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All of the instructors are very helpful and kind. They all take the time to help any students that struggle with the class work by taking the time out of there day to provide extra help where it is needed. I have always struggled with my work all throughout my life but when I started college it got worst because the work is harder with more strict deadlines. With the help of my instructors by being patient and allowing me to ask any and all questions that I had is helping me to get through college.
The Technical College of the Lowcountry is a very, calm environment, and it provides a variety of three branch campuses which helps me save time altogether. I have enjoyed being here in school and wish to continue until I have completed my major in CAD.
I liked everything about the Technical College of the Lowcountry. I appreciated the staff and faculty.Every person involved in my education from the professors to my adviser really made me feel comfortable and confident that I belonged there. The support of everyone made me feel like I could and would graduate. I would forever be grateful to this college for a wonderful experience.
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Despite being a dual enrollment student I am treated the same as the other students and really appreciate it. My experience so far has been pleasant in the 4 classes that I have attended.
I love how all the staff from the professors, student advisor, to the registration office is very polite. Also very helpful in all aspects. So you never feel alone or guilty for asking a question.
My first year at TCL was a great one. The first semester I didn't work. I was taking five classes and it got a little tough at times but I pushed through. Second semester I took 5 classes again but this time I was working and it kicked my butt. It was hard to keep up with school and work. I barely had time to study or do anything.
Affordable, flexible scheduling is available and there are some great professors. The registration/admissions office as well as the financial aid office is very chaotic and unorganized.
TCL is an amazing school that always helps you out to continue your education. The staff help me get through many financial difficulties that I had along the way and they gave me the opportunity to continue my education withou missing any semester.
I believe TCL has positive aspirations just like any other college. What makes them unique is that they are small and tailor to students needs for those who are beginning their path for a career or to further their education. They are an outstanding resource in the educational world for saving students here money, time, and the core credit hours. They have made the mad, college scene a simple, accessible way for they're students. They also offer an admirable (even though quaint) student life successful. I am an out of state student and the cooperative staff helped me through transferring difficulties, through taking the next steps here at TCL. I know I have chosen the right school for my future educational path. They have positively changed the dynamic of education.
This school is very affordable for people who want to get a good education and stay on budget. They have a very helpful staff who always have a smile on their faces. I definitely recommend going to this college if you are in South Carolina!
The teachers were very nice and worked with students to ensure success. Was a great jump start for a 4 year college.
I have had a great experience with TCL. Everything has been absolutely wonderful. The professors are great! The classes are affordable, and there is plenty of diversity.
I have enjoyed every aspect to this college. The campus is clean and open and when ever you cross paths with others they smile and say hello. This college is a community within a community and that is a unique part of everyone's experience.
The affordability and class size is what is appealing about this school. Talking to professors about each subject and their passion for each subject is amazing.
This school changed my entire view on college.
It is the world's okayest school, so I expect the jobs are okay.
The only time they had the classes I needed was in the morning, so I ended up only being able to work three days a week for a semester. No big deal in the long run, but It stressed me out.
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Many students do their online work in the student lounge so they can talk with other students in the same course if they are having trouble.
There are a lot of career fairs at the main campus and email are sent out informing students of job openings.
The only class I feel I have learned in has been Hollinger's Western Civ. It isn't that the teachers are bad, or that they don't know their subject. The level the basic classes are taught on is just a smidgen above what was taught in high school. If you have been out of high school for some time or didn't understand the subject in high school, I am sure the classes are filled with new information.
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