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Taylor University is a place where you just don't grow academically, but also spiritually. That was a key reason why I chose to come to Taylor. I wanted to grow stronger in my faith. Also, the community here is outstanding because everybody has the same goals. There are also tons of opportunities for students to get involved and meet new people. Whether that is volunteering or just an event to bring the student body together, there are always things going on. The only downside of Taylor is that there isn't much of a town around this area. Upland is a very very small town with basically Ivanhoes as the only place to go to with in walking distance. If you want to go some where out to eat or to go to a move somewhere you are going to have to drive to Gas City or Marion. Otherwise, I have nothing bad to say about Taylor. It has already impacted my life in a huge way and I don't see it stopping.
I am a sophomore here and I absolutely love it here. I have not had a negative experience here, unlike the community college I attended before. Everyone is so friendly, and willing to be your friend, I love it.
I had an amazing 4 years at Taylor. I would not trade them for anything! I made lifelong friends, found out what I was passionate about, made tons of memories and will forever be connected to the school. I am so thankful for TU!
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Taylor is a great Christian school focusing primarily of getting a Christian education in order to build up characteristics of servant leaders. The school is making strides towards improving the positive nature of their diversity, which is encouraging during these times of racial tension. Taylor University has a lot to work on financially. Students are unable to attend the university without experience substantial debt as their financial aid programs are lacking. I'm hoping to see more improvement in his area in particular. Their academics are challenging and rewarding. I feel prepared academically for graduate school as I look on toward more practical living experiences in an apartment or home.
I love how it feels like youre a big family. I love the campus, the people, the food. Everything about Taylor is great! I love the way if youre not at chapel people ask about you. I did a Campus Tour and it was a great enviorment and I can't wait to start in the Spring!
I love being at Taylor University. This unique school has provided an atmosphere that I can grow not only academically, but also a whole person. The faith and learning integration has been a vital part of my development.
Taylor is a place that welcomes students of all backgrounds and experiences. There is a community here I haven't found anywhere else. There is space to have intentional conversations and grow in relationship with one another and to grow and develop a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ. Our chapel services are intentional in the content and worship for students to engage in. They bring in speakers from all over the world to share and encourage us in our faith. The student life on campus is always inviting students to participate in various events, like our annual Halloween Dance or Silent Night tradition, Pick-A-Date's on our floors, and plenty of opportunities be involved in leadership in the many student-led programs on campus. This is a school that will invest in you and help you grow and develop into an adult during your time here as you ask big questions about life and discover who you are through conversations and embracing one another with the honest, gracious love of Christ.
Great school, education and faith well integrated. Place to grow spiritually and prepare for your career.
I visited this summer and it was an amazing experience. They really did roll out the red carpet for me and made me feel welcome. Our tour guide even prayed with us afterwards. I would highly recommend Taylor University.
Even though I have only been at this school for just over 2 month I fell in love with it fast. The school gives you a lot of outlet to met a lot of people very quickly. Many of the people I have met here were people I probably would not have at a big state school. Classes are challenging but not an overload.
It is a fun little community and it easy to get to know one another. I became really involved with my dorm and connected with it pretty well.
I loved the intentional fellowship at Taylor University. I wish that there was less stigma there, however, I found that people often meant well and wanted to genuinely get to know you. I appreciated the professor's effort to go the extra mile. There is a great academic program, however, little to do in the area unless you are willing to drive.
The moment we walked on campus, it felt like home! The professors we met with were warm and knowledgeable, the classes we visited were engaging and small with a lot of instructor contact, and the students I stayed with in the dorm were incredibly welcoming and fun.
I just finished my first year here. I love this place. Everyone is very nice. I am an engineering student, and although its a small university, the engineering program is excellent.
I have loved being a part of the Taylor community. My time here has helped me grow in more than just academics--it has helped me grow as a person.
From reading the posts, it seems some students clearly do not like the Taylor experience. If you're looking for lots to do outside of Taylor, such in the general locale, it's true you won't find it. If you're looking for a well-rounded environment where students are trained to graduate and go on to serve in a variety of ways, both professionally and personally, then Taylor could be for you. Frankly, the students who do not like Taylor should try a different school to determine a better fit. Essentially, all over the world, many people love Taylor, and those who graduate from her are recognized across all industries to be some of the most top-notch folks around.
What I like about Taylor University is that you have professors that actually care about your education. I hear that there are some professors at other colleges who don't care about the grade you get, and that they won't work with you when you need some last minute help, which is completely understandable. But here at Taylor, you can come up to a professor at the last minute for a little extra help or something, they work just as hard as you to help you get to where you want to be. One thing I would love to see change is the diversity on campus. Although Taylor does their best to try to incorporate all of the cultures into the community, I feel like they don't get enough attention and there are too many people who are unwilling to expand their horizons. Taylor should start by doing better job of broadcasting when a multicultural event is happening and then move on from there.
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I've been enjoying going here for the past two years that i have attended. Everyone at the school is friendly and the classes are challenging and interesting. I've learned alot pertaining to my major in the first two years, more than i expected to too. It is an excellent environment to attend college in.
I really enjoy the atmosphere of Taylor University. The christian based education is a great way to grow more spiritually. I would recommend Taylor to anyone who is wanting to strengthen their personal relationship with Christ in a Christian atmosphere.
Taylor University is a great collage to attend. The science majors are particularly well developed, including computer science. Taylor is a Christian collage, so you will not have to worry about your personal beliefs affecting your grades like it would at some other collages. being a Christian Collage also means that there is a lot of life-issues support; if you think you're perfect, this is not the collage for you. The only issue might be the price tag, but Taylor is willing to work with all its students to make sure affordability is not an issue.
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