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I love how strong of a community and family we're are, and the fact that theirs young BLACK plus other races going to college to get an degree! Also most kids that goes to an HBCU maybe the first out of their family to even see what an HBCU LOOKS LIKE! Overall, the positive energy our school keeps! I never feel alone, I meet a new person everyday and it feels so COOL!!!!!

Hmmmm,If there was anything I could change about my HBCU....... if there was anything it would be nothing! My experience here has been amazing, especially coming from a home with nothing. But my school keeps me motivated dedicated and the most faith & hope through it all one day I'm going to become something someone! Thankyou once again for this opportunity!


Ty'Juana Avaince Woods
I like the environment and the friendly feeling given there. I like the set up of the campus. I like the soccer coaching staff because they are very welcoming and nice.
Do not come here. This is an awful school and a waste of money. The graduation rate is so low because the majority of the kids that go here are ill-prepared and dropout, everybody else here that is college ready wants better and transfers. I only lasted one semester. Even the newest dorms are broken down and raggedy, the dinning is disgusting and something is always broken. The school up keep is bad and there is no professionalism not to mention school spirit. You are better than this! please do not make the same mistake and waste your money and time at this university you will regret it. The professors are average but not worth it due to the admin and housing. Do not come here, this school is not good for anything. NOBODY will take you seriously with a degree from Texas Southern - maybe some employers in Houston. However, the world is much bigger than Houston. Do not ignore the facts you see about this institution, it is a ratchet, raggedy mess.
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What I Like about Texas Southern is that it is a great hbcu. There are a lot of people who love the school. I would like to see the younger generations be more prideful about the school. The need to understand the historical culture of the school.
Texas Southern is a great school with endless opportunities, faculty and staff are always willing to go the extra mile to get you the help you need!
The Best school in the SWAC!!! It is amazing, the professors are great and Homecoming is always lit. When I first came to Texas Southern University I knew it was the school for me because the diversity and the things they have to offer. The campus is amazing especially the greeks, the cheer squad and even the class act of the SWAC Ocean of Soul Marching Band.
I am currently enrolled in Texas Southern University as a student. So far, my experience has been going great from the academics, to safety, to professors. I have learned so much in the time I've been there. If I could I'll stay there forever just to keep the experience going. If I could change anything, I would be more strict on dress code rules. I see a lot of young ladies under dress, and I feel it's inappropriate.
I earned my Bachelors from Texas Southern University. I hope to earn my Masters of Arts from Texas Siuthern University . Best experience you can ever have.
Texas Southern University, is a really good school. They do a lot to make sure every one has the best experience. It's a really united school and everyone has lots of school spirit. I think Texas Southern is an HBCU on the rise. Especially with the new freshman class that has just arrived.
I am excited in being a first time freshman, my first college experience! I am ready to go and see all the new life of being on my own and exploring my challenges head on
The classes are soon to be all online due to a cut in classes. The professors are very great and will help if you want the help.
If you are interested in going to hbcu pick Texas Southern. Its really fun everyone is friendly and although it is known for a party school the professor stay on you about getting your work done
Texas Southern University is a great HBCU to attend. You get the full experience of college and you most certainly get the experience of black culture.
Tsu is an okay school but they are late on everything, no organization at all. They tell you things last minute. Some of the teachers are rude & could careless about the students when they are supposed to be there to help us. The area is unsafe you could get robbed. They are too strick in housing which makes you not want to live on campus and experience campus living they say it's for safety but we are adults and we do pay to live there we should be able to have visitors without the hassle.
The professors are typically very invested in the students. They collaborate with the students often too, because they understand it's not about getting a lot of work, but understanding the work and having time to digest it. The same workload and type of assignments I got in my previous school which resulted in a C in the class, I took the next level of it in TSU and got an A+ (Physics II).
I love attending Texas Southern University! This will be my third year going to school here as well as my third year Cheerleading for TSU. My school has an amazing amount of culture and spirit that it's shown throughout all of campus. I love to wake up everyday and walk on our famous tiger walk. Along the way you can find everything you need and let's not forget students stand out and set trends by being themselves because whoever you are you will be accepted at this school. The professors here really want to see their students learn and grow! If there is one this I would change it's the food options we currently have on campus. But I know TSU will soon be making changes. My school grows and gets better everyday and I would not take back one second of my college experience because without it I wouldn't be the person I am today so I would just like to thank TSU for pushing me and watching me succeed because the only way is up! LETS GO TIGERS
What I like about Txsu is how friendly the atmosphere is there despite the area it's in. I also like how close everybody is and all the clubs that you can join here. One thing that really should change is maybe more financial aid advisors to answer at the call desk because a lot of out-of-state students don't have a way to TXSU had it's a hassle sometimes trying to get in contact with them. To sum it all up TXSU is really the college to be at if want to for sure meet new people with similar backgrounds or personalities as you. Might even find your soulmate at TXSU.
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I just currently transferred to Texas Southern University and I will be attending Fall 2017. I must say the transfer was very easy coming from another university near Houston. My advisor is amazing and helped me get on track for graduation next year. The admissions and transfer office is very nice and will help you step by step to make sure you have everything completed. I am so excited to be attending this school.
TSU is a well respected and successful HBCU with great law and medical schools. What's great about the school is that it's classes are somewhat easier and the tuition is cheaper compared to other 4 year universities. The student life is okay. It could use more activities and dining for later hours. TSU is also close to downtown and there's plenty to do around the city. Would certainly recommend.
I have just completed my first year here at TSU and it is a great school. It is very diverse and I am allowed to interact with people from all over the world.
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