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It is an all women's college. However, I did not mind that. Being only with women gave me a chance to develop myself without male competitors. For those who do desire male company, the college does organize regular trips to the neighboring boys school.
the professors are great. They are invested in each student. I am still in touch with them.
the campus is gorgeous. The academic part is very close together, but there are tons of trails.
the riding program and museum are amazing.
As someone who was in STEM programs in high school, I thought being the only girl in some of my classes wasn't a big deal at all. In the Engineering program at Sweet Briar, I realize that not only was it a big deal socially but it impacted my academic performance. The pink bubble has helped me find confidence in my abilities and future as a female in science.
Sweet Briar College is a place where women truly empower other women. Here at Sweet Briar there is a sisterhood that can only be understood by a fellow SBC Vixen themselves. We have a great alumnae connection, who help and support fellow Vixens in any way possible, they are looking to make sure you succeed. As an all girls school the college allows you to truly focus on yourself and your studies. It's a place of academic excellence where men only come to visit. The campus consists of beautiful acreage that makes it a sight for sore eyes, we have a great art barn and riding center. We will be waiting to welcome you with open arms always, so what are you waiting for?
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After the closing the teaching and student life has plummeted. The administration is trying to revamp the curriculum and bring new life to the school, but it is without success.
Sweet Briar is a wonderful place that is going through some very drastic changes at the moment. They are re-structuring the curriculum which has involved cutting some majors and many of the professors that teach them, so it has been a stressful year here for many people. That being said, there are many good things about Sweet Briar. The class sizes are small which makes one on one with teachers much easier, not to mention that the teachers who do work here go out of their way to meet with you if you need help. I've had teachers drive to school on the weekend if I can't make any times during the week work. The social scene isn't amazing here, there are small parties from time to time. If you really wanna have a good time on the weekend W&L, HS-C, and UVA are all less than an hour away which is great when you want to party on the weekends but not have distractions during the week.
Sweet Briar College (SBC) offers a wonderful, unique college experience. Due to its small size and all-female student body, SBC cultivates a welcoming, intimate community. By the second semester of my sophomore year, I can honestly say I know the names of the majority of the student body. Professors are always accessible and willing to help students; opportunities to work with professors on research projects are always available and encouraged. Ultimately, I feel blessed to have discovered this college.
Sweet Briar is a small school where you get to know all of your professors personally. I cherish all the friends and memories I made.
This is not a good school for academically-inclined students. The honors program and writing intensive curriculum are jokes, the self-designed major is not a real option, the small class sizes make it easier to waste class time, and the school plans fire teachers and reduce the number of majors offered.
I love Sweet Briar dearly! There are just a few things I would like to see change. The food isn't great, however, we have just changed our catering company so it will hopefully improve. I also think that some of the dorms and academic buildings could also use some renovation.
I like Sweet Briar college because everyone treats you like family. People sincerely care about you and your well being and people go out of their way to help you. The only thing I would change is that I wish there was more diversity and more students to add more culture and life to the campus.
Sweet Briar is an academic gold mine for Math or Science enthusiasts. World-renowned professors involve students in pioneering research and discovery. Students receive one-on-one attention from instructors who genuinely care. A safe, close-knit community ensures lasting friendships. Extra-curricular activities available include horseback riding, athletics such as rugby/tennis/lacrosse, Theater & Classics clubs, Outdoor Adventures along with rock climbing, canoeing, and spelunking. Sweet Briar is where Vixens find themselves.
Sweet Briar College is an incredibly unique experience. The community is an amazing one to be a part of.
Sweet Briar is an amazing place to grow as a woman. You truly learn to balance your academics and extracurriculars in a way my friends at other schools do not. The bonds you create with your professors at Sweet Briar are so strong and amazing, I've had dinner at a bunch of my professor's houses. The professors often put their cellphone numbers on the syllabus, that's how accessible they are. I couldn't imagine my college experience any other way!
Most of the professors I have had were amazing. There is only one that I was not fond of, but the professors always make sure we understand what is going on and they let us know that they are always here for us and we can come to office hours
I am not really sure, I am looking more and more into this as returing to school is getting closer
We don't really have much of a problem with this kind of thing
I have never had any problems with the housing on campus, although there are some dorms that need to be renovated
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I work at the gym so I am a little biased, but I know a lot of the girls who play one or two sports and they live every second of it
We were supposed to close last year, but we didn't. That should tell you something about the people that have gone there and young women who continue to attend.
A degree from a women's liberal arts college is highly valued.
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