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The student body is friendly, very helpful and make me feel right at home. I thought i would feel out of place given my African American background but the diversity of ethnic backgrounds attending my school and there friendliness is so overwhelming i wouldn't settle for anything else!
I was very nervous and was a all new experience to me. I got the opportunity to review assignments that seemed complicated at my own pace and it made me feel important.
Please Notify Us – I chose my school mainly because it is an accelerated program to recieve my Associate's Degree. The school is very friendly and they help you the best they can. The only downer is they do not let you know iformation ahead of time. They do as they wish as far as schedules and other things, that's my only concern.
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Placement Center Is Useful – Most graduates get jobs through the placement office in the school.
Taylor Business Institute is a great school
Learning was easy, and I got the necessary help to excel
The computer we have at my school is working just fine.
My School – The educaation i'm getting is great. but it is just some of the teacher that not really explaining the work out to us or getting us more details on how to do the work. I got a little bit of financial aid helping me and a lots of loans too. But really i only wish the school would make the school tuiton lesser. Which the students can be able to pay for it.
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