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4,739 reviews
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I thought the campus was very diverse and I am excited to go this fall semester of 2017!

The only thing I'd change about Temple University is having the students more involved in student government, more prominent campaign platforms and formal voting, and more interfacing between student government and Temple University administration staff to bridge the massive disconnect.
I love the diversity at Temple University. I have made so many friends and it has only been one semester of my first year here! I made friends with students from other states as well as other countries! The teachers are so helpful and want you to succeed. Also, because my work load is so much, I know that there are so many resources for me to reach out to for help whether it be for academics or health!
Temple is a great university, but there are many commuter students so it is harder to achieve a feeling of a college community. Easy access to downtown Philadelphia is a plus and all the professors that I've had so far care about their subjects, and supply lots of support to help each student do well.
My experience in Temple University has been nothing but wonderful. Being surrounded by people so caring and happy makes me feel good. I absolutely love how i Temple university they don't treat you like another student, they treat you like you are special. What would i change about this college? Nothing. There is absolutely nothing i would change of this college because this college is the best college I've seen.
I went to Temple University as a high school senior on a tour. The school grasped my attention immediately with how diverse it was. The academics suited everyone and the resources they had like their own hospital right across the street and many other school close by to interact with.
The environment here at Temple University is unbelievable. The unlimited ways to get involved in clubs and organizations is amazing. The overall security on the campus is stellar, Temple University Police Department works extremely well with Philadelphia Police Department in ensuring an atmosphere of safety. Also, the professors here are always encouraging you to get to know them and build a relationship in and outside the classroom. Nothing but positive vibes from Temple alumni, Temple students and Temple staff. GO OWLS
Temple University is a great school. I am in my sophomore year. I am taking classes at the Fox School of Business. The professors are very professional and very helpful.
Temple is the perfect university for anyone seeing a great education in an urban environment! The professors are caring, intelligent and accepting. The campus itself is lively and there is so much diversity. I would highly recommend Temple to students looking for the perfect college!
Being a Freshman at Temple University, was an experience like no other. I would have never dreamed of meeting so many wonderful people and becoming a part of a new family. The students are so diverse. One of my closest friends here at Temple is from India. Considering I am an undecided student, I have so many options to choose from. There are so many classes to chose from, and so many directions you could go. Ending my first semester was surreal. I joined the Red Diamond Battalion, which is Temple's Army ROTC program. I played intramural basketball. I have done some of the most unimaginable things here. I wouldn't have it any other way.
I love the diversity of the student body. As I am a commuter student, I would like to see a nice commuter lounge where there are lockers to store books and personal items.
Temple University is a very diverse and welcoming school. Unlike most universities, Temple is only about 55% Caucasians, with the rest being of other minorities. It's very easy to walk around campus and see different kinds of individuals simply on this one statistic. There are also many clubs/organizations on campus, so meeting new people is probably one of the easiest things during your time here.
In February of 2015, I received the Lew Klein Excellence in the Media scholarship, which made my opportunities in Dublin, Ireland that summer possible. Temple University has provided me with the financial, academic, professional, and personal tools that have pushed me to apply myself domestically and internationally. I want to use the accumulated skills and experiences Temple University has given me and apply them outside of Philadelphia. The professors within the School of Media and Communication are well-seasoned and are willing to share the realities students may run into within the media business. However, it is up to the student to take hold of the opportunities that Temple University has to offer because that is what being Temple Made is all about: working hard to make your own success.
This was my first semester at Temple University. The classes that I took were mostly general education courses but all of my professors were extremely down to earth and enjoyable to work with. Unlike many other colleges I feel that the professors at Temple care about the students in there classes.
Temple is an extremely diverse college also. It is very involved in the surrounding community and students from all nationalities and walks of life can be found here. There are multiple events held every semester that help to ensure that diversity is encouraged. The many food trucks throughout campus also add to this as food from many different cultures are represented.
Overall from my experiences on campus between professors, students, athletics and night life, I love my college. Plus there is always something amazing going on in the Liacouras center!
I have enjoyed my experience at Temple's Fox School of Business. The professional world exposure that is given to students is very informative and eye opening. The instructors are a lot of times involved in the business world or have been involved in the business world. One of my favorite professors introduced me to Milton Friedman and Thomas Sowell who were two of the best economists in history. I still listen to their lectures on theories and application of different political and economic methods.
The great thing about Temple University is how close it is to Center City Philadelphia. You can either take the bus or the subway and in a few minutes you are right in the heart of the city. All of the major historical and entertainment landmarks are all within reach via public transportation. The university also has a convenient Center City location which is helpful for nontraditional students who wish to continue their studies and advance their careers.
Temple is located in a very active part of Philadelphia. It was under a lot of construction when I went, and I was unable to go on a tour, but I can see it being very nice and modern once the construction is finished. There are not many easy ways to get to the center of the city from campus and there may be safety concerns with the surrounding area. However, the buildings on campus looked very nice and well done.
The campus is full of many different cultures. There are many opportunities to meet new people and also join clubs that may peek your interest. The campus also has plenty of opportunities for students to receive extra help with their studies. Whether it be from their professor, the teacher's assistant, or going to the tutoring center. If I had to change something about Temple it would be the safety aspect.
I like how mostly everyone is friendly. It is easy to find friends. I would change the professors and the science and math department. The apartments to be cheaper. It is a really good school.
Temple University is a well-rounded school with openness, culture, and diversities. Temple University is a great fit for anyone who is willing to make an effort of finding the things around campus that they like and also are not afraid to try new things, there are tons of events that I have gone to just to try one time and then ended up falling in love with. A person that may not fit at Temple University would be someone who does not like to get out and try new things and just go there for the class time then stay in the dorm for the rest of the day. Temple University is a community and does a very good job at showing that, if you would not like a community type of space and more if a "loner" type of area Temple University may not b a good fit for you. But if you are about going out, making new experiences, having fun and being safe while doing so Temple University would be a great fit for you.
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