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i am on the dance team and honestly if it wasn't for that i don't know how my experience at Texas College would be. I've met a lot of friendly people, learned a lot of new thing, reached many goals, and matured a lot since high school.
The way they handle registration needs some tweaking. It would also be very helpful if they update their technology. Overall being at Texas College feels like another home, once you learn how to get around all the twists and turns it is worth the drive.
I love the students the involvement around the Campus the Professors actually want you to pass.they spend Extra time with their Studnets and there’s al Wya something for studnets to ado around Campus.
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The professors are great with assisting helping with tutoring so that you will be successful. The campus is very diverse i thought it would only be African American students there until I got on the campus I was amazed at how diverse it is. I would recommend this school to my friends that struggle like me. They are very supportive and ensures all students are successful. I think the cost is high but in the end you get a great education.
I just want see their be more activities for the students on campus. the campus is very limited on things to do which make it really boring. unless your playing or involved in sports at texas college student life Is really boring.
Texas college is a very well good school. They professors are wonderful also the security on the campus is fantastic. I always feel safe. What I would like to see change is gain more school spirit.
I made new friends . Texas college need to change by having an organize staff and knowing that they doing , specially change their way , not everything have to be old fashion way. It's good to have change.
I am in my second year of school here and I am very satisfied with the experience. I am in the success program, which is a program for working adults that need to attend school at night. I love the environment that takes place, because there are no games, all work and everyone is on the same page as to trying to graduate. I would highly recommend anyone who is looking to further they're education to come in and check out our campus.
good college great equipment and wonderful school keep up the work and never give up. ps go to the college to believe what im saying so live life dude
Texas College is an outstanding school and they have the best sociology classes ever. If you trying to major in sociology Texas College In Tyler Texas is the school to look in to.
This campus opened various doors into my future. As an incoming freshmen I was quite nervous as to what the outcome of my first semester would be. Going out of my town to attend was by far the greatest decision I have taken in my entire life. I learned various aspects of every subject upon completing my basic core courses. I am very thankful for every professor that helped me as well.
My name is Ainsley Joseph. I haven't been here long and I already feel like transferring. The school seems unorganized and I feel like some people here are just for a reason to get out the hood or projects. This isn't a problem, but it makes the school hard to get a long with. The teachers do care and you can tell they really want to see us succeed. The school small so everyone knows everybody. Which isn't a problem until people make a reputation for themselves. Then the school starts to worry about personal problems of the students instead of investing into the college itself. As a college student I feel it is the need for me to correct myself in order to succeed instead of rules and regulations for me to keep me straight. It may not be easy for students to adjust but that should be the college experience students will have to learn.
I only have seen one career event.
There's not many classes to choose from but overall the classes are small and a great size to learn. Classrooms look like a high school classroom.
There is a lot of campus security around . Never any real danger just maybe a couple of fights will break out.
Texas College just built a new dorm that's pretty nice but there is to many rules that are enforced. You can't have visitors from other dorms visit your room after or before a certain time. No opposite sex is allowed in each others room including a family member. The old dorms will remind you of a jail there is a community shower and bathroom. Very poor quality rooms overall
We rarely have Greeks i guess because everyone is so frightened by the hazing history.
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Our football team is terrible students only go to the game because they nothing else to do. We do not even have our own football stadium we share with a local high school
I would recommend my school to anybody who truly wants to go to college but just cant get accepted anywhere. Most people would just go to the next step and go to a junior college. My school is a 4 year open admission school. So everyone is accepted. Teachers actually care about the students that comes to class and actually want to learn. It's a small school so everyone knows each other and that makes us one big happy dysfunctional family.
I really want to stay off campus
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