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-variety of majors
-many amazing professors who love what they do
-offers additional opportunities
grade A
Spiritual Stimulation:
-chapel is three times a week, no required attendance
-great guest speakers
-floors' struggle to organize small groups
Social Scene:
-many students have a sub-par experience
-if you had a normal Christian upbringing, you will fit in well
-struggle socially, Taylor is not for you
-Floor/dorm events are occasionally offered
-General niceness can be surface level
Dating Culture:
-"pick-a-dates" (casual group dates with a twist) hit or miss
-dating culture exhibits palpable tension, many people put pressure on themselves to get married by graduation
-There are zero places on campus to be alone
-average, but highway robbery when considering the cost ~1500/month
-Upperclassmen may apply to live off campus ~500/month
Taylor University has the best community of any school I have ever even heard of. This campus is dedicated to making sure everybody genuinely feels involved and included, be it for eating dinner or doing homework, everything is done as a team. To feel lonely at Taylor is a challenge.
Though the campus is located in the vast cornfields of Indiana, there is always something going on. I came here with a fear of being bored - now I find myself so occupied that it is difficult to find time to do homework (Something I consider a win). There are 2am missions to steal relics from other floors, there are floor "Open Houses", where an entire floor will pick a theme and invite their guests to visit the most random and insane experiences of their lifetime.
This is not only an awesome place to get a Liberal Arts Education, but a place where you will make friends and connections that will never leave.
The community at Taylor is unlike any other school you will go to! There are facutly, professors and staff that geniunly care about you and want nothing but the best for you. You will make that best friends of your life, and participate in some good, clean fun! You will grow mentally and spiritually over your time at Taylor. It is a truley priceless experience!
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Everyone was very welcoming. Campus life is a very large focus there, and they are very focused on the students. Everyone wants the students to succeed.
I have very much enjoyed my time so far at this school. There have been tough opportunities of growth but it led me to figure out what type of student I wish to become. I have very much loved the faculty and staff. The majority of faculty love their jobs and truly wish the best for their students. I also value the living community Taylor had achieved--I have made my best friends and loved getting to interact with a faith based community each and everyday.
Taylor is an overall good place to live, you can walk around and get to places easily. You can get to everything within ten minutes. The dorms are like any other and there is not much of a party sense the campus is dry. The food is good and the professors are friendly and are willing to help. The people get along with each other and are supportive of each other. I think that if it had a town near by that would make it even better.
Taylor has an incredible community. I feel cared for and given an opportunity to learn outside of my major study courses. A whole person education is the focus here, and there are incredible opportunities to get involved in all aspects of campus life.
Taylor University is an absolutely amazing place. From my dorm life (so fun) to late nights in the Euler Science Building I have so much fun here. All of my professors are so kind, loving, and caring. They always make sure that I am doing okay.
I came to Taylor last fall and have found an invaluable community there. It's not a perfect community, but I feel like I can be fully myself with the people I've found at Taylor.
I love the community on campus. We love Jesus and you can generally tell by the way others act. The professors are great! They really care and want to know what's going in your life.
Taylor is a perfect place for Christian students of all political views, ethnicities, and races. It provides a place of learning and discussion with all points of views being considered. The community is extremely loving and warm yet still allows you time to be to yourself. There are numerous Taylor traditions to be apart of and enjoy. Personally my favorite thing is how personal the teachers are, they truly care about your well-being and work hard to ensure you excel in academic endeavors.
Taylor University was overall good. From an academic standpoint, which is the main reason I attended, I have no complaints! Excellent professors that showed care and investment in their students, especially within my major (Exercise Science). Being a minority student on campus truly is a very different experience than what the majority culture would probably say about their experience though.
I had a good overall experience here! The professors are really great, they are there to help you in whatever way possible - and they care about your future. I also liked the intentional community focus. I made lifelong friends here!
The community here is amazing. You will not get lost in the crowds here. The integrated dorm living of the classes is great.
I really enjoyed the way the students and faculty are very accepting of any one with any background.
So far, it has been a welcoming and loving community. This is a place I would recommend to many people.
I really liked being apart of the community, meeting new people and especially getting to know God more. I has been an amazing to be apart of the TU family and to learn so much about the school's heritage. I love how Christ centered it is and how we are encouraged as students and young people to seek God and to live and serve him through whatever we do and what we strive to become.
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I love the community that Taylor offers and the individual investment that the professors have in each student. The only thing that I would change is that I would like for the Bible to be a little bit more central in campus life.
My experience has been quite interesting. Overall, I would say I have had a good experience at Taylor. But there has been a lot of internal struggle between the conservative and liberal sides within the university. For a school claiming, advertising, and recruiting on the basis of their conservative christian stance, much of the education and administrative decisions lean heavily on the leftist agenda. The community is true to it's word, rich and full of culture.
My experience at Taylor University was interesting, it was new but not shocking. I got to know some great people and I learned a lot from the people at this school. The curriculums from the teachers had me thinking especially from the religion based classes. I would want to see the community change and have more events on campus for all students.
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