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I love Tennessee Technological University!! I am only a freshman but I am in love with the campus, professors, and the social atmosphere of Tech. The campus is beautiful and the student life is so welcoming and friendly. I definitely recommend getting involved on campus and shooting for your best academic goals.
Tennessee Tech is hands down the best university in Tennessee! The campus is the perfect size, not too big and not too small. Tennessee Tech is my forever home!
I have visited the campus many times and have really enjoyed every visit.i am really looking forward to attending school there this fall. i cant wait for college to start. i do think TN Tech needs to get better at their help desks beacuse i had several problems and they were not helpful through phone, email, or inperson
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I love Tennessee Tech University. The community on campus is something a person can only get at Tennessee Tech. Professors get to know students very well. The student to teacher ratio is 18:1.
The nice part about Tennessee Tech is that they are undergoing improvements campus wide. Now this is good but also bad, this means that right now the campus isn't perfectly made yet. Along with the noise of construction and closed off parts of parking. But this also gives us the idea that the campus will be better once the construction is finished.
My college experience here was great, the only down fall would have to be a couple of teachers who care more about their personal lives than the students they were meant to teach.
This schools is very over rated. Most of my professors have been less than helpful and most of the learning is done on your own outside of the classroom. The schools is currently very overpriced for what you get likely because they are doing noisy and disruptive construction on every corner and using increased tuition to pay for it. The dorms and the cafeteria are both sub par and make living on campus less than ideal.
I love the school, It is not as diverse as I am accustomed to, but the student atmosphere is very friendly. There are lots of on campus student groups to get involved with, so you should never be bored. If you are interested in the party scene, this is not the campus for you. The town is small but the people are friendly. Knoxville and Louisville are only about an hour away, so that is good for a quick up & back big city adventure.
I love the food and people. All students are friendly and willing to help. The campus is clean and very beautiful along with the city its surrounded by. There are many activities to participate in while going to Tennessee Technological University.
The teachers are helpful and are open to help their students. Outside of class their is very little to do as the school is in the middle of nowhere.
Graduated in 2000 from the excellent nursing program. It's college people, no one is going to spoon feed you anymore. You have to be responsible, take control of your own future. I don't remember feeling any of my required classes (with the exception of statistics) was a waste of my time. Affordable, convenient, and most of all--- I walked away with an exceptional education.
This school's whole purpose is to churn out engineering degrees. It doesn't offer very good programs for anything else. The food is average, at least there's a Chick-Fil-A on campus and plenty of other restaurants. The town is quaint and nice, but kind of dull with not much to do. There isn't much diversity, mainly white males. The professors I've had haven't been very helpful, sometimes completely ignoring my emails and my requests for help. The administration side of things is either incompetent or uncaring. I've missed out on certain important things because they neglected to send me an email, and when I tried to change majors and switch roommates I was met with a ton of seemingly unnecessary roadblocks and no one to help me. Overall, my experience has been poor, however if you are low income and have an interest in the STEM majors, this school should be serviceable for you. Just don't expect a great social life or fun times out on the town.
This is my freshmam year & TTU have made my transition great. The adjustmemt from home to college life is ok. Wished the dorms were much better. It is great meeting new friemds, roommate, professors & all. I am interested in the football team. In high school I was a stellar athlete. I am glad I choose TTU to attend. It is the right size university. It helped make my transition easier.
Trash chutes should be installed in dorms, more water pressure out of shower heads, and ping pong tables in every dorm lobby
TTU is a great overall college. It is perfectly centered between Nashville, Chattanooga, and Knoxville. Cookeville in its own self is a perfectly sized city. It is just big enough for there to be everything you need plus some options, but also not so enormous that it's impossible to navigate. There is a large selection of professors to choose from and all with their own degrees of experience and knowledge. There are plenty of activities to do, especially with there being clubs for every major and several Greek life opportunities. The campus is beautiful and has plenty of area to relax and study without being bombarded with people. The campus is extremely safe. The University Police are always at most 5 minutes away. The food on campus is fairly average. The only things that I would change is to add more food options and more things to do on the weekend on campus. Campus tends to be empty on the weekends due to students heading home.
The university has an excellent atmosphere and very good professors. All of the staff I've encountered this far has gone out of their way to make sure all their students have everything they need to ensure success
Tennessee Tech offered very affordable tuition rates, as well as state-of-the-art facilities that resulted in an excellent learning conducive environment. Placed in the heart of the Upper Cumberland of Tennessee, TTU has everything a college student could possibly need for a memorable college experience. As a STEM major, I had many opportunities to participate in research and even had the privilege to be a teaching assistant.
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Tennessee Tech was an excellent school to get my Bachelor's at. Even though it is a Technological University, the English Department is filled with interesting and devoted professors. The program is difficult, but extremely rewarding. You are provided with a diverse education. However, the selection of classes has been subpar in recent years, and there are a few professors who truly do not belong in the department any more. Outdated teaching methods and archaic forms of grading contribute to this. The meal plans and campus life are extremely affordable and convenient, and it is very easy to get involved. Parking is, however, trash. Construction is annoying. But over all, it's a great school.
TTU is a very student run campus where the students have the freedom to decide many things and give input on many of the issues that they are inclined on, but their is almost no party life here very horrible social atmosphere for students to explore and experiment with and learn more about themselves.
Tennessee Tech university has a lot of diversity that not most colleges have. They also have a lot of amazing teachers that are willing to work with you if you are willing to work with them.
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