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Tennessee Technology Center at Elizabethton Reviews

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no assistance for out of state student
I like having the convenience of taking online classes. I have two small kids at home so it works with my schedule really well. Taking online classes allows me to work on my time. Anytime that I've ever had a problem the instructors are always willing to work with me. Its always better to explain what is going on and keep your instructors informed because if you don't tell them they have no idea what's going on.
There are sometimes that the network has problems. It is sometimes frustrating not knowing if your work will get there and be graded. Sometimes you can't access work or tests and it messes up in the middle of taking a test. I understand there are going to be days things mess up.
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The students interact very well with each other. Everybody is there to learn and they all try to help each other the best they can. People are very accepting of each other as well.
Waste of Government/Student Funding – Don't bother trying to find an education here. Training devices and computers are obsolete, the staff are unconcerned with the students attending and their concerns/complaints, and the "classes" are a joke. The dean and his staff are grossly incompetent.
High School – I am currently still in High school (Cloudland High Roan Mountain Tennessee) and I am dual enrolled in their LPN program and It was a huge hassle getting signed up to the point of where I did not even want to do the program but I love the online classes.
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