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Texas A&M Health Science Center Reviews

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I have taken one class here and it wasn't bad. It was mostly online and it was a lot of work. The teacher helped as much as she could if we emailed her. The building itself is really nice and clean.
Overall I feel safe on campus but I am concerned with small petty crimes that seem to be occurring more often lately.
I have only experienced one experience with a professor that I was unhappy with and she no longer works for the school.
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I feel like having a degree from Texas A&M will greatly impact my ability to obtain a job or internship in a positive manner. I will definitely wear my Aggie Ring with a lot of pride. I am excited about what the future holds as far as alumni networking because from what I have heard the alumni network is great!
I think it is a little too expensive for a sports pass!
I love everything about the Health Science Center here at A&M!
Some apartments are nicer than others - the newer ones. However not all the new apartments are gated.
Lot's of different options and delicious foods.
Since it is a graduate school, they try to work with you and help you. Also most students are old enough to drink and whatnot.
I did not receive much aid. Just loans. Also I didn't find out until June.
Roach problems in apartments. The dorms are fairly new and great.
I live off campus, but I have heard on campus living is good.
There are students from all countries, races, religions. Everything is very peaceful on campus. Diversity but no issues with security.
The off campus houses are not very expensive, and are well connected to campus by the bus services. The rent varies between 650-700$ for a 2bhk apt.
The program is good. The school curriculum is good. Their is a practicum fair that aids students in finding internships.
Its great. Professors are very helpful and approachable. The registration process is student friendly. There are options to take courses from other schools as well. Overall it is very good.
I have heard the food is good and not very expensive.
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I have an internship off campus. It depends on your program. But as it is a small city, the bigger organizations are not located here.
Its okay. I don't have much knowledge about it
The safety and security is very good, except for few incidents of theft that have taken place very recently.
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