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I love Syracuse University, the area is great and the campus is absolutely beautiful. Possible changes that could be made are in the meal plans, the food is moderate and not anything special. I find it unappetizing at times, but I am willing to eat it. Diversity on the campus is also decent, but I find that the campus consists of many pretentious and affluent who are less invested in their education because they are not the ones paying for it.
Syracuse University has s beautiful campus. There's plenty of groups/clubs that make the college feel much smaller. I often forget that 15,000 undergraduates attend this school. Basketball is exciting and an obvious draw. Whitman School of Management is good school by the numbers, but i often feel that they're more concerned with rankings than the welfare of students. Overall it's a great school, but don't come unless you're getting scholarship or need-based financial money unless you want to dish out 60k a year.
Syracuse is a great school, if you know how to navigate it. While there is definitely a large party scene, the academics are wonderful at Syracuse and can be incredibly beneficial if a student focuses on their studies. The honors program especially is great and helps prepare students for graduate programs, successful careers, and more.
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My experience at Syracuse after only a few months, has taught me what it means to take advantage of the opportunities presented to you and the importance of connections. Inside and outside of the classroom, I have met some of the most diverse and motivated people, who have showed me how to get involved in all aspects of campus life: clubs, sports, greek life, etc. For example, I could never have pictured myself playing sports in anyway until a group of my friends pushed me to join their intramural volleyball team. It is people like this at Syracuse University that have made my experiences possible by teaching me to step outside my comfort zone and try something new. All aspects of Syracuse are tailored to fit each students interest in various ways, which is why I gave it a 4 star rating.
I absolutely loved Syracuse University. I transferred there from another college and Syracuse had everything I was looking for in a college experience. It is bigger, but it doesn't feel like it is too big. You can find any interest you like there, but it still feels connected. I've had nothing but positive comments and good impressions from my degree earned at Syracuse.
Syracuse Architecture is a truly exemplary program and my overall experience with Syracuse University has been a positive one. The breadth of subject areas allowed me to take a diverse course load and dabble in interesting topics outside of my major. The School of Architecture itself has a great mix of professors with varying interests, giving a dynamic learning experience from semester to semester as their personal research goals drive various distinct studios and improve the overall experience within the program. I feel progressively closer to becoming successful in the professional world upon graduation.
Syracuse Univerity is filled with a diverse group of people that make you feel welcomed! I love Syracuse University and I am sure that those who visit this University, will too.
Syracuse was wonderful. The people the professors and the bartenders all knew what they were doing or at least had fun trying to act like it. 10/10.
Syracuse has a broad span of different majors and disciplines to choose from. The school is filled with friendly people and there are so many ways to get involved.
As a freshman at Syracuse University, I have never been so happy. All the professors are there to help you succeed. The resources we have are endless. The social scene is also amazing and I have met the nicest people. I know they are my friends for life. When I tell people that I go to Syracuse, they always tell me that they haven't met one person that didn't like it. And I know I can say the same.
Attending Syracuse University has been the best decision of my life. I am currently a freshman in the S.I. Newhouse School of Communications and every time I step foot into that building I know I'm in the midst of being molded into a successful person, surrounded by a ton of people who I know will one day be successful too. Everything the professors and the classes have taught me feed my quench to learn and this is the one time in my life I'm excited to know more and grow into a better communicator.
I love Syracuse University, I love the location, save for the weather. The school is chock-full of job opportunities and internships. Syracuse University is full of the nicest people I have ever met, along with the greatest clubs and organizations. I'd say the only thing I don't like is how pricey it can be, but the school offers multiple opportunities to alleviate that issue as well.
Great school with many opportunities to learn, network and have a good time. I am enjoying my time here at Syracuse University.
Syracuse University offers many different majors that are rated highly across the country, and with the diverse student body and the very upbringing school spirit, Syracuse University can be the perfect fit for almost everyone who is seeking higher education and experience.
Amazing first semester at Syracuse. Prof. are very engaging and student life could not be better. Food not so good but everything else is amazing.
Syracuse University is a lovely school that always has energy, even in the midst of winter. Their is plenty to get involved in no matter your interests. Greek life is pretty big but by no means a necessity for a good social life. Athletes are huge, especially basketball, and game day tailgates are so fun sometimes you consider skipping the game for them.
I loved Syracuse University's Whitman School of Management which is a online platform. It was flexible and very affordable!
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It can be said that Syracuse University almost has it all. I chose Syracuse because it truly has the large University feel with the competitiveness and intimacy of a super small private school. I am a first year architecture student and I will say that it is one of the most challenging and time consuming majors at Syracuse but even with such time constraints, I manage to have an enjoyable experience. All of my professors come off as very serious and strict but when they see that you are taking the initiative to learn they are always there to help, even at 2am. The sports teams are division 1 and top ranked so there is tons of school spirit. Its hard to find a dorm room which isnt covered with orange. Also the party scene was nothing less than interesting as a freshman male. Don't expect to be getting into every single party right when you get to college because thats not how it works. Once you meet people and put yourself out there, you will get in. My only gripe is the food.
The academics at 'Cuse are outstanding if you're enrolled in Newhouse or Whitman: excellent professors who are passionate about what they're teaching and the students enrolled in those schools are equally as passionate. Cuse also has by far the best party scene. You can honestly find a party going on any day of the week and chances are it will be a pretty decent one at the very least.
I love syracuse university. It is very excellent school with a lot of supportive professor and student all over the world. it is very diverse. I have learn so much for the students and faculties. one day I will like to teach in that environment.
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