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I have recently been accepted to Tarleton State University, and I couldn't be more excited. I have attend Tarleton's NCA cheer camp and have also played High school Eligible Tournaments in Stephenville I am very familar with not only the campus, but the city of Stephenville too! I can't wait to attend!
i loved how welcoming they were, nothing should change it was run really well. i loved the clean campus and how friendly everyone was. i immediately felt like i was in a really large family. the nursing building was absolutely fantastic while it was run like an actual hospital and could even take care of actual students as patients.
Being in Agriculture, Tarleton gives all the hands-on opportunity you need. The teachers all have research being conducted and are truly helpful and knowledgeable in their fields. However did not like the town of Stephenville, truly not a fan.
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Such an amazing school! The president of the school is at almost all of the sports games and at every activity happening on campus. The purple poo will always make you feel welcome and will always pick you up when you are feeling down. Every student is nice to whoever walks by. The facilities and buildings are amazing. The school is always updating and growing.
Tarleton is a relatively on the smaller side. The size can lend itself to a more direct interaction with the professors. As a chemistry major, the class size definitely decreases the further along you progress.
I like the adversity and people at Tarleton State. Stephenville is a nice place and has a great community. The college is neat and looks like a great college. My sister goes to Tarleton and loves it there.
Tarleton is a great school for studying business. If you want the knowledge and know-how to manage or own your own business, then this is the school for you.
Everyone is so nice on campus and there are many different organizations on campus that you can join.
Something that i enjoyed about this university was that it has a big medical field. They practice in mannequins and that made me really excited. Also something i liked was that they have bull riding as a sport and that's something that i would like to watch that.
The campus is a little big, normally if you live off campus parking is worse for you then if you lived on campus. food is okay. no nightlife, nothing to do in the town. teachers aren't terrible, but if your an engineering student then its unlikely to have tutors.
I absolutely love this school!!! Everything is so awesome. This is my second year here and I am so sad that I only have a year and a half left. I am involved in school activities and groups and they have helped me out so much. The admin are so helpful and ecxperienced they really have done so much for me.
Tarleton State University was Avery open area. It had a lot of great majors to chose from as well. I liked that it had enough fun activities to do that can help with not only your education but also your personal life and helping you connect with the student and teachers that attend the University.
It’s a very interesting school with an interesting dynamic. To be honest I wish this University was in a more modern town. They dynamic needs a shift, however they are doing a great job with what they have. There are some under appreciated programs but they’re doing the best they can.
I went to tour the college, and I was impressed by everything; the sense of community, the campus, and also the thought that went into showing school spirit
It's beautiful, the staff and students are happy and glad to be there. I think it would be a very appropriate place to go to school. The campus is nicely spaced out due to the wide open country side.
As a senior in highschool who is interested in pursuing a career in physical therapy the school has a very good Kinesiology/Physical Therapist school. Some undergraduate students are allowed to work with therapy patients to get the "real" world look on what they will be dealing with when they graduate from school. They have good equipment and the students who are working with the patients are very understanding and responsible when helping them with exercises.
The campus is really insightful and helpful. Tarleton really keeps students going. Their student dorms are amazing. Also, their sports recreational center is gorgeous. Very new and updated.
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Love the campus. The campus is small but just big enough. Everyone on campus is super nice and helpful. Great teaching staff.
It is a very good school with good professors and faculty. I am a music business student and have the privilege of working under a professor who has been in the professional industry for several years. I have enjoyed almost every single one of my professors and the campus is very pretty. There are really only two things that i really have a problem with at Tarleton, the first being parking. the number of students grows quite a bit every year, and with all of the construction that has been going on, it can sometimes be impossible to find a parking spot. Another Problem i have has been with the financial aid and tuition department. It is hard to figure out what all needs to be done, and you hardly ever really get a straight answer from anybody. I have known a few people now who have been overcharged on their accounts and it is a nightmare to get taken care of. Other than those things however, Tarleton is a good school, especially if you are planning on becoming a nurse or engineer.
I love how at home I feel here, but the parking situation and constant construction seems to always be in the way of the best possible college experience I can get.
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