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I took a class here my senior year as part of dual enrollment. Although challenging, the workload was do-able. The campus was easy to navigate, making getting to class a breeze. My professor and classmates were very friendly. Parking can be scarce at times.
What I'd liked about Susquehanna University were their academic classes. From computer science to health care studies, there are many programs and classes that'll lead you to your career.
I've spent one year at Susquehanna University and will have begin my second year this August. Going into S.U., I was afraid I wouldn't be able to fit in, but I was greeted with smiling faces the moment I got there. Everyone is so kind and willing to help anyone in need. This campus feels like a small hometown, so it's easy to get adjusted to. I would highly recommend this university to anyone.
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Susquehanna University is wonderful college, that because of its small size provides students with amazing opportunities. Although, it seems as though sometimes the administration does not hear the concerns of the students.
Susquehanna is great universities to learn and mature. For individuals that enjoy communities and places where one can be involved around campus, this school is the right choice. Faculty and staff are very helpful and care for the well-being of the students. The food in the dining hall can get repetitive but you will always find somewhere to eat on campus.
So far, my experience as a college student is everything I could've asked for; thanks to SU. The amount of resources and opportunities students have to get involved is unreal. Not only will it improve my resume in the future, it will improve my skills, and make me a well-rounded student. The amount of clubs, sports and activities on campus makes me excited to go back. It not only makes me want to learn and be around all intellects, but it gives incoming freshmen multiple opportunities to be happy at SU. The only thing bad I can say about SU is that some Professors, Coaches, and Administrators sometimes take their beliefs too seriously which may prevent students from stating their opinions, even though they want people to disagree with them. This minor thing is something that effects everyone everywhere they go; so really this is something that is unavoidable.
Susquehanna University is a great overall school. While there have been many physical altercations and incidents that involved the police in the one year I've been there, it is still a good school. They have a great campus garden and care about science and glorious research opportunities!
The only thing I would want to see changed would be the issues with housing. As a growing campus we are beginning to run into problems on where to house everyone. Either allow off campus housing for upperclassman or build more housing options
I have enjoyed everything about Susquehanna. My experiences have been nothing below amazing! I love this school and have no complaints.
Susquehanna University may seem small but it is rather effective in providing the necessary components for education. The size of it as well as the help of the faculty quickly makes the University feel like home and helps first-year students easily adapt to the new environment.

Most of the teachers are nice and somewhat laid back. They help students with questions or topics they may be struggling on and even help to redirect toward projects or things the student may personally find investment or interest in.
Susquehanna University has a wonderful music program, beautiful campus, and great food. From my visit during the ACDA conference in 2016, the general feel of the campus was inclusive and fun.
I am excited to start there this fall as a new student. I loved the campus's atmosphere and their focus on each student's individual journey.
Susquehanna is a very community-oriented school, which is definitely a big plus. Class sizes are small, particularly for language classes (my field of study), so students receive a lot of hands-on learning and are encouraged to participate and ask questions. It is a smaller school in rural Pennsylvania, so there is not a nearby city, sports are a little smaller (D3), and all housing is on campus. If you crave a big city or a lot going on, it may not be for you. The extracurriculars are abundant and excellent though. The professors are very supportive and helpful in providing opportunities for their students.
So far as a freshman I have been enjoying my time here and really trying to become involved in every way.
I think the overall academics is really amazing. All my professors truly care about the subjects they teach and are so incredibly knowledgable on their respective subjects. I feel like the education I am receiving is worth every penny. The food though really is subpar and is not worth any of my money. Also the tuition is just too high. The education is great but $60,000 is too much.
Susquehanna University was a great experience! Susquehanna had an amazing President, President Lemons. He was very involved in the campus life and socializing with the students. They have a wide range of athletics and academic programs. It is a small campus and your professors really get to know you.
Every time I visit, I am not disappointed. I feel like I will be challenged and pushed out of my comfort zone. The traveling abroad program initially caught my eye. This is the college I see myself succeeding in and I strongly feel like I will get the help, support, and encouragement from other students, professors, and staff. I can't wait to start my journey here.
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This university is small but one manages to meet someone new almost everyday. Most dorms and housing areas are not kept in the best shape with mold in the ceiling tiles and broken window frames (some windows will not shut). Most employees of the university are very friendly. Professors are a hit or miss subject because some are great while others are not as enthusiastic or interesting as one may like. The food could definitely be worse but it has a lot more bad days than good.
I have had a pleasant experience at Susquehanna University. I am taking classes in many different fields including neuroscience and religious studies. I have joined great organizations that have helped me make the most out of my college experience.
I am currently a junior at Susquehanna. I have enjoyed my experiences thus far and the opportunities that SU offers. I have made great friends and have had the chance to have my mind stretched because I am receiving a liberal arts education. The sciences program here at SU is extremely rigorous but it has molded me into a hard-working and dedicated student who wants to succeed and is already successful!
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