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I like it here, the environment is extremely nice and flexible, the people are easy to talk to and get along with as well. The professors are extremely friendly too and I am always able to ask questions when needed.
For someone first coming into the world from a small rural area, Texas A&M is a good place to get your feet wet. However, I feel I did not receive that great of an education nor did I fit in very well.
The best university in Texas. The best experience you could have. After graduation so many doors are open because you are an Aggie alumni. You will always be apart of the Aggie family.
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This college is absolutely amazing, one can certainly become an important engineer. Texas A&M looks to lead by example in everything we do. Our aim is to set the standard as the world-class university of the future by combining knowledge, research, and innovation to create solutions that few institutions have the depth and breadth to achieve.
I love being an Aggie! The A&M community is the most inclusive I've seen and as an out-of-state student has made me truly feel at home. There are countless clubs and organizations to be a part of and the research and academic opportunities here are outstanding. Whatever your interests, you will find something here to match. For engineers, the Zachry Engineering building is state-of-the-art and a great place to hang out and do homework outside of class. I can also highly recommend the University Honors program. Gig 'em!
I liked the atmosphere of the university. The people there feel so welcoming that right away I wanted to go there and stay.
well i like the campus overall it is pretty big and has a lot of students . the environment itself impressed me. i really like the pride that they have going to that school.also the gym is what really caught my attention.
It is a good school The school is very big the food is OK not that great could be better education is the average the dorms are kind of small but They are average their sports is good but but team and basketball team soccer team can you
Great campus with great staff members and kind friends. Teachers really nice and solve all students problems. All clubs around the campus, easy for people to get involved into and make a lot of friends. Football games are the most exciting event of the week, great stadium, cheerleaders and best fans of college.
I love the atmosphere at Texas A&M University. Everywhere I look, I always see students and faculty helping others out of the kindness of their hearts. At A&M I always feel welcome and loved even by those I do not know. I highly recommend A&M to any student who is looking for a place to further their education.
I have visited the A&M campus multiple times and have always loved the way it feels like a second home. The campus is safe and the professors truly care about their students.
I love Texas A&M and the large, full-of-opportunity campus. I believe that A&M has a unique and amazing lifestyle unlike any other in the state or nation.
What I liked about Texas A&M University is the diversity and the culture that it has. There is such a great diversity with a large campus that makes you really enjoy it and plus learn something new from a person every single day.
I hear it is one of the best universities out there. It is a place where one will learn many things and learn leadership roles in life
As a 3rd Year undergrad at A&M I've got to say, the school is way above anyone's expectations. I mean our school has the highest number of Alumni that became CEO's. A&M contributes so much to the world and it's network is one like no other! There's so many stories of graduates that give credit to A&M for getting them their job opportunities, just because they attended. Not only is the network great but the school spirit is phenomenal, just search up the student section at football games and you'll understand. I have to say I'm proud to be an Aggie and I hope someday I can send future Aggies' here too. Thanks and Gig' Em.
Texas A&M University was an excellent school that provided the most excellent majors when intending to go into the medical field. I love that Texas A&M has a very competitive Veterinarian School and is known to be the only one within the state of Texas.
I am currently enrolled in TAMU Collge Station, but I'm not there yet. I am looking to join the Corps of Cadets as Navy Cadet and did a SNWC to get a feel for it. Consequently, I was very pleased and enjoyed the experience.
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Unfortunately this university is all about conforming and being like the crowd. They actively exclude people who dont want to be super southern. The classes are fine though and the professors are sometimes good.
I love y'all. The spirit is the best. Going to games here is a surreal experience. The academics are rigorous but manageable.
It is very big, much to see and much to do. The traditions are some to cherish forever. Everyone is friendly and willing to help you in any way.
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