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Tennessee Technology Center at Knoxville Reviews

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The school doesn't offer different times to take the program. It is Sept-Sept, Monday-Friday.
My program doesn't offer online courses. All of mine are hands on.
Haven't had a chance to work with this group yet, but I am sure they will be fantastic!
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I have always wanted to work at Children's Hospital again. This program will open up that door for me. One of our clinical sites is Childrens, and we get to show them upfront how good we are at what were doing and hopefully they will offer us a job before the program ends.
I am astounded with my teacher for this program. Due to her dedication to me already, I have decided to go back to school. The course is awesome. It focuses on exactly what I need to know to be able to work in the field.
I like that the program actually focuses on what we will really be doing when we enter the workforce.

I like that it only has 30 people in each class so that each person really gets to learn the best way possible and have adequate time with the teacher and learned each new task. The program is split into trimesters and that helps us as well. The job placement is almost 100% and that really means something. I will likely be ready to start my job as soon as I graduate from the program and put my skills to the test!
I like the fact that my teacher for the Medical Assistant program has talked with me on a regular basis before the program even starts. She motivates me to come to school and to be better for myself. She is the sole reason I have decided to go back to school. This shows me that this school is truly dedicated to making each student the best they can be and to be as successful as possible. They offer a program that allows me to still work full time but also go back to school and finish my career!
The teachers are very helpful because it is a very fast-paced program. They teach you what you need to know to become a good nurse.
I think it stinks that an adult who received a BA degree cannot get financial aid. I have a family and it is hard for me to pay for college, work, and to take care of my children because of the required class hours. If I was able to receive aid it would help me with finances so I could go to school and take care of my children without the hassle of a work schedule.
I chose this school because it is a career focused school. It only provides a career diploma, but allows for direct hands on learning. The program cooperates with many area companies to provide training and the cost is very affordable.
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