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Any issues that I have, which can interfere with my studies and submission of the assignments is understood as they understand that I work for the Defense Department, and I can deploy anywhere within 24 hours. I always have a school admin person that assists me, and the instructors are also very understanding.
The professors and staff are easy to contact, very good at what they do, and they're there with you all the way.
The program, workload and curriculum are great. The school has easy access to classes---one can do "self-study" or a traditional online-type program. The staff is there with you all the way.
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Whenever I have an issue, the school's admin staff and Deans always try to help. They're very understanding about work, deployments, and the like, and they do their best to accommodate when situations arise.
No experience at the school itself since I'm 9000 miles away. However, the workload of the school is to give the student all subjects at once, and then 52 weeks to complete the assignments, including the mid-term and final exams (the latter which is proctored). The school gets an "A" grade here because the administrators are very helpful and understanding insofar if there are problems that preclude a student from continuing with their work (such as problems within the family; deployments---some sudden; illness or injury; and employment workload).
Very good communication and ease in flexibility.
Wonderful! They work VERY well with the military and government personnel attending their classes. They understand the ins and outs of not only a military life, but also those that are deployed or are assigned to/work in foreign countries.
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