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As a international athlete my experience was really good , I made a lot of friends, people are friendly .I live in campus so I spent most of my time in school , there is a lot of activities , free food ...
Texas A&M Intentional University is a good 4-year university that offers good professors, great student life, and a beautiful campus. From the beautifully maintained campus grounds, calm wildlife, and friendly professors; Tamiu is an overall amazing campus that has so much to offer it's students and community.
I like that Tamiu is a university that makes students feel comfortable. The professors are great and never make students feel dumb. Whenever I'm at Tamiu, I know I'm only there for one reason and that's to succeed.
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Amazing facilities with many staff members that are always attentive to your needs. With many comfortable places to study, talk to others and relax at the same time.
TAMIU is a great university. It’s not too big, not too small. Everyone is very envolved and you feel right at home.
This University is great and helps out students greatly to achieve their goals. There is always a way if you are willing to look for it.
Texas A&M International University is a place where a student can get their moneys worth. The professors are excellent and always willing to help students who are struggling. The faculty is always with open arms, and the students care about each other. It is a place where you can feel safe and at home!
I love that everyone and including the professors help you with any questions you have and plus the university has many actives for the students and such many clubs so you have something to and a great chance to meet new people
Texas A&M International University is a university that is well known for its diverse student life, undergraduate programs. As both a student and worker at TAMIU, I have gotten to know have a better understanding of how we are able to help our fellow peers, and incoming students.
If you do not know someone in this school, you will not do well. It is run on Paton System. There are no jobs I. Laredo.
I currently attend Texas A&M International University as a Sophomore. I like that mostly all professors are very understanding when it came down to assignments and exams. My university is really beautiful when it comes down to culture as they respect all and welcome all hint International you are able to meet a lot of people from places you'll never believe. I would like to change professors being more accessible some like to help after class and some say we are adults and can not be treated like small children. I am more of a hands on learner and would need the extra help but some professors are stingy with their time.
With Texas A&M International University I've embraced my hometown more than I had before. The professors are very good at their jobs and there's those who are simply phenomenal at teaching. Despite our classes being approximately of 100 to 200 students, professors care about the student's learning experience. The university is located near a border town therefore the Hispanic heritage is dominant here but despite this, the university really emphasizes on the inclusion of everybody when hosting campus events. I highly recommend Texas A&M International University, give it a try and embrace all the memories you'll form here.
I like TAMIU so much because of its diversity. What a like the most about this university is the level of intelligence of the professors and doctors. They not only are wise but help their students in every way to make then knowledgeable.
It is a great university that embodies the importance of nature. Although it is a small university, the friendships that are made are life-long and the love for growth and diversity is everlasting.
Overall, this is a great school to study in. Everyone I have met have been real nice to me, including the professors. They do care about the students. Speaking of students, the student life here is great too. A plethora of clubs to join and athletics to try out for. This is also a very diverse school, so learning about different cultures is great fun.
TAMIU is a great university with many opportunities to become who you desire to be. This friendly university has allowed me to meet some amazing people and learn a lot of new things in and out of the classroom.
The value of education you receive at TAMIU far exceeds the cost. Going to TAMIU is well worth the investment.
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Good experience overall. The campus was filled with diversity, being an International university. The learning experience was good all while being able to pick up the culture heavily.
Most students who attend Texas A&M International University are locals, so if you are from the town and plan on saving money this is a good university to attend. The diverse part is the international students who come in through the exchange program.
In all honesty, teachers in high school would say that college is way tougher than high school. It sort of is but that depends on how much you procrastinate. Love the campus and the professors know what they are doing.
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