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Temple University is a great college I just recently transferred and it’s everything that I was hoping for it to be. They have a wide variety of programs and organizations that I absolutely love. Temple has so many outstanding resources that allows students to prosper and be anything that want to be. One thing I wish I could change about temple is the community service. If temple students stuck together more we would be able to accomplish even more great things. Even as diverse as this school is I still feel as though we can be more in unity .
Temple provides so much for their students and I know that the faculty wants its students to succeed. It is so easy to get involved at Temple because there are over 300 clubs! It was so easy for me even as a transfer student to get involved. Temple also has many academic/professional resources such as academic advising and the career center. Professors have flexible office hours which is really convenient for students. There are always activities to do on campus to keep the students busy and entertained, and they are fun. Temple takes care of its students and I am very thankful to go to this school.
A fantastic college all around. Excels in every aspect of academics and athletics with great resources and a spectacular campus .
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It's an average school at best. I often get notifications about various crimes outside the campus and I would see hardcore Christians preaching on campus when nobody cares to listen. I also don't care too much about student life and the party scene since I'm a commuter.
Temple University was not my first choice while making my decision for university. It was my last choice, because I am from the Philadelphia area, so I knew the city and also a lot of people i knew were going to be enrolled at temple also. But after coming here, it is not a choice that I am going to regret. The school offers so much programs and opportunities, and makes it very easy to get involved. What you put into the university is what you are going to get out. Campus safety is less than an issue than I thought it was, the security team and the local police can be seen everywhere. It is hard to enjoy the college experience as a commuter, but being here gives me the environment to focus on my studies.
Classrooms and lecture halls are pretty clean and modern - Wachman hall is one of the best buildings. But I'd love to see TU banish smoking on campus.

Student housing is expensive for what you get. For ex., a private room at Morgan in a shared suite with 2+ students is over $1,100 per month. Do not wander off main campus day or night without being on guard.

Food at TU is affordable, but not great. You have a dozen chains in the student center and food trucks around campus. IMO, the food trucks are far superior to the student center.

Student life is excellent. There is just about every club imaginable for every major. There's a real sense of community at the college unlike any other I've been to. Even as a transfer, you'll make friends.

Academics are pretty challenging. I like how most of my professors seem to care about their students' success. Gen ed courses, especially in the science department, are not the best, so just get through them quickly.
I am a Freshman at Temple University. The professors I have are great, and genuinely care about their students success. They want to answer your questions, but it is important to review your material before asking a question because if it's something you can find yourself they'll tell you to read the syllabus or notes or something. They get back to emails in a timely manner. I live off campus, so I don't know much about the dorms, just that they are expensive. I am a member of the Track Club, the people are great and definitely challenge you to improve your physical state and get faster, but don't want you to burn yourself out. The streets are relatively safe, but it's definitely encouraged to have a buddy at night and not to walk by yourself.
I love being a temple student because of all the activities, majors available to the student population as well as the college cultural experience that temple brings to incoming students is amazing
I like everything about Temple University. If I could I would be a student there forever. They offer many academic programs. Their professors and classrooms use the latest technology. Their campus offers everything a student needs for a successful student experience.
The school is highly diverse, and has a variety of classes for you to chose from. The university is staffed with a dozen academic advisors to help.
Temple University gives you immense opportunities to succeed in your career. The campus has a great library and other quiet spots where you can study peacefully too. The dining hall food is okay, nothing exceptional.
I am loving my college experience at Temple. I am involved in campus clubs, go to football games, and volunteer work. I will say that it is hit or miss with professors. Some are extremely caring while others can't be bothered (which is typical of a professor who teaches a large lecture).
What I like about Temple University is the fact that it is a very diverse community, full of students and staff whom are interested in growing and learning together. However, the Philadelphia area that the campus is located in is extremely unsafe. The campus party scene and city night life is always exciting but another downside is the fact that classrooms are tight and out-dated. Professors do their best and there is opportunity to learn and advance at this school.
I currently attend temple university and I'm on my last year. I met a lot of good friends attending temple and I've met a lot of great professors who are willing to help their students pass. It's a great school. I will miss my seniors and I will miss the school incentive I graduate. However I know temple has taught me a lot about life lessons and prepared me well for my career ahead.
The most interesting parts about temple, certainly the more entertaining ones, are the school events. The sporting events are also a blast! You can see the scool unity at the events, it is great!
Temple University should increase the security around the surrounding area. Otherwise the facility is nice and the professors are helpful.
I love the amount of diversity at Temple. The academics are great, teachers are helpful, there are tonnes of resources for students to use. The campus life is exciting, all the needs that a student requires are here.
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Before arriving to Temple, I thought that the school would be terrible based on Judgement of the surrounding community. As soon as I stepped foot onto Temples campus, I was in Awe!
Outside of the campus the city is all run down and destroyed. On campus you have some homeless people that are not the best and could do without. The campus police and security have a strong presence all over campus and everywhere you look you can find one.
Temple University is a very good school with many options. It offers many courses depending on what major you are doing and you will meet new people.
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