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The professors there are really great. They take the time to get to know. When I was a senior my professors helped me start looking for jobs when I graduated. They really want their students to succeed, and they were always willing to help.
At first I did not like it, because I come from a big city, so the change was very hard for me. But now that this is my second year I can honestly say that I've grown to love my campus and everyone here.
I recently toured Tarleton State University over the summer and truly enjoyed the overall experience. Tarleton has a very friendly environment that gave me a warm home feeling. Also, the atmosphere of the school felt really inviting due to its beautiful campus. The campus is real appealing because it looks very modern in some aspects, but also still presents the historical attributes that the school was built off of. Additionally the campus is also functional and easy to navigate, which is great considering how many buildings there are and how much is being offered throughout the entire campus. Overall Tarleton State University is an amazing college that made me feel right at home and I honestly would not change one thing about it.
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So far I have spent almost 2 years here at Tarleton. I have had an overall good experience so far. I have become a tutor and have made friends that keep me on my toes. I would say the overall town of stephenville is boring so if you are looking for fun then Tarleton may not be for you.
I loved the small ratio of students to teacher. It feels more personal and easier to learn. Work on things that keep students involved.
Very nice campus. The staff is very great. It is not too big or too small, it has a very good feel to it. I feel safe. The dorms are very nice and aren't too small except the ceilings.
Tarleton State University is a great school for anyone that loves to be involved. People are always willing to help out anyone in need. One thing that would be helpful is putting maps around the campus so people won't get lost.
The school spirit is amazing here, and Tarleton offers two camps during the summer to allow the students to make friends before school starts. One camp is for new freshmen, and the other is for transfer students. The college has many clubs and student organizations for the students to participate in and gain leadership experience from, and Tarleton is always hosting job fairs and public speakers to help the students plan their future. Th teachers are generally good, though like any school, there are some that are questionable. The students are nice and most are willing to accept new people into their fold. The town of Stephenville, which hosts Tarleton State University, is filled with friendly people, and there are plenty of housing options. The on-campus parking sucks, though. Definitely get a bike if you plan on attending Tarleton.
Tarleton is a beautiful campus, and it isn't as big as other 4 year universities which gives it a very homey feel. The people around the campus at Tarleton are the nicest people you will ever meet, and the professors are always willing to help you with whatever you need. Tarleton wants their students to succeed, which is why they have a tutor center for every subject. The dorms are very nice as well, and they really try to pair you up with someone that you will get along with to room with. Tarleton is a great option if you still want the 4 year college experience, but you want to feel at home.
I love that it's a small community. Everything is walking distance. Without the hassle of trying to find parking. I love the state of the art nursing facility. The tuition is affordable without making you bankrupt before your career even starts. I really overall have no complaints due to the fact I love Tarleton. So much Texan pride thrown around like confetti.
Tarleton State University is a Place I can call home. The people here are great and very helpful. This place has become my home, the student life here is amazing and I couldn't ever say anything bad about this university.
Coming from a much larger Div 1 school, finishing at Tarleton State was a great thing. My class sizes were much smaller allowing more interaction with the professors and students. It was a great learning environment. Great advisors and even better professors that are dedicated to the success of the students.
The amount of diversity and how welcoming everyone here at Tarleton is, they are hug on their traditions as well!
Tarleton State University is an excellent place to get your degree. Faculty members are very supportive of their students. Student Life listens to the concerns of students - it's because of student intervention that we still have Duck Camp!
If you don't know, Duck Camp is where freshmen and transfer students go in the summer before school starts to learn more about the university and participate in leadership and team building activities.
Tarleton has many programs for students to ensure academic success, such as MENtal Freedom and Bold, which are mentoring programs for young men and women, respectively.
I like the close and tight nit community. A plus is that there are many job opportunities while attending this college. I also appreciate how the professors give time and effort to get you to where you are going.
I love the campus and school. hate all the construction and limited parking for commuters. i've been on this campus since 2015 and I have lived here forever, I liked the university so I decided to stay.
I have had a wonderful experience with Tarleton since I started at a Freshman. I am a Junior now and I love it! I love my degree and the classes that go along with it. It makes my heart happy to know that I am going to be able to give back to the agricultural world that I grew up in because of the education that I am receiving at Tarleton State University! I am forever grateful!
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The school is a good size, not too big and has a very good student to teacher ratio. Most of the professors here are more than willing to help the students succeed and the price of tuition is not as high as most Universities. The one down side to the school is that they turn every single parking spot for students into a dorm which we really do not need anymore of.
My first year experience at Tarleton was great. I loved the availability of the professors and their willingness to be there for their students. I have not yet had a problem with my academics because I have had great professors that are there to help me through the course. Tarleton's student center and resources during finals week is amazing. The school makes sure its students are prepared to ACE our exams. Academic life at Tarleton is the reason I recommend the university to family and friends.
While at orientation, Tarleton State University showed me a great time! The faculty, the diversity on campus, and the safety are the main factors that contributed to my outstanding experience on campus for the first time. Now I can't wait to start college at Tarleton State University in the fall!
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