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I love this school so much. I wish I could never graduate and spend my days here. I have learned so much from this incredible school.
Texas State U is very diverse, and offers all kinds of education opportunities. There’s a lot of clubs and organizations that work for all kinds of things. It’s never ending learning!
This University is fantastic, the staff and faculty are great contributions to a pleasant environment that encourages student growth. Considering that I was given a job opportunity even before I graduated I believe this is a brilliant return of investment. Even the workforce finds Bobcats favorable over longhorns!
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If you're walking up and down a thousand steps among the beautiful hill country then, you're in Texas State. The walks between classes are actually refreshing and there is always something to see on campus. Vendors, groups, and Greek houses set up at the Quad asking for support. The professors of course vary but all are definitely educated and well versed in their subject. Campus offers a variety of food options throughout and the library stays open until midnight. The school has such a cozy feeling and serene spots to set up your tree hammock if you please. You almost never have to leave.
I love Texas State. Since I was a freshmen in high school I knew Texas State was the college for me.
I like how the university is very diverse. I also like how in the classroom the teachers actually care about making sure your grade is good. The university is also quick to address the fact that we are not a school who is racist and we like to be inclusive. The academics are somewhat easy but can be challenging if you don't care about your grade. Most of the professors at the school want everyone to succeed so they give out extra credit points.
I love the atmosphere here in San Marcos. The school itself has an air of aspiration and a deep connection to "roots". They have built a university of community and togetherness. It is a large enough school to get lost in the sea of people but also find your exact niche. The things I would change are minute and specific to my humble experience. Communication is key, and that is one thing they could only slightly improve upon.
Texas State has the most beautiful campus. The student life is amazing. The teachers are all caring to you and want you to succeed.
Texas State University overall is a wonderful place. Though it has countless stairs its also a place where everyone can find a comforting place. It recently has had so issues with the campus life but i believe it can be fixed. For anyone interested in attending, the professor are pretty wonderful. All in all i would recommend this school.
It is a great school. Good atmosphere and has great professors and academical. This school is challenging too.
Texas State is a great environment to be. It feels very welcoming and accepting towards all its attendees. There are places to study including a hidden hammock where students can read, study, or just hang out. There are also many places to dine in and out. When dining on campus there is a variety of choices as well as when dining out. The campus is very close to The Square, which is a literal square of shops, places to eat, bars, and other necessities. As for classes held here at Texas State, professors are very nice and give students the best chances of succeeding. Overall this campus is very nice with its elevated approach and welcomes those with open arms.
I came to Texas state because of the theatre program. As the #1 theatre school in the state, our university produces top-quality productions that range from heartfelt comedy to intense drama. The students that graduate from our programs go on to perform regularly on Broadway and in touring companies all across the nation.
I like Texas State University because it is very diverse and gives you many opportunities to get involved in different organizations
I like the environment. I'm a senior in high school and I am very excited to continue my education and go to college ! I've been to Texas State many times and I love the campus, the environment just seems very relaxing.
I love the amount of diversity that is present here at Texas State. There are so many opportunities to get involved. I never find myself bored because there are a bunch of different activities I can do. The curriculum is very challenging if you want it to be. I love how there are many opportunities to further my education. The campus is beautiful and it actually helps my stress levels to be around such a scenic place 24/7. The only thing I could complain about is the food options. As a freshman you have to buy meal trades and there are only certain things you may choose from. I wish they would expand the choices a bit.
I enjoy the whole atmosphere on were you have free speech and how liberal it is. It really opens your eyes to the world around you, giving you a better understanding of how some things work. Some things that might need to be changed are how classes are handled. I do enjoy the atmosphere and how open everyone is to diversity in the students and staff.
As a freshman at Texas state, I love it! The campus is beautiful and everyone is so loving. San Marcos is a homey town with many attractions to explore.
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Texas State University is a beautiful college campus full of wonderful accepting people from all backgrounds. Texas state has made me feel at home since my very first day, building a community is extremely important to the University and it works. This is my home
I love Texas State. It provides a welcoming environment and includes lots of diversity. My favorite thing about Texas State is the amount of diversity that we have whether it's people, majors, or even general interests in life. I think the on campus living and meal options at Texas State could use a lot of help.
I love Texas State, and I've had a great 5 years here. Spending so much time at a place, you can really start to uncover it's flaws. We've had three bomb threats this week, and no one has caught the person yet, there's mold in the dorms, and our football team sucks. However, I have met some of the best friends I've ever had in my life here, and I will never forget them. I love the area here, the square is a blast!
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