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Glad to be a part of the best university in the states! Great culture, school spirit, and staff. The only bad aspect is the cold weather, but once spring hits the trees bring the campus back to life.
Syracuse University gave me the opportunity to go abroad where I was able to encounter a lot of new people. I was able to travel to Spain last semester as a freshman, which enhanced my Spanish speaking abilities and taught me how to communicate with individuals in a foreign country. This newfound ability also allowed me to become more independent and responsible. Furthermore, I am now skillful in strategizing my financial habits and scheduling techniques.
Syracuse University has influenced me to to attend this institution. In April, I went to a campus visit with a program. I was amazed by the exciting resources and opportunities available.When I learned about the engineering school and its programs, I learned that the school has a partnership with middle schools in Syracuse. To me, it is a good way to give back to the community. It is a good way for inspiring those to pursuit a career in technology. At Syracuse, I am able to meet new students, all from different backgrounds. Study Abroad would be great for me because I am able to learn new customs or different cultures. At Syracuse, I am able to pursue my career in technology because of the resources available
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I love the teachers and the students here. there are so many people to be friends with and the environment is great. good sports and even better tailgating.
A great campus with a solid secuirty system. Though the name of the city may seem to throw many people off in thinking the school is unsafe, the emergency blue light system and strong enforcement of DPS keeps things under control. The professors are all presonable and are willing to help you when help is needed. A liberal arts core also contributes to the well-rounded education the shool has to offer. A beautiful campus with rich architectural features on the buildings. Transfering into a different major that is not with in your college is a bit difficult.
Syracuse is an excellent school for education in a very diversified setting. The academic programs are plentiful, faculty is accessible for all who need them and the social environment is exemplary.
From my time at Syracuse University there have been many highlights and upsets. From going to college I realized the intensity of racism and how common it is in a community. My freshman year was during the election so there was constant tension between individuals in dorms and around campus in general. Aside from this though, my experience has been exceptional. The professors all really care about their students and want them to learn and are always willing to make time in order to help students understand course content. There is so much to do around campus which creates a vibrant active environment, especially with Otto the Orange always running around campus cheering up the days of sleep deprived college students.
This college is amazing! I hope continue supporting the Hispanic community. Keep doing what you are doing and put education first placa
The Syracuse vision matches my own; preparing leaders for participation in a changing global society is extremely appealing. I aspire to be an agent of change in this world, and desire my undergraduate institution to support me in this endeavor. I value the opportunity to study abroad, as well as the emphasis of being involved in a culture of innovation and discovery. The most exciting connection between Syracuse and myself is that student/faculty collaboration, especially in research, is supported. This would enhance my ability to fulfill a desire to be published as an undergraduate. Involvement with the Syracuse community, where I can share my ideas and beliefs comfortably, is a major plus.
Syracuse University has been an outstanding experience thus far. I enjoy my classes, the professors are great and the campus is the perfect size. I've developed a love for my major because my classes have made me excited for work in the future. I also feel like campus is home. I've met so many people from different walks of life and I can say I've truly discovered who I am and who I want to be.
Syracuse University is a great school. Professors are very freindly and always are willing to help you. The only side is the winter. It snows a lot up here.
Syracuse University has a great atmosphere with a beautiful campus and so many different nationalities represented. Even though there is a lot of diversity you can see the sense of community that is around everyone that forms part of the orange family.
The school itself is very nice. It is by far one of the best when it comes to cafeteria food. The dorms were an average size and seemed fairly safe. The campus was clean and beautiful. It holds a lot of school spirit. The programs are some of the best I've seen and the only thing that holds back is the price.
Syracuse University has a lot to offer. I don't have a problem with the academics and the campus itself is beautiful. However, there is a disconnect between the students, adminstration, and staff on campus. A lot of things are conducted wihtout asking the students and staff how they feel about it first, but this is slowly starting to change. Depending on the major and college you're in some students are provided with more opportunities than others. There is also not a lot of diversity in the student body and amount of minorities entering Syracuse is decreasing every year.
I really enjoyed the campus. The buildings were all so different and were unique to what was being studied inside each building. They weren't all brick like most college campus buildings are.
This school lives by the motto work hard, party harder. The party scene is good, and there is always an event to go if partying is not your thing. I'm in Newhouse and the professors are amazing. I haven't had a bad yet and I've learned so much and I'm only a sophomore. The dorms are okay. I was in Sadler so it was really nice with individual bathrooms. The food isn't that great so I end up spending all of my food points at, the cafe in Newhouse. There are a lot of great restaurants on Marshall like Blue Monkey, as well as downtown. Also, there is so much to do off campus, so I recommend exploring and going outside of your comfort zone.
I'd love to see funds re-allocated to different parts of the university - the VPA program deserves more funding in the music and drama schools.
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Syracuse is full opportunity. It has a number of reputable programs and schools and is a great place to study.
Syracuse offers a great variety in courses, and most of the staff are very knowledgable and helpful. The campus is beautiful and there are many resources available to students.
The campus is beautiful, Professors are fantastic, the over all experience is great. The campus food could be better. The dorms rooms could be bigger but are comfortable.
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