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I love that the class sizes are small, so you get extra attention from teachers. The teachers are passionate about what they are teaching. There are many resources on campus to help you succeed, such as the writing center, the career center, and tutoring centers for many departments, such as physics, chemistry, and biology. I love that theres always event going on on campus, such as concerts every semester (ex: we've have Macklemore, DNCE, X Ambassadors, Hunter hayes, etc) and we also have a huge tree lighting every year that everyone looks forward to ever fall semester.
I love how welcoming the community it. I have never had a negative experience or ever felt uncomfortable in any type of situation. It has been a true learning institution, where I can not only learn a great deal from my professors but also from my peers. I have also been given plenty of opportunities to share all the knowledge I have gained as well.
I love the campus, the academics, and the sports! However, personnally, it felt like if you weren't involved with Greek life, it was hard to get involved in a lot of other aspects as well. There are tons of other organizations and clubs to join, though!
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I loved it there the campus is nice the foods great and the students are cool. Tcu is literally one of the best campuses I visited so far. it is a great place to get an education and feel safe and feel like you belong there and we have a great football team. GO HORNED FROGS!
I wouldn't change anything - well, maybe the cost however the campus is gorgeous, the academics appear to be top notch.
The campus is beautiful and the people are beyond friendly. The nursing program, which I plan on enrolling in, is state of the art with a passing rate for the NCLUX being higher than the national average. It is a beautiful and talented school that anyone would dream of going to.
TCU is a great university! I got accepted late this fall and they have been so helpful! The professors really care about you, not just your grade in their class. The housing office is also so helpful and I am so grateful that they're so accommodating and easy to work with.
My visit to TCU when looking for the right college for me fit perfect on my college checklist. They have it all! From outstanding academics to the most amazing school spirit all around. Being on campus made me fall in love with the energy of the campus. There is so much to do, besides just the studies. People are kind and the atmosphere all around was what made this feel like a hopefully, soon to be, home for me.
TCU is great because it is a growing university that has yet to explode onto the national scene. The campus is beautiful, the parties are fun, and it is a phenomenal place to get a college education. It is not the most diverse university, the population mostly consists of white people, but it is more diverse than it is given credit for. The class sizes are relatively small, and the professors are always willing to help out- both in and out of the classroom. The athletics are top-notch, TCU is consistently near the top in baseball and football and is improving as a basketball program as well. The food on campus is excellent with various options to eat. Overall, TCU is an amazing school, and I highly recommend it to anyone who is applying for college.
What I liked about Texas Christian University are their academics, they offer three majors that I'm interested and another thing that I like about this university is there location. Another thing that I like about this university is the diversity, there are many groups that this university accepts and I am looking forward of attending this university.
Graduated in 09' once a frog always a frog I loved FortWorth so much I moved near TCU and even tho I graduated I still feel very much involved with TCU I go to events and especially the football games so honestly even tho I'm 30 I still feel like a TCU student living off campus but without having to take classes love this school and area so much I will always be a frog !
So far, my time at Texas Christian University has been an exceptional one. The professors are amazing and they care more about the students actually learning the material, rather than focusing on how many exams to give out. The sports teams here are some of the best in the country. The amount of opportunities and networking provided by the school is another plus. The social life on campus is great, as well as the party scene. The food is sub par but there are plenty of options on campus. The one thing I would like to see change about the school is the diversity. They stress this every year but nothing ever changes. Now compared to previous years, it has gotten better, but it could still improve.
Texas Christians University seems like an excellent college. I am downtown a lot of the time and have the opportunity to view college life at TCU. A lot of close friends go there and they have nothing but superior things to say about the college. It would be such a blessing to go here and I know it is the right choice for me as I continue my path towards a Graduate Degree in Biology then a Doctorate Degree.
Beautiful campus! Everyone was welcoming and professors that I met with were awesome. There is a wide range of academics and extracurriculars to participate in, I can't express how excited I am to attend this school!
Texas Christian University is a wonderful campus that has been home to many of my family members and friends in which they had great experiences and enjoyed their times there.
As a current freshman, I couldn't be happier with my choice of school. TCU truly cares about each and every student, and you feel like you're in the great horned frog family. The people here are incredibly nice and TCU is truly a Disney school, because it always looks prefect and everyone is happy.
I think TCU is a great university. It has provided an awesome learning environment and party scene that has made me enjoy going here so far.
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I love the passion and enthusiasm everyone has for this school. Everyone attending and the whole city surrounding the college knows the name and is a fan. There is constant renovations which could be a negative but it means the school is constantly reinvesting in itself which is very encouraging and positive.
Great overall experience. Buildings are all very new. Girls are beautiful. Weather is great. Job opportunities are endless!
I'm currently a student at Texas Christian University and wouldn't change my experience for the world. I'm a rising senior and recently I was asked "Would you change anything if you could do it all over again?", and my answer was no. I would still choose TCU, I would still rush again, and I wouldn't change a thing.
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