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Since I entered this school, I have developed skills that I never thought I would use. Academically, this school is pretty decent and has all the needed resources to have a first-world education. One of the main advantages of this university is service. Throughout my freshmen year, I was very confused with all the system itself. However, all the staff was extremely nice to me and they helped me in everything I needed. The professors are extremely prepared and are very capable of teaching the future professionals of the world.
Texas A&M International University is such a great campus to be in. There's a lot to enjoy, there's peace and quiet, as well as a very respectful environment. There's a lot of understanding people around, including the professors and staff!
It’s a good college! But I wished they offered some other majors as I was not satisfied with the choice of majors! By overall good.
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I liked TAMIU because it had really good professors, really nice staff (for the most part), I loved the scenery on campus! I loved the Library's scene of the outside as well as the study rooms.
I disliked the staff in Zafrinni building because they were pretty rude, but everything was fine.
Texas A&M International University has a very diverse student background, with plenty of studying abroad opportunities. I have met professors that carry much passion in their research that it makes me want to partake in their field. They are very inspirational, and they also come from many places besides Laredo. There are always many activities on campus, and there are plenty of opportunities for students to partake in extracurricular activities and student organizations.
TAMIU is a great university. I love the fact that is International. It allows to have so much diversity over your 4 years of education. It was plenty of organizations that you can grow and develop[ as a leader. This university often offers scholarships to help fund education. If one is willing to develop as an individual, TAMIU provides the necessary tools for success. The only thing I would like to improve is the athletics department. I fell like TAMIU has a lot of resources for athletes but its not being used to its full potential.
Great assistance for tuition from various programs and scholarships available. cost of attendance is very reasonable. Professors in the departments of science and business are great in their respective fields. Nursing program has a very competitive acceptance rate. Most students are hispanic with a few international students and out of state athletes. Resources available to students include access to tutoring, writing assistance, career advising, free medical screenings.
I like that it has a lot of cultural diversity. Also, the professors care about the students and try their best to help us. Just one thing that scares me is that the university is exposed to danger because I think that there isn't a lot of security in campus.
All staff is friendly, and willing to help. The school grounds are always calm, and inviting. There is enough trees to enjoy an afternoon in the open air.
well i'm an up coming freshmen but since i live in Laredo where the university is located, I've gone to visit it a couple of times i have been to the gyms some of the classes. I had also the opportunity to go to the library and it gives me just a nice welcome all the windows and the view it makes me feel like home. i personally highly recommend to assist this university and consider studying there. TAMIU gives us the students plenty scholarships for everything so its less work and stress we can actually enjoy school without being worried of not fulfilling the income to pay the school. The professors are very open minded they help you with anything you want and they'll go back from previous lessons to make sure you understand the concept. I've seen this happen to my sister she studied there and she loved it now she is starting her own counters' office this has even open many doors from me now im sure i will assist TAMIU and will always be a part of my life.
Texas A&M International University is an amazing school. They have an outstanding campus; not too big not too small and very clean. The professors actually do teach you something. The food on campus is great there's something for everyone. Does have diversity since it is an international university. You are always meeting new people making new friends.
My university experience has been amazing at TAMIU. I honestly thought it was going to be hard, but oh was I wrong! The mentors, advisors, staff, professors, colleagues, are all so friendly and have great atmosphere for everyone to reach out and help you. I love my university and truly appreciate everyone in it.
I loved Texas A&M International University because it made me into a better person. I might of slacked off in the beginning but the environment and faculty actually care about your education. They will help you in any problem you are dealing with. It made my freshmen year unbelievable. I joined organizations my first year and actually managed my time and courses at the same time. The feeling of just feeling welcome there is beyond amazing. I do not regret coming to Texas A&M International University. It honestly opened my eyes that I do have lots of opportunities and I should take advantage of them. I am glad I chose to come here. I personally believe there is nothing wrong with TAMIU. I feel like I am at home and universities are supposed to feel like that not feeling out of place. Every place is connected and you can easily find your resources when you need something.
Professors are excellent individuals. Learning is always a guarantee throughout the semester. The staff is very helpful, yet at times not capable of resolving all questions or concerns. The degree programs offered are a good amount. Plenty of assistance is provided therefore making up for any other factors.
Texas A&M International University is, in my opinion, the best University in Texas. Every student and staff tries their best to get involved with the campus as much as possible. The only thing I wish that would change from the University is parking space.
So far my experience at TAMIU has been great! I get to meet great people every so often. Not to mention, the professors actually invest time with their students and are nice enough to answer any questions or concerns. However, I do think they should create more clubs and organizations based on the different fields of study available.
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What I love about TAMIU is the small college experience. It is a small, peaceful campus with everything at your fingertips. The food selection is great as well.
This is my first semester ever and I can honestly say that this was the best choice I have ever made to pursue my academic career at the best institution ever. I love the environment, the students and the professors the most. Best choice I have ever made in my life. Dust ‘em Devils!
To help find my dream college, me and my family decided to take a trip to Texas &M International, in Laredo. Some of the students took us on a tour, and the campus was breathtaking! They took us into a room to explain tuition, and let me say it is really affordable! Afterword, they took us to the planetarium to watch a movie. After the movie, we went to the school cafeteria. Feeling satisfied with the variety of restaurants to choose from, I am now considering going to this university!
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