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I like that it was quick and easy for me to apply and to start my first class pending my full acceptance to the school. I don't like that the staff do not respond very well to student's questions or reach out to interact with you as an online grad student. I've had the unfortunate experience in having to email back and forth my advisor and literally had to ask questions to determine the specific classes I should take. The career center seemed willing to help when I call and speak to them. They offered to help me with my resume. I sent a copy of my resume for them to review and revise. I never heard back! Not sure why I'm going to this school with the horrible help I'm getting.
It is a very beautiful campus with every building in walking distance from the dorms. There are a diverse range of dorms to live in and different price ranges so you can easily meet your accommodations.
When I visited Commerce I had a wonderful experience. The dorm rooms are nice. They have a lot of cool stuff to do when no in class.
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campus is great good sponsorship and technique i love the foundation and dorms this place is very nice and fits my major
I just started but so far so good. Very affordable and many options to take classes such as different campuses and online. Great education.
Overall, I have enjoyed my time as a Texas A&M University College student. What is unique about A&M Commerce is that students have the ability to have relationships with their professors. Professors care about their students and do a lot to help them inside and outside the classroom. In addition, the university is located in a great spot. It is near Dallas, so students have the opportunities for internships and jobs in the Dallas metropolis. Lastly, globalization and diversity and inclusion is promoted on campus. Culture is promoted on campus and it is a lot of fun to see.
I'm a Freshman in Texas A&M University-Commerce, I haven't started class yet but my brother goes there and he loves it. I'm excited to start classes there an see how much I would like it
I love how small the school is because it creates a sense of community. The professors are very welcoming and want to see you learn and succeed!
I had a great experience at Texas A&M University-Commerce! My time there allowed me to spend my time going to school and working full-time. My professors and fellow students alike made it a memorable experience.
My Aunt who used to attend that school has experienced great joy. I’ve did my research and found that is a great school to achieve your goals with a well loved school family.
I don't go to the main campus in Commerce, I attend the CHEC center in Mckinney. The professors are great and very knowledgeable! The advisors are great and the classes are pretty small so you really get to know everyone.
Texas A&M University-Commerce has been the college I've been wanting to go to for years now. My sister and I both plan on going to Texas A&M University-Commerce in the fall of 2019. I'm very excited to begin my college life at Texas A&M University-Commerce. I love the options this college has. I've read many reviews on this college and I've heard and seen many great things about it.
Overall, the college is very inviting. I've found the staff helpful and willing to help with any difficulties.
I like the area a lot and being around all the friends that I've made there. The food there is okay, i wish they had more options for people are vegetarian or pescatarian but it'll work. I like that they give house options for the students instead of just apartments. I like the football team because i'm a huge football fan and i love the the cheer team cause i'm a cheerleader myself!
Few things i liked about Texas A&M University Commerce is their band program. I volunteered for the Jr/Senior Honor band and had the experience in performing in an actual college stage and with different people through the country. it was a great experience having a college band director give feedback to my musicianship.
Texas A&M University-Commerce

Nice Campus
Free admission to sporting events
Awesome Football and Basketball teams
Good staff overall
Professor Montgomery
Some really cool people

Town of Commerce has no real student culture
UPD- University Police, they'll give you all the parking tickets in the universe
Some not very cool people
A few professors that couldn't teach a fish to swim
The "One Stop Shop" is one of the most convoluted things I have ever experienced
Every person on staff is friendly and willing to help in any areas that they can. As a freshman, I had to be in the freshman peer mentoring class my first semester which I did not enjoy. It was a waste of time as were the success coaches they give you. But they offer many activities and organizations to be involved it which makes college life all the more enjoyable. All the resources are very accessible as well and those in the One Stop Shop are always helpful in answering questions and helping you in areas of your school life as well as assistance in getting a job.
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This university makes you feel like you are at home. There is much to do on campus including The Rec, hanging with friends, getting involved in organizations and activities throughout the semester sponsored by Campus Activities Board. College life is what you make out of it, so get involved! The food could be improved but good healthy options. The commerce area is a small town with many food joints. You can go to the Cooper Lake, or there is a lake on campus. The campus is beautiful. Professors help you and care about you. Very cheap school for a high quality education!!
I love my school top to bottom. I would never trade my school for anything. The attention, generosity etc in all aspects makes you feel more than welcome. You would have no choice but to believe you will leave school ready. It prepares you for the greater things in life once you have felt the warmness.
It’s a new calm campus that you’ll always feel protected on. Most of the dir s are yo to date or are being renovated. The teachers care for the students a lot and make the staff care about one’s grades too.
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