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If you are a friendly person who actually likes talking to people and having a support structure, Texas A&M is the place to be. Everyone wants to help each other, the professors actually care about what they teach and the students, and the food is actually really good I think. I love the school personally.
The professors at Texas A&M University are motivated, passionate, and well-versed in their knowledge and teaching.
The traditions are like no other school. I love my experience here. The on campus meal options tend to be limited and not very good.
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Hands down my. four years at Texas A&M University, were some of the best years of my life so far. At the time I attended Texas A&M, the students did invoke a friendly environment, moreover I felt safe in campus at anytime. Since, Texas A&M is a large university, naturally the larger introductory classes make it harder to create an intimate classroom environment.
Texas A&M gives you a quality education and upon graduation an entire networking system of aggies for your career and future. I would say though that A&M is an extremely large university which may not work with everyone's learning style and abilities. A&M is also expensive, but then again all universities are. A&M has high standards academically and most courses, especially stem ones, are difficult, but not impossible. All in all Texas A&M University is a great school.
There isn't really anything that needs to change for Texas A&M because the atmosphere is one of the best I have ever experienced.
Texas A&M is a great school and College Station is primarily college students living throughout the city so needless to say the city environment is amazing! Our school is known for many academic fields beyond just agriculture and mechanics. The campus is beautiful with unique buildings and designs.
Texas A&M is a great university with so many resources to help you succeed. The campus is beautiful with friendly people and over 1,000 organizations to join.
The school is amazing. The teachers really help and they try and get very hands on with their students. The student body is interesting it’s not very diverse but you find your group
I have visited Texas A&M University several times and I have to say that it has the best atmosphere of any campus I have ever visited.
I love this campus with all my heart. The traditions, the family vibe, and the wonderful people I have meet.
The tradition and friendliness at A&M are what drew me in to want to transfer here. All the people I have met and become friends with at A&M have made my overall experience here a much easier transition!
My experience so far as a Freshmen at Texas A&M University has been welcoming. I want Texas A&M to have neuroscience as a major instead of minor. If I were to change one thing about A&M then i would add more science majors.
Texas A&M University is highly ranked university with lots of diversity and is constantly wanting to improve academics as well as infrastructure.
Great overall atmosphere. There are lots of ways to meet people and get plugged into various organizations and clubs depending on your interests. Teachers and assistants are open and available to help if you take the effort to reach out.
I absolutely love being surrounded by Aggie Tradition and culture. Even though it is such a large university, there are so many ways to get involved that you never feel lost in the crowd. Everyone here is very helpful and friendly, I love this university!
When you walk into campus, you can't help but feel like you are a part of a huge family. Everyone there is friendly and receives you with warm smiles. It isn't difficult to find your niche on campus. The campus has different organizations for students to choose from, it's a great school with even better people.
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I love the family feel at Texas A&M. Although I'm 1 1/2 hours from home, I feel like I have family all around when I'm on campus.
Texas A&M is great University with a very long history that is pretty well documented and most people can find with a quick google search. What you cant necessarily know before you're there is that there is a budding progressive culture at the University that is slowly expanding with every passing year
It's a really amazing school! Although it seems like a huge school, students are very friendly. The best part about A&M is that everyone holds the school's core values in high regard. In a way, it unites the students together and by doing so, A&M feels smaller and more tight-knit, despite it's huge campus. The traditions bind the student body together, also. Students at A&M are serious about their academics and encourage others to pursue their interests.
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