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Tennessee Technology Center at Livingston Reviews

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its hard to do skype over the dial-up connections and the library computers are always occupied by people who i dont even think go to livingstone. i've seen one of the hobos from hickory road on those computers. he took the mouse and keyboard after his session was done and i missed my wrestling 101 course because of it. the webcams dont work too good and the video classes are always done through chatroulette so its sometimes hard to get connected to class.
Nobody at livingstone want to make friends. It was hard for me to get good friends here and Im a outgoing person. The closest I have to a good friend at livingstone is this guy called rainbow jeremy. Me and rainbow jeremy goof around nuggeting backpacks and deleting files on library computers and stuff like that but I still dont really know him that well. I wish other students would at least as chill as him so i could go make freinds with them.
People all say the same stuff about Livingstone students: we get money. Livingstone broke its all time job placement record this year! About 12% of all our graduaters got jobs. Our biggest employers include the local Lafayette Fried Chicken, the coal mining and processing plant, and the local militia. About 99% of all students at Livingstone has held a gat before so the militia (fun fact: because of the militia, Livingstone has the largest standing army of any college), doesn't require much training.
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The Tennessee Technology Center at Livingston is an amazing school. The staff makes you feel at comfortable and at home. The work environment is a friendly atmosphere. This college is very face paced, but not impossible. It requires a lot of time and energy. In the end it is all worth it. It is a very good school.
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