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I absolutely love this university, along with the town. The people here are so welcoming. There are a broad range of courses being taught by amazing professors.
Online classes at A&M are well structured and some are self-paced, and this really helps when you have several other classes the same semester.
The online learning experience has been difficult to adapt to; much more difficult than the first time we were introduced to it. The professors have been doing their best to accommodate to the students, which is comforting to know that the professors are emphatically adjusting their course load to cater to their students. It has been more difficult than before to grasp information because there is limited accessibility to other students and the professors aside from group chats and emails, so we lost a lot of our outlets of communication with others.
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Being an Aggie is an experience like no other. I didn’t realize how quickly involved I would become with the plethora of groups on campus. There is a place and group of people for everyone and it is easy to feel at home with all of the welcoming people at A&M. The networking is impeccable, it is hard to not come across people wearing their Aggie Ring. The traditions at A&M are what stood out to me the most and have really solidified my experience of being a true Aggie.
Every time I have had a question about admissions or about what the University is like I have received nothing but great and timely responses. The recruiters who have come to my school are always able to answer any questions I may have which is incredibly helpful for me in making my decision to apply and attend the University. Every time I meet an alumni from the University, they have nothing but positive things to say about their experience at Texas A&M University. I can't wait to attend this school in fall 2021.
The website and application process is fast and easy and is great for first-time applicants like myself to work with and learn as I go.
Love the university! So many opportunities for everyone in every major! The traditions are such a unique feature of the university that is like no other! You’re always able to find something to do on campus regardless of the time of day
Having the whole semester online has not been that different than in person. Glad to be safe while still being in college
The culture is what makes you feel at home. Although it is Covid season, people are still making the best of their college experience. Thanks and Gig'em!
Although online can be boring at times, it is up to you to keep up with your work. Teachers are available to help during their office zoom hours so don't hesitate to meet with them.
The academic experience was one in a million. I loved the campus and the Aggie traditions. It now feels like I joined a family.
Online learning was fantastic. I preferred online classes and structure vs in class experience. It was more organized, easier to understand, and I liked the ability to listen to lectures over again.
Learning online was very easy. Most professors had things posted and readily available while also providing many chances to go to office hours and get help.
Great people and great community. Professors are all very helpful and knowledgeable. Very easy to get involved and there is something for everyone.
The online classes were okay; profs spent more time on examples than concepts so it was a little hard to learn
A little unwelcoming but very traditional and fun. Lots of orgs but kind of overwhelming. Good friends.
For the past 3 years of my HIgh School Swim, we have had regionals at A&M, everytime I have gone I have been delighted by the campus and impressed with how smoothly it runs.
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I am not currently a student. My best friend is though and they have found their classes to be really good.
The best years of my life. The campus culture was inviting and I learned a ton in every class I took. It was an incredible return on investment and I look forward to going back and visiting every time I can. The most veteran competent and friendly university in the world.
There aren't many classes offered online by design. They know you learn better in person, so they keep the standards high. No classes are taught by anyone that doesn't hold a Doctorate/terminal degree, so you only learn from experts.
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