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If you are looking for a college to have fun and do a bunch of partying this isn't the school for you. Although if you are coming to college to better yourself and actually learn something for your future this is a good school. The social life is what you make it. The campus is decently up kept, and not the latest technology in all the buildings.
The curriculum is fine, great instructors, and accommodating advisors. The main issue with the school is that their administrative staff seems to make it their mission to make everything as inefficient as possible. Additionally the V.A. seems more uncaring than the V.A. at community college.
Even though Kingsville is not a big as other universities the experience that you will have her is just as great even better. By being a smaller university the professors are able help you more and take the time out of their day to meet with you. the relationships that you make her will last a life time. Everyone is nice and friendly. There is always something to do weather its on campus or in the town never a boring moment. The best thing that I would have to say is all the resources that are out there for you to use . Any thing that you could need help with there is always someone that can help
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One thing I like about Texas A&M university Kingsville is that it’s a small environment with lots of great people as well as professors. It’s a 24:1 ratio so it’s a great university especially because you get to know your professors and get to meet with them and learn new ideas. A thing I dislike about Texas A&M university- Kingsville is that the music building is really pointless they are spending so much money while tuition is rising on everyone because of this building. It doesn’t benefit everyone just the music majors. They already have a music building so instead of wasting so much money they could’ve just remodeled. A change I would like to see is more student involvement around campus in any major or field. There has to be more interactions to get to know more people as well as professors, students , and deans.
Kingsville is a place where you feel relax for example there is a lot of nature everywhere you go. also kingsville has a good health career that I'm really hoping on pursuing.
I Love this school, has always been my top choice in college. Its a beautiful school and its so welcoming. I have always wanted to go to this school because its diverse and warm. Academic wise I think that the professors are very helpful and that they do what they can to help us. Athletics try their best to keep up their grades and up with sports.
TAMUK is a smaller campus along with small classes. Students are able to have more interactions with the professors and peers. Also, provide a variety of different organizations and clubs to join.
It is a really great school, in several respects. It is a very small school in a small town, so the campus isn't too big and can be crossed in less than 10 minutes. Because of the size and location, not much goes on and it is relatively safe. There are many smaller towns in the area whose students attend TAMUK, so it gives in a sort of 'home-y' feeling, especially if you're from the area.

On the other hand, there isn't much to do. If you're looking for a big, busy campus in a large city, TAMUK isn't for you. If you're looking for a laid back type of lifestyle while at college, TAMUK may be the one.
Texas A&M Kingsville is great school if you are interested in animal science and wildlife management but other than that the school is very average.
So far I like the campus. I'm grateful that the campus isn't too big so it's easy to walk from one end to the other. However, there isn't enough parking for everyone. If you want a good parking spot, you have to show up at like 7am even if you have a later class or else you have to park at the football field cause everything fills up fast.
First I love the location. The university is in a small friendly town in South Texas. I never lived in a small town . I was homeless when I came to this small town . The first time I stepped into Javalina Country I found the right I university for me .
This review is on A&M San Antonio, formally part of Kingsville. The university is a brand new university located in the southern part of San Antonio Texas which is a large metropolitan city. It is a primarily Hispanic university with now growing diversity, the school is well known in San Antonio for its affordability. Given that it is a new university, there are many opportunities to grow in both academics and careers.
I have visited Texas A&M only once so far but the experience was a good one. I have only heard positive things about the university from a previous professor and other well educated adults. I have heard their engineering programs are some the best. The university is not too far from home but is far enough to get a sense of independence.
My experience just visiting TAMUK was great I really loved how the environment was peaceful and that no one seemed to be rude. I also encourage others to visit this campus although it is not very big it has its advantages. All study halls or your major halls are all so close to your dorms and you can get the help you need from teachers if needed. This environment makes you feel welcomed and ready to learn. That is how I feel about TAMUK.
I'm an international student, I never expected that TAMUK is gonna be that bad and to compare with, my Undergrad School back in India was way better than TAMUK.
Just to give some examples, they have only two Chemical Professors for the whole Chemical Engineering Department and half of the equipments in the lab don't work. To summarize TAMUK "sucks"
If you’re interested in both Music Education and looking for the right school in Texas, Texas A&M University-Kingsville may be the right choice for you. The music department staff is excellent because they often go the extra mile for the students.
Texas A&M University-Kingsville has high academic quality and professors really care about students. We get one-on-one attention, especially from professors in our majors. I have gotten involved in undergraduate research and had a one-semester internship which helped with paying my bills, too. I haven't graduated so I don't know if I can say whether this is the best return on investment until I see my job offers since I don't plan to go to graduate school.
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Texas A&M Kingsville was the very first college I looked at when I did campus tours and it caught my attention right off the bat. I like the scenery and the people are very helpful and friendly.
As an ABET accredited school it fulfills the minimum requirements for my Mechanical Engineering education, and many of the classes are especially challenging.
The campus is very nicely laid out. Guiding is very well thought out and buildings are easy to find. The architecture type is very beautiful.
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