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Syracuse University is a great university for future engineers who seek to have a career with the best businesses and companies in the nation and the world. The professors provide great academic material for students to gain knowledge to use for their desired careers and help students fully understand concepts and principles of the subject. Outside the classroom, students can easily work together and help each other on their studies. To further practice their respective studies, the university consists of multiple student organizations involving interest and/or background, such as Formula SAE for engineers. In addition, there are internship and job fairs every spring and fall, research opportunities, and career workshops including job shadows that help students be more prepared for real world applications.
Syracuse is not the place for you if you don't like to party or smoke every day. People are always going out even if it's a Wednesday or Thursday. Most people are from New York, especially Long Island. The classes are amazing but it's hard to make friends if you're not very outgoing. It's also extremely cold.
First year of college was great. Syracuse University is a great school regarding academics and extracurriculars.
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My experience at Syracuse was a bit of a rollercoaster. The engineering school has many improvements to make. All of the good faculty in Bioengineering left for better opportunities.
The Whitman and iSchool kids seemed to be enjoying their time there though.
The current campus is very obviously headed towards potentially great changes in the future. The chancellor frequently communicates with the students, encouraging acceptance within our community. Within the engineering school, several of the staff are more than willing to offer help outside of usual assigned office hours and will encourage you to follow your passion regardless of their own personal interests. Although the area surrounding the university can be dull, and the weather challenging, individuals within the residence halls and those in charge of campus life try their best to offer as many interesting activities for the students.
I love the university. It's such a fun place to live. The university is very beautiful and quite small. The professors are mostly very great but some have had little experience teaching and are really tough graders.
Syracuse was a little hood when I went there!! The city was, not the campus itself. I found the campus to be not very diverse and overly expensive!
My first year at Syracuse was amazing! Being an engineering student I was afraid that I wouldn't have time for anything else but studying. But I learned to manage my team and balance volunteering, working off campus, Greek life and a club sport with my major. Teachers are always there to help you, and so are your peers, which is what makes Syracuse so great! Plus you can get involved in so many different things you've never tried before, and meet all kinds of new people.
If you don't mind the cold, this school is perfect for anyone looking for the traditional college experience. It's a reasonably sized campus, near a small city in the center of New York State. The academics are wide-ranged and inciting. Going to school games always guarantees a great time. Professors are nice and helpful, there is not one thing I can say badly about this school, it's amazing all around.
I really did not like Syracuse...not being from the east coast is difficult because the weather sucks and on top of it there is nothing to do except drink. I felt trapped while attending Syracuse and all I wanted was to get out. I really didn't feel safe, don't go if you are an arts and science major because Syracuse only cares about Newhouse and Falk students. The only plus is you don't really gain the freshman 15 because there is no good food in Syracuse or none thats easy to get. I really wanted to take a business course but my counselor wouldn't let fact she left Syracuse too.
My first year at Syracuse was incredible. I'm in the honors program and I have already been given so many different opportunities to learn and grow as a person. However, I wish there were more recreational things, like more easily accessible movies or games or events, during the weekend that were available. My overall experience has been wonderful and I have made so many great friends and contacts here. And the sports games have been thrilling every time I have gone. There are so many different clubs and athletics to join; there is something for everyone for sure.
It's a great atmosphere and I made great friends here. It's a great campus and is beautiful, whether covered in snow or blooming flowers. There's all sorts of activities so you're never bored. Teachers get really involved and are interested in what they're teaching so you're interested in what you're learning.
Have not attended and have only came once on a college visit but this is a visually stunning university that puts on in effort to its presentation unlike most others. Amazing architecture, awe-inspiring bright green grass in early upstate New York spring, and a very good tour. If you are considering a tour here is a must.
I loved SU! My first year was a challenging adjustment, but with all the resources and fun things to do and be a part of, I quickly acclimated to college.
Syracuse University is a great school. The school is not too big neither too small, so it fits in the sweet spot. Academics is great too.
Syracuse University is an interesting place. Your best semester at Syracuse will be the one you spend abroad. However, you make a lot of great friends and everybody seems to have a good time.
Im currently a high school student, however, when i vistied syracuse it was amazing. I enjoyed the environment of the school, the programs that they offer, and the faculty.
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I like Syracuse University a lot. Most professors are very helpful and seem to really care about their students. I will say I was expecting more diversity than what I see.
Great Atmosphere, great teachers and courses. Also, there are a lot of different group to get involved in.
I love Syracuse University, the area is great and the campus is absolutely beautiful. Possible changes that could be made are in the meal plans, the food is moderate and not anything special. I find it unappetizing at times, but I am willing to eat it. Diversity on the campus is also decent, but I find that the campus consists of many pretentious and affluent who are less invested in their education because they are not the ones paying for it.
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