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I just started in this school but from the first time I got in touch with my admission representative Mr. Jones He has been helpful and every encouraging.
My experience at Swedish institute it’s great. Apply to this school was one of the best decisions I could have ever made. Every one is friendly and helpful. The school care about each student needs. The make sure that every student makes it in what ever program they choose. Love the school.
So far, everyone is really helpful. I have learned new things. The schedule is intense but it is because the program is short. We have a lot of resources. The program is well organized and exciting.
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I like how it feels like a family support system. Someone is always cheering you on and you have the overall support of student and staff members.
I am so happy with the school overall and I am so exciting that I am approved for classes and I am so ready to begin and dive head on.
I love how the teachers make me feel important and actually work with me through hard part information. The school is very family oriented that you teacher will never forget your name. If you have trouble on a assignment they will help you out as much as possible to get the information.
Classes end early in the day allowing for evening work and weekend work
I can continue my eduction while looking for a new job in my field of study and further it after I finished my continued education
I enjoy the classes they are very informative and the teachers are great. I understand the material completely and they are very helpful if I have any questions
Places of employeement contact the school looking for people because they know we get the best education and hands on training. Job placements are available all throughout your schooling and afterwards.
I love that I will be helping people heal in a more natural way. The program goes into detail about every path you choose to take your education. Whether you want to go in business for yourself or work in an hospital it prepares you for it all. They also provide job placement at the end of the program and always as long as you are an alumni. It's great to have such a well known institution back you up forever in your career
I love it the administration really cares about you and your progress and want to help you succeed anyway possible. They really make you feel welcome and important.
It's a great school if you want that small one on one interaction type school...their programs are very hands on and keeps you interested
Academic flexibility is different for everyone. In my case, I don't work, I'm single and have no kids. Therefore, I am able to shuffle between my personal life and school life with ease. It's my first time being a student in college, so I haven't experienced any frustrations.
When we are exposed to our hospital setting, the hospital we do our clinical and cases at will more than likely want to higher us depending on how we perform at the hospital. The quality you receive always depends on the quality you give. Our career center is amazing for the fact that even if we fail to pass our certification, they still work with us. They don't make us feel like all hope is lost. They also give job opportunities not related to the health field. Whether its a part time job or full time job, it's post on the bulletin board outside of the career center office.
My experience with my courses are all fun based. The professors make sure we don't get bored and if we do, we get breaks. Our class size starts out big at the beginning of the school year but decreases in size after a couple of months. By our 2nd quarter our classes go from 30-15 or less. This program isn't "as we progress it gets easier", its the opposite. Subjects get more complex and you have to always make the material you learned from the beginning, stick with you throughout the 18 months.
I love the fact that we get to do work study and tutor other kids. Each quarter is like an alumni already. We are connected and close in a way that we are always interacting with each other. We have ambassadors and many other people who help us. The career and center services are good at helping people get jobs and renewing their resumes. You just have to make the effort to get to know people.
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It all depends on who are and how you handle your work and study. In my opinion, I feel as if the workload and curriclum are fantastic. We get a week between each class to study and do assignments. So time management and priorities are all based on how you choose to do get those things done. Its an accelerated program, so missing a day alone from school will make you miss out on alot of work just for one class. It also takes some time to catch up because if you're not on point, workload piling becomes an issue.
I love how the faculty and students relationships is more than just school based. They are very friendly and care about your well being. The students from other schools are also very friendly. It's like we're all family away from.
The teachers are great. The school makes you a better person.
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