take pride in all of my papers because the topics are both interesting and highly informative. The campus itself is kept pristine, with both some older features and brand new ones. It's a little hard if you have classes across campus, but you can just barely make it in time. Every advisor I have spoken with (study abroad, advisors by major, and financial aid) have been friendly, knowledgeable and very helpful even in the short amounts of time you spend with them. There are a million different campus organizations you could join, although I haven't been in any. And tuition is pretty average for a Texas 4-year university. All in all, if you're considering Texas State, go.
Texas State University is one of the most welcoming universities in the state of Texas. You will find diversity on many campuses, but none celebrate and accept it the way that Texas State does. This warm and diverse environment is a perfect place to go if you wish to gain a more open mind and to truly learn and experience new things. Everyone is very helpful and friendly.
Texas State is In a great location and is my dream school. The envioment from the students and staff can make anyone fill like they are at home.
It's a beautiful campus with an amazing staff. The campus always looks clean and all the students are really nice. There is always stuff going on and ways to get involved. There is also a ton of resources to help all students be successful.
Texas State is a really good school I visited this school on Wednesday although it is a lot of walking you find out a lot about.I believe that this school is very close I think everyone knows each other and it seems like everyone gets really along with their professors.
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The school is beautiful and the people in the town are super sweet. Just like any other school there are some challenges, but its a bit hard to figure things out, because the school is so big.
I love the campus and the people on the campus! The professors are very friendly and willing to help if you work with them. The campus is very diverse and offers many opportunities to get involved if you wish to do so.
This college actually cares about you. Cheap tuition, great area, free entrance to sporting events, free rec center, free bus system. The library is awesome. I almost went to ut and I chose here last second because it was so much cheaper. I made a great decision. Great school.
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