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I love Sweet Briar dearly! There are just a few things I would like to see change. The food isn't great, however, we have just changed our catering company so it will hopefully improve. I also think that some of the dorms and academic buildings could also use some renovation.
I like Sweet Briar college because everyone treats you like family. People sincerely care about you and your well being and people go out of their way to help you. The only thing I would change is that I wish there was more diversity and more students to add more culture and life to the campus.
Sweet Briar is an academic gold mine for Math or Science enthusiasts. World-renowned professors involve students in pioneering research and discovery. Students receive one-on-one attention from instructors who genuinely care. A safe, close-knit community ensures lasting friendships. Extra-curricular activities available include horseback riding, athletics such as rugby/tennis/lacrosse, Theater & Classics clubs, Outdoor Adventures along with rock climbing, canoeing, and spelunking. Sweet Briar is where Vixens find themselves.
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Sweet Briar College is an incredibly unique experience. The community is an amazing one to be a part of.
Sweet Briar is an amazing place to grow as a woman. You truly learn to balance your academics and extracurriculars in a way my friends at other schools do not. The bonds you create with your professors at Sweet Briar are so strong and amazing, I've had dinner at a bunch of my professor's houses. The professors often put their cellphone numbers on the syllabus, that's how accessible they are. I couldn't imagine my college experience any other way!
I am not really sure, I am looking more and more into this as returing to school is getting closer
Most of the professors I have had were amazing. There is only one that I was not fond of, but the professors always make sure we understand what is going on and they let us know that they are always here for us and we can come to office hours
We don't really have much of a problem with this kind of thing
I have never had any problems with the housing on campus, although there are some dorms that need to be renovated
I work at the gym so I am a little biased, but I know a lot of the girls who play one or two sports and they live every second of it
We were supposed to close last year, but we didn't. That should tell you something about the people that have gone there and young women who continue to attend.
A degree from a women's liberal arts college is highly valued.
Sweet Briar allows students to balance a rigorous academic course load with extracurriculars and internship and research opportunities. This college prepares students for success in the "real world."
Safety is never a concern on campus. Campus safety is effective and aware and problems are taken care of swiftly. I have never felt unsafe while on campus.
DIII Sports allow students to balance their academics and their varsity sport. Funding is adequate and the GPA of athletes are higher than the overall campus GPA
SBC has a rigorous curriculum, wonderful traditions, and amazing research and career opportunities (if you work for them).
I only participate in one sport
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I am enjoying Sweet Briar
There are many resources available to students.
Professors are personable, helpful, available. Courses are interesting, applicable to the real world. Classes are personalized and attention is given to every student.
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