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Horrible, the teachers were never trained on canvas and it shows. assignments are late to be posted, are largely incomplete, or from 5 years ago
I am a freshman at Talladega College. I live in California and my mom got laid off her job of 3 months after being unemployed fro 3 years. I was also laid off of my job of 6 months. I am 17 years old and I go to a charter school in Gardena. I was accepted to Talladega during a HBCU event, on the spot. It was the first college that accepted me. I would like this money because it can help me in so many ways possible. Thank You!
Talladega College is a quiet hood college. It's easy to pass it too so their shouldn't be any reason anyone to fail unless you don't go to class. I would like for the college to get more involved with the students and give us what we need instead of investing in stuff we didn't ask for
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It’s a great place to start and create a beautiful life. It helps students find they true self and won’t have your loved ones out and wild but also not in danger.
Tuition costs are a bit expensive. I continue to accumulate a balance every semester. Tuition should not exceed fed aid and loans
I love the easiness of the classes, the interesting people, and the energy. I think the school is disorganized.
I Love Everything About My School And The Environment Of Where The School Is. The People Who Attend And I Would Change The Dorms. Why Because I Think The Dorms Should Have Bathrooms In Each Dorm Room
Since I have been a student at Talladega College it has been a wonderful time. I met so many new people, and I met a lot of professors that are willing to help me with so much.
Talladega College is a wonderful HBCU. It’s a small campus so everybody knows everybody. We consider ourselves one big happy family which is very nice when you are coming to get a HBCU experience.I love that the classes are a good size and if you was to ever need help in any class somebody is always there to help you. There’s a few things that could change about Talladega . We need a football team very bad we have other sports but if we have a football team it will bring a lot of publicity and many future Talladega family. Its a small campus and really nothing around it so if the school was to put more to do around there that would be great! But so far I love my HBCU.I’m very proud to attend a wonderful HBCU .
My experience at Talladega is good This my second love how the campus talk about the history and how it was build and at the game everybody support each other .
I love the fact that my work schedule and my school schedule are flexible!! I would love if they had better communication amongst staff and students.
Talladega College has shaped me into the person I am today. This college experience has allowed me to meet so many people from different backgrounds. Talladega College has motivated me to strive for more.
I felt this is a great place for me to attend to school at in the fall and excited to meet new people. Also, I have to do whatever to stay focus on passing my classes. Also, I plan on playing Basketball at this 4 year university. I believe it will be a perfect opportunity for me to showcase my skills and abilities to successful to help the team. I wanna get better in every area I lack in on and off the court. I wanna do whatever it takes to earn an degree to make my family proud.
Hello Everyone! I have attended Talladega College since May of 2016, I am now a senior. Talladega is an HBCU located in Talladega, AL. My experience has not been the best, but I am sure I could have experience worse. It is pretty much just your average private institution. You truly get out of it what you put into it. If considering it please be sure your major is available, if not, I strongly suggest another institution. Some programs are great and others however are not. Also, funding circumstances have changed drastically since I first started, again if considering, I strongly suggest you get as much external money (outside institution scholarships) as you can. If I had to rate my overall experience at Talladega College as a whole on a scale from 1-10, I would rate it a 6.
Talladega is a pretty good school. Most of the teachers are willing to work with you to make sure you get the work that you possibly missed. Some teachers are willing to sit down and talk to and possibly help you with things that could be going on. The café food could be way better then what it is. There isn't a lot of parties and their could be more student participation on certain events.
I honestly cannot complain too much because they have built a new dormitory and a new student resource center is being built but my room is a little on the small side and our central tempertaure control for the building needs to be either properly fixed or replaced.
You truly feeling you are home. Everyone is extremely helpful and it’s an experience I am proud to be affiliated with.
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Talladega College is a great place to connect and network with different people. The professors and staff are always hands on and willing to put the extra work in to make sure you succeed .
HBCU is a perfect "home" environment where you cant interact with those around you and have great relationships with your professors.
There are faculty and staff that care deeply, however there are many that do not and when you've taken courses you don't need and you are out thousands of dollars.......
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