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I really like TSTC Harlingen for its easy and affordable classes that allow for an individual to finally set themselves up for a better future. Many of the professors also teach at the local university, so the material being taught is almost exactly the same as at the 4-year university.
The classes are small, so you have a good student to teacher ratio, allowing you to be able to speak 1:1 with the teacher. The only problem is with admission and financial aid
I love my school. I think it is a great price for classes anyone else will be taking in a big university.
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Texas State Technical College is a very nice campus and an extremely great college to get hands on experience on the career you choose. The professors are great and the students are very nice and helpful.
My experience at Texas State Technical college has been great! When you're a freshman first applying to the school and registering for classes the advisors really take their time to make sure you're helped! I didn't know what to expect coming for the first time, but they really guide you through it. The campus itself is not a huge one so you don't have to worry about running late to your next class, as the buildings aren't miles apart!
More activities for everyone not just those available during the lunch hour. Very nice campus and friendly whenever needing any help. Instructors vary with their attitudes, but overall awesome campus and nearby home.
I attended TSTC Harlingen for one semester. It was a great experience. It gave me hope in instructors again. I took four science courses and had 3 different instructors. They all were so willing to help, you just had to ask. They showed genuine concern and were there when I needed them. Thank you to Mr. Villareal, Dr. Campbell, and Mr. Leonard. Btw, if I were not moving, I would have completed my degree there.
Tstc is a good school the instructors are very helpful and the campus offers various programs for students. They also offer various class times which is perfect for working students and students with children who are looking to further their education.
My experience at TSTC has been great! I liked how everything on campus was close, so there’s no long walks to class. The teachers are professional and easy to get along with and approachable, always eager to help. Student life is fun, lots of activities to participate in from flag football to volleyball and table tennis. Housing is nice the dorms are all good and cheap they include a study room as well as a game room. I would recommend this school to anyone that’s thinking about it!
This college is very good for those going for their core or associates. It is also very convenient for anyone who lives in the valley.
This is my first year enrolled at Texas State Technical College in Harlingen and I am absolutely grateful to attend this college. The professors are all very helpful and attentive to each student. The student life is always active and there are clubs and sports for students to join. I am happy that I decided to apply and attend this college for the next two years.
I learned more in one semester at TSTC than I did 4 years at the University of Texas at Brownsville. I love the atmosphere and the devoted staff that ensure you succeed in every way.
I've only been to Texas State Technical College for a year now, going on two, but I can tell that it has a lot of value. The professors that I have had are close to amazing. They help you with whatever you need, and support you, and listen to everything you have to say.
I'm wowed by the amount of variety courses the campus offers. Plenty of room to park and it's FREE! The classes or courses aren't mixed up because each building is made tailored to it's own profession or career path. Students from all walks of life attend here and everyone is very helpful. Professors are serious, but only because they want to see you succeed. It's great overall!
TSTC is close to home. I have loved the professors I have encountered as well as other staff. Origination is key, sometimes I feel like administration could be a little more orignized but overall I have enjoyed my experience thus far.
“This school is mostly for those that want
Quite BrightArt & Design Department
This school is mostly for those that want a chance to go to school but aren't looking for the "college life." In my opinion, anyway. There are quite a few students that are straight out of high school. Some try to turn it into a party environment, but the campus is pretty quick to nip that in the bud. But, I can't be sure about that since I live off campus.
My instructors have been very helpful in everything. The department chair has helped me from day one. As long as you're willing to put forth the effort and work like you're suppose to, they will work with you. If you have an issue, just tell them and they will see what can be done.
A smaller type of school but it is a very good school. Offeres a variety of classs and can be easily transferred if planning to go to another school.
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my experience with texas state technical college is great the diversity between people and students and good educational hands on college.
TSTC, is an amazing college that has all the classes i need for my future job. On the campus i met a lot of friendly people, and staff members who showed me around the campus.i would like to see changes on the housing, they are way to small. other than that the campus is really good and inviting to incoming freshman.
Texas State Technical College (TSTC) is a lovely school for the technical student. Academics are also taught very well. Even though there is no sports in the school, it is made up by the extensive training provided by the professors. All this training helps people be prepared for the life outside in the "real world" of the chosen careers.
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