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There is a few good professors that taught really well. A few of my professors did not prepare me at all for life outside of college.
It's a very nice college with lots of opportunities for early-college high school students. The early-college high school I am enrolled in is Crowley Collegiate Academy. We get to spend half of the day at Tarrant County College everyday to take college classes. It's very fun and I love it so much. There's also a Subways there.
I am a duel credit student that comes to Tarrant County College every week day. I have had a few bad teachers, but most of the teachers at TCC are laid back. The only fast food TCC has on campus is a Subway in the student union.
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This campus is very safe they always have police driving within the campus and the parking lots to keep students safe. The teachers are all supportive of your education, and do everything they can to make sure you do your best in school.
Haven't seen much as I'm still trying to get in but It seems like an amazing place to stay & study. Can't complain about much!
Tarrant County College is a great college if you want to transfer to another institution in the future, for it is very affordable (especially with certain grants). There are five campuses in the Forth Worth area, and their aesthetics and safety vary. The campuses I've attended were generally safe. The quality of education varies on the professor (who might be coming from a four-year institution), and they tend to be nice. However, if anyone is willing to be challenged academically, he or she might find it wanting, particularly in liberal arts courses.
I love the class sizes, the teachers and staff. I am sad to leave but I am excited to go on for my bachelor and masters degree.
It was unexpected for me to quickly enjoy and feel safe in a college. everyone is so sweet and helpful and I'm pleased to be in a college that focuses on success rather than other things
I like the campus because it is close to home. Tarrant County College is great because students have the same benefits as a 4-year college and get to save money.
I like that the teacher's try to communicate with the students. Also they push you to try to put your best into your academics.
I attended the Northeast campus previously and I'm looking forward to returning to complete school. Location is beautiful, very peaceful and easy to navigate. Enjoyed all of my proffessors at this particular location over staff at the South campus. Much more laid back vibe.
I am a Sophomore at Tarrant County College. In the past two years, I have such a great experience with this school. Every professor I took was amicable and helpful. I feel like I am actually learning from most of the courses and getting the knowledge, not just staying to past the test. In the future, I would hope Tarrant County College can encourage the professor to keep on what they are doing.
I like the diversity of the college, However, the campus life is a little boring and they don't have any sports or dorms which sucks because you go to your classes and then go straight home. But other than that I really like the campus and the professors are really nice and very helpful when it comes to needing help on a certain assignment.
I am currently taking Dual Credit Brit Lit online through TCC while finishing up high school. Tutor 24'7 is a free resource that they have available and I highly recommend it. Tutor 24'7 has helped me pass all my classes with an A.
I enjoy the campus and the academics. I have improved my intellect and grades with help from the school.
So far I believe that this has been the best option for me personally. The attitude is perfect for people who have a lot going on in their lives, with plenty of resources available at all times, just not in your face about it. not to say people don't care, people simply respect your ability to ask for help and intern expect you to return the same kindness. Campus life is serine, the fine arts department is fantastic, and I couldn't imagine surviving as well as I am anywhere else.
I like the diverse group of professors. The vast amount of resources on a small campus makes walking from tutoring to a class across campus in about 5 minutes. The availability of clubs makes it easy for you to find something you're good at or something you want to learn to do and students are very easy to collaborate with.
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Tcc. Is one of the best choices I have ever made. It’s affordable. It’s convenient. Office personnel are very helpful. You have access to so many resources tutoring, food pantry, study rooms. Absolutely the best community college I just love it.
I'm giving my school 5 stars because its genuine and well rounded. The classes aren't too big and the professor is always able to help everyone. I love the school because they have great opportunities to study abroad and also they help students when their funds for school is low.
I went as a freshman to TCC, I made no friends because I wasn't trying to. I felt very discouraged about my learning experience the entire time. I did not pass the TSI math portion I felt like I was looked down upon by my advisors. Advisors are 1 in a hundred are MAYBE nice, the rest have attitude or act like you're burdening them just by asking a question. The transfer center has extremely rude advisors who just act like they want to leave or you should know already. I had good professors, but they all seemed very unorganized, they gave us wrong tests and some couldn't speak English very well. It seems like a great school and lots of people love it I'm just not one of those people. Subway is really gross, and you have to stand at the counter for at least 5 minutes for them to even come talk to you, they know you are there and they look right at you but they don't care.
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