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Tacoma Community College is a great college to go to after high school. I haven't started yet but from what I've heard so far and from being on campus that this place is amazing
They offer a wide range of classes in the evenings so people that work like myself are able to continue their education.
I really like how helpful everyone was at the college. The counseling office helped me map out the classes I needed and what it would take to transfer to a university. The teachers were great and cared about their students.
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I love the campus and all of my classes have been enjoyable and within my academic capacity! The professors were all great and attentive. I have learned about many different subjects while at TCC. The campus is big and beautiful. Some of the newer buildings are so intriguing and incredible to take classes in.
This college is always very helpful. I like the structure. Parking is terrible and financial aid office is not always that helpful, they never answer the phone or return phone calls.
I love Tacoma Community College. It is a small, local, and friendly college that has given me a change to earn college credit through the running start program. I thoroughly enjoy attending the school because of its friendly staff and its good-natured students. The only thing I would change is the bad rep it can sometimes get because everything about it is amazing!!!
I have been here since last year and I really enjoy this community college. In here, I have been making a lot of friends so far and from them, I learn a lot of things that I have never known before. My major is Computer Science and I know that TCC is the best place for that major, especially after I graduated, Washington State is the good place for my Major. so I'm loving it
TCC is a great stepping stone for a transfer degree. Although I would recommend packing a lunch. They no longer have an campus staffed cafeteria. Think of their current one more like a mini mart with some salad options.
I love going to school here. By far the best experience of my life. Classmates are awesome the teacher are great. I am able to study and be in a safe place. I sometimes find parking tough but thats any college. I love my classes and my program is amazing.
My overall experience at TCC was very good. The professors are knowledgeable about their respective subjects. They all really want you to succeed. The tutoring centers are very helpful.
Although it is a very small school, the campus has a very refreshing vibe to it. Considering that we're in the state of Washington you get the smell of freshly dewed trees after a morning cloudburst.
TCC is excellent! There are plenty of resources to educate yourself or get help with your assignments. It is such a diverse school and there's so many opportunities for scholarships and financial rewards.
I have been attending Tacoma Community College for four years now. I've seen many professors, councilors and students. Most students at Tacoma Community College are very diverse and friendly.
The faculty is very nice and accommodating. Lots of diversity at the school with people ranging from high school age all the way up into older adulthood. Most of the teachers are very good at what they do and are passionate about helping others. They have office hours where you can go in and get extra help if needed. There are plenty of resources for you to get help as well if you need it. There is a math and writing tutoring center and many other resources as well.
This College is amazing. I know a lot of people bash on a community college, but college stands against any other technical or elite school. The students that attend their are focused on their studies and completing degrees for a career. The faculty is very helpful and gives you all the information you need to succeed. Great school, great experience, top notch.
I like the teachers and the environment. Quiet and beautiful. It is a diversity college. TCC offers night courses and nice online classes which make convenience for students who are from different age group and flexible for thiir work time.
I have been able to complete my two year degree in 1 1/2 year. Teachers are credible, and provided a positive environment.
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I like that the school is a very good stepping stone into the college or university that you may want to get to. The professors are always willing too make sure that you can get best education possible. One thing that i would change is that the school does not do enough to get any students in clubs or sports.
I was a running start student through my high school at TCC, but I found it to be very fun and interesting. The professors really care about getting you to learn and getting you to pass. The campus is very nice and class sizes are small which is a plus. My biggest lecture was only about 50 people and the lab was 25 which was very nice because it allowed students to be a lot closer to the professors.
I am part of the running start program and it has been a very good program for me. All the professors and staff are very helpful.
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