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Texas A&M University - Kingsville Reviews

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As an ABET accredited school it fulfills the minimum requirements for my Mechanical Engineering education, and many of the classes are especially challenging.
The campus is very nicely laid out. Guiding is very well thought out and buildings are easy to find. The architecture type is very beautiful.
I love the teachers, staffs and students of the school. Its a friendly environment with little to no incidence of racism. The school should although improve in their career fairs by bringing more companies especially those that would give international students a chance
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Nice school empty city nice people willing to help you every step of the way. I've met some amazing people who are more like family to me now. Even though going out is going to walmart most of the time its usually with friends and its pretty fun if you make it fun. I really like it here.
Since the campus is small, classes are also small. Professors are more likely to answer questions and help students. The campus is also very diverse I'm cultures, which to some, may be a downside, however I enjoy experiencing different types cultures.
I had a great time learning and making new friends. The atmosphere is family oriented (everyone helps everyone out). The only thing I ask to change is the parking. It is horrible there on campus.
Texas A&M University Kingsville is such a beautiful place to be in. the scenery, kind professors, and the athletics is what caught my eye to be so interested in this university. I would definitely recommend people to apply and attend this university. However, the only thing I would change about this university is the distance between the classes and dorms, but that's about all.
My time at Texas A&M University-Kingsville has been the best time I've ever had in my life. My three years here helped me evolve into the person I am today. A person that I didn't see myself becoming three years ago as an undergrad. I'm a strong, independent, determined human being that strives for the best. I have met many people that I know will be life long friends, and for that I'm grateful for my experience here. Graduating with my bachelors from here has opened many doors for me that I never knew could exist. From working as a part time student to now being a full time teacher while working on my masters is something I'm very thankful for. My career and my life would not be as wonderful and successful as it is if I hadn't gone to Texas A&M-Kingsville, and I'll always be grateful for the education I received from this outstanding school.
The college is very affordable. The university is very diverse. The academics is very good. The engineering programs are very good.
It's a nice small school and if you want small classes I would consider it. My largest class size is maybe 100 students, so you can really get to know your professors.
This university is a good place to come and learn. The small community helps with smaller classes and more 1 on 1 interactions with professors and classmates.
Texas A&M University- Kingsville is an amazing school. Their email response is quickly and really helpful.
I liked how diverse it was and the professors were very nice and helpful. The campus was close to home and it was a nice area to live to. I felt very safe throughout the year of attending the campus.
Excellent campus. The professors are well educated and care about you and how you are doing in school and in your personal life. The dorms are pricey for what you get but they aren't too bad. The required meal plan is terrible and the food is as well. It makes college more expensive and unnecessarily so.
Otherwise, a great campus with many opportunities that one may take advantage of.
My school was not on the list so, I selected the near closes school. I am currently at Texas A&M San Antonio, Texas. I love that everyone is involved and even when you don't want them, lol, but we are like a big family!
Tamuk is a great college that inspires young adults to become anything they strive to be in life. From a pharmacist, engineer, historian, chemist, physicist, and so much more. Tamuk is the college for students who want to achieve the best of the best in education. The knowledge you gain each semester is getting you that much closer to you need career. So pick Tamuk as your college because it defines what a college should be.
Kingsville is a great college to go to. It's very affordable and the teaching here is excellent. Unlike most colleges, the teachers will work with you if you absolutely need it. There are many opportunitys to study and do great here!
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I really enjoy my life at TAMUK, this school made me feel at home from the beginning. Having many opportunities for students to get involved in their fields study, Texas A&M University Kingsville insurers that his students succeeded in their careers.
My experience with Texas A&M University Kingsville is amazing. My fellow students are nice and so helpful. The professors are great they will help you the best that can. The actives on campus are great we there is a pool, bowling alley, and a rec center. The campus food is very good there are a lot of different options. Kingsville is a great location not a big city but not a small town. Overall my experience is super amazing.
TAMUK is a great university with excellent professors and an interesting environment. The history of the university combined with their future aspirations for it make this university one-of-a-kind.
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