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Texas A&M University - Central Texas Reviews

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This school is very efficient and diverse. Its traditions bring life and creativity tot he university and its students. The area is truly inviting and the campus is beautifully decorated with inspiration , and knowledge.
I have just begun my journey with Texas A&M University-Central Texas in January of 2018. I am impressed at the level of courteousness the faculty and professors have at this university. Everyone cares about each other’s success and it’s a great college community forming. The only thing I would change is their registration system. It works very well, but it is difficult when trying to compare what courses you have left to take and whether they will be offered in the following semesters. Other than that, the courses, professors, and college are a great place to attend. I would recommend it to anyone!
quite interesting when beginning my first semester here, people are nice and comes with many diverse culture within the college community
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The teachers I met at Texas A&M University were phenomenal. It was the atmosphere in aggieland that put me off. I had to leave the university due to the people who go there and the lack of fulfillment I felt there.
Central texas, specifically is very much dominated by the massive army post located here. This school wouldnt be a party school or have many sports teams. It is a very small campus focused on education.
My experience at A&M has been very good so far. All of my professors seem to really care about whether or not I pass and are very supportive to that end. Their teaching is improved even more by the obvious passion they have for their work. The campus is beautiful and the students truly live up to A&M's reputation as the friendliest school in Texas.
Very big and somewhat of a concrete jungle due to all of the architecture. However, those who appreciate vast and large buildings may find it as a wonderland of creativity from stone.
It's a great place if you're older student. There's appt of military students which makes for an interesting mix. Also, it's growing quickly so there's a lot of changes that I'm not just getting adjusted too. Overall it's a nice and peaceful place to attend.
I have just applied to Texas A&M for this fall, so I have not attended the University yet. So far, they seem really friendly compared to the community colleges I have attended.
I had a great experience at A&M. All of the professors I have encountered were helpful and nice. I would like to see more classes offered online for some programs offered here.
This University is so affordable and diverse! The teachers are very supportive and understanding, they do all they can to help you succeed. The campus is new and beautiful. I would recommend this University to everyone in the Central Texas area!
Texas A&M University - Central Texas engages in predatory practices, withholding necessary details and thus preventing students from making informed decisions. I had to withdraw from my classes and spoke with several people on the phone in the financial aid and registrar offices to make sure I withdrew without debt, as a calendar with these kind of dates was not maintained online. I was told I'd be fine, so I withdrew. Months later, I discover that because I didn't wait two more days to withdraw, I now owe the university $740. It is a shame that a public university would seek to take advantage of its [primarily military and veteran] students like this. This is inexcusable.
Military Friendly
Flexible Scheduling and course availability
Instructors ensure that lessons are learned and applied
Provides a quality education that can be utilized in the real world
Officers are really good at their jobs
Depending on the program of study internships and career opportunities can be found with ease. TAMUCT Biology program is severely lacking in both of these hopeful leads.
Only Rugby is offered at TAMUCT
Texas A&M University Central Texas (TAMUCT) offers wonderful programs with small class sizes. The professors at TAMUCT work closely with students to make sure they develop skill necessary for the workforce once graduated. Many of the degrees and student development programs offer to help students in ways that allow them to become the best individuals they can be. Though TAMUCT offers fantastic scholarships and grants to many minorities it greatly lacks for non-traditional students, women, and military spouses. My time at TAMUCT has proven to the most educational experience of my life but also the most costly. This past year my education was paid for with the Post 9/11 bill and I was hired as a student worker. This allowed me to cover the additional costs of supplies throughout the semester. However, this year I have been informed my student worker position will be adjusted to a work-study position; which I do not qualify for as a VA student. Though there are clear financial challenges, I will continue to study and work hard to achieve my goals and complete my degree. My only hope is that financial need for non-traditional and military affiliated students is soon acknowledged by TAMUCT.
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The athletes get expert and experienced care and the other clubs such as band getting what they need when they need it.
It's very supportive and relatively forward with the way my school treats my fellow classmates
The career service is wonderful. The staff is experienced and kind.
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