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I have been going to A&M - Corpus Christi for two years now, and overall it has been a positive experience. The campus is beautiful, and the staff, faculty members, and other students are openly friendly. If you need help with anything, they will assist you. Everything is withing a few miles, so a vehicle of some kind would greatly help. Also i am a commuter, but if you plan on living on or close to the campus, better get an apartments rather than a dorm, living expenses and meal plans at any university is where most of your money will go to rather than tuition books, and fees. Generally the expenses that you don't put too much thought into, will cost you the most. So keep that in mind. Overall, it has been a great experience and i look forward to the next two more years.
I have enjoyed my experiences T TAMUCC and would love to see it continue to grow and become more successful.
I would say that TAMUCC is a very happy and high end school. Everyone is very helpful and always open to answer any questions in need.
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Texas A&M University is a diverse school where you can learn from many amazing professions and peers. The campus is beautiful and has a scene right next to the ocean. Professors, faculty, and staff are always so excited to help you succeed in your time there.
Advisors are very helpful and they want you to succeed. The staff answers any questions you have whether it be enrollment, financial aid or holds.
Texas A&M University: Corpus Christi is a great college to be in. The staff and students here are friendly. Decent food and there may need to be some changes in the dorms. Social events here are the best as well as participating in games! The athletic center here is clean and in good maintenance. The professors are knowledgeable and really helpful in teaching me what I need to know.
I love it here! It is a great place for undergrade classes! Every Professor is very nice! It is a wonderful school!
Texas A&M Corpus Christi is a great campus, great location, and has a great view of the ocean. Technology is great, it offers a lot of services for the students, and study areas. The staff is not always professional, some get away with a lot. There is racism, some students have gone as far as insult others based on their race and nothing has ever been done. Students are constantly charged for everything, whether they only need a copy of a document, or a record. Parking is over priced.
Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi may not be a huge school but it is very inspiring. The teachers methods of interacting with students helps with the learning process and I found the campus a great place to make new friends because everyone is so nice and welcoming.
Great location, TAMU system, good value in-state, growing university on an island! Classes are challenging, diverse student population, beautiful campus make you feel relaxed. Professors are challenging.
The environment is amazing, the school and professors actually want you to succeed in your classes. there is always something to do or attend at the university. The drive to campus is amazing to the left is a gorgeous view of the ocean and to the right is the sign Texas A&M University - Corpus Christi. I'm glad i chose this university.
The curriculum is not so hard. The atmosphere is friendly and professors are nice, skillful and approachable
The school offers great resources and the staff are always helpful. They school is small, so you are able to have more time with professors and tutors. I do wish that the school offered more variety in their courses, and that they would actually offer the course they have listed.
Texas A&M University - Corpus Christi is overall a great college. There are plenty of opportunities to get active and participate with others in the student body, whether it be going to events, joining clubs, or attending an organizational meeting. The campus is very pretty and classes are not overwhelmingly large nor are they extremely small.
The school itself gives off the impression of a home away from home,i cant emphasize it enough but everyone is so friendly at this university. Aside from being welcome by just the student, the welcoming from the professors, is very welcoming. At any moment dont be afraid to talk to your professors, they are also willing to help .
The campus itself is beautiful and very active. The athletic department was decent, the basketball team does very well each season. Most professors seem knowledgeable however i have had unpleasant experiences with others. The surrounding area is what brings the most problems for TAMUCC. Many students drive dangerously in the area and the partying gets out of control frequently.
My time at TAMUCC started off rocky due to having had an academic advisor that didn't direct me to the degree plan that best suited me. After changing to a different degree plan that contained classes that were more relevant to my career goal, the department of Kinesiology guided me the entire way! They were very encouraging and willing to help their students to the best of their abilities. Although I am grateful that I graduated, I miss taking classes at TAMUCC.
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TAMUCC is a beautiful campus on an island with amazing people all around. Cats are the norm and are our friends on campus. There are some beautiful, updated buildings. Professors are awesome and are usually knowledgable in their fields. Overall, the vibe on campus is really laid back and low stress.
I liked the atmosphere of the campus and the tutoring that is offered for the engineering program. I love where the campus is located and the size of it. I feel there are no changes that need to be made to make this college better for me, it's my first choice.
It was fine. It was a good school. Very safe and pretty cool being on an island. I really enjoyed my experience there.
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