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The professors are helpful and kind. The staff is always willing to assist. It is a great place to start your education if you don't have too much money. The campus itself is inconvenient. It has a huge hill that students must wall up to get to one of the buildings, even the stairs next to the hill are steep. It is hard to find parking, especially at the beginning of the semester.
I like being able to live at home and still work at my high school job so I can make money during the semester.
I think Sussex County Community College is a wonderful place to go because it is cost-effective, close to home and the professors are amazing!
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If you're nearby and on a budget then SCCC is a pretty good choice. While it has gotten more expensive in the last few years, the school is always expanding their available programs. At SCCC you'll meet incredible professor from all walks of life who are passionate about what they do and who will bend over backwards to help you.
Love this college! Great education so close to home. So many possibilities for so many career types. Professors, for the most part, are engaging and very helpful. I could go on about the positives. Only negative is there are a lot of young students who aren't as serious about their studies and act very immature during class which at times is distracting.
For a mathematic and engineering major, it is very challenging taking higher level math courses and science courses. Physics is a challenge but is rewarding when you understand. Lots of work is required to pass.
It is an affordable college experience with an awesome atmosphere and nice professors. I would recommend it.
i have only taken one online course. it was a great class. i could work on all of my homework whenever i want, and get all of it done in one day! it was a great class.
all of the professors that ive dealt with have been super cool and helpful. if i ever need extra help or just to talk, they are always there to help. the class sizes are fair, and the styles can pertain to everyone
i am in the liberal arts program. the classes are good, and the workload is what you make it to be. i only take 3 classes, but the school works with me, and the faculty is awesome.
i work full time, and go to school full time. the teachers are very understanding, and the students are great! the tuition is fair, and it is absolutely worth all your time!
Everything is easy to do, online or in person! The staff are kind and happy to help and appreciate it when you thank them or come organized. If you don't come organized they are just as nice and will help you figure it all out.
Everyone is so nice! Upperclassmen all help the newer students readily, instructors will happily work with you, security and administration are great as well! The quality of people here is wonderful!
They're working on making deals with other schools to transfer us more easily, and almost everyone is ready and willing to help you look at options
There are honor societies, free websites for career planning, and counselors willing to help with future planning. Many of the professors are apt to help finding internships, writing recommendations, and helping you figure out where to go next.
Like I said, I wanted to go away to college and expected to hate SCCC but I ended up loving it!
The professors, department head, tools, and curriculum have all been wonderful! If you need help the response is quick and helpful, if you can't go to class the professors are willing to work with you provided you let them know in advance or have a good reason, and they are all so willing to meet and explain things you don't get! I could go on but this would get to long. (:
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I didn't want to stay home and go here, but now that I have...

I absolutely love the school, I look forward to going, have great friends, lots of clubs, excellent teachers, and an overall wonderful experience.
I really wanted to get into an online course that was filled and it was very last minute to get into the course. I spoke the my guidance counselor, the dean, and the course professor and the had me into the class within hours.
I love our web study site that we use to do assignments and communicate with my classmates. I feel the interaction in all my courses has been fantastic.
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