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Taylor University was overall good. From an academic standpoint, which is the main reason I attended, I have no complaints! Excellent professors that showed care and investment in their students, especially within my major (Exercise Science). Being a minority student on campus truly is a very different experience than what the majority culture would probably say about their experience though.
I had a good overall experience here! The professors are really great, they are there to help you in whatever way possible - and they care about your future. I also liked the intentional community focus. I made lifelong friends here!
The community here is amazing. You will not get lost in the crowds here. The integrated dorm living of the classes is great.
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I really enjoyed the way the students and faculty are very accepting of any one with any background.
So far, it has been a welcoming and loving community. This is a place I would recommend to many people.
I really liked being apart of the community, meeting new people and especially getting to know God more. I has been an amazing to be apart of the TU family and to learn so much about the school's heritage. I love how Christ centered it is and how we are encouraged as students and young people to seek God and to live and serve him through whatever we do and what we strive to become.
I love the community that Taylor offers and the individual investment that the professors have in each student. The only thing that I would change is that I would like for the Bible to be a little bit more central in campus life.
My experience has been quite interesting. Overall, I would say I have had a good experience at Taylor. But there has been a lot of internal struggle between the conservative and liberal sides within the university. For a school claiming, advertising, and recruiting on the basis of their conservative christian stance, much of the education and administrative decisions lean heavily on the leftist agenda. The community is true to it's word, rich and full of culture.
My experience at Taylor University was interesting, it was new but not shocking. I got to know some great people and I learned a lot from the people at this school. The curriculums from the teachers had me thinking especially from the religion based classes. I would want to see the community change and have more events on campus for all students.
The community at Taylor is unlike any other school but it would be nice to have things to do around campus with the new friends we've made.
So far I am so happy I chose to come here! The community here is better than one I have ever had before. The people are so genuine and want to encourage us to be the best people we can be. Our professors prepare us for the workforce, and for life in society. One thing I do not enjoy is the surrounding town. There is nothing to do off campus, but luckily the great community makes up for it.
Overall Taylor University is a great school. Your professors want to help you succeed in your classes. The gen-ed profs grade you super hard for no reason. They grade you hard because they act like if it's your major class that you have to take. Food could get a bit better. Wish Taylor had more dance formals and stuff like that.
Very great school with a lot of amazing opportunities! I appreciate Taylor for its constant faithfulness to its students, the helpful faculty, and the intentional community.
Taylor University is not like most colleges. They focus on community within dorms, but not all dorms are created equal. Although the quality of professors and education are good, TU lacks in social aspects, as there is little to no diversity, not much to do in the area, and very biased "communities."
I love Taylor University. I think that this school has shaped me and molded me into someone completely different than when i walked in as a freshman. This university prepares you for what you will encounter in your future job. The professors are also great mentors and teachers. They are very personable and care on a deep level for each of their students.
Taylor University is a place where you just don't grow academically, but also spiritually. That was a key reason why I chose to come to Taylor. I wanted to grow stronger in my faith. Also, the community here is outstanding because everybody has the same goals. There are also tons of opportunities for students to get involved and meet new people. Whether that is volunteering or just an event to bring the student body together, there are always things going on. The only downside of Taylor is that there isn't much of a town around this area. Upland is a very very small town with basically Ivanhoes as the only place to go to with in walking distance. If you want to go some where out to eat or to go to a move somewhere you are going to have to drive to Gas City or Marion. Otherwise, I have nothing bad to say about Taylor. It has already impacted my life in a huge way and I don't see it stopping.
I am a sophomore here and I absolutely love it here. I have not had a negative experience here, unlike the community college I attended before. Everyone is so friendly, and willing to be your friend, I love it.
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I had an amazing 4 years at Taylor. I would not trade them for anything! I made lifelong friends, found out what I was passionate about, made tons of memories and will forever be connected to the school. I am so thankful for TU!
Taylor is a great Christian school focusing primarily of getting a Christian education in order to build up characteristics of servant leaders. The school is making strides towards improving the positive nature of their diversity, which is encouraging during these times of racial tension. Taylor University has a lot to work on financially. Students are unable to attend the university without experience substantial debt as their financial aid programs are lacking. I'm hoping to see more improvement in his area in particular. Their academics are challenging and rewarding. I feel prepared academically for graduate school as I look on toward more practical living experiences in an apartment or home.
I love how it feels like youre a big family. I love the campus, the people, the food. Everything about Taylor is great! I love the way if youre not at chapel people ask about you. I did a Campus Tour and it was a great enviorment and I can't wait to start in the Spring!
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