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Texas A&M University - Corpus Christi Reviews

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Love love love the Campus! Everyone is nice and it's awesome having such a beautiful scenery. My dog enjoys walking along the beach while
I study.
Texas A&M University - Corpus Christi is very diverse and unique. There are multiple organizations for students to join. They range from sororities/fraternities to organized beach clean up. There are plenty of resources available on campus to help the students succeed. The campus is prepossessing and right on the water. Our community is very diverse, friendly, and our own community. I would like to see more funds put into student housing. Though they are desirable and appealing, there are a few places around the dorms and apartments that could use a clean up.
I like that it has snack spots, and how it's by the ocean. I don't like how it's not a college town. The student life can be improved and they should have bird scooters around town.
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Texas A&M Corpus Christi has provided me with an excellent opportunity to further my education. What I like the most about TAMUCC is how many resources from CASA we have to help each student with different subjects in school if they are struggling or need a better understand of the subject matter. The only thing I suggest should be improved in my honest opinion is student parking to be increased in more areas so students would not have to be late to class or struggle with taking the bus.
I feel like the administration at Texas A&M- Corpus Christi is very dedicated to providing their students with the correct tools and education to succeed in their professional career.
This university has allowed me to see all possibilities I have to offer as a student I’m an Athletic Training Student and an officer for an organization. This university lets everyone feel welcomed and never left out! Professors are great and work well with students.
If you are looking for a small campus/community within the school, TAMUCC is the right university. The students and faculty are very friendly and the class sizes are generally very small, allowing you more one on one time with professors.
The academics are pretty great. There does need to be more parking made though. Lots of students but not enough parking. Maybe orientation for freshmen can be 1 day instead of the 2, which seemed unnecessary.
The professors are wonderful. The staff is friendly and helpful. The campus is easy to get around and everything is within walking distance. The student union and library are great places to study!
The campus is absolutely beautiful and the staff are always willing to help. Tuition is affordable and not any worse than the other universities.
I really enjoy all of the activities they have for all the students, there are so many places they can go for help in classes and activites where they can go and make plenty of new friends! One thing I would want to change is how the people in athletics get to take dumbed down tests so it is easier on them, it is very unfair.
So far, my experience has been great. The faculty has been nothing but helpful when it comes to making sure I have a successful freshman year. I'm very excited to start my journey at such an amazing school!
I will graduate 2020 .I love this campus and met many new challenges and friends along the way. This campus is rapidly growing, yet still holds the feel of a small campus. It’s a great school to attend if you love the beach
TAMUCC is an excellent university regarding the quality of professors, the small cohorts of students for optimal and personalized learning, and the dedication to assure all doctoral students have experience presenting at conferences and publications before graduating. TAMUCC staff and students are like a family where you feel supported, nurtured, and you know that they care about your success!
Once attending the school all went smooth, but first getting to pay is difficult and confusing. They communicate fast but not very clear on what they say. Overall an average school.
This school is the perfect school for someone who enjoys a more laid back environment with more one on one experiences. Each professor that i have had in the past has taught extremely well and left no student behind because they are able to have more personal relationships with students because there aren't as many students per class. With less students to worry about Tamucc has been able to effectively make sure that their students are taken care each and every day. The most amazing thing about the school is the free tutoring services that they provide to every student on campus.
I attended TAMUCC for my bachelor's degree and I am now preparing to attend it for my graduate's degree. I love this campus, the layout is so fluent and the facilities are updated. The staff is very knowledgeable of the campus and also friendly and eager to help. My professors for my bachelor's degree were wonderful teachers and I even keep in contact with a few of them. I loved this school and I am so glad to be going back!
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It was absolutely amazing! But it would be good to update the organic chemistry labs. They lack the equipment that a normal organic chemistry lab should have. There is so much potential.
It’s a great campus, I enjoy it a lot. The professors have always went above and beyond what they need to to ensure I understand the material. It is a great campus with aa diverse group of students with a welcoming open community. It is a beach community and the campus is on an island, but I believe that makes it perfect.
I really enjoy going to this school, I have grown a lot and have also made a lot of friends at this school. I am proud to say I am an islander and I have been since the start. I would 100% recommend this school to anyone.
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