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The school itself is an excellent learning environment for upcoming member society, it had a great lay out and everything is extremely easy to find on campus. The staff is friendly and respectful and everything about the school is great.
To be honest, my love from the school is from the people and the area I'm in. I have good roommates, and my experience is comfortable. I've had a nice experience with teachers, and my work load is not stressful.
Tarleton State University is my home away from home. It truly is the best kept secret in all of Texas. I enjoy that the campus is small, and all the buildings are easy to find. Not only that, but the students and faculty are very kind. Dr. D, the president of university, is very engaged on campus. He genuinely cares about what is happening on campus. The best part about Tarleton is that even respects Tradition and the rest of the university's core values. Everyone really is just like one big, diverse family. The only thing I would like to see change would have to be the construction, but that will surely come with time.
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Coming from a small four year to a medium sized University was a big change but it has been very easy to adjust thanks to the amazing staff and professors and other students.
It's a nice college campus but not much to do around town which is fine because there alway something to do on campus. Sporting events and other intramural held fill the time after class.
I am still a senior in high school but i went to Tarleton for a tour. It was a big, nicely organized event called Texan day. They gave us free breakfast, tours around campus. We were able to talk to professors about the different courses, the students about the campus life, and different clubs and organizations that we can get involved in. I really love it that's why Tarleton is my number 1 college choice.
Tarleton is a very welcoming college straight from the start. You couldn’t ask for better people, from the students to the professors. Very rarely will you run into someone that is impolite. The campus is very nice. There are some rough professors that don’t teach very well but they are outnumbered by ones that you will have an easier time learning from. The campus has many organizations you can join, you will not get bored here. Also, the president and his wife are very involved in student life and never hesitates to carry a conversation! Highly recommend this school.
The staff at Tarleton State University are truly amazing and friendly people. They make you feel at home and that is truly something I appreciate.
I absolutely love Tarleton. I am so excited I chose to stay in Stephenville and attend the college. It was definitely nothing like I was expecting and it is much harder than high school, but the friends I have been making along the way are totally worth the extra study hours.
Tarleton is a very student based school. They take pride in traditions and student life on campus. Though the food may be awful the love on campus is why I attend. The town of Stephenville is like home no matter where you’re from and I love that.
Tradition. This one word is what this school thrives off of and I am just in love with the school! With purple being my favorite color it was an easy pick for me. This school is a gateway to an astonishing future not just for myself, but for others that I have met along the way in the five months I have been there. And I am just excited and giddy with pride to represent my school and lead on with the traditions they have taught me and use what I have learned as a student to push towards my future goals.
Tarleton State University is a calm school to study at. Staff are very professional and always willing to help. The universities location makes it a safe environment to go to school. The students are very diverse and getting to know people is pretty easy.
I spent my sophomore year at Tarleton. The people I met were incredibly friendly and polite. I even revived a birthday card from the President's Office. Something I would like to see change is the hours in which help is available for services such as tutoring. An example of this issue is when the Math Clinic closes at 5 P.M. Some students such as myself have to work past 5 P.M. and are unable to attend the standard hours. If the school had later hours for these services, more students would be successful. The more successful students Tarleton has, the better their academic rating will be and the school will benefit greatly.
Great teachers good learning environment. The people here really care about how you are doing and what you are trying to do. The experience within class as well as on campus is great.
very specific people may like this school depending on your major and personality. i personally didn’t like it because the town is tiny, coming from a large town where everything is within a 15-20 minute drive, to get to any nice restaurants or even a target is a 45-50 minute drive. resulting in nothing to do on the weekends and even some food places on campus are closed on saturdays. could be fun if you find your group of friends to hang out with. classes were okay. just not the school for me.
Affordable college with very supportive staff/ professors. Always remember Purple Thursday’s go Texans!!
The School is wonderful and the programs are wonderfully made out. There are many teachers who love what they do and teach based on how students are best at learning. The school has Many programs to choose from according to what you like. The students at Tarleton State University are kind and considerate and as well as the staff.
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Tarleton State University is a very good college if you are looking for a small, rural college. It has a very friendly atmosphere.
I loved Tarleton. I've been here the past 3 and half years and it has been a home away from home. I'm an Ag major and the professors are amazing. They strive to get to know their students and help them best to the ability. The construction is annoying at times, but in due time the campus will be beautiful again like when I came to college. The only bad part about Tarleton is that they are all about money. I was an out of state student at first so I paid out of state tuition, but I have now been a student here for 3 and half years, I'm now consider a resident of Texas, but they will not except that and still make me pay out of state tuition, which is double what in-state pays. So if I could change anything about Tarleton it would be the out-of state wage policy. But overall it is a great university.
The professors there are really great. They take the time to get to know. When I was a senior my professors helped me start looking for jobs when I graduated. They really want their students to succeed, and they were always willing to help.
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