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The teacher here are really passionate about what they teach. I've been here a few months and have learned so much. The advisers are extremely helpful and guide you down the right path. My experience has been great thus far.
My experience with Tennessee state. I came here as a freshman. I didn't know any one. I was afraid and didn't know what to expect. They were warm and made me feel welcome. Sent I been here it make me feel like a home away from home. What I like about T.S.U. They have Excellent Professors and plenty of activities on campus for the students. I don't know what I like to change as of yet because I haven't been here long enough.
I’ve had a great experience at school. The staff there show you that they are not just there for the job but that they care about the well-being of the students. I didn’t have enough money to pay for school and they helped me find resources to allow me to be able to stay. I definitely feel at home and the education being provided will definitely help me advance in life.
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I like administration that they have on campus and the support from the peers. The dorm are great to stay in, I love the fact that theirs a officer always on duty at all time know matter what time of day it is in case you need help with any type of problems that might on
Tennessee State university is a very good school, they just dont help as much when it comes down to a problem.
When I visited the campus this summer it was amazing. The students who were our tour guides were friendly and made the campus feel like it's home. The environment was relaxing and it felt like a place anyone could be able to be themselves at.
Tennessee State is a great school. I love being at an HBCU it feels more like home. The environment and school spirit is welcoming. Being at tsu is a great choice because the classroom sizes are small so there's a lot of one on one available.
I really like this school because we always work as family and the teachers are amazing. Maybe renew the building...
Great diversity on Campus. I would like the University to improve medical for students on campus, relating to psychologist, social services and counseling for students that become exhausted with peer pressure,leaving home for the first time. Adjusting to a total new environment. What is available is very limited to students needs.
I spent four years there and had an amazing time meeting new people and getting involved with clubs and organization. The only issue I had at this university is the financial aid, which could be trouble at any school, also the instructors do not commit to their students as much as they could
My only qualm with TSU is that, they are very disorganized which makes it frustrating and hard for the students, however when everything is worked out, it is a great school.
Love the people and the environment here. Student life is great! However the administrative side is very unorganized and the facilities need badly renovated. I was satisfied with the educational experience.
Terrible school. The chemistry building is nasty. There were cockroaches all over, the bathrooms were always dirty and some of them didn't even have soap, the labs were disgusting. I always felt like I needed to shower immediately after leaving class/lab. The teachers were crazy.
This school is a decent school and offers a vast array of majors to choose from. Student life is good with there always seeming to be something going on for the student to do.
Tennessee State has a really great campus! The students are really cool, and there is always something to do to keep yourself busy!
I love that my school is and HBCU and we are still diverse! Everybody is treated with fairness and you can find a friend anywhere on campus! We have events that go on through out the school year so it's never a dull moment. Campus police ride around all day to ensure we have safety. Our student section during games are the livest! The best part is we have a community service class that is mandatory which gives you the opportunity to get community service hours. Our mission statement is think, work, serve, so come and be great with us!
Tennessee State is an okay establishment of education. It's a nice college to attend; if only financial aid would do more for their students to ensure that they could stay at the institute. The dorms are old, but they get the job done. if they could be renovated over the summer then that would improve the standard of living on campus. Also their reaction and solutions to problems are slow, if that could be fixed then the institute would be good.
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My experience at Tennessee State University has been wonderful. The environment and the people on campus is pretty phenomenal. Being at Tennesse e State University has changed me a lot. It allowed me to gain responsibilities and it expanded work ethics. I managed to get a lot of my work done and still have fun and I'm more comfortable of my surroundings. The experience was pretty new for me but I had to adjust. Attending Tennessee state was the best thing that ever hapeneded to me and I'm willing to go on with my education to receive my Bachelors Degree.
I love the freedom of being an individual and the professors truly care. TSU may be a bigger school but it has deep rooted tides in the community and a premier host of developing life long friendships/ relationships. Academically, we can do better but I do see a change adjusting because there are professors that really care.
My experience here at Tennessee Shate University has been an eye opener. You start to see a change in yourself and start to realize what it is that you need to do for youself to prepare for life after college. You meet people who actually care about you and want to see you be successful and that is what motivated me throughout my first semester at TSU.
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