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I haven't been to visit Texas Southern University yet, but just by talking with some of the admission counselors I like how open they are. They're very entertaining and encouraging to join the school. One thing I would change is having more of them available so people don't have to wait on the phone for 30+ minutes.
Texas Southern is an excellent school to attend. It's not a large university like the other colleges but the professors are very helpful. The staff will help the students with getting their classes right. The campus is very clean. The parking is very convenient. I attended this college in my undergraduate and masters degree and came out pretty good at learning.
Texas Southern University has a way of bringing the good out of people. A lot of people at Texas Southern University came from nothing and are trying to make a difference in life. I love how all the professors actually cares about your future and wants to see you be successful. Texas Southern University is like a home to us because almost everyone gets along with one another and we all look out for each other. I'm glad I chose this University as my home.
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I came to Texas Southern University expecting to keep my head in the books and "just " make it through . I was so wrong in my judgments. Texas Southern University has opened my eyes to my own ethnic history, I've also been embraced into a community based out of love and acceptance.
I loved it. Very professional diverse and very active in the community.the professors and other staff will help you if need be.
I believe that Texas Southern University is a great school and offers great opportunity. The staff and administration does whatever they can to make sure they help you to succeed. They are welcoming and take their time to figure out you needs and find the best way they can help. No matter if the situation is big or small they are always their to lend a hand. I do believe that Texas Southern could do a little better with finances as far as students from out of state. Personally I think there should be more help in that particular aspect. Overall Texas Southern is a great school with a great environment.
My experience at TSU was great overall. The tuition has reasoned prizing and I like the diversity on campus. The only thing I would suggest to improve is the financial aid advisors do not have enough staff to help students adequately in a right amount of time.
Thus far I've enjoyed my time at Texas Southern, I'm classified as a freshman in the Jesse H. Jones School of Business and it is great. I've had the best advisors to help guide me throughout this process and I couldn't thank them enough for their patience. Overall my experience only has got better and I will continue to enjoy it.
I really enjoy my professors and the school atmosphere. The party scene pretty boring but the dorms are clean and safe the security are on top of there duties so the safety is fine. The food is enjoyable
TSU is one of the best HBCUs to attend. The professors and others want to see you graduate and strive for the best. The campus has a very positive vibe .
I like Texas Southern University because the school has experienced Professor, good study environment and transportation around the campus without a vehicle is possible. I will like the (Texas Southern University) Robert James Terry Library to be renovated.
Texas southern took care of me. They made sure that I took all the right classes for my major and minor and made sure I was on track every semester. They are very helping and understanding. I recommend basketball and softball for great overall athletic performances. I was a 2 x champion while playing softball and was on a athletic scholarship. They are fun and very diverse for a Hbcu
Texas Southern University may not be the best recognized school there is. Texas Southern University has created a welcoming environment for both international student, and natural born student. The School is known for having the best business, best Law School, and Best Pharmacy school. Although, there have been a lot of negative report about the school, which could also happen to any other school; the School police work very hard to make sure that the students are safe and in a perfect condition. The teachers work hand in hand with the students, to make sure that students are ready for the next semester or class and also the future
Texas southern university is great. the teachers are great. they take extra mile to teach. I am happy to attend Texas southern university. My experience is wonderful. I will always choose Texas southern university. The students are nice and helpful. The faculty and staff are also wonderful.
Every professor always stresses the importance of obtaining an internship and the experience needed for real world experiences and for the job that the student is planing on pursuing.
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I have had great teachers so far and they have all had great attitudes and personalities. The courses have not been to difficult and not to easy. The classes always vary in size and can change how the professor runs the class.
Thankfully no crime has been taken place near me or towards me; however, there have been students who have been assaulted. There should be more security on campus so the students will feel more than just safe.
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My overall experience at school so far has been a great one. The teacher are lively and care about their students. they try their best to inform the students about the subject they are teaching, as well as advice for subjects and decisions that may be taken out of their class. The students are all polite and and kind. They offer a helping hand when needed and will approach you in a polite manner.
Our clinic gives out free testing a for STDs on Wednesday and our always having awareness events on campus keeping us informed on everything. However, they do not help you when you are sick they will tell you to go to the nearest hospital or emergency room to receive help.
I stayed in the dorms last year and that was the worst experience in my life. They shut them down once they finally seen how unlivable the circumstances were for a human being. This year I stay in an on campus apartments, and it's definitely an upgrade. The office is not organized but nothing too bad.
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