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This university is small but one manages to meet someone new almost everyday. Most dorms and housing areas are not kept in the best shape with mold in the ceiling tiles and broken window frames (some windows will not shut). Most employees of the university are very friendly. Professors are a hit or miss subject because some are great while others are not as enthusiastic or interesting as one may like. The food could definitely be worse but it has a lot more bad days than good.
I have had a pleasant experience at Susquehanna University. I am taking classes in many different fields including neuroscience and religious studies. I have joined great organizations that have helped me make the most out of my college experience.
I am currently a junior at Susquehanna. I have enjoyed my experiences thus far and the opportunities that SU offers. I have made great friends and have had the chance to have my mind stretched because I am receiving a liberal arts education. The sciences program here at SU is extremely rigorous but it has molded me into a hard-working and dedicated student who wants to succeed and is already successful!
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Over the past three years I have had an incredible experience at Susquehanna. From meeting faculty that genuinely care about me as a student and a person to having multiple pre-professional opportunities such as internships, SU has shaped me into the best version of myself.
I love the campus. It is very beautiful and I feel at home here. Some professors are really interested in connecting with the students and we have the opportunity to do so. During my college search process, I visited Susquehanna and I kept comparing the others to SU and that's how I knew it was right for me. There is a lot to satisfy your varying interests and I could not imagine myself else where.
Right now I am a first-year here at Susquehanna, and I am loving it! This campus is really beautiful, and the people are really great. My professors are great, and they really want to help you to be the best that you can be. Everything on campus is a nice walking distance and there are always events going on every day of the week. This is my home, and I definitely made the right coming here.
I love the Cross Country, Track, and Economics program here at SU. I don't drink, and that is kinda a huge culture here.
As a student at Susquehanna, there are an endless number of opportunities for you to get involved around campus and the surrounding community. I couldn’t imagine myself being anywhere else. I love this school and I’m so thankful for the opportunities I’ve been able to take advantage of day in and day out.
The campus is absolutely beautiful and the people here are so welcoming and friendly. I love that it's a small campus because it allows me to really get to know my professors and learn in a smaller classroom setting. It's really easy to get involved and there's always things to do on campus. I have found my home here at SU and I am so happy with my decision to come here!
I have just started my second semester at Susquehanna University and I am so happy with my decision to attend this school. I really feel that the professors care about students and make an effort to get to know you and help you succeed. Everyone that I have met here has been so welcoming and helpful. I am able to study what interests me and I do not feel like just a number. The campus is really beautiful and I feel safe being here. I am a vegetarian and I have always been able to find food that is healthy and delicious. I am not a party person and I have never felt pressured into doing that here. There are so many clubs and activities available for any interest. Overall, I think attending Susquehanna University has been one of the best decisions I have made.
I am a senior Biology major at Susquehanna University. I love the faculty and staff that have shaped my academic experience throughout my 4 years here. I was drawn to Susquehanna by the welcoming nature of the students here, the beautiful campus, and the stellar academics.
Susquehanna University is a hidden gem in central Pennsylvania. The professors genuinely care about all the students and there are so many great opportunities for students of all majors. The student body is very welcoming to all students and consists of motivated students that all strive to achieve their best at this small liberal arts school.
My experience at SU has been very good and rewarding. My professors know who I am, so I'm not just a number, and I've had the opportunity to participate in two different internships based on my experience here at SU!
So far, I have had an amazing time during my college career at Susquehanna University. The business program has provided me with the right outlet for my educational path. The ability to travel abroad was also such an experience. I will always recommend this school to others who are looking.
At Susquehanna University, I found my home away from home! The community here is full of incredible support and pushes me to learn and grow every day.
Susquehanna University is the college equivalent to a mythological creature. It is a small campus but big enough to allow you to grow as an individual into your adult years. The class sizes are similar to that of a public high school and it prevents from an overwhelming feeling. The staff is hired based on student input and therefore they are the best that they can be, according to the students.
I had a terrific experience at Susquehanna where I met the best friends of my life. I am grateful for a well rounded education that offered small class sizes, friendly & helpful professors and a campus that is gorgeous and inspiring to live on. Greek life made my experience even better. All three of my siblings followed me to Susquehanna, a true testament to my happy and loving experience. Thank you SU. I will forever cherish my time spent with you.
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Small school, no off campus housing, great professors, housing is small, good greek life, clean and beautiful campus
Stuck up, arrogant,rich brat college. Great if all you're looking for is a mediocre education with a great party scene. Terrible if you're looking for a real and useful education.
My experience at Susquehanna University has been very good overall. I have met a lot of people I would not have otherwise. The professors and custodial staff are some of the nicest people i have ever met, and through them i have learned a lot of life lessons that i can use both in and out of the classroom.
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