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Absolutely one of the best colleges/universities for education-related fields. Great scholars, resources, open-mindedness, and excellent facilities and events too. They value each of students' opinions.
Fantastic place to be inspired to learn, to work hard, and change the world. Great professors, fascinating courses, many experiences to take advantage from, and many opportunities to enjoy.
I have walked around the campus several times and I feel rather safe. Students usually go about their own business so I have never encountered a problem
Review Teachers College at Columbia University
The campus looks great and it is very clean.
Very nice learning environment that inspires me to keep on learning and the teachers are all passionate about the topics they teach.
Pursuing a graduate degree from TC was one of the best decisions I've ever made. The classes are engaging and ignite a passion for teaching every summer. One of the most unique qualities of TC that made it such a positive experience is New York City. Being able to explore the city and have class assignments incorporate the art and culture of New York is great.
The professors are helpful and usually thoughtful. The registration process is not hard. The workload is manageable.
Overall, my experience has been good. I think a student body with slightly more work experience might create a more informative and enriching classroom experience.
I wish the Career Services department were stronger and more knowledge about a variety of career options.
The neighborhood is not great, so I feel safer walking in groups when leaving campus at night. However, the school seems to make an effort to make sure we know what kinds of safety options are available to us. I appreciate that.
Greek life isn't a big part of the school experience.
The school cares about producing socially conscious, culturally sensitive citizens.
It's New York City, so most people aren't at school to play sports. It's not an important part of the school.
Their hours are not ideal, considering how many late classes are offered. I will often get out of class feeling hungry, but not have an on-campus place to go for food because everything is closed.
I have never felt unsafe.
I did not apply for financial aid.
Being in NYC, there are a lot of options; however, rent is very high everywhere.
Review Teachers College at Columbia University
I don't live on campus, but I've toured the facilities. They're not great, especially for what you pay.
From day 1 there are preventative measures taken by the administrators.
I really have no idea about our Greek life.
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