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It is a very good school with good professors and faculty. I am a music business student and have the privilege of working under a professor who has been in the professional industry for several years. I have enjoyed almost every single one of my professors and the campus is very pretty. There are really only two things that i really have a problem with at Tarleton, the first being parking. the number of students grows quite a bit every year, and with all of the construction that has been going on, it can sometimes be impossible to find a parking spot. Another Problem i have has been with the financial aid and tuition department. It is hard to figure out what all needs to be done, and you hardly ever really get a straight answer from anybody. I have known a few people now who have been overcharged on their accounts and it is a nightmare to get taken care of. Other than those things however, Tarleton is a good school, especially if you are planning on becoming a nurse or engineer.
I love how at home I feel here, but the parking situation and constant construction seems to always be in the way of the best possible college experience I can get.
i went on a avid trip in the 10th grade and i fell in love with the campus and food. I went on a trip with my class and at the place we went to all the dorms and classrooms to see what and where everything is.
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The overall atmosphere of being on campus is very welcoming. It is a nice community to be around and apart of. There is always something going on to help you get involved and to help you do better in classes. The only troubles I’ve run into include; parking being tight and most of the time hard to find and not having enough housing for the freshman they have accepted for fall 2018. The more envolved you are with campus events, the better your experience will be (as long as the events do not interfere with your classes.)
Tarleton is very family oriented where the room leaders, floor leaders in each dorm care about each and everyone one of us. Momma T is always there should you feel sad, lonely or just need a hug. The activities in campus is suited for all to participate in at least one activity. The school is very dedicated in helping find a job somewhere on campus should you need to have a job while in school. I like the variety of foods offered, to include chick filet on the campus. Microwaves refrigerater/mini freezer in each room should we not want to eat what is offered. Dorms are equipped with lounge area for us to socialize and very well maintained.
What I like about Tarleton State University is that the campus itself has this “at home” feeling to it. The staff is extremely helpful with any doubts or questions you may have. The school is truly full of spirit for their town and university. They love creating new ideas to continue making the campus a great university for the future students.
This will be my first semester at Tarleton, but 2 of my siblings and my step mother are alum to this wonderful university. Tarleton has made the transition from my previous college as easy as possible. I am excited to continue my college education here!
I like the friendly enviorment that they have on campus. I just wish there was more diversity in professors and students.
Tarleton is a very interesting school. This will be my only second semester there, but I love it. All the professors are very understanding and easy to work with. The only complaint I have is some of the professors are foreign so they are hard to understand. All in all, Tarleton has every resource you could ask for. you just have to be willing to speak up and ask. Very good school.
I like this school very much! I enjoy the fact that when I am on campus walking to and from classes and the dorm, that I can see the open sky. The school is very welcoming, they work very hard to engage students with constant offerings, like school t-shirts, care packages, festivities that students enjoy, and lots of athletic events as well.
so far my experience at this university has made the educational process easy to deal with as well as feeling like a home.
Tarleton State University is a great university. Proud of their history and how it affects its students and teachers. Lots of different programs to choose from and small class sizes. The professors are very approachable and knowledgeable. The campus is a beautiful place to visit and enjoy. The students are very friendly and easy to work with. The library is a wonderful place to study for your next class or just to grab a delightful book and relax. They have a fantastic gymnasium where you can work out between classes or just to blow off some steam. They have several types of classes that you can join in on in the gymnasium for free.
One thing that has helped me out a lot is their affiliation with the McLennan Community College University Center program here in Waco. My Fall 2017 semester I was spending $100/week in gas just driving back and forth to Stephenville to attend a class that was shorter than my drive. Once the papers were signed to hold Agribusiness classes online or have them on campus at MCC then it felt like a whole bunch of stress was lifted off my shoulders. By doing that it allowed me to still be a part of the MCC Ag Club and save me loads of money in gas.
Tarleton State University, is a beautiful school that has a great Nursing and Business program. Diversity is still being worked on but has potential to be better in the future. I would like to see more praking but overall that is the only complaint.
I love going to school at Tarleton State University. The school is filled with spirit and many amazing traditions. Professors at Tarleton State are very nice and always willing to help you outside of class if you are needing extra assistance. The school feels like home because it isn't too big. You will see many familiar faces around campus and that makes you feel good. Go state!
I am a senior at Tarleton State University and I have really enjoyed my experience. Each year it has gotten better and I would recommend it to anyone. There was a while that the campus was hard to get around but they did a great job of fixing it and making it very beautiful for its students. The professors have all been very helpful and nice as long as you show up to class and get work done. I have meet some of my best friends and life long friends at this university and I would not trade any of the memories for anything.
Tarleton is a great college to attend! The professors are so invested in each of their students and that is a great feeling!
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The quality of the education that you receive at Tarleton State University is very good and well worth it. The people there are really nice and friendly, showing genuine Texas love. However, something I would most importantly change is adding more diversity and showcasing it a lot more throughout the school. This would help the school seem proud of its diversity instead of just seeming to cater to specific ethnicity racial groups.
I enjoy the campus life, including the student activities. The campus food is pretty good as well. I would definitely recommend this school to anyone.
An amazing school and it comes with amazing opportunities to excel and to become the best at anything you choose. I can't stop raving about it.
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