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It's definitely not the biggest or well known school out there but it will give you the sense of home. The way the students and staff greet you make you feel right at home. The courses may have their up and downs but overall they focus on teaching you what you need for your future career. Love it.
So far, I am enjoying the on-campus experience at Tarleton State University. Over the years, the campus has seen an increasingly shift in diversity and that is always a good thing. In addition, everyone is friendly from the professors to the students. Overall, it has been a great experience and I can’t wait to be back on campus this Fall!
What I love about Tarleton State University is how welcoming they are to the new students and how diverse the campus is. The current students and faculty are proud of Tarleton State and express how much they love the campus by participating in traditions and keeping the spirit alive at all times.
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Tarleton State University has its pros and cons compared to other colleges around the area. Their atmosphere and community come off as extremely welcoming and helpful. They take pride in their activities, organizations, and students lives. I am thankful that I spent my first year of college there, however, the activities to do outside of campus is extremely limited. You can either go to a bar or to the movies, or you can drive 30 mins+ to another town. Another thing is if your former friends are exactly that, it is hard to make more friends. Their financial aid and scholarship departments are not helpful when you need to figure out how to pay for college and you often have to find some other form of financial aid from somewhere else. Most of the teachers are warm and welcoming, I would advise taking a look at RateMyProfessor to see what other students had to say but also forming your own opinion. Tarleton was great, but I am glad I decided to transfer.
I loved how the professors cared about you and your well being. It always felt as if they were as invested in your education as you were. I loved that it is a smaller university and the campus is gorgeous. I have recommended the Fine and Performing Arts departments to friends and family seeking a similar career path.
Teachers are always on time and willing to help in office hours , the place is calm and safe and every one is nice .
A close-knit community where everyone feels like they belong and have a say in what goes on in campus life. The staff wants you to succeed and will help with every chance they have. Great tutoring services that set you up for success.
Tarleton State University is a growing community. There are several satellite campuses throughout the state of Texas and there are degree plans that can be completed online. This means that a degree from tarleton can be completed almost anywhere. The facilities are in great condition. There is usually a new construction project taking place or a renovation under way. The faculty and staff are mostly friendly and helpful. The courses are challenging, fun, and informative.
Home like feeling from small city University. Residential leaders make the transition into college easy and are happy to help at any moment. Teachers are willing to help you one on one; 9 out of 10 times you ask. There are many organizations to join and things to do, to get involved in the college experience. There is an array of constant staff for students that need or want help with their academics. Tarleton
State University in Stephenville offers a wide selection of degrees and majors. I highly recommend this campus to my friends and even strangers that are looking for a friendly and cozy university to attend. Tarleton has become my home and I hope it will become others with word of mouth about this great university.
Tarleton is a very special place, I loved meeting some life-long friends there but also felt kind of empty, no sense of inclusion for everyone, very very very clicky. I know it's important in college to find who you truly are and branching out is important but you don't want to become someone you're not.
Tarleton State University has a lot to offer from friendly and helpful staff, useful resources and technology to wonderful professors who care about your education. Tarleton's community is another plus. Tarleton is located in a small town, giving you a sense of being home, yet there are still plenty of nearby restaurants and stores to eat and shop at.
Tarleton State provides the best education for most majors out there. The faculty goes above and beyond for their classes. The atmosphere is safer and more productive than some other colleges. The school is somewhat smaller than most other schools, and the town it's in is significantly smaller than other college towns. The classes present a certain challenging level to the extent where you are getting a good education but also not working yourself to the point of feeling miserable. The professors are very good at balancing work along with any extracurricular activities a student may be involved in. The president is also very active and involved with the organizations around campus.
Well, tarleton state is great at first being a freshman there is amazing. There's programs and events planned just for you throughout the college. Free shirts, food, and accessories all over the college. But once you get to become a junior or senior you don't matter. Just this year all juniors and seniors are forced into an already full student housing called Texan village and university village. This college is still fairly decent in having amazing teachers that will work with you and programs within their scholastic endeavors like SI sessions which make it hard to fail unless you're entirely unmotivated. Yes this school has spirit and believes in their origins but if walking on the grass is a hobby of yours don't go to this college. But if meeting friendly people who share the same passion and yearning for education as you. Having classes of friendly teaches who truly want you to learn and interact with you than this college is for you.
when I went to visit tarleton It felt like I was at home. I really like it there and I want to attend college there someday in the future.
It is a very good campus, I liked it when I went to a football camp, and I will be studying at that university. I liked it so much that I decided to go back.
I truly feel that tarleton state university is perfect school for student to collaborate together now each other where they from the atmosphere how they talk who they want to major hang out as a friend
what i liked about taleron was that the environment was very welcoming and they also had good programs for my intended major, which is education. I feel like they don't need to work on anything, this school is very nice and everyone is very nice as well.
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I've had an amazing experience so far! This is definitely a school I would recommend to anyone. It's a nice homey feel, the town isn't too big or too small.
Coming from a big city, I did not know exactly what to expect at Tarleton State. I came to be on the track team and met a lot of new people and was a definite change of scenery. I have enjoyed all my years at Tarleton State including the courses I have taken, friends I have made, and professors that have taught me. Depending on the major you choose depends on the easiness of the courses required. I am a biomedical science major and I have had some definite struggles in my courses but there are also very many majors that have it easier.
This is a great school to attend. It has everything you need to be successful in to days world. So consider Tarleton for a successful career.
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