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Texas A&M University's academics are almost too easy. Peers and teachers throughout high school tried to persuade me to attend an ivy-league school and maybe I should have listened to them. Although there are a large number of organizations to join, the sorority girls and fraternity guys take over the whole school as far as noise, population, and advertising in the MSC and Rudder Plaza. The food options are almost all unhealthy and very limited. The school makes a lot of money in tuition, but I am not sure what they spend it on. Sbisa lunch and dinner are horrible: all the food is hard as a rock. Also, the campus is pretty, unless it has rained recently. In that case, everything is flooded and rain boots are definitely a necessity.
I love attending Texas A&M! This school is so traditional in everything they do. There are so many core values that a represented here daily. Majority of the professors I have had have been amazing! They are willing to help in anyway to see you succeed! Also, seeing Miss Rev around campus is a treat every now and then!
Texas A&M University is called one of the friendliest colleges in the US. I totally agree with this statement. The students, faculty, and environment are so nice and friendly to all, even non students. The sense of community is very strong. Our Corps of Cadets program not only provides leadership but also safety to other students. I would change very little about this university.
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I grew up in a hardcore UT family, but once attending a tour of the Texas A&M University campus, I began to bleed maroon. The environment is so friendly, the campus is beautiful, and I feel so at home while I'm here. I will be living in an off-campus apartment next fall, but everywhere around town I feel like I'm in a safe environment. From the beginning of my interest in the school, I have rarely heard of any misconduct or anything of that nature and I will continue to be a loving Aggie for life.
Very nice campus and almost everyone is friendly. The buses are very convenient- and bikes are too! The food options are also pretty good. The dorms (especially Hullabaloo Hall) and on-campus apartment are quite nice. Overall a great school, but would like to see more diversity.
I transferred in the Spring of 2016 to Texas A&M because I always knew I would be an Aggie, I have made many friends here and even work on campus for the Liberal Arts, where I am also a current History major in the department. Have enjoyed my ever minute of being an Aggie from going to the football to "Softly calling here" when a fellow Aggie passes on.
Overall everyone is pretty nice on campus. The class sizes can be big, but it isn't too bad if you make some friends and form a study group. One thing I would like to see change is when the campus decides to do their maintenance work. There has not been one day that there hasn't been people on campus doing maintenance, little or big.
Texas A&M is a great school, their are a lot of activities going around on campus, so its an awesome way to get involved and meet new people. the area is full of just college students which is pretty cool because you feel more relaxed.
It's great. The student body is like a family and everyone is so friendly. 10/10 recommend. The professors are nice and (almost) always willing to help. The campus is beautiful and there are SO many student organizations to join.
I love Texas A&M and have enjoyed all of my classes and the facilities I have used here. The only thing I can complain about is the fact that the student body is full of around 60, 000 students and growing, while the actual campus is barely growing with them. This results in a cramped campus with long lines.
Texas A&M University has been an interesting experience. As a first year freshman I am still discovering much to do with regards to academics and student life, but things appear promising. The professors I have had are top-notch and very experience not only in their field of study but in their teaching capabilities as well. Two of my classes this year have already cemented themselves as the most interesting and informative of my academic career. As for student life, it is interesting. If you are very much into traditions, a rustic lifestyle, and a sense of unity with the student body, this university is for you. Others might struggle more, as I have. However, there are definitely friends to be made and much to enjoy.
Texas A&M University is a family, peoples from different backgrounds and cultures all united as one through tradition and the core values that define and Aggie. "From the outside looking in, you can't understand it, from the inside looking out, you can't explain it".
Texas A&M University is a school full of tradition and pride. The campus is beautiful. The faculty and staff want to do everything they can to help their students succeed. The campus atmosphere is amazing. I wouldn't want to go to school anywhere else
I really enjoy the atmosphere and environment at TAMU. it's my home away from home even though it's a big school compared to my previous schools, but there's always something fun to and great people to meet along the way.
Texas A&M is a place to call home. The environment is very friendly and very school-spirited. You meet a new person everyday! It is a community who values morality and service. Although there is an immense population I hope to see the diversity to expand.
This is most welcoming and loving place I have ever been. I can honestly call this place home! The level of help and support here let's you know that you are not alone in anything you do. You can be who you are and no one will judge you.
Coming into a giant university was nerve-wracking to say the very least due to growing up in a small town my entire life. I was extremely excited to try something new, but I was worried about fitting in. A week into going to this university, I realized that there was no need to be worried about "fitting in." Everyone here accepted you for being yourself. A&M is unique in the sense that no matter your background or where you come from, all that matter is that you are an Aggie. That is the one thing we all have in common. For that reason, you automatically feel welcomed into the university. The saying "once an Aggie, always an Aggie" is true and one can witness it the minute one steps foot onto the campus.
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I absolutely LOVE Texas A&M. The students are super friendly, the staff are very helpful to current and prospective students alike, the classes are challenging but very good to push students to their full potential. The atmosphere of the university is full of respect for each other, and you can tell that everyone who is there really WANTS to be there; they've worked hard to have the privilege to be called an Aggie, and they're extremely passionate about what they do. While the campus buildings are not the prettiest (they need a regular powerwashing), that is hardly a reason to not go here. Be warned: if you are hoping to party away college and take easy classes, TAMU is not the place for you. Everyone is held to a high standard of academic achievement and moral conduct.
Everyone on campus is very friendly, and the campus looks beautiful. There is plenty of diversity among the students and faculty. All Aggies here look out for each other and I always feel extremely safe on this campus. I can proudly say that I call Texas A&M "home".
This school seems very sophisticated and has a very nice community. The campus seems very friendly and the classes might be far, but they perfect for someone who is shy and I am pretty sure they learn well
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