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Texas A&M is one of the friendliest places in the world. Everyone here is nice and making friends is easy. The academics here are strong especially for engineering and business.
The atmosphere at Texas A&M University is pretty great. Students also get help from tutors whenever needed. Which is a great thing because one major downside is that many professors are not very helpful when students are struggling to understand a particular topic.
Texas A&M University is a wonderful and beautiful school. Everyone is so incredibly friendly and you won't find another study body so united and friendly towards newcomers and outsiders. Aggies have faced many hardships through the years but they always pull through and become stronger and more united because of those trials.
Review Texas A&M University
A&M makes you feel at home. The network of Aggies is so big. I love it here. There is no other place I'd rather be.
I like that it's located in cstat where there's enough urbanization to feel like a city without the pain of being overcrowded. The classes so far are pretty average, and most of the student organizations aren't relevant to me.
People are very friendly on campus and they gladly help each other out. The University has a very convenient bus system that I personally found very useful, it allows students to travel inside the campus and outside campus to their destined locations. The professors are fine, eager to give help and advice. The improvement I hope to see is regarding dining, the food choice could expand and be a little cheaper.
I don't have any complaints! So far so good! I'm really enjoying my instructors and well as lessons.
Texas A&M is absolutely breathtaking from every aspect. They make you feel at home the second you set foot in College Station, you don’t even have to be on campus to feel the love. This school has transformed me and made me a better person because of the core Aggie values that are a huge part of Texas A&M. Being a student at Texas A&M makes you feel as though you are apart of a family. A family that you can count on no matter the situation. Attending A&M has a lasting effect on each and every student that attends and it becomes a part of who you are! Whoop!
Everybody (and I mean EVERYBODY) is very friendly and helpful, which is great to a freshman like me. The profs know their material inside out, and students have so many resources for keeping their grades up. The social side of life is amazing too- there are literally hundreds of organizations to join, so everyone has their niche here.
My experience here at A&M has been very different , fun and cool. I've enjoyed every bit of it except the weather, I got here before hurricane Harvey hit in Houston .. I'm 45 minutes away from Houston so we caught all the rain and flood warnings
As an engineering student I have only been impressed with the program and the professors. The university itself truly has a lot of resources which it works hard to share with students to make sure that we have all the tools that we need to be successful here.
I have only attended classes for one year, but I have worked in the library for several years. A&M is a great school, with a diverse population and good, well educated staff. Although some professors are tougher or more unlikable, the majority know a lot about their subjects and are willing to help you pass. Many buildings are older but renovations are always happening and there are generally no problems related to building age/wear. Staff are friendly and helpful, as are most of the students. The campus is huge and quite pretty, with many places to sit and relax or study both inside and outdoors.
Texas A&M University is a large, beautiful campus in central Texas. The students, faculty and campus employees are fabulous. It is a tremendously friendly campus with great traditions. The academics are top notch for a public university. I would recommend Texas A&M to anyone interested in a great education at a great value. Gig Em Aggies
I LOVE my professors, my major, the friends I have made, and the overall atmosphere of Aggieland. This is a special place with fun and crazy traditions. Everybody is very friendly, and there are plenty of ways to get involved with campus life and have fun around town. 10/10, would recommend.
Great school, provides countless opportunities, and works to make you feel at home. There is always something to do, and you can graduate feeling confident that you have a good chance at getting the job you want.
I love that Texas A&M is a community as a whole the people there are open minded with positive ideas and belief
Incredible opportunity, great students and faculty. Traditions that teach you to value other things outside of yourself. Challenging, but obtainable. Lots of help and support around every corner.
Review Texas A&M University
Amazing atmosphere. Was surprised by how willing a lot of students were willing to help a stranger get places or pick up fallen papers after a nasty bike crash. The profs almost always have open doors and are a lot of help even id you don't know what it is exactly you need help with. It's definitely worth at least a visit if you're thinking of applying here.
A&M is a challenging school but a rewarding one nonetheless. Although you'd be hard pressed to find any minorities, the student body is massive and generally all inclusive. Tradition is a HUGE part of the culture and the school is very football oriented. Overall A&M is a great place and I feel well prepared for the future because of it.
Texas A&M is an incredible environment with wonderful people. The atmosphere and sense of pride throughout the university is astounding and uplifting. People are friendly and classes are for the most part enjoyable. The university is growing at a rapid pace though and there can be a lot of negative side effects of that. Also, professors are sometimes hit or miss depending on your department.
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