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The entire campus is expansive, maintaining a good environmental and safe atmosphere. However it may seem “too” big to many, but it is close to home.
A&M is not diverse at all, I at times didn't feel comfortable. I had to transfer to a school closer to home since it wasn't working out for me.
I love it here. It's the perfect university for me. I know that some people aren't into the whole Aggie Spirit thing, but once you go all in, you know you have a family for life.
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I went for the weekend and the environment was great. Everyone was friendly and the atmosphere at the Football game was exciting. I also enjoyed the fact that the whole place was very spacious.
I liked Texas A&M because of its diverse tradition . I went with my brother one day and It had me in awe. I knew that I would want to go there in the future. One of the reasons I liked it there most, was that it felt like home to me. The "If you leave a penny for lucky , you will pass your test", tradition, and the "don't go under the tree "tradition were so amazing, and reassured me that that's where I wanted to spend all my four years.
I am currently a senior at Texas A&M. It is a big school with lots of people and it is continuing to grow. The school is constantly growing to facilitate the people. It is the best school for your money. Having a degree from Texas A&M will take you to great places.
Definitely top-tier. The school spirit and culture is unrivaled in its camaraderie and values of honor and integrity. Academics are hard, but there are plenty of resources available to help.
Campus is beautiful! I suppose that's why this school is so expensive :(. The people are very friendly and helpful.
Best university around when it comes to tradition and culture of the school. Community is great, academics are some of the best in the nation and continue to climb in other areas of academics. Traditions of the past keep this university alive and thriving.
Texas A&M is an amazing school! I always feel welcome and everyone you come across is so friendly. There are tons of ways to be involved on campus and there is a huge sense of community here!
Texas A&M university has the best academics, professors, campus and student life than any other school in Texas. Classes are tough but help is available everywhere.
The university are a whole is something special to see and try and be a part of. Great facility and staff work and support the college in of itself.
The down side.... construction and the lack of infrastructure / planning to house, hold, support, and direct ALL of the people that live and come to College Station.
Now while the city of College Station, Texas A&M itself and the city of Bryan seem to be working together to resolve some of these traffic hold ups. They seem to like to drag their feet and work on new flashy / shiny things that create more congestion first, and worry about the traffic problem last.
Unlike other college students, I live the life of cadet in the Corps of Cadets, which is a military based organization widely known throughout campus as "the keepers of the spirit". I wake up at 0500 (5'o clock), most days for PT (Physical Training), but continue the rest of the day like a normal college student. The environment here is one of the friendliest places I know on this earth, and it's not uncommon to walk by someone and get greeted with a "Howdy", especially from cadets like myself. The academic program here is rigorous, however, there are countless resources on campus to help you out, not to mention the many great friends you'll make along the way. Texas A&M is full of traditions, so many that I can't even explain the greatness of it in 1000 characters, but I'll conclude with a saying we have here in Aggieland. "There's a spirit can ne'er be told"
Texas A&M is the best university in Texas, without a doubt. The people here are so friendly, it's a safe environment, and the traditions/values they hold here are incredible. I would definitely recommend this school to anyone from Texas!
I finished my first year at A&M and I totally love my school. There are endless opportunities for you to grow, develope your ability, show your talent, and make a great network between Aggies.
Professors are nice and very passionate about teaching. I feel that I am welcomed here and I feel like A&M has given me lots of chance to be successful.
You have many sources to help you study well and be successful here. Nobody wants to leave you behind, as long as you seek out for help, there definitely lots of people are willing to help you in studying and being successful in A&M and later on in your career.
Texas A&M is a fantastic university. I am a current student who has been here for two going on 3, and I am very happy with the decision to attend this university. There are tons of events for students to get into the school spirit. The academics here are tough but there are plenty of opportunities to get extra help for classes. This is one of the best universities out there!
Great school. I am a minority coming into a school with a majority of white students. However, I never felt like I did not fit in. Other students are really nice and some of the professors do really care about their students. However, I do think the school does have a grade deflation problem in some of its classes. This will hurt the students from getting admission into graduate schools.
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School environment is friendly and safe.
Each department has its own research and strong point. On top of academic department, each department to support students is well developed such as career center, financial aid & scholarship department, residence life department etc. You can easily find people who you could ask help and get involved.
The traditions of course! Texas A&M does a wonderful job at making a student not feel as just a number. With a college as big as Texas A&M this is very crucial. My favorite is the 12th Man tradition because of what it stands for, an Aggie willing to always be there for those who need them.
Simply put, if you're not an Engineering student then you have no support, whether that be in the form of quality (i.e. , competent) professors or advising.

The International Studies department, for instance, has ONE advisor, never to mind that she, Dallas Reyes, commits the least amount of effort possible in every action she does, and an accompanying poor attitude -- almost reminiscent of a glorified postal worker.

The school focuses more on football and its associated revenue stream than what should be the core focus of a university -- higher education. If you are an apathetic, non-motivated student then you'll be right at home.
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