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I like all the diversity on the campus. You get to meet someone new everyday. I don't think there is anything that needs to be changed right now.
I enjoyed the overall experience. Speaking from an alumni standpoint I grew leaps and bounds. I’m a better person. It become home. A home away from home. Taught me life lessons an I’m a better person from attending the University! I bleed blue!
I'm from Kansas City Kansas and I love TSU this is my second year and I'm studying criminal justice.
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the people and staff are very friendly and helpful, the students are also very open and friendly and we are all working together to get a good grade. the campus is very big , but they are old building but not too bad. the parking situation may be the worst thing if your not a dorm student, you've got to get there early to find a place to park
Tennessee State is a great place for kids to come and feel welcomed. They take education serious, and want everyone to succeed. I would like them to change the way the conduct business.
My tenure here at TenState has definitely been nothing but life experiences and lessons. There honestly isn't anything special about the University itself, the students is what makes TSU's experience. Tennessee State Univ. could stand to update their traditional policy of discrimination upon appearance (including professionally), be more diverse of professors who can relate regarding cultural classes, and be more tentative to it's students overall needs. I wouldn't necessarily recommend TSU unless on scholarship or if someone is already a TN resident.
My over all experience at TSU has been great. I am an out of state student so the biggest thing I enjoyed is the feeling of a "family community". The professors are helpful they care about you. You can go to them for help and they have time for you. The overall feeling of family helps to focus on my studies and not worry about the little things.
I love the fact that Tennessee State University is close to Nashville and the people at the school are very friendly
The staff is extremely helpful, I call with any problems I have and they work to assure that the issue is fixed with ease. Some schools have poor over the phone customer service but whenever I call Tennessee State Admissions, I am always satisfied with my call.
I Love the sense of having what seems as family away from home, a welcoming bond that we all share. I was disappointed with the few number of electric outlets in my dorm room.
My year there was great, the teachers were thoughtful and friendly. I was encourage to be better and be greater
Several undergraduate majors and minors to choose from. Graduate degrees (up to doctorate levels) are available also, with dedicated faculty members and staff. An overall great learning environment. Situated in the heart of Nashville, the music city.
I would like too see more food choices such as more places to use DB. I want to see different and better dorms ,so people could be more comfortable. Visitation could really be worked on because all I am saying it can keep a lot of people out of trouble.
TUS has some of most supportive faculty and staff to help and encourage you. When thing are getting tough you can always depend on the faculty to encourage you and give that extra push to make throw.
Tennessee is an excellent College for me. Academics is great. The professor care about you. They have a lot of activities on campus. All and all it a excellent college.
Tennessee State University’s computer Science and bioinformatics department is one of the best. Professors are very helpful and intelligent, they will go out of there way to help you out.
I love the fact that there are many different social events to go to, although almost every single one cost something whether that's a dollar or a can good. Professors are very knowledgeable about their subject and offer a ton of assistance if needed. The dorms aren't as up to par as I thought they would be, but we as a student body make the best of it. I would like it more if all the dormitories were closer together and closer to the classroom buildings.
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The Tennessee State University is a very culture heavy and enriching Historically Black Institution. When you become a member of the university, you become emerged into your class and you connect quickly with the people around you. It is a very loving campus and I would recommend anyone that wants a true HBCU experience.
My time at the University was great. So may different people. Professors are very kind and work well with the students. The RAs are very helpful and the school has maybe groups and clubs to join. Thw one thing that i would change about the school is dorms or residents halls. They need some updates.
I love how supportive and encouraging the staff and faculty are. Always available and ready to help
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