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TCU is such a great school, I would definetly highly recommend to anyone! Great acedemics and sports, go frogs!
My time at TCU was amazing. I came from out of state and was welcomed with open arms to the campus and into student life almost instantaneously. The professors here are personable, accessible as well as challenging. I would highly recommend attending college here!
Professors are Great and you do not have to worry about getting a job right after college. Athletics are great and the student body is very dedicated to balancing both an athletic and academic culture. There is a great alumni base as well.
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Texas Christian provides an awesome learning environment. Not only that, but they stage events to help you with life beyond college. It is evident that they seek to equip you to make a difference in the world. Each and every professor genuinely cares for your growth and development.
TCU is amazing! I loved the small class sizes, the attention paid to each student by professors, the growth that is encouraged, the amount of ways to get involved on campus and in the community, the delicious food in the cafeteria area, the safety precautions taken, the friendliness and general camaraderie of staff and students, and of course the football! The only thing I was concerned about is the lack of diversity. As such a small school, I expected for there to be more of a mix of cultures and ethnicities to learn from - of course there are opportunities all around as far as cultural learning goes, but the cultural immersion is just subpar I'd say.
I visited the football athletic facilities during a camp in the summer of 2017. The experience was incredible and I hope to participate again in the near future.
A close to home, if a Fort Worth Native, experience. The campus is moderately new compared to other Fort Worth Colleges, and they have a great Athletics program.
I do not have a experience but I grow up in that town so I just fall in love with it since I was in elementary not even knowing that I can be there. I do not think that I well change anything about this school it's perfected
The community on this campus is amazing. Not only is it beautiful but everyone I have met here has been so kind and caring, professors included. The staff genuinely wants to see you learn in their classes and is willing to help you find the right path for your goals.
Sororities were a big deal here which I personally did not like, as it made the social scene a bit restrictive. All the professors were great, though, and most all of my classes were small, allowing for in class discussion, which I find beneficial to learning.
It is very hard being a minority on campus. I wish administration took more notice in the lack of diversity on campus and tried to do something to change it.
I loved how it felt like home with the close-knit community of students that felt like family. I enjoyed seeing the traditions within TCU and i love how they implement Christian values within their school.
I LOVE this school. It's rigorous academics and qualified, encouraging teachers are definitely preparing me well for my career as a nurse. The campus culture is unlike any other - accepting, welcoming, and amazing. I love my peers and the opportunities I have been presented with on campus as a result of my connections with different professors and programs. I'm so blessed to be a horned frog!
The campus was beautiful. The people are very welcoming and one immediately feels at home. The graduation rate is high. The class sizes are relatively small. Students get free tickets to all sporting events, and are seated on the 50 yard line at football games.
I am a high school student . I came and toured here and would love to go here for college. People are nice. Campus is clean and beautiful. I love it here.
TCU has a beautiful campus and great academics. I have thoroughly enjoyed all my classes and have found the professors to be extremely caring and understanding. The party scene is subpar with no bars on campus. If you are under 21, your only choice is to go to off campus frat parties - and you are guaranteed that the police will show up and arrest some people every time. If your over 21, you can go to bars in downtown Fort Worth but these are not “college bars”. Th two- year on campus housing requirement is frustrating because the housing adminstration is not willing to accomadate any special requests - even if you have a disability. TCU is also very expensive and quite frankly, not worth it. TCU is not a prestigious university and I don’t recommend TCU if you cannot afford it. Lastly, there is an overemphasis in Greek life and a lack of diversity.
Excellent faculty and staff support. Great gym and environment to grow and develop as a person not forgetting amazing robert Carr chapel available to support students spirituality
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TCU has given me an incredible college experience. Full of professors who want you to learn and many community building opportunities. I have never been happier.
I love this school so much because it has the school feel I wanted, but also has every opportunity of a large state school. The community here is awesome in the support of the staff, professors, and other students. I love that the classes push you but that you also have a ton of resources for you to use. The city of Fort Worth is a great place to be too with there always being something to do!
I love that the class sizes are small, so you get extra attention from teachers. The teachers are passionate about what they are teaching. There are many resources on campus to help you succeed, such as the writing center, the career center, and tutoring centers for many departments, such as physics, chemistry, and biology. I love that theres always event going on on campus, such as concerts every semester (ex: we've have Macklemore, DNCE, X Ambassadors, Hunter hayes, etc) and we also have a huge tree lighting every year that everyone looks forward to ever fall semester.
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