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The diversity in this campus is one of the main reasons TAMIU is a great university. The professors and stuff express the importance of receiving an education thus providing all the help we need to succeed.
I really like the university because the teachers are great and the school is clean. There are many professors that are willing to help when you need it. There is constantly activities and events that go on in the campus.
At TAMIU, a student will have the opportunity to grow with a family at the college. This is because its a medium size campus and students will often see their friends. The professors, often help the students on what they need in order to actually pass the class. If the student doesnt want the help of the professor, he will have a hard time to pass alone. Because TAMIU is a medium campus, the classes are not that big and the students and professors get a good communication.
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Would like if more majors were available such like engineering, and forensic science. While there are some arts related minors, I would like to see them as majors.
I really enjoyed how TAMIU employees would do anything and everything in their power to keep the students happy and safe. To my knowledge, there was not a time in this university that students have felt in danger because staff are always on top of everything students do. One thing I would actually enjoy seeing different is more student involvement in extracurricular activities.
I have been at TAMIU for 4 years and I can honestly say that it has been the greatest experience. Everyone there is so friendly, kind, and they are always willing to lend a hand. I love that the professors are open to helping students when they are struggling. The thing I would like to see changed though would be better organization when it comes to answering questions in regards to financial aid or student records.
I love TAMIU because you can find quality studies with high quality professors from around the world willing to teach students like us who are eager to learn vast amounts of information. The campus is close and central in Laredo, Tx. TAMIU offers living and many campus resources beneficial for the students. This is a great quality University to attain your education from while not blowing your budget as well.
I am currently a student at TAMIU and I am pleased with what I've experienced so far. There is a lot of diversity in this institute which allows for a different point of view in any situation presented. The professors in this university give the students further insight and meaning to literature devices as well as everyday life.
Well the school is great the campus is amazing the different activities the school provides makes sure there is not a dull moment during the semester the counseling is great too there is always someone there to help you in whatever your problem is ; And being honest i think the school doesnt need to change because its great the way it is.
Texas A&M International is a great university. Although, I've only been attending for a year, I am glad I did. Everyone is super friendly and easy to talk to. I love that there is a tutoring center if you ever need help with homework or if you have not understood a lecture you can head right over and you will get the help you need.
TAMIU allows bigoted, unmerited opinions to be propagated by outside guests (like the event on June 5, 2018 titled, "Can Homosexuals Change?") in the name of free speech. The problem is that this is illegal under Title IX statutes, and TAMIU has a terrible track record with Title IX violations. This campus is not safe for women or those in the LGBTQ community.
My experience at this university has been rewarding while educating.
I've been studying at Texas A&M international for two years.
There are over 100 different organizations to join in campus; there's a club for everyone.
Since I entered this school, I have developed skills that I never thought I would use. Academically, this school is pretty decent and has all the needed resources to have a first-world education. One of the main advantages of this university is service. Throughout my freshmen year, I was very confused with all the system itself. However, all the staff was extremely nice to me and they helped me in everything I needed. The professors are extremely prepared and are very capable of teaching the future professionals of the world.
Texas A&M International University is such a great campus to be in. There's a lot to enjoy, there's peace and quiet, as well as a very respectful environment. There's a lot of understanding people around, including the professors and staff!
It’s a good college! But I wished they offered some other majors as I was not satisfied with the choice of majors! By overall good.
I liked TAMIU because it had really good professors, really nice staff (for the most part), I loved the scenery on campus! I loved the Library's scene of the outside as well as the study rooms.
I disliked the staff in Zafrinni building because they were pretty rude, but everything was fine.
Texas A&M International University has a very diverse student background, with plenty of studying abroad opportunities. I have met professors that carry much passion in their research that it makes me want to partake in their field. They are very inspirational, and they also come from many places besides Laredo. There are always many activities on campus, and there are plenty of opportunities for students to partake in extracurricular activities and student organizations.
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TAMIU is a great university. I love the fact that is International. It allows to have so much diversity over your 4 years of education. It was plenty of organizations that you can grow and develop[ as a leader. This university often offers scholarships to help fund education. If one is willing to develop as an individual, TAMIU provides the necessary tools for success. The only thing I would like to improve is the athletics department. I fell like TAMIU has a lot of resources for athletes but its not being used to its full potential.
Great assistance for tuition from various programs and scholarships available. cost of attendance is very reasonable. Professors in the departments of science and business are great in their respective fields. Nursing program has a very competitive acceptance rate. Most students are hispanic with a few international students and out of state athletes. Resources available to students include access to tutoring, writing assistance, career advising, free medical screenings.
I like that it has a lot of cultural diversity. Also, the professors care about the students and try their best to help us. Just one thing that scares me is that the university is exposed to danger because I think that there isn't a lot of security in campus.
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