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This School is focused on education and leadership. The band is up and coming and the Choir is the feature of the whole East Texas region. Not alot of parties this is a Christian school so our focus is strong.
Well I'm barely gonna be a freshman in college this fall but I visited during the summer and really liked it
Texas College is an amazing school. I think it is a good fit for me. I have met many diverse people and the atmosphere is welcoming. The professors are attentive and always willing to help. The dorm and food provided are about average, but the surrounding area has many restaurants to enjoy when I don't want to eat cafeteria food. I have attended several school functions so far. One of which was the first football game. It was interesting, but my team lost. Ovrtsll, I feel that this experience will be life changing.
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Texas college has been a great experience for me even though it is my first year coming here. The environment is a quite place to focus and study. Everyone is friendly and kind. The campus is nice, a little small but a great place to for study.
Texas College has been a great experience for me. I have learned so much. Life lessons as well as educationally. I have met so many amazing people and also pleaded the greatest fraternity. Phi Beta Sigma fraternity Inc.
Over all my Texas College experience was good, some staff could have been better, the professors are either to serious or don't care enough, the activities could be so much better, especially if approval wasn't based on favoritism. The campus has so much potential, I just wish enough people cared enough to put the work in or even listen to what other have in store for their HBCU.
Texas college like any other college is what you make it , come in humble and observant in order to ACTUALLY see what the student and staff body is like. I love that Texas College is a small community cause everybody is known and I feel small towns be the best because everybody can help anybody. What I would like to see change is the old buildings like another gym for us basketball players or better dormitory little things like that
Texas College is a historically black university butis very diverse. They offer an array of services geared to anyone who desires a degree. School is offered at different times for those individuals with different needs. Traditional students can go to school during the day or evening. Then you have the Success Students, whose classes are offered during the evening for the working adults. This program allows that individual who desires to go back to school but also has to work to take care of their family. There is no age limit in going back to school so there are those students who are in there 70s in class with the 20 year olds. Everyone is so encouraging and uplifting to everyone. You feela sense of pride and motivation to keep pushing toward your dream of becoming a college graduate
What I like about Texas College was the culture behind it and all the Greeks and sororities. I also liked that there was never a dull moment on the campus.
Texas College is a HBCU, my professors and peers are great people. We are the oldest HBCU in East Texas. Our sport facilities could use more space, for example, we need more than one gym on our campus. Or a on campus football field would be great for our football players, therefor when we play teams we no longer have to visit the high school stadium. Updated computers would be a great, we can access more things.
It’s not hard to meet up with your professor for help with school work. Classrooms are small and intimate so it’s less intimidating
i am on the dance team and honestly if it wasn't for that i don't know how my experience at Texas College would be. I've met a lot of friendly people, learned a lot of new thing, reached many goals, and matured a lot since high school.
The way they handle registration needs some tweaking. It would also be very helpful if they update their technology. Overall being at Texas College feels like another home, once you learn how to get around all the twists and turns it is worth the drive.
I love the students the involvement around the Campus the Professors actually want you to pass.they spend Extra time with their Studnets and there’s al Wya something for studnets to ado around Campus.
The professors are great with assisting helping with tutoring so that you will be successful. The campus is very diverse i thought it would only be African American students there until I got on the campus I was amazed at how diverse it is. I would recommend this school to my friends that struggle like me. They are very supportive and ensures all students are successful. I think the cost is high but in the end you get a great education.
I just want see their be more activities for the students on campus. the campus is very limited on things to do which make it really boring. unless your playing or involved in sports at texas college student life Is really boring.
Texas college is a very well good school. They professors are wonderful also the security on the campus is fantastic. I always feel safe. What I would like to see change is gain more school spirit.
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I made new friends . Texas college need to change by having an organize staff and knowing that they doing , specially change their way , not everything have to be old fashion way. It's good to have change.
I am in my second year of school here and I am very satisfied with the experience. I am in the success program, which is a program for working adults that need to attend school at night. I love the environment that takes place, because there are no games, all work and everyone is on the same page as to trying to graduate. I would highly recommend anyone who is looking to further they're education to come in and check out our campus.
good college great equipment and wonderful school keep up the work and never give up. ps go to the college to believe what im saying so live life dude
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