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While I was able to make friends and find a community quickly, the professors and administration communicated very poorly. It was very hard to get good and true information from both.
Bang for your buck and so much more. The Aggie Network is unlike any other and the people you meet will never let you down! Gig em!
The atmosphere is very encouraging and there isn't as much pressure as other colleges. The student life is great. The campus food is really good. I ate on campus all the time. The professors are really good, although I've had one that was a little unorganized, overall they've been great.
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The campus is beautiful and the diversity is fantastic! Academics is really challenging but worth the all nighters. Everyone is super involved in campus traditions and it is truly fantastic to see all this love for the university. Howdy!
Incredibly kind people and super nice campus. Love the "homey" atmosphere which is nice to have when leaving away from home.
If you are looking for a top notch school, where you will feel welcomed and taken care of, then Texas A&M University is the school for you. I am in love with this school and hope to make my next four years the best.
I am a current sophomore at Texas A&M and I have completely fallen in love with the culture and college experience given to me by TAMU. I love the sense of community and togetherness that I feel every second I am on campus. Going to class is not a chore but a privilege. There are so many that have applied and denied, and I feel very blessed to be able to call myself an aggie. If you are at all considering Texas A&M, I would encourage you to make Aggieland your 4 year home, I promise you will not regret it!
I enjoy attending this university. Being an Aggie has opened so many doors for me. It has such a wide range of network connections, it has a lot of history, many traditions, and it is a very diverse campus. It is a safe campus and town. Professors here are research professors that give a lot of opportunities for students to learn about their research.
Best University for me ! I was able to experience the university before i decided to go there because they reached out to me and offered me a free trip.
its a local school with great programs to enroll in and the town surrounding it is a great town economically and is just a proud nation of students and teachers
The spirit of Texas A&M is hard to explain to those on the outside looking in. Texas A&M is known for a lot of incredible things. From Kyle Feild to the Corps of Cadets, A&M is a university steeped in tradition and unity. The academics are rigorous and resources eminence, but you will never find another giant university with such a small school vibe. Texas A&M is a community that values family above all else. Aggies always help other Aggies, not matter what.
Great school, have enjoyed my time here greatly. Most of my professors are very caring and are very good at teaching their specific classes. The student environment is great an de it is increasing in diversity.
I came from out of state and I was worried about not knowing anyone, but I really found my second family here.
Great School overall, the engineering department can get a bit confusing with their information especially when it comes time to applying to a major. Very large campus be ready to commute a lot.
I'll never forget the stress, sleepless nights and fear I had the last semester of my senior year of High School. I had picked Texas A&M as the place to go to college. Being the oldest child, I was the first to leave home and take the dive into life on my own without anyone to base my new life on. After spending two years at this University, I realized that I never truly left home - I just found an extension of it. My fellow peers, strangers, and friends are all united under one spirit. People talk about "The Spirit of Aggieland" - but there is something truly there. With the resources, student organizations, and deeply rooted traditions, you have to make an effort to NOT find your place to fit in. While I've only been in college two years, I have been exposed to so many professional resources, career advancements, and a priceless accumulation of knowledge through my courses. When looking for a place to call my home when leaving my house, Texas A&M was there.
Texas A&M is THE best university in the country. Everyone is incredibly friendly and everyone will go out of their way to help you. I have loved my experience at A&M. I feel like my money was well spent and I learned so much more not only academically, but also personally through the people I shared Aggieland with.
I love that this university is so friendly. This campus offers many activities, clubs, and organizations that you can participate in.
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I love the sense of community at this university. All the traditions and the school spirit really do make the experience at this school. All the people that I have encountered, are all genuinely nice and the policy regarding the honor code is actually taken seriously, which is respectable.
My experience was great because the student body is nice the professor teach very well the food on the campus is great and the drom rooms are high qulity living facility
The school lots of traditions and great school spirit. However, the recent construction has relocation of the disability and testing center to the far end of campus and is now difficult to get to.
Good academics. Good reputation. Good networking.
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