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Great Nursing and Agricultural Studies! Great student life and good location! I am visiting for the first time soon and would like to major in nursing and minor in equine studies!
I loved how inviting and friendly Texas A&M is. I really felt that I became part of a family. The amount of organized and activities and clubs always left me entertained and engaged.
My experience at Texas A&M has been incredible. Leaving home for the first time as a freshman and being the oldest sibling, I was terrified because I didn't know what to expect! But after my first day of classes here, I knew that I had made the right decision to come here. Everyone here is so friendly and welcoming, and they truly represent the core values of what it means to be an Aggie. Excellence, Integrity, Leadership, Loyalty, Respect, and Selfless Service. While attending Texas A&M I have without a doubt received an incredible education, but it has shaped me to become a better version of myself.
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Aggies understand families values, are responsible and dedicated. I like the tradition and the commitment. Proud to be an Aggie
I enjoyed attending here enough that I only applied here for a Masters Degree. My dad went here, and since I was little, it was the only choice. I have not been disappointed.
No place like it. Amazing Engineering program, school spirit, sports teams, clubs and more activities and organizations to get involved with. A true college experience all around.
Texas A&M has definitely without a doubt provided me with one or two life-changing opportunities, but they are not enough to convince me it's a school worth risking everything for. Over the past recent years, the school has spent so much money on building hotels and renovating the stadium for football games, and less on things that matter like counseling services and renovated dorms and sidewalks. This, and the fact that A&M does not care about it's students more-so its image makes it all the less worthwhile. Sorry, A&M. I wish you valued education more than your public appearance.
Texas A&M is pretty much my high school on a larger scale. It's diverse, agriculture heavy, and intent on sending its students out into the world with more knowledge.
I love Texas A&M because of the family unit that comes with being admitted. You never feel like you are on your own because the Aggie family is just that, a family. Whether you need help with school, life, or work, there is always an aggie willing to lend a helping hand.
I loved that it was a college town, very comfortable for the typical college age range. Off seasons were great because it was a ghost town. Diversity was increasing, but still predominantly white unfortunately. However, there are a ton of groups/clubs to join to meet people similar to you.
TAMU is a great school if you are not too crazy about the people and the traditions. It offers really good scholarships and great opportunities. As long as you are focused on just getting your degree and graduating, you will be fine. It is not the most diverse school but it is tolerable.
Texas A&M has great professors within the chemical engineering department. The culture is great, although some things such as money distribution and services on campus are struggling.
I love the traditions at A&M, just being on campus there is such an emotional pull. Seeing an Aggie ring is more than just a ring, it brings all the thoughts of bonfire, or "the tree."
I just finished my freshmen year at this university and it has been super fun and challenging. I'm an engineering major and Texas A&M's program has pushed me to study hard and learn so much. With their hands-on approach and great professors, this university has made me so excited for my future.
The support system is great! It truly feels like home. I would like a little bit more help in the transfer process.
A&M is a very open and welcoming campus. The classes offered have so far been amazing, although each curriculum does have a small share of poor professors. But I more or less expected that out of such a large university. Besides that, the facilities are wonderful and the classrooms feel well equipped with the most up to date technology and resources. Plus, advisers and upper class men are always available to speak to for counseling or academic assistance, making it possible to succeed no matter one's situation.
When people think of Texas A&M they think its a giant cult, and in part that's true but its also a great family filled with many traditions and I'm happy to be a part of it.
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On campus, there's always something to do for everyone. The amount of resources at your disposal and the amount of connections that you can make with the literal tens of thousands of students is incredible.
The best 3 1/2 years of my life! Wouldn't even think of going anywhere else! I've loved being a student, an Aggie, and can't wait to be a former student. Football season in the fall is the best time but the night life at Northgate is also fun. I also enjoyed those long night studying with my lifelong friends.
Everyone is very friendly in College Station, the campus is beautiful, and is always a joy to visit.
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