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I am so happy and comfortable here at Taft College. I get into my classes fairly easily and I have access to lots of support on campus.
I was here for two years and I loved my professors. It was great overall. I wasn’t apart of any groups or events so I wouldn’t know much about that aspect.
Taft is a small college. Crime is big. There are good athletics here. Good education. Parking is free for students. The library is open until 8pm which is great. Professors are very easy to get a hold of. If you plan on living in the area, it is extremely small and not a lot of housing opportunities.
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Taft College is a nice junior college to go to for a couple years before you go off to a 4 year university. The professors are very open to you and if you don't understand something from the lecture they are willing to help you when you go talk to them. The campus is nice it isn't the biggest campus but because it is small you aren't likely to get lost (or get to your class on time without fear of being late). The cafeteria food from what I had has been fantastic and for the price you pay you get a really good meal also from what I hear the food is good enough that even some people in the community come get food but they tend to have work so they get to go.
I attended Taft College for two years as a freshman and sophomore. I had a great expierence with professors and staff. Everyone was extremely nice and always willing to help. Tutors were always offered for students who needed extra help. Everyone was great and totally affordable. The only thing that I would really struggle with was the drive to school. Other than that Taft College was a great school! My counselor was extremely nice and helped accumulate the credits from the correct classes in order to transfer to a CSU. Great College!
Incredible professors and staff! The school environment is quiet and welcoming. Not having to pay parking is a plus. Just a small and friendly campus.
The classes are great and the professors have always been awesome. The college is very innovative and updated. I really enjoy the many options in classes they have and how the people you meet are great also.
The staff are very patient and eager to help with whatever they can, from counseling, financial aid to academics, they are willing to share their expertise!
I'm an art major so my opinion and views of the school are determined by that. There isn't a lot of funding to the art department and there's only one art professor on campus juggling multiple classes each semester and having to combine to separate classes into one time period, so it can be kind of confusing trying to follow the course work.
Taft is very organized and the staff is very helpful. Registering for college can be stressful, and as a student who is learning to do things on my own it is nice knowing I have plenty of resources on Taft campus. The teachers and classes have been interesting and very beneficial.
I went to Taft College for 5 years. I never have been to a college were the staff were so helpful and kind. The teachers were amazing and so helpful. The campus is so secure and I never had to worry about walking to my car at night. I had a blast a Taft College.
Everyone at this school is extremely helpful. They make sure you get on track fast, and make sure you stay on track. They're very hands on with their students and always make sure your doing well. All faculty on campus will go out of their way to help you succeed. Its really a great school.
Great 2-Year College! Earn your AA either online or in-person with small class sizes and passionate professors. Tuition is small compared to the 4-year universities and the town has great school spirit!
I started my college education at Taft College back in 2012. I really enjoyed being a student of this school. The school is located in a small town which might sound a bit boring, but to me it was perfect. One of my favorite things to do there is hang out in their library. All the staff is very friendly and super helpful. I graduated with high honors and I am working on getting accepted to the registered nursing program.
Fairly new to the school. The times I have been there have always been pleasurable. The staff and student life have always been welcome and friendly. There is a diverse culture and people with level heads walking around which is a good vibe to have at the school.
It is good professors try to help you as much as you can. There is free tutoring for students. The school has small classes.
There are many time ranges of afternoon classes at Taft College. It makes it a flexible environment for any job. I have not yet had any frustrations or hassles with accessing any of the online courses!
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Starting with registration. There is priority registration for those in programs, clubs, or sports. The EOPS program is the best out there! The classes do have a few WaitLists but overall great class availability! They also offer online classes. These online classes are great and have the same outcome as an in class course! The campus has lots of activities on campus! Including festivals. The interaction between students increase with all the activity going on!
Staff and alumni are up to date on everything that goes on! They will contact you one on one to answer any questions and help in any way!
I love the professors at Taft college! They are very comprehensive and challenging! They work one on one with students and have there own office hours out of class to work with students. The courses at Taft are outstanding and are challenging as well! The instructors use time efficiently and the size of the classes are at comfortable fit for you to accommodate yourself to learn and succeed.
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