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Pro: There are nice professors.
Good library.
Con: food options. Selling more healthy food would be grate.
Tacoma community college is really one of the better community colleges in our state. They have a really great exchange program and alot of clubs to be with. Not including the staff and teachers are all very friendly and supportive. The value of the cost of college isn't bad either I think anyone starting out this would be a great college for you.
One thing I liked about Tacoma Community College was that they offered classes at several different time which accommodated me well since i work a 8-5 job. I also liked that they give ample opportunities to students to get help in all subjects. One thing that I would change is that they fill there class up with to many students, and sometimes it is hard to get a moment to talk with your teacher. Also I wish that they would not just offer some courses once a year.
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Tacoma Community College was my first college environment. It is a very mature environment full of students just like you. They all want to be successful and the professors and advisers will help you with that. It's also a very diverse school with foreign students.
This college has fantastic resources to help any student succeed such as free tutoring in all subjects, dedicated faculty and staff, plenty of computer access, and a vibrant student life department.
This is the best community college in the area. They offer a great array of classes, and have great advisers to help keep you on course for your degree. They also offer great programs like running start that helps high school kids graduate with college credit, even an associates degree!
Tacoma Community College has been a great place to begin my college career. The helpful staff have helped me to figure out my major, and the passionate professors have taught me more than I thought possible. The newer buildings are really great, but the more outdated buildings do have their issues. I would like to see parking on campus improved, as well as the clubs, activities, and variety of food offered.
I really enjoy the students and faculty. All the buildings are up to date and resources are clear and easy to find.
I'm forever grateful that TCC allowed me to earn my AA at an affordable price. Some of the teachers were great and some of the classes were fantastic. They were terrible however, at keeping track of students and keeping them on track to get their degrees completed. I didn't just feel like I was falling through the cracks of their system, but that I was trying hard to complete my degree requirements and figuring out what those were, but classes filled up too quickly and assistance was not readily available. It took me a long time and a few apparently wasted classes to get my degree.
The only reason I took off a star was because the financial aid office is the most unorganized chaotic school office I have ever been in contact with. Otherwise, the professors are extremely nice and supportive.
Studying Nursing is good choice at Tacoma Community College
The classes at TCC that I have completed have been well taught by wonderful professors. I have made great student-teacher relationships and I feel as if the professors at TCC actually care about the success of their students.
So far, everything I have learned is applicable to the real world. I look forward to continuing further into my journey to really dive into major specific courses.
I have been at TCC for a year now and have been overall pleased with my experience with this school. There is a wide variety of teachers with many different approaches. The only complaint I have thus far is how long the school takes to process financial aid applications. I waited 3 semesters before someone contact me about my qualifications regardless of how many times I tried reaching out to the financial aid office.
Sometimes there are classes that I know I need to take but they are at a time that isn't convenient for me, and I end up not having an option so I have to try and flip my schedule. Other than that, normally I was able to work around it.
I had quite a few troubles with canvas, due to previous renovations TCC had made that didn't go according to plan.
There are many different types of professors and teaching styles used that may be helpful to you to add on to your experience in such areas. The class sizes are usually 20-35 people and most students are very interactive and outgoing, as well as most of the professors are extremely passionate about their work and are flexible yet expect you to meet or go above and beyond what they ask of you.
Review Tacoma Community College
If you really apply yourself, then you will learn everything you need to know. There are multiple opportunities given by TCC to expand your education.
This college was amazing for me. There is a good amount of diversity, passionate and approachable professors, someone always waiting to help guide you if needed, and tons of school functions and activities to get you more involved. I had never been to a more engaging college before this.
I'm getting my AAS then trying to get in the radiology program. There is a lot of homework but I love every aspect of college. TCC has an amazing campus, it's such a beautiful school.
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