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I went on a college visit there last week. They were very helpful and I'm very excited to possibly enroll there next fall.
The campus is smaller than UTK so you can walk to class with ease. There are also shuttle buses that run routes around campus so if the weather is bad, you won’t be caught out in it if you ride them. The library has 2 floors open to students: the ground floor which consists of a café, IT, printers, computers, and group or solitary study areas, and the “quiet floor” which consists of bookshelves, the i cube (a really cool technology center with 3D printers and VR tech), and tables to study at. The fitness center is really nice, and they’re building a new one. There is some construction as of right now, and the projects are in varying degrees of completion. For the most part, the professors make an effort to be friendly and learn your name, and they actually care about you. All in all, a great public university!
I am currently a high school student, not yet in college. I would definitely love to attend Tennessee Tech for a degree in the medical field. I have toured the campus and by the looks of it, it seems amazing. I have been told good responds and ratings about Tech. It would be an honor to attend the school of my dreams.
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I am loving being at Tenneessee Techanological University! The students are very accepting to new people and the professors are always willing to go the extra mile to help when I have a problem. I feel like by being a part of such a great educational community I am going to be able to make the transition into the working world with ease. I will always remember my time at university with fondess and respect and will encourage the youth after me to look at Tennessee Technological University when they are ready to continue their education.
The campus is beautiful. Many of the friendly staff go out of their way to help students resolve problems. I was not advised about the difference in tuition if a students permanent address was listed as out of state. When I first applied I had an out of state permanent address. When I moved I gave my new address, but listed a relative's address as my permanent one because my lease was for 6 months and I was worried about missing paperwork or letters from the college. This mistake has cost almost $6000.
my experience at TTU has been positive. My classes have been challenging and meaningful. My professors have been knowledgeable and supportive. I would recommend TTU to my family and friends.
Tennessee Technological University is a fantastic place to be and receive an education. Every teacher I've had has been fair and understanding to any needs. It is also has great residence halls with very nice rooms and nice people.
Tennessee Tech has the potential to be a great college, however with the constant construction happening around campus it is a huge distraction when trying to study for classes.
The professors and advisors are really great to learn from and work with; they really want you to succeed.
The University is a decent one. Tech has a great sense of community. The size of the campus is in the Goldilocks zone; not too big or small but just right. It is a technological school so there is an emphasis on the Sciences and Maths more so than the arts or English.
Tennessee Technological University is located in Cookeville, Tennessee. The college offers hundreds of majors for aspiring students. In particular, Tennessee Tech's education program is superb. The education program has several talent professors that go above and beyond for their students. Campus life is top-notch and offers many activities for students. The college is also affordable.
Excellent university with a variety of classes to choose from. Several majors are available to study. A very diverse population with many extracurricular groups.
Tennessee Tech is great University that isn't too big. The size allows professors to get to know the students better. The atmosphere is great here, and I haven't had a bad experience yet. They are putting a lot of money and effort into renovations that will make the environment more friendly to students.
My experience at TTU has been very successful this 2017-2018 year. I am currently involved in my organizations on campus such as the following: R.A.C.E ( Reaching Achievement and Committing to Excellence), N.S.B.E, and NAACP. In addition, I am an active participant in most activities like intramural sports and college games. I had a great relationship with my professors and dorm neighbors. Most of all, both semesters were vivid and smooth.
Tennessee Tech is located in Cookeville, Tennessee. It is a great community and it is centered around the college students which for me is a plus. Many of the local businesses cater to the college students. Overall Tech is a great school and I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a small to medium sized college.
I love Tennessee Tech because everyone treats you like family and they really care about you. If you have a problem they don't just send you to someone else, they pick up the phone and call so that someone is waiting on you when you get there and they already know what your problem is. Tech may be too small for some people, put I find it just the right size.
The school has been a stepping stone and a "jumping off" point for my future career. I have been able to take lessons that I have learned in lectures and use them in everyday applications for my future career.
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Parking is horrible for on-campus residents. Buildings are outdated. Good professors and advisors. Beautiful campus and community. Lots of opportunities offered.
Tech is a smaller sized college but growing quickly, most of the classes are still small and they have a high standard for education.
There is not much to do on campus as far as activities. I’m trying to get plugged in so I can make a difference and I feel there is a lot of potential here but someone needs to take the lead.
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