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I visited the Susquehanna Campus after I was accepted into the college. They gave me a very favorable scholarship that I think most people would taken in a heart beat. The campus is in a very safe environment surrounded by a local town that has a great reputation. The school has a lot to provide academically as well as with sports. They also provide great opportunities with studying abroad and internships within your four years there. The University has a lot to offer and is a greta choice for anyone looking to go there.
The small campus allows you to always see a familiar face when you are walking around. You will have professors who know your name and are willing to help you one-on-one if need be.
Abroad in South Africa right now!! Love that the business and abroad program create a well rounded student and provide many opportunities to work with real companies and non profits!
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Overall a great university with a lot of opportunities for students and a phenomenal amount of support from faculty unlike what I have experienced elsewhere. There is definitely room for the school to grow in aspects such as student diversity, student services, and a few other places. However, I love Susquehanna and if it is the right university for them, people have a fantastic experience here.
Academics and opportunities are amazing! Being required to go abroad can be a good or bad thing at some points.

Administration can be tough to deal with when a problem arises for students. Students often have to either accept the fact they won't get the help they need or go above the faculty/staff in order to get something accomplished.

For the most part, the faculty is great and helpful for students and the atmosphere is welcoming, but not enough to make up for the lack of assistance.

If you don't put any effort in, you won't get anything out.
One of the most friendly college campuses I've ever been on. The tour guides are nothing short of amazing, and admissions will work with you 110% of the way. Financially the school partners with admitted and prospective students to make the process THAT much easier. When I say that Susquehanna is worth your investment, I'm just being honest.
I feel that the school provides strong connections between students and teachers, even before we begin the year everyone offers a helpful and accepting environment.
I am a sophomore at Susquehanna and so far my experience has been phenomenal. Susquehanna has given me countless opportunities to become a better version of myself and grow as an independent woman with supporting faculty members and other peers. I've learned to raise my academic expectations of myself including managing work and time with volleyball. I would recommend Susquehanna to anyone.
I love Susquehanna because my education is one on one with my professors and they know my name. My classes are below 40 people especially when working in Science Labs. The campus is also very beautiful and staff is very friendly.
Susquehanna is a great environment for the classic small town college feel. With everyone living on campus there’s a sense of community, and with the small number of students you’ll likely recognize nearly everyone you see around. The professors really care about your success and will go the extra mile to help you if you take the time to establish a good relationship with them.
I love how beautiful the campus is and how nice all the professor's are. I have made some really good friends already and I can't wait to stay there all four years.
I love SU! I enjoy the different activities on campus, and I have met a lot of amazing people here! The food is delicious, the dorms are spacious and clean, the common areas are well maintained, and the gym is awesome! The professors are approachable and knowledgeable, and there are lots of opportunities for sports, clubs, and jobs on campus and around Selinsgrove!

This was the best place for learning! The environment is so energetic and fun, there’s never a dull moment! I would really recommend this college for other students looking for a fun and easy to be around environment. Although there was this one teacher, I won’t name I didn’t think particularly liked me but other than that everything was amazing,. Including the food mmmhm. It’s also very easy to pay off ! Campus is always clean and presentable.
I was an applicant of Susquehanna University as a high school student, and I got accepted and received financial aid to my astonishment. Unfortunately, I turned it down and proceeded to study in another country. However, I am applying to this university as a transfer student and throughout my application process, my counselor has been nothing but caring and understanding about my situation. I praise all of the aid and support this university gives to its prospective students and its current students. This is indeed the one true university that actually invests its resources to the future of their students.
It is a very nice community with a beautiful campus. Susquehanna may be a small school comparatively to others, but in that small school environment, you gain individual attention from professors which is absolutely invaluable. It really allows you a better ability to understand your classes and get assistance right from the source as opposed to bigger schools who have graduate students answer all of your questions.
It is perfect if you are a narrow minded white person from the middle of nowhere.
The classes get boring because all the kids are the same and the all think they are right but really the are all stupid.
Even if they give you the best scholarship go to community college and transfer to better and more diverse school. There is no diversity.They are easily offended and they need to be in relationships. The honors program is shit. Don't join .it's just a bunch of boring classes where you will have to listen to white kids get completely off point and spew nonsensical BS and feel validation for their racist actions .
I currently go here but i'm trying my best to transfer out.
Pray for me!
It is a wonderful school that offers a vast array of majors, and has a beautiful campus. The student body is dedicated and passionate in their studies and the professors are helpful as well as take the time to ensure their students understand the material. There are a significant number of extracurricular activities to be involved in, and most students take advantage of the study abroad program there.
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Susquehanna University has an active campus that encourages diversity and can help guide you in whatever you pursue. There's a little something for everyone, as the professors and staff members are very kind, patient, and cooperative as they teach you the necessary skills that you will need in the job market. Overall, my experience with Susquehanna so far has been astounding, and I would highly recommend it to others who are college searching.
The school is a pleasant environment to live in. As a student I always feel safe on campus. However some of the staff are questionable they are not very good at what they teach or they are just simply not qualified. Also during the winter months when the temperatures are dangerously cold the students are still expected to attend class and are only warned to wear snow boots. I think if it is unsafe to drive in it is just as unsafe to walk in and that should be taken into consideration.
Average education, unless you are enrolled in the business program. There are a lot of connections for internships, and studying abroad which is great. The food is iffy but you get over it. Squirrels everywhere. Ginkgo trees that are pretty and historical, but smell horrible. The campus is small so you see a lot of the same people, which has its ups and downs. But it’s a very close knit community and has a great sense of home.