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What I love about Texas State University is all the people who are there to help you with any tasks that you may have trouble with. There are endless places for you to study, and the school spirit is amazing
Good campus life, tons of activities and clubs to join, obviously had its range of professor ratings, sadly there was poor athletics
I personally don't have a full experience in Texas State University yet, I visited the University with my school and I completly fell in love! Texas State University made me feel like I was home, I cant wait to start my freshman year!!
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I love how TXST has a diverse student body. The environment on campus is very friendly and welcoming. TXST is also very one and communicates well with students daily.
It is a very clean and beautiful campus with understanding employees. Most professors work with you and your schedule or a life crisis.
As a Texas State University freshman I have had an amazing experience at the University. The campus and its environment are perfect for people to learn and share their opinions freely and safely. The only trouble I have had is with the food, I am a particular picky eater because I like super healthy food and although theres some places is hard to find healthy without getting bored sometimes
Texas State has been great ; the people the classes the professors. You have a campus that is beautiful ; it has a river that runs through it , who can ask for more . It is close to my family but not too close . There really isn’t much that I would change about my experience so far at school . The advisors have also been a great help.
Love it so much! The atmosphere is great and a very student-friendly campus! Also it's one of the prettiest campuses in Texas!
Texas states campus is absolutely beautiful. The campus is very diverse in ethnicities and religions. There are many serene places to study all around campus.
Overall it’s a good school so far from what I can tell. The teachers that’s I’ve come in contact with so far have been decent it’s pretty easy to navigate around.
There are lots of resources for students, especially freshmen. The campus is beautiful and is great for those who like walking. All of the professors I've met are very helpful and make sure that students know that they can ask questions at any time. There are so many things that students can get involved with so there is something for everyone. The only bad things I can think of are the weird protesters that sometimes show up around the stallion statue (a free speech area) and how the current student body president (Clegg) does not represent Texas State well through his actions and social media posts.
The Professors are great. Good opportunity to ensure student pass classes. Great library to study and provide the necessary tools for classes.
not a good school, lacks capable teachers and students! Would not go there if I could redo college. I would go to ole miss or LSU because they are at least recongnized as schools.
Besides the racism this is a good university to attend if you enjoy the occasional party scene and want to get quality education. Also San Marcos is in-between San Antonio and Austin so there are plenty of things to do within the are. Austin host a lot of music festivals and I enjoy that Texas State is not too far from Austin.
Texas State University is a great college that offers several degrees. No matter what you major will be, Texas State will give you the opportunity of a lifetime. From their great historic campus to there excellent athletics program, you’ll find a fit just right for you. Texas State University is locates right by down town San Marcos. Which offers great food choices, cute boutiques, and a great deal of activities. No matter where you turn, San Marcos will have what’s right for you. Something I would change about Texas State is not about the college, but about the website. You can reality get lit in their ginormous website and not know where to go. I wish they had more specific options to choose to help you with what classes to take, where to go fro certain things, and more information about their athletics program.
The campus is great, although it would be great to see a more unified front when it comes to diversity.
I like Texas State, not for its party scene, but for its beautiful campus and locations surrounding it. San Marcos is the perfect college town with so many things to do and see. I always go floating on the river with my friends every summer. One of the rivers runs right through the campus! The San Marcos square is filled with many restaurants and hang outs for college kids. It's a great way to have fun and meet new friends.
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What I like about Texas State is the location between Austin and San Antonio. Something I do not like about Texas State is the constantly changing atmosphere and the low quality of safety.
The Professors at this college really care about the future of their students. It is a beautiful place to not only live but also go to school. Im so glad I get to follow my dreams at the school of my dreams.
I’m currently in my second year here and i made the right choice coming here!! Lots of things to do on campus and a great way to meet so many new people.
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