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The campus is so breathtaking. TCU really is a family and everyone here cares about everyone else. The food is great, the students are awesome and I can't even begin to explain how amazing the faculty are.
I loved the campus and all the friendly people in it. Everything is in walking distance and everyone knows everyone and it’s like a family.
TCU is becoming more popular with more qualified applicants each year. Top programs in business, nursing, communications and performing arts. It appears a large portion of the students come from private high schools. School spirit is off the charts and the school programs really encourage a student to feel like they are part of the Horned Frog community...#2 in the nation for community engagement. Campus is beautiful and the dorms are some of the best you will ever experience. Two year requirement to live on campus helps build that community. Students are polite, well bred and hard working. Perfect size campus to feel like you have everything, but not overwhelming. Fort Worth has great urban amenities and Dallas is only 30 minutes away. About 45% of students are from Texas and you will meet students from almost every state as well as out of country. The administration’s “customer service” seems to be first class.
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This school is amazing and so glad I decided to go here! Faculty and staff truly care about every student and everyone is friendly.
The campus was really pretty! The students and faculty were very polite and kind, they had a lot to offer when we did the college tour. Dorms were very neat and organized, there were no things out of place at all. The social life of the campus is outstanding, the students presented themselves as having fun but also taking their education serious.
When I visited TCU, my tour guide was amazing. She truly represented what a TCU student resembled. The information given to our group contributed toward the feelings I had toward the University, increasing my interest.
TCU is an amazing school. It's pre medical track is the whole reason I chose this school. The staff is very nice along with the students.
I loved the positivity of everyone and the overall atmosphere. I’m pushed to my full potential and challenged in many ways. I love the personable aspect of my classes and how you truly can connect with anyone.
I liked everything and the way people are there. People are so nice and everyone is so nice. I would like to go here because the atmosphere feels great. The professors are awesome they know how to teach their subject.
TCU changed my life. It was the best choice I ever made deciding to go there. I met life long friends while also receiving a five star education. The campus is beautiful and the athletics are amazing. The entire community gets behind TCU and cheers them on no matter what event is occurring. TCU is a huge advocate for Breast Cancer Awareness and even has an annual march for those interested. I couldn't think of a better school to attend than TCU.
TCU is an amazing campus which offers an amazing amount of experiences and opportunities for their students. There is something for everybody on this campus. TCU's staff, from professors to janitorial staff, all are the best in the business and are highly qualified.
Being an undergraduate student at Texas Christian University has overall been a great experience. Texas Christian university provides great education and college experience.
The student atmosphere at Texas Christian University blows all other schools out of the water. By having the feel of a large school yet only having around 8,000 students creates a strong sense of community while still having a tremendous focus on education. Coming from a high school that pride's itself on its sense of brotherhood (all boys Catholic High School) the jump from high school to college did not seem like a jump at all.
My son is a sophomore at TCU and absolutely loves it! The campus is welcoming, he is thriving not only socially but academically and emotionally. We could not be happier with our experience at TCU!
I have truly enjoyed the atmosphere and the constant push to challenge myself in the classroom and in getting involved on campus. TCU spirit is alive on campus and truly drives the energy in the school. Teachers are always willing to help outside of the classroom and I love the small-medium sized classrooms that allow for more personal interaction with classmates and teachers.
I am just a freshman at TCU and my experience in just under a year has been the best I've ever had. I am part of the women's soccer team here which has allowed me to meet all kinds of women as well as many more of the teams on campus. TCU is a diverse place to go to school with students that I have personally met from, New Zealand, Iceland, Serbia, Canada, South Africa, Chile, Argentina and many more. The advisors here are extremely helpful and will tend to any needs you have whether it's with grades or picking the best classes that suit your major. The relationships I have built in such a short time will last me a life time and that is another thing that is great about TCU.
Texas Christian University has the amenities of a large school, such as great programs and D1 sports, but still retains the small school feel. Professors take a personal investment in their students and really wish for you to become outstanding global leaders.
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There are plenty of likable attributes about Texas Christian University, One of them is the fact that the staff are very helpful when it comes to directions, first-timers and tuition plans, not to mention how clean and lively the place looks!
The campus is beautiful! You can go up to anyone on campus if you have a question and everyone is nice and friendly. Got to experience sitting in a classroom for a lecture and the education the students receive is outstanding !
I transferred into TCU at the beginning of the 2017 fall semester from a local community college. They were so incredibly welcoming, and had events and tours specifically for transfer students. There were so many of us, I made a ton of friends! I love this campus, they're constantly doing work on it, making the students' and faculty's lives at school that much more enjoyable. The grass is always green, they change the flowers for the season, there are a ton of resources everywhere you look and all of my professors know me by name because there aren't that many students per class. All around, it's my dream University.
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