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Texas A&M University - Kingsville Reviews

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The Computer Science department is the worst department in the University. It has maximum number of international students with least academic standard. Many good professors are leaving. There is no specific tracks to study or specialization, only two or three courses where you get to do learn coding and solve coding assignments. Since Computer Science department comes under the Electrical Engineering department most of the efforts are done to improve the Electrical Engineering department which is way better. No online courses available. You can only do summer internship. They have no Co-Op program for Spring/Fall Semesters. You can only do Co-Op only in the last semester when you have one research project left. There is no proper communication between the faculty and the advising office. The inter department communication like the advising office and the International Office communication is very poor. The management is excellent in playing blame games and not getting the work done.
The professors I've had are great, as well as my academic advisor. I just do not like how the financial aid office works sometimes. I've always had a different problem with them and always end up getting my financial aid super late. It is an extreme pain in the butt.
As a college transfer it was very difficult for me to decide which college I would like to attend after completing two years of community college. I’m pleased to say that Texas A&M Kingsville is by far the best decision I’ve ever made. The school is rich in school spirit and the academics are amazing.
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I love the school and what it is about. There is a lot of oppunities here just waiting take hold of. I like for ways to pay for the college is easier knowledge.
Everything is in walking distance and it’s a very beautiful campus. The students and staff there are very well rounded people and are very friendly. They really just want everyone to do their absolute best
Texas A&M University - Kingsville is a great place for a person to go to. It is a small university which allows professors to focus more on you and your classmates rather than not being able to help you in class. The campus is small enough where you would not get lost after the first day.
Kingsville is a great place to get your basics done as well as continue your education into a graduate program. With a diverse student body, great professors and school events, A&M Kingsville is a wonderful school to consider receiving a degree from.
Texas A&M University Kingsville is a great place. It is apart of the might Texas A&M system and in my opinion one of the strongest members. The employees and management make you feel right at home. Our size is fairly small but we are very competitive. I completed my Master's degree in only one year and received tuition assistance as an employee.
I've had great experiences at Texas A&M University Kingsville college. The professors are helpful, some classmates become your friends, and your advisors become your motivation to push harder in your classes. Throughout the days, months, and years I've gone to college. People learn to become adults because they have to keep up with their assignments, they have to learn to communicate with others around them especially their professors. Ask questions, be honest and don't give up. College is tough but we are not alone, there will always be someone to help you along the way but we must make an effort and try. The number one rule in College is communication. From the experiences I've had in college you learn what it's like to become an adult it may soumd strange to say that but it's true. You are responsible for what happens next. I'll tell you one thing your tears, frustration, discouragement that you feel will eventually lead you to your strength and to your accomplishments in life.
Everyone in Kingsville is great, the staff all around campus is so genuine. It really feels like home. Even when you are far away.
Classes are very simple. Students are not intelligent, and most professors are not good at lechure. The school is very cheap. Over all diversity is very low, with half graduate students being Indian, and undergrads being hispanic. Most students just cheat their way through. Engineers in this school can't even integrate properly. If you are a smart student, you will definitely stand out. Take advantage of that, and talk to professors.
Love the size of the school. My Proffs were easy to get in touch with. The only issues I had were with the holds placed on my account every semester causing me to not be able to register for my classes. Always something silly they just needed to clear. They also require you visit with your adviser every time you are going to register for classes. This slows down your process and can cause you to miss out on the section you want. I was in a program, so I did not need advising, yet the hold to see one was always there.
What I liked about the campus is how friendly everyone was. A lot of the professor's are really willing to go the extra mile to help students succeed. It's very inspiring to watch them work alongside us instead of just telling us what to do. What should definitely change is the administrative team. They waste money on unimportant things, holding sports over education and are brash and rude. If I could go to a different campus, I would. But unfortunately, they're the cheapest University for me to be able to afford. They're the only reason I'm not looking forward to go back.
If you are looking for a college to have fun and do a bunch of partying this isn't the school for you. Although if you are coming to college to better yourself and actually learn something for your future this is a good school. The social life is what you make it. The campus is decently up kept, and not the latest technology in all the buildings.
The curriculum is fine, great instructors, and accommodating advisors. The main issue with the school is that their administrative staff seems to make it their mission to make everything as inefficient as possible. Additionally the V.A. seems more uncaring than the V.A. at community college.
Even though Kingsville is not a big as other universities the experience that you will have her is just as great even better. By being a smaller university the professors are able help you more and take the time out of their day to meet with you. the relationships that you make her will last a life time. Everyone is nice and friendly. There is always something to do weather its on campus or in the town never a boring moment. The best thing that I would have to say is all the resources that are out there for you to use . Any thing that you could need help with there is always someone that can help
One thing I like about Texas A&M university Kingsville is that it’s a small environment with lots of great people as well as professors. It’s a 24:1 ratio so it’s a great university especially because you get to know your professors and get to meet with them and learn new ideas. A thing I dislike about Texas A&M university- Kingsville is that the music building is really pointless they are spending so much money while tuition is rising on everyone because of this building. It doesn’t benefit everyone just the music majors. They already have a music building so instead of wasting so much money they could’ve just remodeled. A change I would like to see is more student involvement around campus in any major or field. There has to be more interactions to get to know more people as well as professors, students , and deans.
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Kingsville is a place where you feel relax for example there is a lot of nature everywhere you go. also kingsville has a good health career that I'm really hoping on pursuing.
I Love this school, has always been my top choice in college. Its a beautiful school and its so welcoming. I have always wanted to go to this school because its diverse and warm. Academic wise I think that the professors are very helpful and that they do what they can to help us. Athletics try their best to keep up their grades and up with sports.
TAMUK is a smaller campus along with small classes. Students are able to have more interactions with the professors and peers. Also, provide a variety of different organizations and clubs to join.
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