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TCC has been a wonderful way to finish my basics so that I can transfer on to university and work on my Bachelors. You have plenty of resources and wont leave in debt.
Tarrant County College is a great institution! It is close to my house, and for a cheaper price, I feel like I received an amazing education. The teachers were phenomenal, for the most part, and I always managed to make good grades because the institution had a plethora of resources for me to do my best work.
Pretty good college. Good prep for four year universities. Most teachers are awesome, but will make you work for the grade. I've done a lot of online classes and they've worked out pretty well with my schedule. There's always help and resources at these schools.
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I went here for the fall 2016 semester. Because of my high ACT score, I was able to join the Cornerstone Honors Program. This excited me at first; and some aspects of it were good. However the I had issues with the leadership of Cornerstone. They were constantly pressuring us to go to all the events and do volunteer hours beyond what was required, making the program highly impractical for people with children at home and long work hours. The professors in charge of Cornerstone also taught us a Humanities course, which basically consisted of time-consuming postmodern art projects which were graded so thoughtlessly that I got away with slipping very obvious jokes into mine. Most of the courses had a very leftist bias. The reason this is three stars and not less is because there were two WONDERFUL professors, Hollinger and Reed, for History and Philosophy respectively. If you go to TCC, be sure to take their classes.
Tarrant County College is a good college to attend. There are amazing professors who have been teaching for years and who know their material. The student services department is amazing as well. They can help you with anything from where the restroom is to if you are having troubles with your tuition. There are about 5 campuses that specialize in different majors. There is even a campus just for healthcare degrees! It is also a very affordable college to attend as well.
What I like most about Tarrant County College is that it's convenient and it is also very affordable. You basically choose your tuition depending on how many classes you want to take. One thing I do wish Tarrant County College did was availability to more online classes. I have taken a couple online classes before and it was great because I could work at my own pace while working full time. If I could, I would take all my classes online.
I loved Tarrant County College. It was great because the tuition is cheap so you can take a wide variety of courses to find the one you're passionate about. Instructors are knowledgeable, helpful, and all around incredible.
Attending Tarrant County College was a good stepping stone in my learning through Dual-Credit. Taking classes that had me study daily helped me understand what life as a college student would be like.
My experience with TCC is that I am a dual credit student. Had it all my Junior year of High School and now finishing up the last class of my second semester as a Senior. Overall the campus is great, it's clean and the professors are great, they'll put extra effort towards whatever problem you have along with not getting on your case about an assignment. I haven't been able to explore everything, but everything I have seen has been positive; this includes eating there and looking around to see what's there to see and the classes themselves.
Tarrant County College (or better known as TCC), is one of the most popular colleges in Fort Worth. As I just recently learned how to drive, I took all my classes online. They were really helpful for me and really easy to go. I would highly recommend to anyone who is looking for completing their Assosiates online.
Tarrant County College is a very fun and awesome community college. Its located in Fort Worth Texas and they offer a huge amounts of degrees. The school is always clean and looks modern. The classes are easy and different. When I say different I mean the classes engage in more of a physical activity to help a student learn better. They will sometimes play games and put lecture into it so the student will have fun while learning which is why I love Tarrant County College. I will definitely be graduating from this school and plan on getting an associates degree for becoming a computer programmer.
it is a great school to start off at. the only reason i am giving it 3 stars because my last semester at tcc i needed only one credit to graduate and the class i enrolled in had no professor for the first two weeks of school starting. besides all the drama that semester it is a great school to start off at plus its inexpensive.
I liked that there are multiple campuses and you are able to take classes at each campus. My professors have all been excellent teachers.
TCC is such a great community college! TCC offers so many opportunities, clubs, and tutoring centers it's amazing. Everyone I come across is so nice and every staff member takes their time to actually find something that fits your needs.
One of the reasons I love Tarrant County College is that they offer affordable classes without compromising the quality of the classroom. I've talked to several of my teachers and they have told me that they teach at several colleges ranging from community college to major universities. So not only am I getting a quality education at a fraction of the price, but community college has also allowed me to live at home and save money on rent. This in turn has allowed me to save money for when I transfer to Texas Tech next fall. Completing my first two years of college at TCC was one of the smartest decisions I could have made and I would definitely recommend it to anyone entering college.
Great community college. Excellent profs, good classes. TCC has been great in helping me transfer to a 4 year college
Great college awesome proffesors, they are always willing to help, like family! I am in the Respiratory Therapist program at the Allied health building by the Trinity river. School is in walking distance of down town and great food locations.
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What I love most about Tarrant County College is the way the staff goes out of their way to help students become as successful as possible no matter how tough it gets. Meaning someone is always willing to be there for you.
It was a great experience as this was my first year in college. I had been to a vocational school since completing high school. But, I had not had any experience was college. The staff were very helpful in making me feel right at home. Feeling a little overwhelmed at first, the guidance counselor for the HVAC program really made my transition quite comfortable. She was very informative in regards to attaining my certification. I do not believe I could have made it through the first semester if I had not gotten the help that I received. My professors were wonderful and very knowledgeable in their profession. I appreciate the opportunity to be able to directly talk to them on a personal level as well. If I had a question, they were attentive to my answer. The location was perfect for my commute. The tution for my classes were very affordable.
I'll get straight to the point. For the money, this is the best value per credit hour. Since it's a commuter school, people don't stick around after their classes are done for the day. Take earlier classes If you don't want to constantly hunt for a parking spot. For the best teachers, be sure do your research on Rate My Professor.
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