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What I like about Txsu is how friendly the atmosphere is there despite the area it's in. I also like how close everybody is and all the clubs that you can join here. One thing that really should change is maybe more financial aid advisors to answer at the call desk because a lot of out-of-state students don't have a way to TXSU had it's a hassle sometimes trying to get in contact with them. To sum it all up TXSU is really the college to be at if want to for sure meet new people with similar backgrounds or personalities as you. Might even find your soulmate at TXSU.
I just currently transferred to Texas Southern University and I will be attending Fall 2017. I must say the transfer was very easy coming from another university near Houston. My advisor is amazing and helped me get on track for graduation next year. The admissions and transfer office is very nice and will help you step by step to make sure you have everything completed. I am so excited to be attending this school.
TSU is a well respected and successful HBCU with great law and medical schools. What's great about the school is that it's classes are somewhat easier and the tuition is cheaper compared to other 4 year universities. The student life is okay. It could use more activities and dining for later hours. TSU is also close to downtown and there's plenty to do around the city. Would certainly recommend.
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I have just completed my first year here at TSU and it is a great school. It is very diverse and I am allowed to interact with people from all over the world.
The Texas Southern University is a great school and the people who attend have great school spirit. I'm a freshman there and I learned a lot. Honestly I feel like its the best HBCU. Helpful people around the whole campus, its nothing I want to change.
i absolutely love attending Texas Southern University and recommend it to anyone. When i first got here i was a little worried i would be out of my comfort zone but everyone here makes you feel welcomed no matter where you are from, race or ethnicity. The atmosphere is so fun everyone is all about enjoying themselves but the same people you see out there having a blast are the people who are doing big and great things for the University. Everyone is focused on their education and furthering their knowledge to become successful. As an HBCU we all come together to support black excellence. I highly recommend anyone to come here because im so glad i did and i hope i still have the opportunity to come back because financially wise i might not be able to but i know everything will work out the way its supposed to!
I feel this is a great campus. They have a fabulous learning environment.The Learning environment can teach young adults find themselves.Also, it feels like a welcoming environment.Everyone is friendly and considerate.
I love my university, TSU is a relaxed and diverse institution for students looking to study just about anything. I'm currently in the Jesse H. Jones School of Business where I find it very fulfilling to be receiving instruction and mentor ship from black professionals that are in the position I wish to be in one day. I've also take advantage of our amazing Foreign Language department and I'm a Spanish double major student still on track to graduate in four years. Students, community members and High School graduates should keep HBCU's (Historically Black University/Colleges) alive and thriving because they feed the communities surrounding them mentors and role models come from where they come from, and encourage them to also strive for higher learning.
Texas Southern is a great place to attend. It's fun, especially if you have friends that go there as well. Even if you don't have friends, people are pretty friendly around there.
I love my hbcu ,but i wish it was bigger,had more food places and better opportunities and things for me to participate in.I wish they awarded more money and scholarships as well.
I love the fact that the professor are willing to work with their students and they take their time and make sure that they have the material they need for their class.
In my experience, TSU has a great Education program! However, as students, we have to take a THEA exam and a Content exam in order to graduate! These exams cost money and it would be helpful if TSU offered money for the exams.
I love Texas Southern Because it helped me connect with new people and learn about different and new things.
it is a very good place to experience life. it has a great night life and amazing professors. The living quarters are always clean and the meal plans have delicious food.
I loved the campus and how nice everything was. This is a HBCU University so its diverse in a way but being African American i felt more at home being primarily around my type i guess you could say. One thing i would like to see change is the food it was okay but i know it could be better.
I haven't been to visit Texas Southern University yet, but just by talking with some of the admission counselors I like how open they are. They're very entertaining and encouraging to join the school. One thing I would change is having more of them available so people don't have to wait on the phone for 30+ minutes.
Texas Southern is an excellent school to attend. It's not a large university like the other colleges but the professors are very helpful. The staff will help the students with getting their classes right. The campus is very clean. The parking is very convenient. I attended this college in my undergraduate and masters degree and came out pretty good at learning.
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Texas Southern University has a way of bringing the good out of people. A lot of people at Texas Southern University came from nothing and are trying to make a difference in life. I love how all the professors actually cares about your future and wants to see you be successful. Texas Southern University is like a home to us because almost everyone gets along with one another and we all look out for each other. I'm glad I chose this University as my home.
I came to Texas Southern University expecting to keep my head in the books and "just " make it through . I was so wrong in my judgments. Texas Southern University has opened my eyes to my own ethnic history, I've also been embraced into a community based out of love and acceptance.
I loved it. Very professional diverse and very active in the community.the professors and other staff will help you if need be.
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