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Texas A&M University - Corpus Christi Reviews

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I loved everything this school has to offer. I feel welcomed by the friendly staff members, professors and students. They want you to succeed and try to help as much as possible.
The professors and campus are amazing. Teachers really care for your grade and will help you in any way they can to help you learn the material.
Texas A&M Corpus Christi is a safe and friendly environment! There's so much to do everyday and the campus is extremely beautiful and there's tons to explore. I have never gone to this campus and been bored. The student life is awesome and everyone is so nice. I wouldn't change anything about this campus and I can't wait to attend!
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I really like attending this school. The professors are extremely helpful and want you to succeed. They often announce their office hours for additional assistance, and the school also provides tutoring sessions in their CASA center. This University is very diverse and welcomes all students of all backgrounds, classes are easy to understand and the whole university has a welcoming culture.
i love my school, i love the enviorment and the only thing i would change is how some of the professors teach
I am a transfer student at tamucc and I love it. The campus is nice, students and staff are nice and helpful and dorm life is the greatest here. The only complaint that I have at this time is that I would like to see the finaid office award more finaid assistance.
I have not been to the school. I would be attending for the fall semester, its a pretty nice campous a lot of opportunities for one and so on. Has great sites to see and wonderful body of water near it for those who enjoy a quite study moment by the beach.
The University itself is located in a beautiful location that is also kept clean by student organizations. They have plenty of sports teams which attract students and allow for social interactions which I think is a very important part of life. The University is constantly being decorated depending on events/holidays, so it is always catching my eye. The University as a whole is a living campus.
The university is next to the ocean so it gets a good ocean breeze. Most of the professors are willing to help you out and succeed. The downside of Texas A&M University is there isn't a whole lot to it and that their rates for student housing are high as its a per student rate.
My time at Texas A & M University Corpus Christi has been amazing. The classes as well as the professors have been nothing but patient with the students. They provided a safe and comfortable environment for me as well my classmates. The one thing i would change would be the timing in picking up phone calls because many student have questions and are not able to directly go to the offices.
I'm a current student here at this university and I absolutely love it more and more each day. The staff are so willing to go out of their way to help students and you don't find that very often. I love the environment of this school. It's a small college and I like that everyone knows everyone else and you are able to easily make friends. The classes are tough, but professors are so willing to schedule around your time to help you. Overall, a wonderful university. Beautiful scenery of the ocean and the sunset as well as sunrise.
Texas A&M Corpus Christi student life is average, there are events going on occasionally and Greek life is very poor. Otherwise, overall the campus is nice and less then a 10 minute walk to class from building to building. The professors are helpful and always willing to talk to you if you have questions.
I chose this school because of the perfect weather and how close it is to the beach. The only problem is the campus. It is very small but you still somehow manage to see the same people every day. The classes are generally not that bad but they are easy to slack off in. The dining hall food is either a hit or a miss but it usually gets worse throughout the year.
As an international student, I know this university was the best, it was very welcoming, the professors were great and gave their best, every event was perfectly organized. everything about this university was great especially the beach part. Every professor was very cooperative with their student and had a certain way of explaining things perfectly so that anyone would understand.
As a freshman I received a lot of help from my professors and advisor. They made sure my transition from high school to college was comfortable and able for me to succeed. At Texas A&M Corpus Christi they give a lot of opportunity for students who may be struggling in their classes. Theres many tutoring opportunities and one and one study sessions with your professor that you can take advantage of.
This campus is an amazing one, there is always something to do, or a student organization doing something for the students and staff. Sometimes there will be an organization that offers free coffee in the mornings, another one offered free coffee and a free taco for taco Tuesdays! Plenty of ways to get involved!
I have been here one semester and so far I really like it. The atmosphere around campus is very laid back and the teachers and students are all pretty nice. The staff make sure to go out of their way to let me know what services are available to help me and i really appreciate that.
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I like the novelty of being able to attend school by the ocean. In the summer when Texas is blazing hot, being at the school by the ocean allows a nice breeze to cool down the campus. Teachers are also very friendly and talkative. Plenty of places to eat on campus.. although their could be more options.
My experience at Texas A&M Corpus Christi has been excellent. I couldn't ask for any better professors and the friends that I have made being at this beautiful school. It is an excellent school to learn and succeed in. So I would definitely recommend Texas A&M Corpus Christi to everyone out there.
I like how friendly they are. They always welcome you no matter what. It is also a great place to get a good education.
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