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TCU is an amazing school with a beautiful campus. One thing you'll hear over and over if you visit TCU is that it's a "small school with a big school feel". In my first semester, I've definitely found that to be true. You get the benefits of a smaller school in terms of academics (smaller class sizes, better connection to professors, etc.) without sacrificing your social life (D1 sports, greek life, lots of on-campus events). Fort Worth is a super cute city that has the feel of a college town, with everyone gearing up in purple for game days in the fall, and Dallas is a short drive if you want to get into the city for a weekend. The food at TCU isn't home cooking by any means, but it's far superior to many other colleges and they make sure to include lots of options for different diets (vegan, gluten free, etc.). We have two main dining halls on campus as well as two coffee shops, a Chick-Fil-A, and a whole host of great restaurants right off campus.
It's a great school but very greek life oriented. Professors are generally nice. Dorms are pretty gross. Food at the BLUU is also pretty bad.
I loved the tour I had. The shades of purple program was the best experience ever. I auditioned for the dance program and was accepted. Texas Christian feels right for me.
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Very nice small and welcoming school. I've enjoyed my time at TCU and would recommend it to anyone. There is something for everyone here.
TCU is a great university because of faculty and great location to shops. To have a great experience at this school you have to be involved in clubs and sports, either playing in them or supporting them in the stands. The building's and the classrooms are state-of-the-art made for easier learning and aiding in comforts sitting in class. Also, Campus Police are nice and friendly.
I like the closeness of the campus and the surrounding area. I like the dorms, but would like more freedom to find a good roommate because for the first two years, students are required to live on campus.
I have enjoyed taking classes in multiple subject areas. All the professors care about you individually and help you succeed for your future. I couldn’t have picked a better school!
Beautiful campus with amazing learning facilities. Strong community and a great place to spend four years of college or more. Top academics and amazing professors and staff on campus. Welcoming and spirited. Being a horned frog means you love your school and community. Amazing location, Fort Worth Texas, but also in close proximity to Dallas Texas. Great combination of a small private school in academics with the feeling of a Big college campus and spirit because of engaging events on campus as well as division one athletics
I've signed up for a field trip to campus visit to TCU. The campus is very nice, its big and seeing students everywhere is a good vibe in the campus is really great. This place is traditional, safe, and spritual.
What an amazing atmosphere with such school spirit! Lovely campus with hard working custodians to tend to the ground! Students are always kind and willing to help!
This experience visiting was amazing.The professors work well with you.Also, the atmosphere was exciting and something new everyday.
Texas Christian University quickly becomes a second home to all of its students. Current students welcome the new students to the frog community by getting them connected and involved. Academically, the teachers care about their students and want the best for them. The classes are a small size to encourage participation. Geographically, TCU is close to urban areas such as Dallas yet, has the country aspect in the Stockyards. One can find a variety of interests around TCU. Go Frogs!
TCU is very good academically and I feel like I've learned a lot in my chosen field of study. The professors are knowledgable and make the classes engaging and I feel like I'm getting my money's worth. I do wish that Greek life wasn't so in your face. It sometimes feels like if you aren't in a sorority or fraternity that making friends and connections is a hundred times harder.
TCU is a wonderful school that invites all students from different background to join their welcoming community. I enjoy the college traditions as well as all the events that take place on campus for students and faculty to get to know each other.
I just went to the Monday at TCU tour and it was the best college I had ever been to. So more than welcoming, they do try to “weed out” any students, and the professors really want to prepare you in order to be successful. Great location, food and much like a mini UCLA
I graduated from TCU in 2014 and I absolutely loved the entire experience. The school continues to grow but the university has done a good job at keeping class sizes small. The alumni association is also very active and has chapters around the country.
When I first visited TCU I enjoyed how friendly the students and faculty were. If I had any question their was always someone there to help. I fell in love with the campus. I also appreciated the fact that TCU wanted to become a more diverse campus. TCU did not want more minorities to fill a quota, however they wanted minorities the have an equal opportunity in education and opportunities. TCU is a very safe campus for everyone. I was excited to hear that TCU had entertainment opportunities for people who weren't students or faculty.
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The professors are very helpful and approachable in regards to understanding the material or even clarification for the instructions given. If you just swing by for a visit sometimes they will even get you lunch. There have been a few informal meetings to get to know one another and the others in the cohort.
My mom tells me that she had a wonderful experience at TCU. As a result of being an alumni, we attend several sporting events on the campus, supporting the purple & white!
I have gone from viewing this school as one for just rich snobs to very proud Frog. The staff are incredible! They extremely personable, supportive, understanding, and mentoring. Yes, the school is still wildly expensive, but thankfully they really try to help worth that too (grants, scholarships, and other financial aid). Plus, the quality of the education is second to none. TCU is a university I'd highly recommend to anyone.
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