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Texas State University Reviews

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Amazing school! Wouldn’t of gone anywhere else for my undergrad. School is great, San Marcos is an amazing city. Nothing but live for TXST
I have had a miraculous experience at Texas state University. Professors at this school are Knowledgeable andSeemingly want the students to be successful.
Overall my first year at Texas State was great. I enjoyed my classes, professors, and friends. Freshman are required to live on campus, and I am really glad because I made some of my best friends in my dorm. Getting involved on campus is easy and I felt like all the faculty does what they can to set everyone up for success.
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Beautiful campus and area with easy access to larger cities. Friendly and welcoming staff, students and educators. Facilities are great and a variety of major fields of study and course options.
Texas State University is beautiful. This university is truly one of kind space. If you have a passion for what you do this university will without a doubt provide you with an unforgettable experience in pursing your career.
Transfering and it looks like a great school ready to attent this fall. On Orientation I was given good information how my year will take place. Showed us around campus and answered all our questions.
Texas State University has some of the best professors who are obviously not only experts in their field, but they continue to do research in their specific areas to make a positive impact on the world. TSU campus life has an energy that makes you feel comfortable, students are happy and pleasant, and they definitely like to show their school spirit! You will love the TSU library, the writing center, and the different resources that TSU offers to help you succeed!
I really liked the environment of the school. The students and teachers here actually care for each other. The view here is wonderful. Not a day goes by that it that I wish I didn’t go here.
Texas state is an overall great campus. It is academically enriching and full of opportunity. Students and faculty are very friendly and are always willing to help. Texas State is extremely diverse. Everyone has a place where they belong.
There are so many things to do there! I transferred from a tiny college to Texas State U and the possibilities were endless. The amount of clubs and eateries, and all the adventures around San Marcos are almost overwhelming, but well worth the extra mile! Sometimes the club websites can be outdated and meeting times can change, but that's the only drawback. Have fun exploring!
I love the environment of the school. The greenery is beautiful. They definitely keep up with the maintenance .
The first time I went to Texas state was for a big party that a couple of my friends were going to. At the time I was currently attending UofH for the year. The area is pretty average kind of like west Houston type of vibe. There’s certainly many things to do in San Marcos including the river. The campus is very nice and it is on the hills. It is pretty big as well with 40000 people attending. I’ll be attending TXST this fall 2018 to work on my classes for pharmacy school.
Texas State has a beautiful campus. My first dorm was way outdated and need many Improvements. Everybody tailgates but don't actually go to the football! Overall fun school. Having Austin and San Antonio so close is a plus too.
I love the atmosphere of this school. Everybody is very accepting and the culture proves to be immensely diverse. There is always something to do on campus and students are very welcoming and kind. I would like to see improvements when it comes to food options on campus and some of the dorms are not kept up as “to-date” as they should be.
I love the campus and their attitude. The school is very relaxed and has a great vibe. Although there are frequent crowded times in the quad due to protests many of the students are very friendly.
I love Texas State as a whole. I think administrators have made some mistakes in the past few years in handling things like Greek Life, school politics, and other little things like parking and on-campus living, but overall I have gotten a great education and LOVE the location and campus. There are occasional parties, but there are parties at any school if you look for them, and hang out with that kind of crowd. I would not call us a “party school” at all. I didn’t come here to party, and the ones who do end up flunking out in one semester.
There are a lot of majors to chose from. The president isn't very smart about addressing concerns, especially on the topic of racism.
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Overall, Texas State has been really great. Most of my professors have been awesome with the exception of 1 or 2.
I love the diversity and how the faculty/professors are dedicated to your learning experience. I also like the campus on how there's lots of outdoor activities to do.
Texas State University is by far one of the best colleges I have attended. My Associate degrees were from several places and none compare to this college. I am proud to be a bobcat.
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