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Texas A&M has a great educational atmosphere. I love all the traditions it has. I love how comfortable you feel walking around campus. The only thing I will say is that diversity is needed. Sometimes you get reminded that you aren't exactly at home. Other than that, it's great.
Although College Station is not as exciting as a regular city, it is a college town where everyone is welcome and can thrive. The campus is great and Kyle Field stands out in a good way! Gig 'em!
If you are white, you will be discriminated against at Texas A&M. You will be highly discouraged from joining certain clubs. I know of white girls whose roommates forced her to move out simply for being white. Large amounts of scholarships will be denied to you on the basis of race. The professors will constantly degrade you and say the student body is "too white." If you are white, you will feel unwanted. Interracial dating is not accepted by the black community here, I am a senior and have not seen a single interracial couple at Texas A&M.
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I love being a Fightin' Texas Aggie, Whoop! I love my university so much and the traditions that it is firmly rooted in. Now I will say, organizations are pretty competitive and difficult to get into, but this does prepare you for how applications for graduate schools and organizations beyond the university will be. This campus is definitely the friendliest and just shouting the work Howdy will get just about anyone's attention. I can say with confidence that I choose to attend THE greatest university in the state of Texas and I have no doubts about that. Gig 'Em
One way to summarize Texas A&M is that it is a small school masquerading as a massive one. In other words, you can become so connected to people here that it feels like family and a home away from home. I think that is one of A&M's greatest strengths.
A major downside is that the overall administration of the college is often poorly conducted. The Honors Department in particular seems to suffer from chronic lack of communication but it is certainly a larger trend across the school.
Really though, it is a small price to pay for some amazing football games, nearly endless research and career opportunities, generally well qualified and talented professors and a uniquely close-knit student body.
Texas A&M gave me one of the greatest experiences of my life. While it is a huge university, you still got that small town feel that you mattered as an individual. There are numerous opportunities to get involved and be successful at this university.
Texas A&M is an amazing school with amazing academic opportunities. The school is big but everyone all comes together at the football games which is amazing.
I went into my freshman year thinking I was going to transfer after my first year. I am now almost a full semester in and would not want to be anywhere else. My first week at school was enough to change my tune and realize how great my school is. Coming in with not a lot of friends was difficult but after joining a few organizations I have plenty. The atmosphere is amazing here, everyone is extremely nice and friendly. I would recommend a visit for any prospective students
There is nothing else like the school spirit - "The Spirit of Aggieland". It is awesome! Not to mention the university itself is highly ranked. The benefits of being and "Aggie" and receiving a degree from Texas A&M far outweigh the cost of the education. The Aggie network of alumni is strong and something a graduate of A&M can benefit from the time they graduate and into the future. So you not only graduate with a great education but the support of Aggie alumni.
I love where I learn! Texas A&M has been a dream come true and I wouldn't change a thing about it! Growing up my mother had always taught me that I could do anything I wanted to if I did my best and gave my best in all that I did. Being raised by a single mom was hard at times, but it taught me that no matter what the circumstance I could overcome any obstacles. I graduated number three in my class with a 106 average. I have been taught to stay humble and to always put God first. By doing this, my faith has kept me driving on and not give up. I am the loudest and proudest member of the Texas fighting Aggies Class of 2021 and I can't wait for the next chapter of my life. I will continue to keep the drive I've been taught and do my best in whatever God's plan is for me! I will do His work with whatever my job my be in the future. I will be the Christian Engineer that will always put God first, stay humble, help others, and the rest will fall into place!
I live the diversity and the competitiveness of the college. They keep pushing me to become the best version of myself possible.
The Aggie community is like a giant family. Though, it is most welcoming when you join campus groups. Walking to class isn't a big deal when it comes to community because everyone keeps to themselves unless they have a compliment to give you. Community events are when true Aggie spirit and traditions show whether it's honoring Aggies who've died at a Silver Taps ceremony, or even cheering on A&M athletes at sports events. I’ve heard countless stories about Aggies receiving help around the world from strangers, simply because they were part of the same strong community. I’ve wanted to be an Aggie since I was little and being one now is without a doubt one of the most rewarding experiences I’ve had in my twenty years of life.
Loved my experience here so far. For me the staff has been great and everyone is always willing to help. Thinking about it, I wouldn't change much about the school. The only thing would be to see more restaurants in some places. The walk to get food is sometimes far.
So far, this school has proven to be great for engineering academics. In addition, TAMU provides exceptional resources from financial aid to tutoring in order for students to truly exceed in their respective programs.
I love everything about Texas A&M! The people and environment is the perfect fit to anyone who loves the southern style.
Texas A&M is my second home. I was very split about where I should attend 4 years ago, but with one visit, I knew this is where I would feel best at home. The tradition is strong and the people are the most friendly people you will ever meet.
I am so grateful to attend this University. I think its most outstanding feature is its alumni network. I know that wherever I choose to live after graduation, I will have the opportunity to connect with fellow Aggies all over the country and the world.
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An exceptional university, rich in traditions, offering a vast number of educational opportunities. Graduates leave with a well rounded education and extracurricular experiences that prepare them for real world success.
I love this school. I am originally from NY so this was sort of a leap of faith but it has been worth every penny. There is no better school if you want to be challenged academically, enjoy the student atmosphere, have more pride in your school than anything else in the world, and be extremely successful.
While being an Aggie sets you up for the future and your academic career, they do not fully invest their interest in the students. From my perspective I see A&M as more of a business. Having to pay tuition for strictly video lectures in class is absurd to me. Some of my profs understand the material but can not teach it. The campus lacks parking and the traffic can be bad. The university is still yet to implement a solution other than increased parking pass prices and parking garages that you have to pay for. They are currently building a hotel next to Kyle field on campus that has benefits to the students. I feel as a student body our voice and complaints may be heard but nothing is done to address them. The people you meet are some the best though. The student body is one of the best imo.
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