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stellar academics; student body is diverse, and largely intellectual ; keep in mind that people come here to study though, not party;
Excellent academics; diverse and intellectual student body; disproportionate number of students from my class year went into PhD programs, medicine and law. Don't come here though if your goal is to party and get by on grade inflation.
The online experience was about as good as it could have been. Professors were typically accommodating and understanding.
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I'll preface my statement that one should think long and hard about their future goals and what they want out of their collegiate experience before attending a school like Swarthmore. It's a school that's a perfect fit for some and a terrible fit for most.

The so-called Swarthmore and LAC experience is extremely overembellished and overidealized. Yes, the classes are quite small, but mainly the Humanities and Social Science classes that would be small at peer institutions anyway. Yes, the community is small, but you will resent always seeing the same people, especially if you don't find yourself fitting in with the community. Yes, Philadelphia is a "train ride away", but realistically you will hardly ever go.

Also, if you consider yourself pre-professional, Swarthmore is a terrible choice. This school is meant for aspiring graduate students, not aspiring bankers and engineers. Name-recognition is critical in those fields, and Swarthmore is extremely lacking in that category.
Online classes are pretty good. It was a little rocky in the beginning but once everybody was acclimated things got easier and smoother for everybody.
Great school spirit. Very easy to meet new people and make friends. Campus is pretty safe and clean. Area around university is also quite nice to walk around and go shopping. Access to transport is fairly easy especially with uber. Lots of cool restaurants downtown that serve a range of different foods which are always amazing to try out.
Swarthmore College is an excellent academic institution. It is not athletically school spirited, but it has a very diverse and unique student body.
Top top academics for sure, not for someone who is a perfectionist (because of the level and way that tests are designed). I mean I went to a great HS but Swat exceeded my expectations (yes it is harder than ivies). Met some great people on campus and almost everyone has a good sense of collaboration. Food is not great (the people at sharps are super nice but I'm just being objective). Party scene is wicked repetitive. I've heard that for low income (and I'm being objective here you have to truly be low income, the concept of a middle class is pretty much a non-factor) families the aid is great. But like I said, very very limited for middle class, don't be fooled by the flashy numbers as the financial aid is extremely one-dimensional. The reason I'm here is because I can't take the stress this place is putting on my parents and I've only been here one year. I'm reconsidering the efficacy of my decision to come here in light of the scholarships I received at other places.
I think that it prepared me for any jobs that I want to apply to. Especially for medical school. Lots of research opportunities with your professors. Also You can get really close to your professors
Swarthmore has some of the best people on earth, seriously. Almost everyone I meet has something unique to share. Students are driven and passionate, but very down to earth and approachable, same with professors. Although the party scene is not massive, there is always something to do that's open to the whole campus and not-exclusive, which I think is very unique. Students do have to be prepared for rigorous academics, but I think most would agree that academics are very rewarding and uncompetitive. At the end of the day, Swarthmore has given me more friends than I ever could have asked for.
Swarthmore College is certainly a unique place to be, whether you're looking at its student body or academics. It is a little diverse, certainly not as diverse as I hoped, but then again, Swat is located in a little nook in PA. However, the majority of the students I have met there so far have been quirky in their own unique ways, nearly all of them loving seeing their friends and fellow classmates at Swat so frequently, especially since the campus is not very big. Swatties definitely are a studious bunch, each enjoying their own little niche (or big niche) hobbies.
Academics at Swat are tough, true to their reputation. However, the professors are very kind and genuinely want the students to learn, despite grades.
Swarthmore is an excellent small college with outstanding academics. The people are very friendly and it is a welcoming community.
Stellar academics, and an intellectual environment that will nurture the mind and the soul. Students are intense, nerdy and quirky.
Swarthmore College has a very warm environment with knowledgeable professors who are truly willing to help. Students are unique and intelligent in all sorts of ways. Of course it isn't perfect here, but overall the learning and living experience is wonderful.
This school is diverse, highly achieving, inclusive, and a great center for students to learn and grow. The atmosphere is positive and supportive. There are many incredible resources available for students to help guide them through their education and early adulthood.
This parent was impressed by Swarthmore's academic and intellectual environment. Sadly, Pub Night and all fraternity life is gone. The fraternities threw the best theme parties. The social environment is now dominated by hostile social justice warriors who diverge from the Quaker ideal. It will be interesting to see how Swat synthesizes fun in 2019-2020. It will take more than holding candles in the amphitheater to attract work hard - play hard types.
Swarthmore offers an unparalleled undergraduate academic experience. Classes are intense and stimulating. Professors are helpful and accessible.

However, be warned, do not attend Swarthmore for the prestige, because there is none. Hardly anyone has heard of Swarthmore. You will become disgruntled as peers fawn over Ivy League schools and high tier research universities, while you receive little to no recognization for working hard to not only get admitted into, but maintain yourself, at Swarthmore.
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Really a beautiful campus and a wonderful education. I met some of my best friends here and had a wonderful time playing the sport that I loved.

But the students here are bananas. The campus is full of liberal lunatics who are absolutely clueless on how to act or how to change the world. I thought I was pretty liberal, but I am accepting, and there is no way to reason with them, no way to get through to them. They pretend to be accepting of all but are absolutely ignorant towards anyone who doesn't agree with them. If you have an ounce of privilege, you will be marginalized here.

I don't fully regret my decision to go to Swat, but if you have any sense of privilege or any sense of normalcy, you can do better. I promise. The administration and athletics department are great. The classes and professors are good. The campus is nuts, not worth the other positives. I'm an alumni, I probably won't hire you if Swarthmore is on your resume, there is too much potential for baggage.
I was constantly harassed and discriminated against based on which student organizations I was apart of. The food is hardly edible and the school requires you have a meal plan if you live on campus. The party scene is basically non existent.
Great professors who are always very accessible and accommodating, made a lot of good friends, administrators very frustrating and in some cases corrupt (there are some good ones), and internet and printers never work (the last of which is really frustrating after four years)
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