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Terra State Community College Reviews

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Terra State is a very friendly, happy, and welcoming environment! The college offers many resources for help with tutoring as well. The professors are very understanding and helpful with students to make sure they succeed!
I attended Terra State and found it to be a wonderful experience. I graduated with an associates degree in Health Information Technology. I intend to return and build on what I have already taken and enroll into the nursing program/degree.
Terra State Community College is a wonderful school. The instructors so far and great and campus is beautiful.
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So far my experience with Terra State has been amazing. They are quick to answer your phone calls and emails and will help you understand pretty much anything you need clarification on so that there are no surprises once you start.
I am a 2017 graduate of Terra College and what was supposed to be a 2 to 3 year degree ended up being 4 and a half year. This is primarily due to Terra constantly changing the curriculum. I even had to retake a course because of a name change to the class.
my experience with terra state community college is amazing because they help you with so many programs also help you get started with your career. they help you with anything and they do give encouragement to go to school so you can have a better future also they check up on the students to see if they need anything like class or anything they are very good on helping out in so many ways. thank you Terra state community college for accepting me to your school.
The school is getting much better. From the first time I took classes their in high school in 2014 to now the college has done a 180. The teachers are great and the school environment is very welcoming.
I am a current student at Terra State Community College, I also work in the financial aid deportment as a student worker. Everyone here is kind and wants to make sure you do well with your school work. They are quick to try and help students with their paper work for any department at Terra.
I personally really like terra community college it's a big school but still you can find where you need to go. If you are having trouble there are teachers in the hallway to help you.
I currently attend Terra State Community College and I have found this college very helpful and successful. I enjoy this college and the information I have gathered. I enjoy attending and the professors I have had the pleasure in meeting. Since I have attended Terra I have learned a lot and will continue to learn.
My school experience has been very unique in a good way.
They are pretty good rough at times but most of the time their really easy.
they are all great professors and would recommend them to everyone.
It was very easy and everybody here are very nice.
Very great opportunities for my career.
I think its a very great college
I was scared to try online course but the professors who teach them know what they are doing. Usually if I sent an email with questions, I would have a respond within the hour. Even on the weekends!
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Class sizes are small for there is more time to ask and get answers or help.
My first sememster there was 2 job fairs hosted in the gym. There is emails sent to inform students of events and where to look for jobs. Billboards throught campus have posting of in-house jobs and professors are informed of jobs to talk with students about.
Web design is the career I am working towards. The program curriculum seems well rounded and teaching me enough information to do the job.
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