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I have had a wonder opportunity to work with a great theatre program at Texarkana College. I have worked for 6 shows under Micheal cooper and TexRep. I would like to see the theatre department get more money, so we can fix a lot of things around the theatre. We need to fix some bulbs in our theatre lamps, and another building to store our old set pieces.
Texarkana College allowed me to take college courses while still in high school which lessened my tuition as an adult and time it would take to actually graduate. By the time I finished my workforce program, I only lacked three courses to finish which were completed in three months. My instructors were wonderful because they really do show that they care, and they make sure you get the necessary steps done to make sure you graduate. Now, I've had the opportunity to work for the college. I have sincerely enjoyed my experience at Texarkana College.
Overall im happy with the education I've received thus far and looking forward to continuing my education here. But the financial services and department are lacking in my opinion.
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The professors are amazing and course load is challenging. However, the registrar takes literally months to process transfer credits if you have any. Additionally, there is a certain person within the financial aid office who is very unprofessional and condescending and displays a terrible attitude. If you have the misfortune of having to endure her, just know that the faculty makes up for it. If you have the double misfortune of being a vet and/or gi bill student, just know that she very openly dislikes military.
This community college is a great place. All the facilities are nice, and the school is good. There is not an overwhelming party scene, and diversity is good for the area.
I enjoyed the student to teacher ratio which is 20-1 and the variety of online classes that are available.
The teachers really take the time go teach and make sure you understand the work that is given. I have spoke with many graduates and they say that you have a great opportunity for success once you leave this College.
I like the crow, the investment and time the professors take to help all!! the over all academics of the school is wonderful. I do not like that there isn't much activity at this college.
I loved that they have very kind staff. They are willing to help you in anything you need. Teachers understand you and are willing to work with you also.
Students have A Grater Places To Learn Over Aging . Professors are very well trained in what they are teaching. Texarkana College Police are very excellent about the safety of the Students and Professors.Campus Food have a price of 5.00 with a drink .Local Area around stores were people can shop for food and clothes.
It is a good college to start off at, with a friendly atmosphere. The academics seem to lack a little for me, but it may be due to my schooling history. I enjoy the family-like atmosphere that the school provides. The classes are fun and the professors are wonderful. I would recommend this college to anyone that is looking for a small starter college or someone that has a tight budget.
The professors really care about their students' success. If you get involved on campus it can be a blast, but very few actually do.
Personally, I appreciate that TC offers the classes that I want/will participate in the near future. Not a big campus, which is also a plus for me. It's just overall a nice/decent community college to attend if you're not looking to move off to a university that's far from home.
Good school all the way around. Campus is nice, though parking is a little limited. Excellent professors! Relatively diverse course selection. One pitfall anything to do with the registrar seems to take forever. Great library staff. Lots of student support/services available.
Texarkana college is a great place to start or start over. Very great environment!
The professors and overall atmosphere of Texarkana College is very caring and involved. They really want you to succeed and care about your goals.
The classes are very flexible. I work at least forty hours a week and all of my classes are able to work around my work schedule.
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Half of my credits are from online classes. They are convenient, organized, and still capable of adequately teaching the material.
There is a wide variety of classes and seminars you can take. Some help your degree, some are just interesting or fun. Overall, you can always find a way to learn something new.
The professors include real-life scenarios in their teachings that help to understand how the knowledge will affect you in the long run.
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