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Swarthmore is a truly unique place filled with the kindest, most interesting people you will ever meet.
Swarthmore is a great college, with renowned professors and extremely intelligent and interesting students.
Academics are intense, professors are world-class and almost always available. Great school to attend if you plan on pursuing graduate studies of any kind. Best feature is the quality of your peers. Everyone is interesting and insanely smart or talented in their own, unique way.
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The College is great! It is academically challenging , but very rewarding. I would receopmend it to any ambitious high schooler. Esspcially those who like STEM and the liberal arts.
Swarthmore is a hard nut to crack. The students are not one way or another; they all come from different backgrounds, each with different experiences. But they do have one trait that is common among them: they like to think! And not just about the everyday questions that we come across in daily life; we like to think about why things are the way they are, even to the point that we're sick of thinking about them, and the campus supports this 100%. Swarthmore College truly is a unique place, and if you take the time to appreciate it, and are a genuinely "thoughtful" person, you will fall in love the same way that I did.
Come here if you are serious about learning. The academics really aren't as crazy as you might be led to believe.
One semester into Swarthmore and I feel as if I am a completely different person. I have just grown so much here and been forced to think in ways that are much different than the ways high school necessitated from me. I discovered that I am actually more of an extrovert and less of an introvert; This epiphany dawned upon me after the realization that I could, at Swarthmore, engage in deep and lengthy conversations with other students. While individual achievement was emphasized at my High School, I've managed to develop new networking skills with the principle of never working alone and achieving together. Another thing that stands out about my experience at Swarthmore is that I haven't had the chance yet to operate once again under a cynical mindset, everybody is so nice here. I've learned to trust people again!
My biggest risk ever taken was the decision to leave my hometown of Snellville and attend Swarthmore College on a generous financial aid package. That was the first time I'd moved to another state, physically left my family for a semester at a time, and survived on my own in a strange place. But after over 3 years, Swat has helped me find knowledge, community, solidarity, my politics and philosophy, new mentors/professors and best friends, and a better sense of myself. I am sure that the connections I forged at Swat will continue to enlighten and support me in the future. I am ineffably glad that I did choose to go to a small liberal arts college in Pennsylvania instead of a university in Georgia over the objection of some family members. I would definitely do Swat again if I could.
Swathmore has a great campus. Really vibrant and mature incorporated. The dorms are beautiful and student life seems awesome. Only thing I would change isn't the diversity and food which were the only areas it lacked in.
Swarthmore looks after each and every student and makes sure all needs are catered to. The atmosphere is warm, liberal and just amazing.
Students are connected with alumni and are exposed to internship and job opportunities from the beginning. The college makes sure each student is prepared for a life after graduation.
Swarthmore is very active about spreading awareness about Sexual assault. Consent is very important here and students can feel safe and free.
Dorms are spacious and well-located. Often have large windows with a great view of campus.
Not too prevalent on campus, although most parties are at the frats.
Swarthmore is a small college that by nature isn't designed to produce Olympians and decides to focus more on in class academics. That said, facilities are still world-class and there are endless athletic opportunities.
I've been here two weeks and I already feel at home. The people are amazing, the campus is wonderful and the college makes sure that students are happy and looked after.
I am not afraid or worried about getting a job or attending an internship. Swarthmore has an incredible alumni network for students to use and shadow other alumni.
Review Swarthmore College
Swarthmore feels like home to me. I didn't expect to find a college where I am so happy and comfortable with. Even though classes are very difficult and the workload is stressful, I have never felt competition between my classmates and everyone is very collaborative. Professors are incredibly helpful and most are very engaging and passionate about what they do.
Public Safety (PubSafe) is always roaming around campus and are extremely friendly, nice to talk to, and comforting to know there are people around to help if anything happens. They are there 24/7 on campus and I feel safe.
Some dorms are great and have good space. Others are quite cramped but all in all, its a lot better than most college dorms that I've visited.
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