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Texas A&M is a wonderful school with great student life. The professors are all friendly and willing to help.
It's a great center for the area! Students and graduates are overall reliable and add good to the community. Warning: DO NOT come here if you can't handle hot, humid weather 90% of the year, DO NOT come here if you don't wish to be greeted with a hearty "howdy!"
Texas A&M University will always have a place in my heart, the university has to get better at understanding that not all students had the opportunities as other.
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I came in with an associate's degree after high school through a college program and they let the juniors and seniors pick first even though I was counted as a junior. It was extremely hard to get into the class I need and I couldn't even take all the classes I wanted to take.
Lots of opportunities for friendships, extracurricular activities, community service, and many others, if you put yourself out there!
Texas A&M has such a fun and kind community. The academics are great and help is readily available from a multitude of sources for those who need it. The staff, students, and alumni all desire for you to succeed as we are all bonded through 12th man and Aggie spirit! The only downside that I would attribute to attending Texas A&M is that College Station can get pretty boring as a small town with not a whole lot to do. However, it is not hard to make friends and there are a great many programs and organizations of all sorts for those looking for extra activity.
A well known university in Texas full of rich traditions and history! Would highly recommend this school to students who are looking for a close knit community while they continue their studies.
The overall atmosphere of Texas A&M is something that is hard to describe. From the timeless traditions to the kindness of the student body and staff, I always feel at home when I head back to College Station for a new school year.
I love this school. I transferred in from a smaller University and have fallen completely in love with A&M. The advisors helped me more in my first day than I had ever been helped anywhere else. They truly care about you and want you to succeed.
Texas A&M University is a beautiful and exciting school in an amazing college town! I love A&M because there is always something new to learn, someone new to meet, or somewhere new to go. Every day is exciting and creates new possibilities for growth and great things. Texas A&M has a beautiful campus, a great opportunity for student activities and an excellence staff to provide and outstanding education.
Overall Texas A&M is full of devoted Aggies. The campus itself always has something for the students to participate in. The university also has a plethora of opportunities for students to excel in their academics. Professors genuinely care about their student.
I very much liked the people i work with and the spirit that people exude when they express pride for their university. I don't particularly enjoy their treatment of those who don't partake in the traditions as much as the rest of the student body does.
I absolutely love my college. It has such a great and welcoming campus. There is a place for everyone. I love all the traditions.
Great school, love the campus. Planning on attending and I have had some camps there at the school. It is beautiful and College station has plenty of things to do on the weekends when bored.
Attending Texas A&M is what you make it! While it is still in the process of increasing diversity among students, there are countless avenues for meeting new people and finding your own niche. The tradition is strong and the respect for values turkey binds Aggies, on campus and around the world.
Love my university! It is deeply rooted in tradition and values. There are plenty of opportunities for involvement and research. There is plenty to do with your free-time, study, football, on-campus organizations, you can find it all at Texas A&M.
Absolutely wonderful school with splendid advisors and professors. Definitely love the school spirit and Aggie culture!
Review Texas A&M University
Overall enjoyed my undergrad at A&M. I was a microbiology major, and in any STEM major here the coursework is extremely rigorous. I had some amazing professors, but one downside to the degree is that for your first year they will do everything possible to weed you out of the program (only applicable for STEM majors). Most of your great professors will teach the upper levels, not the intros. Tons of opportunities to do research.
Students, as well as people in town are nice and friendly. There's an organization for just about everything, and a lot of volunteering. Most of the people you meet will be involved in at least one, if not more organizations. It's an involved campus (one of the tenets is selfless service).
There's plenty of places to eat and study in College Station (and good coffee shops!). Downside is the constant construction happening as the city grows. Relatively nice campus. Good libraries. Overall, nice, safe place to live. Chose to stay for grad school.
I love Texas A&M University and everything that the institution has to offer. From the very beginning, Texas A&M has done nothing but give students the opportunities of a lifetime every single year. I have studied abroad, pursued research, and have been a part of many organizations for the school. Other students may say the same about their colleges but Texas A&M is such a warm and loving environment; proudly living up to its quote of, "There's a spirit can ne'er be told."
My experience while visiting Texas A&M University in College Station was very pleasant. The school is in a very welcoming and fun city, and it has different opportunities for variations of people based on their interests or lifestyle. The only thing I wish was different about Texas A&M is the scenery/eye appeal of it. Overall, Texas A&M is a great university for people looking for an excellent education because of the many majors and areas of study offered.
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