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The lack of quality education for the price is apparent. Most of the educators are brand new to teaching and have never had proper training to instruct. The quality of tools for the amount spent is ridiculous. I am glad to have my license, but There is nothing that makes this an academy, nor international. Jonathan and Sylvain are only trying to make money and is obvious that this is a pyramid scheme that won't be open much longer. Save your financial aid and go somewhere else.
It's hard to find time for anything other then work. There is little breaks and school is in the middle of the day which makes it hard to schedule any appointments or make any plans.
This school allows you to be fully prepared for state boards, which will help you get a new job so I would say they are pretty amazing !
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I really like all of the girls in my specific class. We are small class, which allowed us to all get close and we now help each other out and the girls are so encouraging on the days I feel like giving up.
It's hard to work and have a life while going to school because it is six days a week all day. I have to work though in order to pay my bills, so I really do not have much of a social life at the moment, but I know that it will only be for a few more months.
This school is fast paced and allows you to be prepared for getting your certificate after graduating from the program. I am excited and hope that I will be ready when my time comes!
I think that the recruitment that this school has is amazing. The admissions person that I had spoke with when I was first looking at this school sold me on it my very first visit! There is a steady income of new students for the most part as well. I think the advertisement could be a little more and maybe if we did more out of school functions going to other schools and high schools to talk about this opportunity would help.
I really like that this school is learning only cosmetology and learning the things needed to succeed in this field. Unlike a traditional college, which I also attended, where you have to take a lot of pre-requisite classes before getting into your major. There is a lot more to this industry then I had thought, and there is some classes that are extremely challenging, but I am more willing to study and read about these subjects because this is what I am extremely interested in. We also get hands on experience before going right into a salon, which is awesome! The opportunity we have is unlike many other cosmetology schools and we learn things that most hair dressers today do not even know how to do.
I have had a pretty amazing experience so far. I can say that it is a little different then what I expected. We have been going through quite a bit of change in the past 5 months that I have been here, but for the most part I really do enjoy this school. There are some instructors that I do think do an amazing job, that truly love this industry and strive to make sure we are learning the most we can and want to help us further our skills to get us to our highest potential, but also some instructors that could use more training and may not be best suited for working with a lot of females and teaching this type of profession. I believe that every cosmetology school has its pro's and con's, but I do think that I would choose this school again.
Whether you get financial aid or not, they will randomly tell you that you owe a certain amount and must pay out of pocket. For going there for nearly half the time to finish, I was then told I somehow owed thousands of dollars. This was never even told to me before I even started. No paper work, no document to back up this ridiculous number. Tells you to make hundreds of dollar payments monthly and pay the rest off trying to get it from the bank. It is like they hold your graduation and license for ransom. I am definitely not the first, and surely won't be the last. Not worth the money or the debt.
I love school. I dont like that its more about money than it is about students learning. They go above and beyond just state board. They help teach you to suceed after school and to find what you really enjoy doing the most. However it can get very intense, drama setting. The school osnover prices and they over charge you on equipment when its cheaper to buy it yourself by over $1,000 but they dont give you the option. 10k school turns into a 16k school very easily. Equipment breaks and causes unhappy customers and takes months to never getting fixed. Instructors always seem to pull a power play and not communicate very well. But over all. Its a awesome school. You learn alot, its a positive enviroment most of the time.
I really enjoy the small class sizes and how hands on everything is. The teachers are there to help guide you, and not force you to learn so it's really up to the individual to learn and seek help when needed. I enjoy the independence with the guidance of the teachers.
I am there to get an education. Not play around, this is my future career. You are a representative of the school when you go out and apply for jobs. It would be a bad reflection if you come out not knowing anything. They are there to teach you. It would be your own fault if you did not learn anything.
Trying to tack on added expenses, when I locked in the rate to attend the school. Waiting on phone call from financial aid representative to get this straighten out. So far I have not received any scholarships, nor pell grants. I am having to borrow all money to attend the school. Do not like surprises.
So far eveyone has treated me with respect. Like I am one of them.
It is a very new facility. Upscale facility. They want you to learn as you will be a representative of their school.
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