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It is a great college with professors who do everything they can to help students achieve. During breaks between classes, there are many food trucks and stores that sell amazing food that can help pick students up. There are many clubs and student activities that can help students relax and meet new people.
Temple is an amazing school. They are making so many great improvements to the school and the area is getting better. The education is great and temple offers many job fairs for students to get a chance to find jobs after graduation or internships.
It depends what your looking for. Temple has a lot of opportunity, no one will be there to guide you through it, you kind of have to get yourself involved. education is basically what you would find anywhere else. Campus is safe, try not to go off campus by yourself. It is exactly what it looks like at orientation. If you like the city it may be for you.
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I came to Temple the first time with a super closed mind and did not think it was for me. The minute that I stepped on the campus I truly realized that I was wrong. I love Temple so much that I honestly can not think of a bad thing to say about it. I'm even staying the summer because it's boring to go home now. 10/10 recommend!!
Temple University is very diverse. It is a huge eye opener and culture shock. Going to school here, you learn so much about culture, people and your studies!
I like how it is in the city. Since it is such a large campus, there are a variety of activities to do. Also, there is a large selection of restaurants and food trucks. The train station is right next to the campus so it is convenient for commuters.
This school has helped me break out of my shell because of how nice the community & everyone is. No matter what culture you are, everyone is so friendly.
The professors are always here to help you no matter how long it will take. Everyone is here to help you and that's what I love most about temple university!
I really like Temple. I have had great experiences with my professors, even though the classes are challenging the profs are almost always there to help.
Temple is an amazing diverse campus. I feel like I belong to a community that is very understanding of all different kinds of backgrounds. The professors are very intelligent and enable you to think critical of all subjects. Temple's food trucks are also amazing. I am so thankful to be a part of this great university.
I enjoy the feel of community that temple university offers. To say that I'm excited to be enrolled in this university is an understatement.
Temple University was amazing for its diversity. Since the campus is in the middle of the city, the students are from all different backgrounds and parts of the surrounding areas. There was also a vast diversity in the majors offered and interests of students, with any student group you could ever imagine existing. What could have made Temple better would have been better laboratory space for classes and more student housing for underclassmen.
The thing I love most about Temple is the professors. This last year I have had so many extraordinary opportunities because of my professors. I would change Temple's financial aid employees. Whenever I call the workers have attitudes, and don't seem like they want to help!
Temple has a lot of opportunities on campus for all of their students. They are very lenient with their work and their jobs that they offer on campus. I look forward to going to Temple University.
I'm in Fox and the business school is pretty, classes can be helpful and professors have been very nice.
The diversity, teachers and campus facilities are the most important aspects at Temple. Myself as an older student was a little worried on how well I would fit in or actually stick out and I have not had to worry about that at all. The school is welcoming as there are so many students that have so many stories. It is just hard to stick out or stand out.
Its a very diverse campus that conveniently located in the city where everything is accessible. The people on campus are friendly and the professors that teach here are really informative and know what they are doing. There are so many different programs and schools to choose from there is something here for everybody.
Temple has a lot of resources that allow students to have whatever type of experience they want. If they're looking for a big college atmosphere where they can blend into the crowd and part hard on the weekends, they can. If they're looking for a small, individualized experience, that's achievable, too. The way Temple breaks down into smaller colleges allows students to get an individualized education.
The professors at Temple all excel in their fields, and they understand the stress that comes with being a student, so they are very accommodating.
Temple has upwards of 50 places for food, and it's 15 minutes away from Center City, but campus has hundreds of student organizations and teams for anyone to join, too.
The only problem about Temple is location. It's in North Philly, which is an area of high crime and low socioeconomic status. To combat this, Temple has its own police force, and Temple actually has the lowest crime rate per student than any other school in Philadelphia.
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Temple University offers different kinds of majors for different people. Everyone will find something of their liking here, whether it is a major or an organization or a cause that is personal to you. Temple University is also very diverse, you never see the same people everyday.
I liked how the classes are challenging for STEM majors but I would like to see easier access to research and internships.
There are many activities around the campus. The atmosphere is very nice and relaxing. Professors are very attentive and helpful, even going greater length to help student succeed. A lot of food trucks give students a lot of choices. The campus resides in the city, allowing students to partake and enjoy many events year around.
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