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In my opinion, this is the best HBCU in Texas. Love my Historically Black College so much 10/10 Highly Recommended.
I feel like it could be a lot better I would rather learn in person so I could grasp the information better.
I just started but so far it’s much better than the school I transferred from. There’s much more student involvement, better classes, and better engagement from the teachers.
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My last school did not offer video learning with the teachers but I think this will really help me continue to have the college experience from home.
I love being a student at TSU because the staff are very helpful and want you to succeed. I would like to better communication though especially during this pandemic in terms of getting in contact with staff/faculty members.
So far communication with the staff has been lacking but I am hoping to see better in the future since we are all working through the pandemic together.
I honestly like Texas southern University. It’s a great 4 year university for students who are looking in different schools such law, music, and even business schools.
Online classes was a bit of a hassle at first, but over all it was pretty easy to adjust to and add to the daily educational routine.
My online experience has gone very well so far. All my classes have been conducted very smoothly and my professors ensure that all students are on top of their assignments so that they can all achieve academic success.
My experience at Texas Southern University has been absolutely amazing. I've befriended a lot of interesting people, my professors have been simply amazing, and the staff has been simply amazing with how they tend to all students.
I really love the environment around Texas southern and how everyone is friendly. One thing ill change is the professors some professors are not professional and don’t care much.
I took all my classes online first semester and majority of my professors were great the others were no heaven and most of the time didn’t reply to emails
This will be my second time attending TSU, I had to leave the first time due to my mother's illness. This time around I am highly motivated and mentally prepared to go the distance. I enjoyed my first experience a great deal. The professors were easily accessible and cooperative and were genuinely concerned about students success. I love TSU and look forward to being a scholar alum. #GoTIGERS!!!
I have no experience with online learning at Texas Southern. Although this will be my second time attending, there was no online learning when I first attended.
This semester I took 16 hrs and all online. It was very difficult, but having a positive mindset and being motivated has gotten me to where I am today. With all A’s.
This semester is my first semester at Texas southern University I am a transfer student from Texas state university. With that being said due to COVID-19 I have not been able to experience being on Texas Southern University’s campus.
I am taking my online learning experience day by day. Each day I learn something new and you have to be on top of everything when participating in online classes.
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I Liked the diversity and culture the university brought. I would change how fast registration and financial aid office respond to issues.
I went there in the fall of 1998.Worst experience ever. I received death threats because I was a minority and the dorms were terrible. Dorms flooded lots of times and some teachers were sketchy and not available to assist with assignments after classes. The staff was very unorganized and seem to never have paperwork right. I could have dealt with that but the threats were my last straw. Hopefully, it has become more diverse now.
I hate it. Everyday is a struggle especially if you’re a medical major. Online school just doesn’t work.
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