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I love the freedom of being an individual and the professors truly care. TSU may be a bigger school but it has deep rooted tides in the community and a premier host of developing life long friendships/ relationships. Academically, we can do better but I do see a change adjusting because there are professors that really care.
My experience here at Tennessee Shate University has been an eye opener. You start to see a change in yourself and start to realize what it is that you need to do for youself to prepare for life after college. You meet people who actually care about you and want to see you be successful and that is what motivated me throughout my first semester at TSU.
Tennessee State University is a great HBCU. It is very rich in history and culture while still maintaining a diverse campus. TSU has many great opportunities within the campus. It is also a very friendly and safe campus.
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I have been having a problem with my financial add and no one will return to my calls so I can get it straight . I have been calling everyday all at different times even my mom have been trying to call no one will answer. You'll think they'll answer since it's dealing with money . This is bad business, I really want to go here but I can't get in touch with no one . Bad business
This is a very diverse university. In each class, I'm able to greet and get to know students of different backgrounds. The teachers are passionate and patient. Administration could use some help with organization.
HBCU in downtown Nashville awesome place to live. Cheap instate school with good scholarships. Slow financial aid office lots of greek life and sports.
I like the fact that TSU is a Historically Black College but is very diverse. I wanted a diverse school so really didn't look at HBCU's so to see people with different POV's and from different walks of life really sold me on coming here.
The school is great but you have to work hard with the financial aid Dept. The teacher are great , but you must do the work and stay on task.
I am currently a freshman at TSU and I really love it here. When I was first getting out of high school and considering different colleges, I was kind of worried about selecting TSU because of all of the stereotypes that I had heard. When I chose to go here, my opinion really changed and it is not as horrible as people portray it to be. It is a very good school with amazing students and exceptional teachers.
The "Land of Golden Sunshine" this school build character. I am reentering the University and the process has been smooth so far. Looking forward to completion of my studies.
My experience at Tennessee State was a great experience, they have shown nothing but love when i first step foot on campus.
I love Tennessee State University so far, it is a great school. My professors are awesome. The campus is great and classes are not hard to find. The students are so friendly and love helping everyone out. I plan on finishing all my four years out at TSU.
It was where I developed my sense of self. A nurturing environment. Caring faculty and staff. The occasional overworked knucklehead cashier or financial aid worker yes, but what school doesn't have those? I like the motto of Think, Work and Serve and the idea that you can start here and go anywhere. That said, it's time for some of the professors to retire. If you're no longer relevant, no longer doing research, regardless of how many great years of service you've given it's time to go. Make room for a new generation of talent and enjoy your retirement.
I love the campus, its very opened and organized.The campus allows you to find your classes faster, especially with the college app. The only issue is the dorms. They need to remove mold,and buy new furniture,because some of them are molded.
Very comfortable campus in my opinion, teachers and curriculum on point and most are very hands on. It was very easy to adjust considering I a from Michigan which is over 600 miles away.
TSU is a amazing school but the dorms need work and limited jobs they offer to college students should have unlimited offers to help out their students.
I give Tennessee State three stars because my years there were up and down. My first two years, I had teachers that did not speak fluent English. It was very hard to understand them and for them to understand me. There were teachers who didn't care about helping the students. Once I got in my degree required classes, I was excited to go to school. I loved the teachers because they would teach exactly what were on the test. They taught what you needed to know versus teaching anything just to say they taught something! I learned so much in my last two years that I can use in my career!
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It has been a much better experience that i anticipated. I feel as though i am at home away from home, and everyone here wants to learn. All of my professors are fully supportive and always offering one on one tutoring sessions at anytime. Despite tedious financial aid visits that can cause you to stay for hours until you can be advised, this problem is much worse in other institutions. Definitely needs an improvement.
I love the support systems for instruction and opportunities for career internships! Meal plans are overpriced, but I like the Dining Dollars.
I love that majority of the teachers I've had has been very helpful. I also love the variety of activities they have on campus. What I don't like is the inability for the Financial Aid off in assisting individuals obtain scholarships or other assistance (especially, out of state students). I love the school but my inability to pay may not allow for me to stay.
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