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Tennessee Technological University Reviews

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Tennessee Tech has the potential to be a great college, however with the constant construction happening around campus it is a huge distraction when trying to study for classes.
The professors and advisors are really great to learn from and work with; they really want you to succeed.
The University is a decent one. Tech has a great sense of community. The size of the campus is in the Goldilocks zone; not too big or small but just right. It is a technological school so there is an emphasis on the Sciences and Maths more so than the arts or English.
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Tennessee Technological University is located in Cookeville, Tennessee. The college offers hundreds of majors for aspiring students. In particular, Tennessee Tech's education program is superb. The education program has several talent professors that go above and beyond for their students. Campus life is top-notch and offers many activities for students. The college is also affordable.
Excellent university with a variety of classes to choose from. Several majors are available to study. A very diverse population with many extracurricular groups.
Tennessee Tech is great University that isn't too big. The size allows professors to get to know the students better. The atmosphere is great here, and I haven't had a bad experience yet. They are putting a lot of money and effort into renovations that will make the environment more friendly to students.
My experience at TTU has been very successful this 2017-2018 year. I am currently involved in my organizations on campus such as the following: R.A.C.E ( Reaching Achievement and Committing to Excellence), N.S.B.E, and NAACP. In addition, I am an active participant in most activities like intramural sports and college games. I had a great relationship with my professors and dorm neighbors. Most of all, both semesters were vivid and smooth.
Tennessee Tech is located in Cookeville, Tennessee. It is a great community and it is centered around the college students which for me is a plus. Many of the local businesses cater to the college students. Overall Tech is a great school and I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a small to medium sized college.
I love Tennessee Tech because everyone treats you like family and they really care about you. If you have a problem they don't just send you to someone else, they pick up the phone and call so that someone is waiting on you when you get there and they already know what your problem is. Tech may be too small for some people, put I find it just the right size.
The school has been a stepping stone and a "jumping off" point for my future career. I have been able to take lessons that I have learned in lectures and use them in everyday applications for my future career.
Parking is horrible for on-campus residents. Buildings are outdated. Good professors and advisors. Beautiful campus and community. Lots of opportunities offered.
Tech is a smaller sized college but growing quickly, most of the classes are still small and they have a high standard for education.
There is not much to do on campus as far as activities. I’m trying to get plugged in so I can make a difference and I feel there is a lot of potential here but someone needs to take the lead.
My father used to work here, and the staff was treated like crap as well as treated each other like crap. However, the classes and academics are done very well so 3 stars.
The school is very good to focus on your craft and workout at. There are not a lot of things to do so you can find your self with a lot of time. So use your time wisely.
I really liked that Tennessee Tech was right in my hometown. It is affordable, especially as far as universities go, and there were plenty of opportunities available to students. There are all kinds of things going on on campus at all times and plenty of opportunities to be involved in your school and community. There are many ways to get new students plugged into campus life and most of the professors are very caring and easy to work with.
Overall, a simple a cheap school. However, there is no parking, minimal lighting at night (which made me feel unsafe), the classrooms are uncomfortably small and outdated, and they charge money to pay for unnecessary things. All the professors I've had are great, but as an education major, the department isn't very helpful.
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Not only is the college cheap compared to other schools, it has an amazing student body. The professors and students all differ widely and generally have a fantastic vibe and the campus itself is fine for the cheap price. This is a cost management school, the most bang out of your buck.
I like the campus and I like the town of Cookeville. The campus isn't too big or too small. I think there should be more places for student parking. The dorms are a little small but they are nice and recently renovated.
I love Tennessee Technological University!! I am only a freshman but I am in love with the campus, professors, and the social atmosphere of Tech. The campus is beautiful and the student life is so welcoming and friendly. I definitely recommend getting involved on campus and shooting for your best academic goals.
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