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I enjoy the online classes. The campus itself is conveniently located and it is also a nice size campus. Most of the people here are friendly and willing to help. They also offer some services to help if you want to transition to a 4 year university and UTRGV is located right next to this campus.
It has amazing professors, they are always down to help you. The school has a lot of history and they are proud of it. It has a lot of activities for students, and they always care about giving to students instead of receiving. TSC is one of the cleanest, and secure universities that I have ever been in. The professors are always nice to the students and they always try helping students to reach their goals.
Texas Southmost college is a recommended for students who want to get a bachelors degree but want to start there basics there. It is a great way to save money before transferring to a University. Professors are very educated and teach at a high level. The tutor sections they offer are very helpful. In my opinion it is s a good choice.
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i like that classes are smaller, which gives the students an ability to be closer to the professor and to other students. Professors focus more on everybody when the class is smaller. I had some great professors and I learned a lot from them. In addition, tuition is very affordable and is great to earn extra credits if needed.
The campus is all relatively close together making the trips to and from classes a breeze. Professors genuinely care about the material they are teaching and want nothing but the best for the students.
Texas Southmost College is a great option if you want to stay home and finish something quick. It is also a great opportunity for recent high school graduates to learn the transition from high school to college that way they are ready when they transfer to a bigger university.
It has very good programs of study, you can choose from a variety of healthcare careers like nursing, radiology , respiratory therapy, sonography, and EMT. The campus does not have diversity, its campus is small and they need a REC center that is not shared with UTRGV.
It is a very great college teachers and staff are very helpful always wanting to lend a hand. The thing I would love to change is the parking there is no parking ever.
This is a nice college with some great professors, although it is sometimes a hassle to get from the Recreation Center to the main campus, it is a great college. It would be nice if this college provided food for the students.
I love Texas Southmost College. The school is very organized and attentive with their students. Everything is very accessible.
I am currently a student of tsc and all i can say is this university has changed my life completely. I have set a lot of goals and i know i will be able to reach them thanks to texas southmost college
Texas Southmost College is a very calm college. Almost everyone that i met was friendly. The professors that I had were very good, they teaching methods are simple but efficient. The athletic department personally is somewhat not very good because the school doesn't have teams to compete against other school.
What I really like is the teachers and how much they really care about teaches us the material we need to know and the only thing I would change is more advisers because the wait time is more then an hour and when you have class it a big hassle.
I really liked TSC. There's so many students there that I've made friends with. And they have so many school activities there.
I love that the college is so small. All of your classes are in the same general area so you don't have to run from one class to the next. It gets crazy on registration day, but I'm assuming it does everywhere.
The college is small anda that make it confortable in the way that students are close each other and that improve the communication between the students. I would improve the technology of the classroom in a way that everyone has a good experience on the lab computers.
Texas southmost college, is a small college but so much fun. The professors enjoy teaching. They go above and beyond to help their students. I love TSC!
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Everyone makes you feel welcomed, staff is awesome and they always do their best to help you in everything.
A good college to earn credit hours or complete an associate/certificate. The college staff is well prepared and unwilling to help you to have a better college experience during your stance. Buildings are pretty comfortable and clean.
Being a freshmen is, honestly, terrifying, and the professors know this. They understand the rapid change we're going through. They are also lean when it comes to half time students with jobs. You're graded in a way that makes sense, you try, the professor helps you by offering afterclass one on one tutoring. Most importantly, no charge. Admissions also proved to be gentle. In my case, a lady gave me her phone number just so I could call her and make sure I had the right proof of residency. Advising makes sure you pick the right classes fitted to your taste. It's a well shaded campus, with tall trees and even a small lake next to the Arts department. It has restaurants close by. TSC is a two year community college that does well enough to start doing four year careers. The cost is low and what you get for it is great. Whatever school you're deciding on, why not give TSC a chance?
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