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Tennessee Technological University has some of the top programs in the state, and the country. The programs range from the education department, who is recognized state wide, to the nursing and engineering students whom are at the top of the list for hiring across the nation. TTU has an opportunity for everyone to succeed.
My experience at Tennessee Tech was mostly positive. I enjoyed my time, learned a great deal about my field, and made friends to last a lifetime. The area was great for me, as I love the outdoors.
The Tennessee Tech campus is laid- back, and you feel as if you are right at home! Each of the offices seem to offer student positions to help cover tuition, it is unlike any other campus I've visited.
Review Tennessee Technological University
I love Tennessee Technological University! There was always something to do and the staff is nice. I would like for more food options and less construction, but overall I love Tech!
Overall I would rate Tech as a great school, once you find your major it makes things a lot easier because you actually feel as if you are being successful. The financial aid office is never any help and if you have issues good luck trying to get them resolved in a timely manner.
Tennessee Tech University is a wonderful school to attend. There are several different academic programs and majors you could sign up for. The social life is busy and the campus is quite large. I am in the nursing program and they have one of the best. Agriculture is also a huge major at Tech. Agriculture engineering and agriculture buisness are booming and becoming more and more popular and interesting.
I love my school. It is a great college nestled in a small town surrounded by many beautiful places to hike, kayak, and swim in the summer months. I say this because most of my family members and friends have attended TTU as well. I am very blessed to be surrounded by such a diverse amount of students as well. Plus, if you choose Nursing as a major, our university ranks in the top 10 nursing programs in the US. Our Nursing program is prestigious and prepares students for NCLEX with high success rates as well.
I really did love my time here. I can only speak the Nursing School. Everything done there was extremely professional. I was also part of the work study program and always felt welcome in the departments I worked for.
This school is very difficult to get through in the Engineering program. The campus is very outdated and run-down looking. Good luck getting ANYTHING done by the offices there. It took 5 hours and walking back and forth across campus to get a simple "yes" or "no". This school is also way too expensive, and tuition rises every year. The dorms are absolutely disgusting; do your best to stay off campus. TTU lies to incoming students, telling them that they are required to live on campus for the first year. You can not believe half of what they tell you.
It's a really nice college and if you go there you will like it a lot. Plus if you go to a college near your house you won't be able to study because you will get distracted because of your family and you also won't be able to find a lot of help. But when your over there you can go to the libary and study when ever you want. Plus you find all the people in your class they will help you. It's also the best and number one engineering college in Tennessee.
I received a great education at this university. I would not trade it for any other school. The quality of education is unmatched for the price of tuition here.
So far I have enjoyed my experience with Tennessee Tech. One of my favorite things is the meal system. You can choose a buffet-style cafeteria, or go to one of the food stores below, including Backyard Burger, Chic-fil-A, and more, with the same meal swipe. One thing I disliked was how late they seem to turn on the heat in my dorm (I lived in Evins). I do get cold easily, but it seemed that everyone was cold before they finally turned it on. All around great college to attend.
What I love the most about Tennessee Tech is the friendliness of students and staff. I also like how there's always an opportunity to get involved on and off of campus to earn community and service hours in the easiest ways. The only thing I would love to see change is the options for food on campus. I would be great to have healthier options.
Tennessee Technological University is not only a great academic school but also a great overall school. The academics are very competitive and challenging which pushes the students to learn more and become the best they can at their field of study. Tennessee Technological University has a wonderful and inspiring faculty. The professors know what they are teaching and are very well at teaching students. Everyone at the school is extremely polite and very nice. I wouldn't change a thing about this school!
Tennessee Tech University is honestly a really good school. Its Nursing and Engineering colleges are amazing, but I feel like they forget about the other colleges. However, they do have many amazing professors. I would say that the professors are why I go to Tech.
I was really nervous about going to college. Eventually, I felt more comfortable once I got there. The campus is very beautiful. I live in a newer building and it's very clean. Everyone I have met on campus is very kind. The teachers are very kind as well. I love how they try to help you as much as they can. The food is very delicious. There are different places to go to get food. The only bad thing I can say about this campus is the parking. It is really hard to get a parking spot during the school days. Other than that, Tennessee Tech University is filled with kind students and teachers. It's a very beautiful, clean and safe environment. The education is good as well. It's a great place to meet people from different parts of the world. I believe if someone where to go to this campus, they would never regret it.
I really love Tennessee Tech. It is in a quiet town and everyone is friendly. There seems to always be construction going on however, but improvements are being made so it is understandable. The campus is always clean and well lit at night time.
Review Tennessee Technological University
The professors go out of their way to help as much as they possibly can. The advisors are always available and have a ton of knowledge. They will help you figure out what courses you need to take to stay on track for your degree plan.
I'm currently still enrolled at Tennessee Tech University, but so far I would not say it's been the best. My advisor did not even check to see if my proposed class selections would be possible, and I also was not advised one on one.
TNTECH is a great engineering school. I have enjoyed my time here as a student, but I am having to transfer due to a change of major. The only bad thing about this school is that parking is TERRIBLE.
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