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The staff at Texas State are absolutely amazing. Every professor that I had took very special interest in the success of each of their students and you could tell they truly love what they do. The diversity of Texas State creates a very special experience. Choosing Texas State was the best decision I ever made.
Attending Texas State University was the best decision I had ever made. San Marcos is a big town with a small town feel. Everyone is so friendly and it is such a peaceful atmosphere. There is always something to do whether you want to eat, drink, swim, float, hike, etc.
I love the diversity from both the students and professors at my school! The atmosphere is always so welcoming, and Im able to work to the best of my abilities. I also believe that my school focuses on common ground, and building many communities into our student body. I like that i am apart of something so huge and special
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As a member of the LGBTQ+ community, I was worried that going to a college in southern Texas would put me in situations where I would be judged, mistreated, or completely ignored. However, the staff at Texas State were incredible ad quickly and surely assuaging my fears- they were all extremely accommodating, kindhearted, and treated me with respect and understanding.
Texas State University has introduced me to a better me. It has taught me how to grow and prosper and become a better me.
it's a great school. professors are understanding and care about your education. Theres also a lot to do in the area of San Marcos.
The campus itself is beautiful and the students are so bright and cheerful. Texas State University offers a lot of choices in majors and different organizations to choose from. There are a lot of distinguished alumni and they have a lot of advisers to help you before and after you graduate which I like. There are a lot of great professors who are willing to help their students if the effort if put forth. I think that it is equally fair and challenging in its courses which I like. It is balanced.
I had a good experience at Texas State, I learned to adjust to the College life, as well as meeting countless of great individuals. This place is perfect for growth and is the door to many opportunities. The campus is beautiful during the day and looks even better at night. We have a river in case it gets too hot and many beautiful people are there if your willing to mingle. The parties are fun and this is coming from a homebody. The professors are great and they are willing to work with you. Make sure you attend office hours and get to know them at a personal level. Texas State offers many programs and takes academics extremely seriously. Study Hard but also have fun. One thing I learned was have fun and if you fail, just get back up. Texas State has an amazing environment, It is my home. I hope you will consider it your home too Future Bobcat.
Really nice campus just a bit pricey. The people are really cool and helpful too. There are several facilities to help you with any needs you may have and i encourage others to take advantage of them. It’s a beautiful area and it sits right in the middle of Austin and San Antonio. Be involved with things on campus and you’ll do great.
The staff in the registrar’s office and financial aid office were always nice and helpful. The campus itself was very hilly so you always got a good workout in going to class, whether you wanted one or not. That’s a plus for me! The only thing I would change is how small some of your major courses are, making it difficult to get into the class you need.
I am currently a freshman at Texas State University and I absolutely love it. The campus is beautiful and so are the people who are attending. The community is so diverse and friendly, it's hard to ever leave the city! I would recommend this University to anyone looking for a college to attend.
I love Texas State because of the diversity of all students. This college makes everyone feel comfortable in expressing who they are. It is easy to talk to anyone and get along with no judgement, no matter how different you are from someone. So far, all professors have been helpful and really care about their students' success.
Very diverse campus, a variety of organizations to join. There is something always to do. A beautiful campus with a river running right through it.
Well this is my first time at a University. I am not to involved in anything but my classes but I do love the campus. It seems like they have a lot to offer. The teachers seems nice for the most part. I love the scenery on campus and that we have an amazing gym and field.
I loved the campus and the classes, however because I had to work 40+ hours a week during my undergrad I did not get to do very many campus activities.
I love their health programs. And how the professors teach their classes. Their dorms are amazing.Texas state has a wide variety of diversity, welcoming every possible culture.It's a friendly and supportive atmosphere, there's many opportunities for majoring/career options, and many professors are very helpful!
The reason why I want to attend is because I really love it and also I was doing some research and I just fell in love with the school. I feel like it would be great for me to go.
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I liked the environment at Texas State. Everyone was super friendly and enjoyed my company. There is so much walking and there are so man y steps, but once you get use to it the campus is beautiful. The tour guides knew everything about Texas State. The history, the student life, and the new things being added next fall. I would like to see absolutely nothing change. It is perfect the way it is.
Texas State is a great, up and coming school. It is the 5th largest in the state of Texas. It has very high aspirations and it is constantly working to improve itself and its academics. It is very good ROI, as it is still relatively inexpensive for a 4 year college. Texas State prides itself on its very dedicated professors and staff. Experiences gained here will last a lifetime.
I loved attending Texas State University. The campus was beautiful in every way. I loved all my classes and professors, who were all helpful when you visited their office hours. The food on campus was decent with a couple different options, but nothing extraordinary and they often closed early. The on campus housing when I attended was mostly old dorms and they were a little run down. They have since built new dorms. Off campus housing was also decent. Housing close to campus was either really nice and therefore extremely expensive, or decently affordable but a bit run down.
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