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Texas A&M University - Corpus Christi Reviews

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I really enjoy my time at TAMUCC. The professors are great and very interactive. There are many good opportunities here, especially if interested in STEM research. The school is small so there are limitations on food choices and activities, but this also allows for better interactions with peers and professors.
The school is well-round with well educated professors ready to teach us what we need to know for a better future whether you want to go to grad school or professional school. The campus offers research program and volunteering hours to all students and alumi.
I visited the campus not long ago and my experience was great, the students were all very helpful and friendly.
Review Texas A&M University - Corpus Christi
What I like about this university is that the professors will gladly will help you if you need any help with the materials. The professors and staff are really friendly. There are different events that the university do for the students can get involve.
Texas A&M University - Corpus Christi is a wonderful school to attend. It is located right next to the water. The class sizes are small enough to where the professor gets to know all of the students in the class.
This university is very friendly, they help you with anything you need. Plus, it's close to the island so you can enjoy a peaceful time.
I love the campus. its right on the water. if your a cat person you will love this campus there are cats everywhere. most of the cats are friendly there is even some friendly squirrels.
A&M is growing rapidly. Over thousands of new students flood the campus every year. Texas A&M does a good job of accommodation courses and classrooms for each student. Parking has always been an issue that has yet to be even looked at. Finding professors who speak good english are always an issue too.
This is my first year at TAMU-CC. What I like about my campus is the school isn't too big but big enough. You are able to build close relationships with your professors who are always willing to help you as long as you into office hours. The campus itself is beautiful, the ocean is literally across the street and we have our on bay on campus. What i would like to see change is for the school to get students more excited on student life/activities on campus. As well as improving the sororities on campus. Lastly the campus is in dire need of my parking lots. Overall the island is great place to receive your degree.
Overall, this school is a good school in my opinion. For the most part, the professors are nice. There is a "beach atmosphere" and everyone is pretty chill. However, it is a little on the expensive side. Not the tuition per se, just the food places and the store.
Could use better student services such as counseling centers, academic and otherwise, and needs late night eating options, but overall a wonderful school with a fair amount of diversity and great students and clubs that only want the best for their community.
I had a decent first year here, the work can be hard at times but theres a lot of nice people and a lot of help available to those who need it.
I really love this university. The professors ante staff are so helpful and very informative. Student life is amazing and lot of nice and easy people around.
Honestly the best university I could pick, it's small but great school spirit everyone is so nice and it's a great city !
I love the scenery around campus and the feel of being so close to the water. It's very refreshing to walk outside around campus and feel/smell the sea breeze. I would like to see more parking lots being built because I always have trouble finding parking.
I have attended TAMU-CC for three years now and I have had the greatest college experience. With the beach right across the street, TAMUCC has a great atmosphere, and the staff is always ready to help. The buildings are easy to locate and the walk from place to place is always bright and sunny. I always feel safe walking to my car at night! The website is easy to navigate and the teachers always stay on top of their stuff! The only thing I would change about my school is the fact that we don't have a football team! Everyone wants to have those big college football games to go to, and I think if TAMU-CC had a football team, that would be the icing on the cake!
A&M Corpus Christi is a beautiful campus, however I feel they are lacking in certain areas. Their choice in some of the professors they hire is very poor. There are a lot of fees for things you will never use. I feel this school is mainly 'for-profit'. They recently took away free-prints from students as well which was something that was nice to have.
Review Texas A&M University - Corpus Christi
It is a great school, the classes can be a little bit challenging but that's just the transition to college. If you like small schools, this is a great choice.
I love it. It was the only school that i applied for and im very greatful that i got in and got the chance to move here and make this my home
What I like about corpus foremost is that it is surrounded by beautiful scenery and by water. I think this school appreciates the students and I really hear great things about this school and when I toured the campus, I fell in-love with everything.
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