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TSU is what you make of it no matter what anybody else says negative about it. However what needs to be improved is organization in many different areas in the school. Attitudes within workers in the financial aid department.
I enjoy Tennessee state university, but there are a lot of things that needs improvements. Its a very fun school to attend but there are always issues with the housing, financial aid department and the food is really bad. The people are what makes TSU a great school to attend. They also have a great engineering and computer science department.
With Complete Honesty, I originally didn’t choose this HBCU due to rumors I heard. But once I got to the campus it was like rumors never existed because culturally speaking it’s truly like a family connection with whomever you come in contact with. Staff and administration included and I love that about TSU. I had a plan before for when I went in but after my freshman year I definitely knew I was going to stay at TSU all 4 years of my college career and I’m happy with my decision and no one will ever change that! #GOBIGBLUE
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The school makes you feel at home and comfortable. The teachers in my department are very caring. I’ve learned a lot from this school, educational wise and also life wise. It’s helped me grow.
First starting with my personal opinion Tennessee state university feels like home to me if you ask me why I will tell you because it’s a great university that makes all her students more than families , to me this university is a safe place I always want to be in I just finished my freshman year but so far I love it it’s fantastic in and out . One thing that I would like to share with others about Tennessee state is that you will hear so much bad rumors about the university and it will make you change your mind and you will not feel safe but don’t judge the college until you try it because it’s a great place to learn and not just that it’s an amazing place that gathers friends together. Last one thing I would want to change about the university would be that people just need to stop talking bad about the college because it’s not what people think it is TENNESSEE STATE UNIVERSITY is a great place to go college and to be proud.
I liked the diversity. There were people there from many different countries. I enjoyed learning from them and their viewpoint.

I disliked the unprofessionallism of the staff. The staff in the financial aid office withheld my refund check for no reason. I hare to have the director of the office locate my "lost check". The front desk staff said the didn't have it for weeks but it was found in the file with the other refund checks. It was a horrible experience.
TSU gets a bit of an unfair reputation. The academics are good, if you put the time in and use the resources available to you while you're there. I went through the Political Science Dept. and there are some genuinely outstanding staff and faculty there.
I loved TSU. Everybody is so friendly and we still had fun while we did academics The food was good, and the campus is beautiful. The dorms were ok, could be better. Party scene was amazing, we just needed to invest in some air conditioners. Everybody got a long for the most part. We support one another and w are big on sports.
This school is excellent. There are so many great things that it has to offer and an amazing Business School!
What I like about TSU is the ability to feel at home and that everyone cares. If there’s an issue it is always somewhere to go and someone who cares. It is also more diverse than one would think and through that it is possible to meet new people from all different backgrounds.
Tennessee State University is a very great school and the academics are even better. The staff are very helpful as long as you are willing to help yourself. There are always activities that are being held to keep us as a school together and that is what I love about TSU. The only thing I would like to see improve is the staffs attitudes as well as different departments answering the phone and being more helpful.
I would change the way that people see tsu because of its area of choose and the students that we have at the school . Tennessee State University is a place where you can truly find yourself and understand what your future holds and how to strive to stay focused get to get to that point . I’m so glad I go to tsu cause I love my big blue . It is a place of differ diversities you can meet different people in our eyes we’re all the same even if we have different skin tones or talk a certain way.
Tennessee State University is a well known hbcu. My first year was a roller coaster, the school can be very unorganized at times and the staff pick and choose when they want to help. If you are getting financial aid I would STRONGLY recommend making sure everything is taken care of before you get there or you could lose housing and or get “purged” or removed from your classes. Resulting in you having to wait a entire semester to start class. The dorms are small and you have visitation but that depends on if your RA decides you deserve it or not. More than likely you won’t have it. If you want to have a successful college career at Tennessee State University, you have to be very self disciplined and very focused or one wrong turn and everything is going all bad.
Tennessee State University is what you make it. The experience is contingent on your motivation and desires. If you remain focused, you will achieve the education modeled for your your career journey. However, if you seek to have fun and develop a social life - that is what you will receive.
It’s a great public college. Professors are very helpful and knowledgeable. I made it to medical school not without their help. Their labs needs serious upgrades. I enjoyed my time here. I highly suggest to attend especially if you are minority other than black. Neighborhood is average but downtown Nashville is less than 5 minutes drive. Let’s go TSU.
Tennessee State University is where I am currently earning my degree. While they do have some excellent Professors there are some things I would recommend for example keep a copy of all your work grades and correspondence. It is up to you to make sure everything is correct because sometimes things get missed. But I will say there are some very genuine professors that make your experience great.
This university needs much improvement. However, it id a very recognized and cultural HBCU. The university could use a revamp on academics and professors.
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I love my school did graduate and undergraduate here! This is the only public university in Nashville so prices are really inexpensive compared to elsewhere! Super diverse and wonderful well knit community!
Being a freshman at TSU, it felt big and overwhelming at first. I rated a 3/5 because there are a lot of unorganized groups there starting with the financial aid. Since it is an hbcu and most of them are in the not so nice neighborhoods or have a lot of money you have to work with what you can get. But there systems do not run correctly the university in its entirety could use a lot of work. There communication skills are also very poor. The best thing about them is the help they offer for placements, internships, and finding jobs. There are always fairs and different opportunities that they have. I made the best out of tsu the best way I could and I’m going to return for sophomore year.
Very good school and great environment. Just bad when it comes to financial aid. Very unorganized with it. Bad cafe food .
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