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Technical Education Center - Osceola Reviews

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I'm just starting so what I like so far is how the teacher really want you to succeed they have programs to help you study or different ways to bring up your grade. Also they have good communication skills.
I think the school is great. I am currently in the culinary arts program and to be honest I love it. The teachers are great, they're always there to help and show you the way to be successful in life. If I could recommend the school to other I would happily do it. If I could change one thing it would be nothing. Its affordable and just the same as a regular 4-year college
Able to continue into a fast track program after.
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Instructor had no idea what she was teaching.
Instructor with no experience. Unprofessional.
horrible academics offered because none were offered at all!!!! I had no teacher and didnt learn anything. they stole my money
horrible experience, horrible teacher, horrible principal, horrible administration, horrible classrooms, horrible teacher, horrible teachings, horrible lessons, they will down talk you, discourage you, take your money with no education you will wish you never went to their school.
HORRIBLE in every way imaginable. They ruined my education please nobody every come to this school!!!!!!!
diverse but couldnt really get to know them as everyone was stressed in that horrible environment
they make you pay tuition but dont give you your money back after they lied not telling you their would be no teacher or teachings.
horrible quality of every center and the school !!!
Horrible school absoultely waisted my money and time!! They gave me no teacher, the subs they had had no book, no answers to questions, no materials, they were lazy! their is no student center, library, one time I went to the campus to study before a test and they kicked me out! They never followed the schedule, they never helped me they were disrespectful to me and provided me with horrible quality education. I was their one month and they had 3 different subs. I couldnt take it anymore i left this horrible school I wouldnt wish not even my worst enemy to ever attend this school ! the principal is of no help the administraters either. They all dont take responsibility for their actions. To them all they care about is money and they will take it with nothing in return whatsoever! HORRIBLE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Open availability to computer lab. Lots of helpful computer work
Everything about the school is great. Everybody works together to help out other staff member, students, or guest.
The main reason why I chose to attend TECO, is because both the staff and, teachers work with me one-on-one to accomidate my work schedule. They offer many programs such as: Medical Assisting, Phlebotomy, Law Enforcement, Paramedics, Web Design, etc. The councelors will sit with you and, help you with any issue that you may hve regarding the class,teacher, financial aid, etc..
Career Center – Usually once they graduate, they find exactly what they were looking for in the practice that they gained through this school.
New Professors – The new professors we get aren't really of the highest quality. For example, our last chemistry teacher was a good one, strong attitude, but she taught the subject well. Now the new one can't even begin to bring the patience for the confusion that we might have for her questionable teaching methods and ability.
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