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I won't lie online classes have been a difficult adjustment for me, my professors are flexible and understand the current stress 2020 has created, but I know my professors and advisor have my back.
Attending Tacoma community college has been the best decision I have ever made. I have made the right steps towards my education and future success because of my advisor, professors, and staff members.
I have not yet started online classes at Tacoma Community College but I do have to say that the staff are very helpful and helped me with setting everything up because it was very confusing at first when I had to set up my accounts and log everything in. Someone emailed me directly and also called me exposing everything I need to do and the classes I should take.
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Tacoma Community College has very nice staff , they always help you with the things you need. They answer the questions you have and email you personally if you have any trouble with anything.
People are very nice but some Professors have problems with their teaching methods to give students opportunities.
Some professors are very passionate about their classes and students, but some just don't care. You must always study the course material by yourself.
Even though the thought of community college can be a bit off-putting sometimes, or not seem as good as a regular university, this school is still a valid option for those wanting to obtain their AA or AS to help with cutting tuition cost in the future.
With COVID-19 happening right now a lot of professors are accommodating with deadlines and schedules as long as you communicate with them.
My personal experience was a little rough because I am a physical learner, but I had very nice teachers that helped Me along the way.
This college has a lot of resources for low income students and offers a wide variety of programs and classes. There’s very good energy whenever you set foot on campus. During this pandemic, they have done everything necessary to protect the students and staff. Glad to have experienced this.
I think that the instructors really care about their students and want them to do well. I always feel comfortable reaching out and asking them for help. They offer great resources so that students don't feel like their alone in their academic journey.
My online experience has been a mixed bag. It's worked decently for my English class, but as for math, I've been really struggling.
Because of covid there is no one in the offices. It is late july and there outgoing messege still says they will be back on april 4th. They take entire weeks to respond to emails and send boiler plate responses without reading what you sent. If you follow up trying to reiterate and get an answer they tell you "it is rude to question there previous response" and then block your email so you cant communicate with the faculty. Waste of money to go here.
The staff is incredibly rude and lazy! They refuse to process financial aid documents until a week and a half before classes start making it impossible to secure housing. The government site for FAFSA says to expext to have this processed in late march or early april. I informed them that this would make applying for loans and setting up housing impossible and they told me they were "sorry I didnt understand how things work" and that "I should get a job if I want to go there". The reason I am currently out of work and needing to return to school is I lost My leg and am finding it impossible not to be discriminated against by employers. I informed them of this and they told me "The city has homless shelters you can live in" I cant safley take my prostetic off at a shelter without the risk of it being stolen. So Instead of doing a couple minutes of paper work on time per what the FAFSA web site says is expected they said I should be homless and called me Lazy because of my disability.
The online classes are flexible and the instructors give clear guidelines and due dates. The use of Canvas makes it easy to navigates what is due, and to check your grades.
As a college student that was nervous returning to college, TCC made it simple and the staff was very supportive. The instructors are top notch and the students are amazing to work with.
First time be a online student. The experience was pretty much wonderful, and good too know how he fill like to be online student.
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When I was looking for college, TCC was my first and last choose. I liked going in TCC because the communities are full great people. Full of culture and diversity. You fill home the first time you attend TCC. I decided to be involve in college, I end up been president of club and senator.
They are doing their best to assist everyone and keep classes going while also dealing with the current pandemic. Keeps everyone up to date about the current events as they come.
A bit of a challenge to navigate and get used to. Teachers and other staff doing their best to keep everything moving. It's a learning curve for everyone.
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