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So far, my time at Texas Christian University has been an exceptional one. The professors are amazing and they care more about the students actually learning the material, rather than focusing on how many exams to give out. The sports teams here are some of the best in the country. The amount of opportunities and networking provided by the school is another plus. The social life on campus is great, as well as the party scene. The food is sub par but there are plenty of options on campus. The one thing I would like to see change about the school is the diversity. They stress this every year but nothing ever changes. Now compared to previous years, it has gotten better, but it could still improve.
Texas Christians University seems like an excellent college. I am downtown a lot of the time and have the opportunity to view college life at TCU. A lot of close friends go there and they have nothing but superior things to say about the college. It would be such a blessing to go here and I know it is the right choice for me as I continue my path towards a Graduate Degree in Biology then a Doctorate Degree.
Beautiful campus! Everyone was welcoming and professors that I met with were awesome. There is a wide range of academics and extracurriculars to participate in, I can't express how excited I am to attend this school!
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Texas Christian University is a wonderful campus that has been home to many of my family members and friends in which they had great experiences and enjoyed their times there.
As a current freshman, I couldn't be happier with my choice of school. TCU truly cares about each and every student, and you feel like you're in the great horned frog family. The people here are incredibly nice and TCU is truly a Disney school, because it always looks prefect and everyone is happy.
I think TCU is a great university. It has provided an awesome learning environment and party scene that has made me enjoy going here so far.
I love the passion and enthusiasm everyone has for this school. Everyone attending and the whole city surrounding the college knows the name and is a fan. There is constant renovations which could be a negative but it means the school is constantly reinvesting in itself which is very encouraging and positive.
Great overall experience. Buildings are all very new. Girls are beautiful. Weather is great. Job opportunities are endless!
I'm currently a student at Texas Christian University and wouldn't change my experience for the world. I'm a rising senior and recently I was asked "Would you change anything if you could do it all over again?", and my answer was no. I would still choose TCU, I would still rush again, and I wouldn't change a thing.
This school has offered me everything and more. I was very hesitant at first coming so far from Florida, but after adjusting I found myself never wanting to leave. The campus radiates a positive energy to motivate students. The resources and administration are welcoming and available to students.
Great School! Love it here and I just started. The campus is so beautiful and there is always something to do.
The food is delicious, real nice campus, and great sports team! What I love most about TCU is the school spirit at football games. The students support their teams and show up to games. Another thing that I love about TCU is that it is in a nice city were there are many fun activities to do.
Texas Christian University is a beautiful campus where it is safe to receive your education. The professors and coaches are all dedicated to their students and athletes.
When I went to visit this campus it seemed so alive. I enjoyed their volleyball team but never got a chance to see how they did academically. One thing I'd like for it to change is to have some of the classes close to each other and not so far from each other and to get to know more of their academics and not just their sports.
Texas Christian University is a great college to attend If you want small private university. If you like to play sports than it is a division 1 college and competes in the Big 12.
TCU has many opportunities for students and many financial aid to make sure all students get an opportunity to get an education and the campus is very lively and full of happiness
Fall of 2016, I transferred to TCU. The transition on campus had a lot of ups and downs. For the most part, the transition was okay. My three suite mates were also transfers so that allowed me to get to know the campus with them. Although, as the year went on, it was harder for two of us to make more connections and find places to fit in on campus. Our other two suite mates joined sororities but when they invited us for outings with them, some of their friends who were also in sororities would make my other roommate and I, who are minorities, feel uncomfortable. As far as academics, majority of my professors and my advisor were more than understanding and helpful. They would answer any questions I have even if I asked the same question 50 times. As the year came to an end I was definitely more comfortable and felt more involved. I love being at TCU.
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Warning: This is only from the perspective of a visiting prospective student.

Being from Minnesota, I was looking for a college that felt like Texas. From the moment I walked on campus, I lost interest. It felt snooty and despite it only being a campus tour, I felt underdressed. Over half the student body is in greek life and it felt like if I had attended it would be 4 years of high school all over again (from a social life standpoint).
I love the strive for excellence in all areas of studies. The faculty truly are there to help you and the size of the school allows students to thrive in their studies and easily receive assistance.
I'm not a student at Texas Christian University but I have gone multiple times for school field trips. The campus is very beautiful and well put together. The food is also great, they have a variety of foods to choose from so if you're a picky eater than no problem! The only problem is Texas Christian University isn't that much diversed. But the school is great overall, they offer many majors and summer ready programs for students whiich is very helpful.
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