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1,412 reviews
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I love the campus, its very opened and organized.The campus allows you to find your classes faster, especially with the college app. The only issue is the dorms. They need to remove mold,and buy new furniture,because some of them are molded.
Very comfortable campus in my opinion, teachers and curriculum on point and most are very hands on. It was very easy to adjust considering I a from Michigan which is over 600 miles away.
TSU is a amazing school but the dorms need work and limited jobs they offer to college students should have unlimited offers to help out their students.
I give Tennessee State three stars because my years there were up and down. My first two years, I had teachers that did not speak fluent English. It was very hard to understand them and for them to understand me. There were teachers who didn't care about helping the students. Once I got in my degree required classes, I was excited to go to school. I loved the teachers because they would teach exactly what were on the test. They taught what you needed to know versus teaching anything just to say they taught something! I learned so much in my last two years that I can use in my career!
It has been a much better experience that i anticipated. I feel as though i am at home away from home, and everyone here wants to learn. All of my professors are fully supportive and always offering one on one tutoring sessions at anytime. Despite tedious financial aid visits that can cause you to stay for hours until you can be advised, this problem is much worse in other institutions. Definitely needs an improvement.
I love the support systems for instruction and opportunities for career internships! Meal plans are overpriced, but I like the Dining Dollars.
I love that majority of the teachers I've had has been very helpful. I also love the variety of activities they have on campus. What I don't like is the inability for the Financial Aid off in assisting individuals obtain scholarships or other assistance (especially, out of state students). I love the school but my inability to pay may not allow for me to stay.
I love TSU the people that I have met are like family to me now. The teachers I had I could tell how passionate the were when they were instructing the class. It was just a wonderful experience this semester.
I enjoyed my freshman semester this year, what I like is all the resources available, and what I would like to see change is more hands on n earlier year.
i liked it a lot very much i don't think you guys need to change anything. i like the dorms and the great environment there. this is like another home for me.
TSU is a great school that has a lot of things going on. It is an HBCU and that's pretty cool. The band is amazing and it has a great atmosphere. It could improve in a better food diversity because it seems like we have the same food week after week.
My college experience at Tennessee State University has been great I meet new people every day I learn new things everyday the school is great campus life is incredible the students have a great way of getting every one together and having fun Tennessee State is a great university to attend.
I just started going here in august . Im a freshman and it is fun so far. The first semester isnt so hard but i know second semester get harder. Its easy to make friends and talk to people. They have alot of different things going on. We jus recently had homecoming and it was fun and it was different things going on each week and parties. The finicial aid is the longest process and the out-of-state people have to pay alot of money just to go here. The cafe food is good sometimes but most of the times its nothing to eat but pizza.
I love the diversity of Tennessee State University. I feel like their academics are very supported well in the school, as along with their Diversity it is also great. And I also hear a lot of how their professors care about their students achievements. Tennessee State University is also a campus that is in the middle of everything so it's very useful and you can also get around very easily. I applied for this scholarship because I am a great student and very successful in academics. I participated in the 4-H programs for at least 2 years and done plenty of community work. I am very excited about my future and feel that with the opportunity will provide me with a lot of help.
Tennessee State University is all about how you make it. We have some great teachers and several ways to get involved
Taking online courses. Everything is online. It is a little tough because one professor never posts the correct links for things that she assigns and it takes days for her to realize it, then she piles on other things for you to do and won't extend the time period to submit the work.

Getting financial aid was a circus. It just seemed unorganized.
I have visited Tennessee State University many times. I absolutely loved the school. Its great school. From the campus its self all the way to the staff who come to work each and every day to make it a better school for students like me. Keep up the Great Work Tennessee State University. By the way it was by far the cleanest schools I have visited.
The school is very welcoming. The campus is very nice. Its very easy to follow in love with. I couldn't imagine myself going to any other school.
The staff of TSU are very helpful in the since they always offer to help you. My professors and many staff members will recommend that if you feel like you need help go to tutoring. There are literally signs that show what day, time, and build for when you can go to tutoring. There always there, they also in courage us to come to there offices if we have any questions or need any help. I had a personal experience with my advisor. I emailed her and i wanted to change my current schudule because I was missing to classes I had to have for my major. So we eventually fix the problem. Afterward we had a deep conversation that made feel more welcomed at the school. What makes Tennessee State University a great school, it being a HBCU it is still diverse when it comes to the staff and students.
There professors at my school are very diverse. We have many professors from different countries. They are helpful when needed and makes sure to challenge the students. The workload can be stressful at times but it is nothing the average student cannot handle.
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